Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 339: Harmageddon – 15

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Yu IlHan used up all of the materials in his possession. When he finally came around to thinking about it himself, he realised it was a miraculous achievement. He was aware that his power rose exponentially within his domain, ever since he was acknowledged as the new God by the recorded gods, but just as Na YuNa beauty had, it seems like Yu IlHan’s ability as a blacksmith also matured.

“I’m finished! How much sand has fallen from the top half?”

Judging that he could provide arms to not only the core members but the secondary army and even the civilians and possibly still have some left over to weaponise the entire planet at this point, he swiped all the artifacts into his inventory and raised his head after a long time while stretching his neck, and asked.

The one he could see was not Liera or Helièna but Erta.

“Around one tenth.”

“A tenth already!? And oh, it’s Erta.”

“You didn’t even know that I was here, did you?”

“Well, I was grabbing onto my Creation skill all this time. Though, it’s only level 5 right now.”

“You used the skill for 1 year straight and it’s only at level 5!?”

“It’s already been a year!?”

The two exchanged shocked looks. Though, Yu IlHan regained his calm soon while Erta still had an expression of flabbergasted-ness even after a period of time had passed.

“Just how can you not notice the flow of time? Didn’t you get hungry? Didn’t you want to go to the bathroom? How are you still so handsome even after not washing up for an entire year?”

“It’s been quite awhile since I surpassed normal human metabolism.”

Answered Yu IlHan as he thought. 1 year equaled one tenth. That meant that there was still about 9 years to go. Although he did think it will be quite a long period of time, to think it was that long… Yu IlHan was emotional at his own growth.

“Oh, if anyone feels bored then send them out for a little bit. I can just warp them to another world and call them back later.”

“It’s a tremendous privilege to own a decade that others do not know about. I will ask the others, but there should be no one that wishes to leave.”

Well, Yu IlHan also didn’t feel that 10 years was long when he was first left out on Earth. Perhaps the others felt similar to him. Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and changed topic.

“Any progress on your magic?”


Erta suddenly shouted. Her voice was filled with frustration.

“Kang MiRae, that woman, is a genius! She achieved a realm I couldn’t even when I trained for thousands of years, in a mere two or three decades! How can it be so unfair! I couldn’t even understand half of what she said!”

“Don’t get mad at me. It’s scaring me.”

It seems like her frustration piled up when she came to Yu IlHan to vent it but saw that he was doing his work without even glancing at her. Yu IlHan thought that he stepped on a landmine and patted her on the back to console her.

“You can do it. Although, the position of a recorded god shouldn’t be possible because Miss MiRae is there.”

“You aren’t helping at all!”

Erta shouted while pouting, but it seems like the patting did work. Yu IlHan thought that she was such a simple woman, but didn’t voice that out audibly.

“It’s good that you’re here now. I was just about to start researching into Archlegnae.”

“Didn’t you say you just finished working? Sheesh, your ability to look for work is really top-notch.”

Laughing, Yu IlHan took out several bodies of Archlegna. Although he couldn’t acquire many records from the bodies of Legnae during the period where he was very much inferior to the himself of now, it was currently a different story.

He was going to discover every single bit of information on how these Legnae golems were made, as well as what this so-called God did in order to imitate the Creator, and nullify all of his efforts.

“Well then, from now on, this guy must be…….”

However, when he was about to start analyzing by putting his hand on the Archlegna, he intuitively realized one thing.

“These things, they are recorded on something else other than the Akashic Record.”

Akashic Record is the record of everything at the same time being the multiverse itself. Yu IlHan did not know what form it possessed, but did not think that mattered. The multiverse existed as Yu IlHan was aware of, and what meaning he gave to it was up to him.

However, it seemed like there was one being that didn’t think so.

“So that’s it, God considered the Akashic Record as a hindrance.”

“What does that mean, IlHan?”

“It’s quite clear if you think about it. I should have started from questioning the reason that prompted him to reject mana.”

There are two changes that inevitably arrive in a world after the Great Cataclysm. One is mana and the other one is the Akashic Record.

Wherever mana exists, the Akashic Record did as well and wherever the Akashic Record existed, mana could also be found. So, rejecting mana meant the denial of the Akashic Record, and to escape mana, one would need to escape the reach of the Akashic Record.

“Yu IlHan, I just had a lecture on incomprehensible magic until now. Are you going to lecture me about incomprehensible Akashic Record too? I will assault you if you do. If you wish to renew your family register, then let’s see you continue!”

“I’m both happy and sad that you became aggressive while I didn’t know about anything…….”

Yu IlHan explained it in simple terms in order to maintain his fidelity.

“Middle school uniforms differ by schools, right?”


“The school uniform that the Akashic Record has decided on is mana. There are no other middle schools nearby. Well, then. What do you needs to be done in order to wear another uniform?”

“Make a new middle school.”

“That’s what God was trying to do. He was trying to make a new form of universal recording other than the Akashic Record.”


Erta became speechless. She eventually asked him in a careful voice.

“Is that possible?”

“Look at the corpse of this Archlegna. Did these guys manage to completely and perfectly reject mana?”

“They did not.”

“Correct. So he failed.”

It wasn’t the case that it failed completely. Legnae did have high resistance to mana after all.

However, that was it. God tried to make a new record storage, but that storage ended up being incorporated into the Akashic Record. A lamentable matter.

“Moreover, the way he tried to make that new storage is……Oh, my.”

Yu IlHan realized one thing when he continued analyzing the Archlegna and groaned. One puzzle piece entered its correct position as well.

He finally understood the reason why he could hear their voices at that time; why they referred to Yu IlHan as the liberator; as well as why they gave so many blessings to Yu IlHan and the others around him!

“Recorded gods…… that’s it.”

“Why do they come out here as well? Didn’t you liberate them all?”

“I did, I did liberate them with the help from Miss MiRae. So…….”

Yu IlHan claimed while seriously nodding his head.

“I now reclaim the title of the foreshadow master. I am the one who creates and destroys foreshadows!”

Erta licked her lips and was about to viciously assault Yu IlHan.

“Yu IlHan, why don’t we discuss the name of our future child right now…….”

“Uh, I meant! Uh, I erased it already!”

Yu IlHan hurriedly pushed Erta’s face away and shouted. It was even scarier since she looked absolutely serious.

“The storage that God was trying to make! I erased it already!”

“With the Galactic Trajectory that Kang MiRae first used?”

“And with the Final Buster that I poured into all of them! I didn’t know that it would actually finish it off…….”

“Wait, so you’re saying.”

Erta had finally understood the situation and shouted in shock.

“So the God of Heaven created a replacement Akashic Record by imprisoning the ‘recorded gods’!?”

“The term ‘recorded gods’ isn’t correct in the first place. They are ones who have transcended the limits and surpassed records. So this God tried to make a completely new system(record) that is outside the influence of the Akashic Record by gathering the ones that surpassed it…….”

“I still don’t get it, but that means…….”

How horrifying, cruel, insolent and shocking of an action. Erta felt as she was hit on the head by a hammer.

“All this time, a length of time where all of our ages added up together won’t possibly match, they were…….”

“You said how the Legnae talked about they were ‘loading’ records, right? That means that God tried to win against mana by records that have transcended the realm of mana and are unrecordable. With that as the engine, and the fuel sourced from completely crumpled and deformed souls.”

“My word…….”

The recorded gods resisted but were captured by God in the end. They were imprisoned in a world that couldn’t be found, and became a portion of the new storage as God had intended.

However, God’s misconception started there. Just transcending the records didn’t mean a complete separation from the Akashic Record!

In fact, they blessed the ones that came close to their own realm in their own fields through the Akashic Record, and the ones that grew splendidly with their blessings would become enemies of God. Of course, God would have gritted his teeth and cursed at the recorded gods, and may have wished to beat them up to death, but couldn’t do so easily since they were integral to achieving his goal.

In the end, he could only proceed as planned. Some time passed and Yu IlHan appeared, and God, who thought that he grew up way too fast, created Legnae and Archlegnae with the help from the incomplete storage, and started cleaning the other worlds along with Satan.

However, the record storage that God made somehow ended up being connected to Dareu through a gate thanks to Kang MiRae’s miracle, Galactic Trajectory.

At that point in time, Yu IlHan didn’t have the slightest clue about this new record storage, but he coincidentally found it, and cleanly destroyed it with his Final Buster!

Now, God couldn’t even make Legnae even if he wished to. Even if he wanted to make a new record storage, there was neither a world to hide it in, nor a target to capture and imprison. The only thing he could do was to appear in front of Yu IlHan and be completely screwed before dying a pitiful death.

Such a tearful story. Perhaps a person who, saw that the failure rate for an item repair was 1%, and so clicked ‘repair all’ for his thousands of items, and found out that he failed the repair for all of them, might feel like this!

“I now understand why you call yourself as the foreshadow master. So you erased the greatest weapon of the final boss when you only got to know a tiny bit of his might!?”

“That’s exactly it. He’s completely doomed now. Completely doomed…….”

Yu IlHan’s voice sounded distant for some reason. Erta didn’t know how to reply and became silent.

My word, the final objective of the final boss was destroyed before the last battle! At this point, anyone would sympathize even though he wasn’t someone worthy of any sympathy. He just had to have been on Yu IlHan’s wrong side!

Yu IlHan thought about what he had to do, but eventually loosened his shoulders and spoke.

“……I think I can just put away the barrier now.”

“Ah, you’re making an expression that you are annoyed of everything!”

“Can we just jump straight to the epilogue now?”

“Please restrain yourself”

Yu IlHan waved his hand to lump all the bodies of Archlegnae into one. They became a lump of white. It looked like metal, at the same time, wood, mud, clouds, or even just sweets.

“This is the only one.”

“How is it the only one?”

“Unrecorded, unrecordable matter. The record storage was destroyed and the Akashic Record does not accept it, so this lump of…… things is a contradiction in and of itself.”

“I now get what you’re trying to do.”

Erta made a smirk and asked.

“That’s a very good material, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I was just looking for the materials for the ‘cannonball’…… I don’t think I’ll find anything better than this.”

“Cannonball…… Aah, of course.”

Erta chuckled.

“You possessed a very splendid ‘cannon’, didn’t you?”

“Well, then. Let’s finish off my work then.”

Yu IlHan activated the Creation skill. After knowing that there ‘was’ an independent record storage from the Akashic Record, his comprehension on Creation increased, and so was able to process the lump although the material wasn’t properly recorded.

Of course, he couldn’t add or take away anything from it, but forming a shape from it was enough. The cannon possessed everything else, after all.


Yu IlHan stored away the only cannonball in the world and exited the workshop with Erta. At that time, Michael Smithson, who was running in the corridor, immediately ran to him and grabbed him.

“Mister Uniqqqqqqqqqqqqque!”

“I hate that name so call me Yu IlHan. What is it?”

“Carina! C, Carina is about to give birth!”


The moment he heard that one line, he felt as if all the time he spent until now was meaningless. No matter how long the barrier was, someone even made a baby! But Michael Smithson didn’t just come here to boast it in front of him.

“I was looking for you! Could you become the godfather of the child?”


Michael Smithson nodded his head with a serious face.

“If the master of the world, you, become the godfather of my child, then there would not be a better thing.”


Thinking about it, his encounter with Michael Smithson was the funniest and the most mysterious. How could they have known that it would come to this?

Michael Smithson was a man who could commit any selfish actions for the profit of the group be was in. Perhaps he was similar to Yu IlHan in that regard. Their clash was inevitable, and Yu IlHan thought that he would kill Michael Smithson if he did something that annoyed him, while Michael Smithson also resolved to kill Yu IlHan if they ever met again.

However, the situation didn’t come to that. Yu IlHan became rapidly stronger and found leisure, and asked Michael Smithson for cooperation in protecting Earth rather than fighting him.

Meanwhile, Michael Smithson succeeded in widening his perimeter and found something that he started to protect by himself, his clan members and other precious people. He fell in love with another clan master, and accordingly suppressed his hostility to his enemies.

After that, a long time passed before the two entered a relationship of a leader and a member of the higher existence faction known as Dragon’s Nest. Although they couldn’t be considered close friends, they were in a position where they could understand each other to a large extent and cheer for the other.

Perhaps he might be able to have such a relationship with other people as well – thought Yu IlHan before shaking his head. Regretting the past only gave him sighs. If he acquired something, then he could only step forward once more using that as the basis.

Yu IlHan asked carefully.

“……I wasn’t baptized you know?”

“It’s fine. You are the God of this world.”

“Okay then. I’ll do this godfather thing.”

Michael Smithson smiled brightly at Yu IlHan’s smile. A healthy voice of a child could be heard from one corner of the Flying fortress. Possessing brilliant golden hair and emerald-colored eyes, a healthy…… dragon was born.