Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 340: Sole God – 1

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“Just what is going on here!”

Michael complained to Yu IlHan while looking at the loveliest princess…… well, dragon rather, in his beautiful wife’s arms. Yu IlHan asked him some questions.

“Mr. Smithson, what is your current race?”

“True dragon…….”

“And Mrs. Smithson?”

“True dragon…….”

“And then your daughter will definitely be?”

“A dragon……?”

There were no problems at all. They accepted it all naturally! Only the princess in Carina Malatesta, no, Carina Smithson’s arms had a bright smile.


“She probably understands what we’re talking about right now. You need to be careful with her education.”

A child that understood speech immediately after birth! Considering how her foundation was extremely high since she was born as the daughter of two true dragons, her growth wouldn’t be ordinary either. Carina Smithson thought that she chose a good godfather and asked him.

“Godfather, please take care of this child. You will accept her into Dragon’s Nest, right?”

“Of course, as long as she fulfills the qualifications. So? What’s her name?”

“Yuni Smithson.”

“……And if it was a boy?”

“Nick Smithson.” 1

Yu IlHan became speechless. Yuni, in her mother’s arms, probably did not know how her name came about nor would she want to… probably.

Please let her grow up without knowing the origins of her name – Yu IlHan prayed to the non-existent gods while patting her forehead. The child smiled even brighter.

“But she’s really pretty~. She must take after her mother.”

“That’s true. Hahaha, she looks completely like her mother.”

Since it was the birth of new life, almost everyone other than Yu IlHan were already gathered at that place. Na YuNa, who still didn’t like Michael Smithson that much, indirectly dealt damage while stroking Yuni, but Michael had become really toned down after he became a father and just laughed about it.

He completely changed as a person!


Looking at Yuni struggling in Carina Smithson’s arms, Liera’s eyes glistened.

“Let us make a baby too!”

“I wondered why you weren’t saying that earlier. No.”

“Why! I want to have a baby! I want to have a babyyyyyy.”

“Not yet.”

Liera clung to Yu IlHan, but he firmly refused. And the reason went like this.

“I hate it because it feels like the epilogue is coming soon.”


She wanted to retort, but couldn’t find a way to do so and became silent. Yu IlHan tapped her shoulders and received Yuni from Carina Smithson. Since he became her godfather, he had to at least do his job properly.

[Yuni, you shall become beautiful and happy. You shall become someone who can share joy and bear the burdens of sadness with others. You shall have a warm heart as strong as your sturdy claws, and as much emotions as your clever smarts. You shall become one that’s loved and one that shall love.]

Yu IlHan’s Declaration became a heartfelt wish that enveloped Yuni. It was a wish that would grant upon her a bright potential, though not absolute.

“Wow, look at all that mana. Amazing…….”

“Beautiful. Only he can wield mana so beautifully like that, can’t he…….”

Would Yuni know how much of a blessing Yu IlHan’s Declaration was? Yu IlHan grabbed Yuni’s finger before giving her back to her parents.

“Congratulations. I was so absorbed in work that I didn’t even know you two got married.”

“We will do the marriage ceremony later. So that is…… after everything is over, once Earth is back in orbit, with both of our parents. Please visit us at that time with everyone.”

“I pray for their survival.”

Yu IlHan smiled, saying that he really wished it was so.

It would be a lie if he said that the figure of his father didn’t flash past his head. No matter how strong he became, it would all be meaningless if Gabriel had met with grave misfortune.

‘……He should be fine.’

He convinced himself that his father was alright. Nothing would change just by worrying. As he always did, he only had to do what he could do right now.

“Then the Smithson pair should busy themselves with raising their child…….”

“And we create our own child, ouch!”

“And we shall train.”

Smacking Liera’s head, Yu IlHan retorted in a serious tone. It became like this after he realized that there was 9 years left after making artifacts for an entire year! Liera asked with a crying face.

“When are we filming the epilogue, hey?”

“I will blow the whistle when it comes down to it.”

“That’s a very suspicious foreshadow! Are you going to question the origins of my birth at this point!?”2

Time flowed very quickly after that. While Yu IlHan was absorbed in training along with the other main battle members, while the other, more ordinary people actually lived a very joyful life, much more so than he had thought possible.

There was no threat from monsters, and they were living in a world where civilization and nature were mixed into one, so in fact, it could be said that they were living their most peaceful life since before the Great Cataclysm.

Of course, regardless of what they were up to, Yu IlHan did his own thing like a loner. Although he took the first step as the Creator, he still had long ways to go. And he until reached the end of that path, his steps would not halt.


Originally, Yu IlHan was very skilled in not noticing the flow of time, but since there was someone who showed clear changes among the ones he was constantly in close proximity with, he couldn’t stay unaware of it now.


A pretty little girl with brilliant golden hair tied into a ponytail shouted while the end of her hair fanned out like a sunflower, as she zoomed past him in the training zone within the Flying fortress. Yu IlHan waved his hand with a bitter smile.

“So it’s you, Yuni.”

“Yay! I can go in, right?”

Yu IlHan’s goddaughter Yuni grew rapidly as expected of the daughter of two true dragons. Since there were masters of all fields around her, she had plenty of opportunities to learn techniques, and she, like a dragon, had very-difficult-to-satisfy thirst for knowledge, and tried to learn as many things as possible in a short amount of time.

This was top-tier talent in Yu IlHan’s view! Dragons are really the best!

“Godfather, please spar with me!”


And the one that Yuni admired the most, like all other dragons and dragonkin on Earth, was Yu IlHan, the manager of Earth. Well, his strength was the highest too anyway.

From the first instance that she was able to hold a weapon in her two hands, she has picked up the spear like it was the most natural thing to do, and now that she possessed an outer appearance of a fifteen-year-old girl, she had developed a pretty high level of technique.

“I think I might be able to grow if I go against you just once more. Please? Pleaaaaase?”

“……Okay, come then.”

“Yess! Iyaaaaaaaaah! Ergh!”

Of course, she didn’t even last 3 seconds against Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan was a man who was merciless to anyone regardless of ages or genders, after all. The reason she could even last 3 seconds in the first place was because he went easy on her! Yuni, collapsed on the floor like a dead frog, grumbled while rubbing her nose that became red.

“Dammit, I thought I would be able to last longer since I got to the 4th class now!”


Wait, she is actually 4th class already! Yu IlHan asked her in shock.

“Yuni, how old are you again?”

“Hm? It will be my ninth birthday the day after tomorrow!”

That means that the barrier will disappear soon! Yu IlHan was shocked, and he despaired.

“I still haven’t mastered Transcendent Trajectory yet!”

“What level is it?”



Thinking that he should punish Na YuNa for spreading unpleasant habits around, Yu IlHan retrieved the spear that was floating in the air.

When he looked at the sky, the projection of the Hourglass of Eternity indeed revealed to him that there wasn’t much time left.

“It looks like I’ll be busy for a moment.”

“Is it a fight?”

“Unfortunately, there’s no place for you in it, Yuni.”

“I want to help you though.”

“Let’s think about it again after you become a higher existence.”

The world would be a beautiful place if everyone was like her – sighing, Yu IlHan patted Yuni’s head. Yuni shriveled saying it was ticklish and made an innocent laugh.

“Good, then shall I go out. We need to be back safely for your birthday party Yuni.”

“That’s such a cool line!”

“Of course, I had that line at the ready ever since you were born.”

Yu IlHan replied in cool words and exited the training zone while retrieving his spear.

As though having read his mind, his companions were already waiting.

“It will be soon, IlHan. There isn’t even one hour left.”

“Darling, will it really be over in 3 hours?”

“It might take a little longer than that. If there’s no hidden last boss, then 5 minutes, if there is, then 20 minutes, and if there’s another one after that one is defeated then one hour, and an extra 30 minutes for each one that appears after that.”


His trump cards were uncountable! Yu IlHan left them speechless and exited the Flying fortress.

Perhaps everyone knew, but the non-battle members had already gone down to Earth and the others were already on the aerial city.

[I greet the Lord.]

Uriel, with four pairs of dragon wings, greeted him. She was the only 8th class other than Mystic, and had the most amount of mana among his subordinates. She was one of the two ‘people’ that were most motivated for the matter that was about to come.

“I know, I know. You want to go save dad, right?”

[Th, that is true, but not only that, that uh…… Ga, Gabriel is.]

“It’s the same for me so it’s fine. You settle things with mom on your end. What’s important is the mindset to clear up the important things.”

Sometimes, people make the impossible possible. Though, what laid in front of Yu IlHan were all possible things!

Yu IlHan consoled Uriel who still had a worried expression in worry of Gabriel.

“Don’t worry so much. Everything will go as I planned it out.”

[The Lord’s amazing point is that you can make me accept with your speech alone but…… understood. I believe in the Lord. Let’s go save Gabriel. Let’s go stop God. Let’s bring an end to our bad karma with the Destruction Demon Army. Let’s interrogate Satan on what he is doing. ……Let’s bring peace back.]

Uriel raised her head after saying that. Behind her were all the official members of Dragon’s Nest lined up. They were already armed with the gear that Yu IlHan had handed out, and were ready to fight against any and all enemies.

“Everyone should know this already, but.”

Spoke Yu IlHan in a voice that was neither loud nor small. At this point, he could make his voice be heard by everyone without having to use the Declaration skill.

“There’s not much of the enemy forces left. While they were foolishly whittling away at each other, we created Earth, and they widened the gap all by themselves when they would have lost even if they came at me head on. So, our victory is pretty much set in stone.”


“I will take care of the leaders, so I will ask you to take care of the remaining ones. Honestly, if you get so much as a scratch on your skin while fighting with the equipment I gave you, you probably don’t have the qualifications to be a higher existence. I will immediately strip your qualifications if that happens.”

“How can he make others so unmotivated.”

Disregarding what everyone was saying, Yu IlHan finished his speech off quickly.

“We will invade the enemy main world immediately. As soon as the barrier is dispelled…… Oh, and before that, someone send Yuni back to Earth.”

“Ah, Yuni, this girl, how dare you sneakily come here!”

“Me, Me too! I want to fight! Godfatherrrrrrrrrr!”

After Yuni was chased to the ground by the others, Yu IlHan really confirmed that everyone here were members meant for, and ready for battle before speaking once again.

“If you’re ready, then I shall immediately warp after the barrier dispels.”

“Wait, darling.”

Asked Helièna.”

“I get that we’re invading enemy main worlds…… but which one are we going to first?”

“Of course, we need to rob the emptiest house first.”

Yu IlHan winked and spoke to her.

“The Netherworld.”

Translator: Chamber

Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

1. Yuni+Nick = Yunick = “Unique”. Remember how Michael Smithson calls him “Mister Unique”?

2. T/N: I don’t know but apparently a reference to the Boogiepop series according to comments on Munpia.