Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 334: Harmageddon – 10

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“I, if you connect with Earth right now, then the people scattered to various other lower worlds will be able to come back to Earth again…….”

“I can stop that. For around 3 hours.”

“That’s meaningless though!”

“It is meaningful. That’s enough time to destroy all the other transcenders from other factions.”

3 hours is enough? Kang HaJin looked at Na YuNa in plea to stop that madman, but Na YuNa replied to not interfere with someone else’s marriage business. In the end, Erta was the one to nitpick with him. Helièna was the same.

“Do you have to connect with Earth right now? Really, really really?”

“You don’t have to keep to the prophecy darling. You said you hate prophecies but are you really going to act in accordance to it?”

“No, the prophecy is correct. Not because dad prophesized it as such. The current Dragon’s Nest is still incomplete. Our main world needs to be Earth. That’s because the world I was born and raised in is Earth.”

“This is…… still incomplete?”

Yu IlHan’s will was firm. Everyone already realized that Yu IlHan was looking at a completely different realm from what they were experiencing by themselves.

They could no longer go against him. He was the leader of the faction and the supreme being, so they had no choice but to comply.

“Good, let’s say that we make Earth our main world. Then can’t you just summon Earth and fuse it like you did with other worlds?”

“If that happens, Earth will be permanently subordinated to Dareu.”

“Then can’t you just go over to Earth and fuse Dareu with Earth.”

“If that happens, Earth will be crumpled to bits without any traces left.”


“And so.”

Spoke Yu IlHan seriously.

“I have no choice but to open a gate and fuse it directly.”

“……Okay, Mr. IlHan.”

Kang MiRae found her calm first.

“Let’s do it. I’ll help to the best of my ability. I just need to make a really, really large gate right? I just need to make it so that Earth and Dareu are facing each other, right? Everything else will be handled by you, right?”

“You are always quick to understand, Miss MiRae. As expected of a genius.”

“This is in the field of instinct. I still half-doubt that it would work.”

However, to not believe him, the things he had achieved now were all completely insane as well. They were already riding on the back of a tiger. It was too late to turn back, and had to accompany him wherever he went. Kang MiRae utilized the Crown of Wisdom and raised her staff, while Yu IlHan agitated his mana with a smile.

“Miss YuNa, please take care of the holy region. This time, you have to strengthen me on top of Miss MiRae.”

“I knew you’d say that~. Fine, fine. Holy region goofers should do their job. I really hate this side-character treatment.”

“But no one other than you can do it.”

“I know. I just complained because I want you to care about me more!”

At this point, she was shameless to the point that she was rather adorable! Yu IlHan patted her hair as she wished and turned around to Mystic.

“Mystic will support me. Don’t forget that this is a parallel connection between Earth and Dareu.”

“What are you going to do about the fact that Earth is relatively too low in league, master?”

“I’m going to pour Dareu’s power into Earth to balance it.”

“That’s absurd! That’s absolutely impo….ssible…….”

Mystic became speechless midway her sentence. Although she thought that was impossible, she also felt like Yu IlHan could do it. In the end, she also closed her mouth and pushed her straw hat onto her head, covering her eyes and breaking her line of sight with Yu Ilhan.

“I don’t care. You were the one who said support. Whatever happens is not my responsibility.”

“That’s enough. And…… mom.”


Kim YeSeul never knew she would be called out and widened her eyes. Yu IlHan smiled and nodded his head. Instead of a concrete explanation, he added another sentence.

“You’ll need help from Erta and Helièna.”

“Me? The only thing I’m better at than the others is magic formations…….”


“Erta and Helièna’s help? Oh…….”

The three women had the same expressions. They finally realized what Yu ilHan was talking about.

“Sheesh, son. You’re always dreaming of absurd things.”

“I would have gone with a different method if it was me alone. So mom, I know how to ask help from others now. I’m different from the me of before.”

Even though he uttered all the dark history he had, it seemed that nagged on his mind. Kim YeSeul found her son so cute when he hurriedly added since he thought that the thing from last time may bother her, and ended up giggling.

“Of course, my son. You make me proud. You’ve grown up well.”

“Darling, is this really a perfect plan? No matter how I think about it, this is too unstable.”

“Actually, the rest of it is guts.”

“Shit, we’re doomed.”

Yu IlHan smiled at Helièna and breathed deeply. When he gave a glance to Na YuNa, she bit her lips and extended her two arms. A thick pink aura rose from her body.

“Lady Leyt…… no.”

She shook her head mid-chant and stopped. Was she about to play around at such an important time? – everyone thought that as they looked at her, but Na YuNa’s eyes were more serious than ever. Then why?

The next moment, a new chant was uttered from her mouth.

[All mana shall obey ‘me’, the one that raises the beauty of all matter.]

Yu IlHan abruptly raised his head. It seemed that she had also discovered the loss of the recorded gods! The ones that received the blessing from other gods will probably realize in the future as well. However, it was very like her to realize that first.

[Envelop all that I love, bless, and strengthen them.]

[To the one that is qualified to monopolize my beauty, with all my love, I shall execute my miracles in god’s name – Everything shall become as you will it to be.]

The holy region enveloped the entire city. The two focal points of the aura were none other than Kang MiRae and Yu IlHan! Yu IlHan had a lot of things he wanted to complain about Na YuNa’s chant, but for now, he had to do what he had to do.

He opened his mouth, and Declared while gathering the mana of Dareu that had a higher mana density than any other world after the 9th Great Cataclysm.

[Thou shalt be the master of the miracles, and execute my power on my permission.]

[Thou art the master of magic, and shall stand as the connector of dimensions.]

Two strands of Declaration raged violently after it became mana. Kang MiRae abruptly opened her eyes in the midst of the turmoil. The Crown of Wisdom flickered wildly while releasing light of varying intensities and accelerated her thought process.

Eventually, when all her magic power was focused into one point, Kang MiRae’s mouth opened. Surprisingly, the structure of her magic power was similar to Yu IlHan’s when he used Declaration.


Mana was concentrated before it sublimed. Three beings that surpassed the records combined their powers to create a miracle.

The atmosphere opened in Dareu. The skies of Earth could be seen.

“It was really connected…….”

“It’s beginning.”

The two dimensions had only become connected. True fusion had yet to begin. Kang MiRae maintained the gate with all her power, and Yu IlHan started his next process. A message appeared on his retina.

[Earth had been waiting for the moment to be subordinated by you from a long time ago.]

[You are prepared. Will you declare Earth has a territory of Dragon’s Nest?]

[From this moment onwards…..]

He could feel all the mana that filled his body, the resonance with Dareu, and the strand of connection he had with Earth. Yu IlHan spat out a deep breath and uttered the fateful line.

[Earth is the main world of Dragon’s Nest.]

[Earth is leaping to a higher world. All restrictions on Earth are lifted.]

[The higher world, Earth, is fusing to D…….]

The message that was appearing on his retina disappeared with an almost inaudible noise, and a new message appeared.

[The two higher worlds, Earth, and Dareu, are fusing.]

The skies of Earth and Dareu burned as they faced each other. The mana and matter that comprised Dareu, were rising into the air like mad. The only thing that remained intact was Yu IlHan and the city they were in.

“Master, is this really possible……!?”

Mystic, who never talked about what was possible or impossible when fusing seven thousand worlds at once, now screamed. However, Yu IlHan called for Kim YeSeul instead of replying to her.

“Mom, I’ll connect you with that thing. Please take care of the rest.”

“You really are making me work hard. Okay, let’s do it.”

Yu IlHan Declared with a smile.

[My subordinate who has the same objective as me, shall have the same thoughts as mine.]

The moment Yu IlHan’s declaration was fulfilled, a deep voice of a man’s rang in Kim YeSeul’s head.

[Just what is this? Why is the concept of Earth being shaken?]

“It’s a long story…….”

Kim YeSeul smiled and called Erta and Helièna to her side. They had to make a masterpiece of mana and magic formation crafts in the fastest time possible. A magic formation of space-time that contained all of their essence!

“I think you will have to change your corporeal form according to what we say. Let’s see. Can I call you Will of the Guardian?”

[My god, that world is……!]

The Will of the Guardian that finally recognized Dareu screamed without being able to hold back. It also realized what was happening right now.

[Fuck! You insane madman!]

“Let’s hurry! I don’t think failure is allowed after all!”

Yu IlHan hadn’t even begun properly yet.

Kang MiRae’s role was more important than Yu IlHan’s in fusing Earth and Dareu through a gate. Synchronizing the records of Dareu with Earth’s could be done by Mystic alone. Predicting the world after the fusion of Dareu and Earth was the job for Kim YeSeul, Erta, and Helièna.

There was only one thing Yu IlHan needed to do. To fuse Dareu and Earth together to create a perfect world. Yu IlHan knew very well what kind of abilities he needed to utilize in order to do that.



Liera, who could only cheer from the sidelines, was shocked after hearing Yu IlHan mutter. At that point, she thought ‘no way’, but couldn’t stay like that after hearing his next words.

“Mana crafting.”

“Dad, is that perhaps…….”

“Soul enchant.”

He had plenty of materials.

The crafter was here.

There was more than enough mana.

The lifeforce also existed as well.

[In this time and place, Dragon’s Nest.]

The power of ‘miracles’ that Na YuNa made was finally consumed this moment. Yu IlHan brought out all the power he could bring out. The Cradle of Miracles that was scattered in the atmosphere of Dareu had decreased into the size of a bean and appeared on Yu IlHan’s palm, before disappearing without a trace.

[Shall be created.]

An unrecorded record. A technique that was already completed the moment it was made. A miracle that was allowed only to Yu IlHan. An incubator that incubated possibilities into reality.

The Cradle of Miracles appeared once again. This time, it enveloped both Dareu and Earth and formed a humongous egg that could not be fully observed with the eyes.

The prophecy was finally fulfilled.