Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 34 Overflow (2)

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Overflow (2)

[The characteristics of an Overflow is very distinct. They are comprised of mostly mutated monsters and not the original ones, and disregarding their numbers, they’re clearly stronger than the original monsters. Also, they absorb the energy of the Traps of Destruction to cause enormous damage to reality by manipulating space.]

“Are you sure it’s an Overflow that’s happening now?”


Erta turned her head to look outside. In the middle of the city, a massive boulder was bursting from the ground.

[The only thing that can change the external environment is an Overflow.]

“So you mean that monsters are trapped in the isolated environment known as a dungeon, but monsters appearing due to an Overflow make the external environment a dungeon itself, right?”


The humans inside the airport were moving around busily. Although the people lacking fighting ability were confused as to what to do at the beginning, from some time onwards, they were directed by the military police to head towards the shelters, and the ability users were making parties to prepare for battle.

Even outside, endless siren sounds, the helicopter in the air, and the engine sounds of armored vehicles were alarming the people of the battle.

Yes, now there mustn’t be any accidents where several hundred and thousands of humans were sacrificed, anymore due to the sudden appearance of monsters.

Even as Yu IlHan ran outside the terminal, Erta’s explanations continued.

[As one of the characteristics of the Traps of Destruction is that it would not activate once the dungeon is complete, Overflows are very easy to occur when the world has just evolved and the time when dungeons appear. Of course, there are also other reasons such as side effects of a grand magic, or the destruction of a dungeon, but it shouldn’t be like that right now. The problem is.]

“The problem is?”

[Entities appearing due to an Overflow have the potential to make another Overflow occur by reacting with a nearby dungeon. In other words, if we don’t annihilate them completely, another Overflow may happen at another place.]

He thought ‘please no more’ but another foreshadow was coming. Yu IlHan realized the moment he heard those words. That there definitely will be a monster that will escape today, and another Overflow would occur due to that monster, and the clean up will be his job!

What the fuck is this? Why is it that Yu IlHan must suffer like this!? He was already sad since he couldn’t go to another world!

“Wow. The world really is a shit game.”

Yu IlHan suffered to make those Traps of Destruction and now, that was too much and an Overflow occurred? The chain of patches and bugs doesn’t end!

Moreover, this happened coincidentally when he came to Los Angeles, and he didn’t come here to gamble or for tourism, but only to exchange flights but an Overflow still occurred! And what? If one escapes, another Overflow may occur? He was frustrated since everything was so dirty!

There was only one way for Yu IlHan to vent his frustration.

“Give me a quest. Give me one with a lot of rewards. I’m serious.”

[I..I will.]

As Erta noticed that he was annoyed, and she obediently nodded her head.(E/N: oooh is that a flag?)

[Originally, when an overflow occurs, Heaven would move. They would give out quests to the humans who participated in stopping the Overflow, and give them rewards according to their contribution.]

“The rewards are?”

[Status points are a given, and according to the achievements, one may even receive a skill. Although it won’t be to the point of extreme poison resistance.]

“Good, got it.”

The moment Yu IlHan accepted the quest, one of the exits of the terminal exploded.

Beyond that were reptilian looking monsters who walked on two feet, and spat fire with their big mouths. The chaos at the airport increased by another level.

[Kuu……Records, I look for records.]

“Wow, it really looks like a side mob.”

[Even though it looks like that, it’s a mutated 2nd class monster which can use special abilities, be serious!]

Erta spoke those words to make Yu IlHan more serious, but Yu IlHan wasn’t that nervous.

Because he was overconfident? No, he was just confident.

“Speak those words after you see my armor.”


“I didn’t only make armor.”

He held a spear which emitted a faint black light and leaped.

[Deathgod’s black spear]

[Rank – Unique]

[Attack Power – 2,400]

[Option – 30% increase in critical hit rate and damage when attacking by surprise.]

[Durability – 1,700/1,700]

[A unique masterpiece made by a master smith using Big Metal Hearts’ and Metal Hearts’ hearts. As a spear tempered for only one person to use, it has the death god’s power to sever all life from darkness.]

Since the monsters which invaded the airport obviously couldn’t notice him, and Yu IlHan looked around and nailed his spear on the head of a monster which was looking for a sacrifice by while falling down from above.

[Critical Hit!]

[You have earned 418,703 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 62 Flame Lizard.]

Yu IlHan put took back his spear while landing. As the effect of a single strike with the options of both his armor and spear combined were truly amazing, just a single spear strike was enough to drill a hole all the way to its groins.

“Fuu, a good strike.”

[There’s no magic stone. Let’s just put the entire thing away in the bag and dismantle it later.]

The insides of the airport were full of people who were preparing to stop that monster without damaging the facilities as much as possible, and people who were cheering for them.

In that situation, the monster suddenly fell down, and a man wearing iron armor had appeared, so they couldn’t not be stunned.

“Just who is that person?”

“That’s an amazing armor. I also did quests earnestly, but I never acquired a full plate armor like that.”

“He butchered a monster with a single strike. Just what kind of amazing skill did he use?”

He really wanted to retort that it wasn’t a skill, but Yu IlHan suppressed those thoughts and put away the corpse into his cross bag. Due to the noise at the entrance, the monsters’ gazes all headed this way.

Although there were monsters who haven’t found him and those who found him and expressed their anger, one definite thing was that Yu IlHan must run outside!


He held his spear properly and ran towards the exit. Immediately after that, he found that a massive flame was heading towards his way. Yu IlHan was sure that it was the attack which destroyed the exit.

If he wanted to dodge, he could. By his standards, the speed wasn’t that fast, and even if he dodged, it seemed like there won’t be any casualties. However, he didn’t avoid it.

“I’ll try getting hit by an attack.”

[This pervert!]

It was only to measure the defense of his armor and to think about how to prepare for the attack. He ignored Erta’s insult and received the flame with his armor, and momentarily, he felt a flaming heat covering his entire body.

However, that was it. The flame just flickered off like that.

“Oh my god, he blocked that flame!”

“That armor is truly amazing!”

Yu IlHan checked the damage on his armor and arrived at a conclusion that he would be fine getting hit continuously. If so, there was only one thing he needed to do.

He turned his head. Buildings were being destroyed from all around, people were running away, and ability users were confronting the mutated monsters known as Flame Lizards.

However, most of the humans weren’t 2nd class, and they didn’t even have the assuring armor that Yu IlHan was wearing, so they were moving around busily to avoid the Flame Lizards’ flame attack. As there were mages who could use shield magic, they were taking the limelight.

“Hey, cool armored knight! Don’t you need a defense magic?”

“I don’t need it.”

To a handsome mage who spoke to him with a posh English accent, he replied with a cool voice, then he kicked off the ground. It was because a lump of flame was flying towards the back of a warrior who was fighting with a Flame Lizard with a sword.


When the warrior screamed a single syllable, Yu IlHan had already blocked the flame after appearing right in front of her. The warrior who saw the situation tried to express her thanks to Yu IlHan, but he was already kicking off the ground immediately after blocking the flame.

[Kuuu, record, strong warrior’s record!]

“Give me your records!”

Although the flames they used didn’t affect him one bit, one must return twice the amount one received to be satisfied!

Yu IlHan looked at it and struck his spear inside the Flame Lizard’s circular mouth!


“Hey, these sound similar to human.”

It wasn’t a critical hit, nor was it a surprise attack so it didn’t die in a single strike. However, as its mouth was pierced with a spear, it was being dragged around as Yu IlHan swung his spear so it couldn’t fight back anymore either.


[You have earned 420,918 experience.]

Yu IlHan unhesitantly swung his spear upwards to make its head explode. He severed the life of an over level 60 monster with just two actions.

[Kweeeek! A strong warrior, the strongest warrior here!]

[If we eat his record.]

[We can evolve, evolve, we can evolve.]

Not all monsters were crazy about records and evolving. However, monsters from Overflows all had some place they were lacking. They were scarier and repulsive.

The humans seemed to understand that as they drove them more fiercely. It was different to the past where they were one-sidedly pushed. Now, a fight between them and humanity was possible!

“Thank you for saving me. You truly have an overwhelming strength.”

The warrior defeated the Flame Lizard she was facing with the help of her team members approached Yu IlHan and expressed her thanks.

Yu IlHan could feel the increase in the party members ability when he saw that she defeated a 2nd class monster, albeit in a party.

“How should I repay this……”

Although he didn’t realize until now due to the helmet covering her face, the thin voice made him predict that it was a woman.

Of course, that couldn’t make Yu IlHan flinch since he had high standards due to spending a thousand years with an angel!

“From now on, please watch out for your back in battle.”

Yu IlHan only left a small advice and left, but he clearly heard words that the warrior and her party spoke.

“So cool.”

“A cool guy.”

“His voice is cool.”

Yu IlHan boasted about a bit.

“I knew I am not so bad.”

[Of course, only if you hide your face that is.]

Erta’s comeback was as quip as ever.

As it wasn’t wrong, Yu IlHan couldn’t retort and could only shout loudly to find opponents to vent his anger.


Of course, that wasn’t just for venting anger. As he couldn’t use the effect of a surprise attack now, he intended to attract aggro from the monsters to raise his contribution. He had the confidence to not flinch even if he was struck by several of the Flame Lizards’ attacks.

However, there weren’t any monsters who would react to his voice without mana or whatever. It was because they were all destroying buildings or fighting other humans, and doing their best in their own places.

[Amazing, you killed so many and yet you still get ignored. You really are amazing!]

“Shut up.”

I will definitely ask for a warcry that I can activate without mana. – Yu IlHan firmly resolved and kicked off.

If he couldn’t attract aggro, there was only one method. This was the start of the death god delivery service!

Author’s notes

The explanation on Overflows came out when making the Traps of Destruction right?

Normal attacks are too strong to the point that they look like skills, lol

Translator’s notes

‘Tackle’ = ‘Tsukkomi’

‘Deathgod’ = ‘Reaper’ (Deathgod translated literally and reaper written in English)

This chapter was funny…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Especially that blatant foreshadow…