Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 36 Overflow 4

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Overflow 4

[Critical Hit!]


At the same time as the release of the bone bullet, it embedded itself onto the Flame Lizard leader’s head and shot through the ground. Its power was so strong that the ground was about to collapse from it.

{Kuuk, Kuuuuuuk.}

{We have to save boss.}

“Hey, block!”

“YuNa, Shield!”


The guards confronted them hurriedly, but at that time, the other humans also came to themselves moved.

Magic flew around; shields and morning stars blocked their weapons.

Even so, there were two guards who arrived at Yu IlHan’s location, but at that time, Yu IlHan had already recovered the pile bunker and took out a greatsword.

The swap of weapons in mid air was very fast to the point that it looked like magic.

[Ignorant Giant’s Black Greatsword]

[Rank – Unique]

[Attack Power – 2,300]

[Options – 50% increase in weight, 20% increase in user’s strength]

[Durability – 2,100/2,100]

The blade was slightly blunter than the Death god’s black spear, and the attack power was low as well, but it was heavy and even increased strength so this weapon was perfect for thoughtlessly swinging around!

At the same time of taking it out, he struck down the leader’s body to embed it deeper into the ground, then landed on it and swung it whole!


[That shout is strange!]

[You have awakened Swordsmanship Lv Max. If you have the skill evolution materials, you can evolve the skill.]

The spear and the greatsword which the two guards used got swept up by Yu IlHan’s attack and flew far away. He just overwhelmed two monsters simultaneously with strength! However, as the other people had seen the pile bunker already, they didn’t get stunned by something like that.

{Re, record…… Strong, human……!}

The leader under his foot was speaking nonsense as it tried to sit up. Yu IlHan lightly smiled and kicked on the bone ammo which was half embedded its head.

[Critical Hit!]


Although it was amazing that it didn’t die after the ammo was stuck on its head, it was no different than dead. The guards assaulted towards him looking at their boss’ pains, but Yu IlHan pushed them back with a swing of his greatsword and didn’t forget to kick the ammo.

The leader’s head vibrated like a mobile phone vibration mode, and blood and flames scattered everywhere. As a last resort, it even made the surrounding buildings explode, but as Yu IlHan was covered by a legend rank armor, he didn’t flinch a bit.

Unless it made Yu IlHan himself explode, it wouldn’t be able to kill him.

It couldn’t overcome his defensive power. That was its loss.

“Did he get a shield buff somewhere?”

“Na YuNa, did you give him a shield buff?”


Even the humans confronting the guards couldn’t believe reality and looked for other reasons. It was unbelievable to think that he was holding out just because the armor was sturdy.

However, that was the truth. The reality was always unrealistic.


They thought Yu IlHan was only pushing the guards back, but the greatsword swung by Yu IlHan was destroying their helmets. He destroyed their defensive armor, so there was only a strike left! The greatsword swung by him like flowing water pierced guard(a)’s face.

Bones and blood scattered everywhere, Yu IlHan kicked on the enormous bone ammo again, and he swung the greatsword with the guard skewered and blew away guard(b).

[You have earned 660,839 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv78 Elite Flame Lizard.]

Guard(a) which was struck by guard(b)’s corpse, flew away several tens of meters before crashing with the ruins of a building. As he had to move violently, Yu IlHan’s mind drifted away from the leader for a bit.

However, as if it had waited for that moment, the Flame Lizard leader, which was almost dead, widened its eyes and shouted.


“What the hell is it saying whoaaaaaaa!”

The ground shook. The pipelines and the wires underneath the ground all snapped, and the nearby buildings all collapsed. At the same time, underneath his foot, with the Flame Lizard leader as the center, the ground shot up by several tens of meters instantly!

[Yu IlHan, it’s the same method as last time! The other humans are in danger!]

“I know!”

Yu IlHan replied shortly. Then he raised his greatsword.

{Replacing humans…… top of the…… world…….!}

“You’re dreaming.”

The several tens of meters high mud and concrete all emitted heat. He didn’t want to imagine, but this thing was trying to make the entire hill a bomb.

Now that it realized its chance of victory was small, it was trying to perish together!

“I will make you dream forever!”

However, before the several tens of tons of bomb was ignited, Yu IlHan’s greatsword struck down with enormous strength.

The greatsword violently hit the bone bullet on its head, and the bullet finally completely pierced through its head!

{Ka, huh……}

Its vitality was truly amazing, as it stayed alive even after the bone ammo made its brains into mush.

However, Yu IlHan thought that it may explode the hill at any time, so whenever its mouth opened, he struck down with his greatsword with all his strength, and eventually, its limit in opening its mouth arrived.

{Ku, Kak.}

[You have earned 1,897,565 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 97 Flame Lizard Wizard.]

The exothermic hill lost its heat. He was worried whether it would explode or collapse, but it didn’t change after that. The humans looking at the scene nerve-wrecking could also finally set their minds at ease.

In contrast, Yu IlHan was disappointed.

“No matter how small and weak it is, it even changed the landscape all by itself. Isn’t it too much that its level is lower than the black leopard?”

[Mutants are originally stronger than the monsters at their level. However, as such, Heaven would send out quests, and as the group occurred by absorbing the Trap of Destruction, their byproducts are also extraordinary.]

“Trap of destruction? Then harkanium!?”

[There is no way harkanium would be fine in the process of monsters being generated.]

“Ah fuck.”

There was a bad angel who played around with people’s hearts, right here. Even while grumbling, Yu IlHan put the Flame Lizard Wizard’s body into his cross bag. Then, he used the greatsword as a sleigh to slide down the hill.


[Your talent in finding something to enjoy wherever you are really is extraordinary. It’s even uselessly good.]

The sleigh landed on the ground in exactly 4 seconds. If the hill was bigger, then it would have become more exciting and enjoyable – thinking such useless thoughts, Yu IlHan stood on the ground when the people gathered around him.

“Is it clearly dead? Are there no aftereffects?”

“Are you hurt anywhere? Shall I give you a heal?”

“Knight, you’re cool! It was a perfect maneuver!”

“Just what job do you have to have such a high instantaneous destructive ability! Let’s grab a drink after this!”

As the people originally gathered to confront the leader, their skills were not lacking in any way. This meant that Yu IlHan’s skills were overwhelming to the point that even they were overwhelmed by it.

Obviously, gathering towards Yu IlHan and chatting noisily was set in stone.

Yu IlHan didn’t think that Korean people were kinder than the people of other countries, but coincidentally, the first ones to approach him and were worried about his injuries were the two Koreans.

Yu IlHan became jealous of their perfect appearances and hearts, along with their fluent English, so he retorted coldly.

“I’m alright. Rather than me, please hunt the monsters. It will be a disaster if even one escapes.”

[I don’t think that was cold at all?]

While ignoring Erta’s tackle, Yu IlHan moved. It was to finish off guard(b) which he threw along with the corpse of guard(a) and take their corpses.

Meanwhile, people who were left behind all whispered to each other, but as the two Koreans whispered in Korean, he could listen to them more easily.

“HaJin-oppa. Do you think that guy has 3rd class?”

“No way. Not only is it impossible to level up to 100 in this short time, I cannot believe that he already finished the 3rd advancement quest. If he did, then at least he would be famous to the point that we would have heard of him.”

“Then he’s that strong despite being only 2nd class?”

“Yes. Frustratingly.” (T/N: No, unfortunately, he’s 1st class)

“So cool.”(E/N: Fangirl alert)

Even while chatting amiably amongst themselves, they headed to other monsters to kill them as Yu IlHan had said. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan clearly finished off guard(b) and took their corpses.

If there were other guards left, he would kill them, but the three guard were already killed by the other people when he was fighting with the Flame Lizard Wizard. As expected of elites, their skills were quite good.

However…… Now that it became to this, there was only Flame Lizard trash which can’t even explode the ground or the buildings or the rocks, left.

Yu IlHan moved his steps while sighing.

“No matter how much I suffer in taking them out, there will definitely be one which escapes alive.”

[That won’t happen if you kill all of them!]

“No, Erta. Even if I leave LA after I’m sure that they’re exterminated, there will be exactly one which will survive and hide to watch for the plane I’m in. Then, the moment I return to LA, there will be another mutant chaos due to that single one.

[Stop with your uselessly realistic predictions! I won’t make that happen! So move! Move already!]

“I’m already moving.”

While listening to Erta’s criticism, Yu IlHan moved around his body busily. Even though he said that, he didn’t want to suffer twice. If he lost even one of them, and damages occurred in LA due to that – he didn’t want that either.

Of course, there was also the intention to widen the gap between him and the others to clearly take 1st place in the rankings.


[You have earned 422,989 experience.]

“Home run!”


[You have earned 407,633 experience.]

While swinging around the greatsword freely, Yu IlHan swept across the battle zone. It was unbelievable to think that he was grandly having a battle with their leader until just a few moments ago as he moved around like nothing had happened.

Many Flame Lizards lost their lives at his greatsword.

Thinking about it, it hadn’t even been 15 minutes since he left the airport. However, during those 15 minutes, their leader, along with its guards, all died, and the small fries were also scattered.

To the monsters, the situation was frustratingly unfair, and it was a balance destruction but Yu IlHan didn’t care about that.


Yu IlHan kicked off the ground and swung his greatsword violently. The three Flame Lizards, which were inside the sword’s trajectory, not because they wanted to be there, but because Yu IlHan’s actions and attack were too fast, all got cut in half and fell down.

“That’s definitely a skill. He used that skill last time and halved 4 of them! I thought he was a spear knight, but is he a greatsword knight?”

“Amazing. No matter how us Earthlings are growing rapidly, to think that there was such a strong person in just two months!”

“Hey, aren’t we people of Earth the strongest?”

Don’t chat and kill the monsters! Kwaaaa! – he wanted to shout this to them, but as if they knew they would be criticized if they stayed still, they were moving around even while talking.

He was happy and sad at the same time that people acquired the strength to be leisurely even while confronting monsters. But what could he do? Yu IlHan himself was the one to give them their leisure by killing off the boss.

[Yu IlHan, you’re returning humanity’s laughter real time.]

“No, I don’t need that. Go away.”

The Flame Lizard army started decreasing rapidly after the Flame Lizard Wizard was defeated. The distorted power of the Trap of Destruction disappeared, the environmental changed stopped, and the elites who were tied up by the boss and its guards also stood up to fight against the monsters, so the monsters’ grand ambition to spread to the city was stopped.

Some of the ability users followed those elites, and even more than that, there were people who followed Yu IlHan after being touched by his actions and supported him. Although, he didn’t need that much support.

[It’s ending.]

“Miss angel? If you don’t wanna give me another quest, then say the locations of the small fry mobs right now.”

[Wait for a little, I also don’t want to increase my work…….two of them at 11o’clock.]


Although in novels, there would be a foreshadow at moments like these, Erta didn’t allow such a foreshadow. She also didn’t want to replay the insult of the birth of the black leopard.

Yu IlHan used the Angel GPS(E/N: imagine a GPS with Erta’s snarky voice) to move around quickly and kill the mutants who were trying to hide or run away. After 20 minutes pass like that, he was sure that all the monsters had died.

“Phew. I did all that so I’m definitely first, right.”

[Those words are the foreshadows you like so much. If you say that, another person will always take first.]

“It was me who killed the leader and 2 elites. If I’m not first, then I’ll go to God to have a showdown.”


While being assured that he was the 1st, Yu IlHan moved towards the airport.

Because due to all the weight of the Flame Lizard corpses in his cross bag, the ground was sinking. While looking at that, he spoke in a small voice.

“Hey, give me the cross bag weight control function first.”

This was the moment when the sudden Heaven quest was perfectly ended.

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