Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 333: Harmageddon – 9

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[The 9th Great Cataclysm of the higher world, Dareu, has successfully concluded.]

[Absorbing records and mana from the world under your rule. All status increases and mana increases additionally by 300.]

[Yu IlHan.]

[Lord of Dragon’s Nest Lv748]

[Strength – 1,754 Agility – 1,545 Health – 1,443 Magic – 3,559]

[Active skills – Manifestation (Falling Down, Dragonic Blood, Dragon-man resonance) Lv 87, Transcendent Trajectory (Great Cosmos-severing Spear, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, God Force, Dismantling, Excavation, Absolute Accuracy) Lv65, Mana crafting Lv Max, Declaration (Rule, Record) Lv88, Warp(Leap) Lv97, Dimensional Ruler Lv99, Counter Lv87]

[Passive skills – Blacksmith Lv Max, Magic engineering Lv Max, Cooking Lv Max, Dimensional Adaptation Lv99, Fleet Command Lv99]

Kang MiRae raised her head and spoke.

“There aren’t any more worlds.”


Yu IlHan checked again with a worn-out expression. Kang MiRae firmly nodded his head.

“Absolutely none. Not even a single one left. If there are, it’s only the main worlds.”


Yu IlHan sighed deeply at the reply before lowering his head and raising it again. Everyone was looking at him.

Merely thirty hours ago, the majority of the ones here were lower existences, but right now, it was instead difficult to find any that weren’t higher existences. He could guarantee that the past 30 hours were absolutely, most intense 30 hours that the multiverse experienced since the beginning of time.

“Everyone’s tired right.”


Replied everyone honestly. Especially, Mystic who had almost become a pile of flesh on the floor. She had reached beyond the 7th class and into 8th class thanks to managing the central pivot of the world and coming into contact with countless records, but no matter how strong she became, her exhaustion seemed like it would be endless.

“How the heck did I survive all of that……?”

“It’s all thanks to the artifacts that I made you.”

“I’ll beat you up, master.”

She threw a fist at the same time she spoke, but Yu IlHan dodged as if he had seen it coming. Although this was like this before as well, there was an insurmountable wall of the 4th dimension between the two. Especially in Dareu.

“Dammit, Orochiiiiiiiii!”

“Even if you look at me like that, I’m weaker than you. Just obediently eat some popcorn.”

“Let’s see, dad is…….”

Yu IlHan left Mystic to Orochi and activated Warp again, but again, the only message that came back was that the target was refusing. Yu IlHan thought that this would be the case and shook his head with a sigh.

Right now, he believed that Satan had something to do with the recorded gods. Assuming that Satan was the most dangerous enemy of them all, even his father wouldn’t be fine even with all of his trump cards…… dammit, had he come back with his mother in the previous warp, then at least they could have stomped on Satan together, damn his stubbornness!

“If you’re dead, I’ll tease you to death again.”

“How do you tease someone who’s dead?”


Yu IlHan only laughed without much of a reply, but Liera felt a shiver running down on her back.

Twenty-three thousand higher worlds. Simple to say it, but this meant that he had absorbed 23,000 entire worlds that had countless records piled up over the course of the longest periods in history. As the ruler of Dareu and the Lord of Dragon’s Nest, their essence should have flowed into Yu IlHan. Liera would probably believe even if Yu IlHan said that he could create a whole world from scratch.

Eventually, she asked him in a careful voice.

“IlHan, you aren’t God yet, right?”

“Nope, not yet, probably.”


She shouldn’t have asked. It got her more scared! Yu IlHan chuckled after seeing Liera shivering. At her age, she should be more than mature enough, but somehow, this ex-angel was becoming more immature as time went on. Of course, though, that’s what made her cute.

“If taking over many higher worlds makes me God, then any other transcender would have become God long ago. The God of Heaven for example……. Of course, I can’t say that there’s no effect in fusing all the worlds into one, but no, Liera. I still can’t grasp it yet. I’m an imperfect Creator, and a Halfling that can’t even make mana by myself properly.”

Liera’s lips pouted. The more she spoke with him, the more distant he felt and she became worried.

“In the past, you always denied that, but right now, you didn’t. Halfling, means that one half is already completed, no?”

“No one knows when the other half will be filled. It may come within the next second, but it may not come even after countless eons. Perhaps all transcenders are at this stage.”

That was a lie. Yu IlHan knew that he was quite special among them. The fusion of worlds just had that special meaning. Every time a world was added to Dareu, he felt something fundamental change within him. This was possible only for him.

Perhaps this was not evolution but a process of regressing to the very beginning of time? If everything fused and fused, and eventually became one, then perhaps a new path may be finally open to him? Yu IlHan was both afraid of, and expectant of that.

If there was one thing for sure, it was that he had nothing to fear now. There was only one reason he didn’t end everything now – to try to finish everything with no casualties.

“Anyway, we absorbed all the higher worlds possessed by other factions other than the Garden of Sunset, right? Except the main worlds?”

“You do know that the beginning of all factions are their main worlds right? Their main worlds are literally where all the power of that faction, and their leader stems from. I know that Dareu has evolved beyond the extreme, but there are things that can’t be surpassed with just the quantity of records. You especially can’t look down on Heaven. Elo Katra, and The Netherworld are the same.”

“Liera, there’s no need to be so worried. I’m not saying that you should not be careful, but rather to not undervalue yourself. It’s plenty possible. Just open your eyes, and look at the current darling. He’s no longer the kid that you once knew, Liera.”

“He was twenty the first time I saw him!”

“You foolish lady.”

Helièna’s view on this situation slightly differed from Liera’s. In her eyes, the power Yu IlHan possessed was stronger than anyone else. More so than even Greed that she once thought to be supreme.

This meant that Yu IlHan was the strongest. The Strongest, quite the sweet ring to it. She believed in Yu IlHan, and was sure that he was an absolute and unshakable pillar.

“Darling, are you going to do it now?”


However, Yu IlHan shook his head at Helièna’s question.

“I don’t like gambling that much. I don’t know if it was just my life on the line, but in a situation where my dad’s and other people’s lives are on the line, I can’t just recklessly charge into enemy lines.”

“I’m going to follow darling’s words. Please ask for anything that you wish for.”

Yu IlHan only had two hands and one body. If he could have dragged all the leaders of the factions and fight, then he would’ve done it long ago. If Gabriel was by his side, then the two would have thought of a plan together but he wasn’t even here.

His companions became strong enough to fight against any higher existences, but in the end, they couldn’t fight the leaders. Yu IlHan knew that much. He didn’t have that high of an expectation from them in the first place. In fact, he was rather surprised that they grew so much until now.

In the end, the final strike had to be done by Yu IlHan himself. And Yu IlHan had planned everything out presuming that was the case.

That was because he was born a loner. He had learned to do everything with his own effort.

“You’re being too much! We put so much effort into helping you, IlHan!”

“I’m not saying that you don’t help at all. In fact, you’re supporting me and are of more than just some help to me.”

Yu IlHan pushed out his hand and grabbed at the sky and spoke to Liera.

“This is just my personality. A personality I cannot throw away even after discarding everything else.

What if something happens? Or something else? Shouldn’t I prepare for that eventuality? And that other one too?

I’m worried that if no one helps me and I make too many preparations…

And having done everything alone since no one was willing to help me…

Even after doing everything like this…

I’m afraid that when, having missed something…

With a pessimistic outlook purely because I don’t want to get hurt…

Expecting to fail…

I try to act like I’m calm…

And prepare desperately in order to be able to act calm…

I end up being clumsy since I learned nothing from anyone else…

I’m afraid I’ll end up really embarrassed if someone discovers the me then…

That I will want to die…

That I will want to give up on everything…

But being unable to run since there’s no one to run to…

No one to leave my burden to…

I will still eventually have to do everything by myself…

I dread being laughed at by the people who treat those that act like fools, even though they themselves did nothing….”

Ahh, the dark side. No matter how many people met and however many people he was loved by many, the dark side of Yu IlHan that could not be erased, and was right now exploding out. What was even more grave that his words hadn’t ended yet!

“That’s also the reason I always talk about foreshadowing. Ever since I was young, I had great eyes in determining and predicting negative possibilities. And in fact, experienced many of them too.”

“Please stop, IlHan, my heart will melt at any second. It was my bad! I’ll do everything for you!”

“S, smooch! Mr. IlHan, I’ll give you a smooch! Bad memories should fly away~!”

Not to mention Liera, even the others didn’t know how to act while listening to his dark history that they couldn’t listen to without crying. Even Kim YeSeul momentarily forgot about the worry for her husband and seriously considered patting his back.

My word, what was this? Subordinates were trying to console a nearly level 750 superman! (Sungdaein bolt)

However, Yu IlHan laughed and shook his head.

“But thanks to that, I learned something. I became able to breathe, became able to hide, became able to put in more effort, became able to endure, became able to prepare, and became able to laugh back at them.”

“I don’t think the last one was necessary though!?”

“I became able to not request help to anyone else. I became able to prepare everything myself. I raised my abilities to erase all negative possibilities and to bring a happy ending. So, in conclusion, I don’t plan to lose even if everyone else is an enemy.”

“This is a loner’s final form…….”

Everyone was struck dumb. Just what kind of growth must one experience to reach such a stage? Yu IlHan had a look at his companions and gripped the hand in the air into a fist.

Explanation was over. Time for work.

“We’ll need one more gate. Miss MiRae, please use Galactic Trajectory again. This time, I need something much more than simple gate, a giant bridge that connects two worlds.”

“Just what world are you going to connect……?”

Kang MiRae estimated the answer but still asked anyway. Yu IlHan replied without hesitation.