Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 331: Harmageddon – 7

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Why were there traces of recorded gods in a world under a higher existence faction’s rule? He had realised that these so called ‘recorded gods’ weren’t just lumps of intelligence in the Akashic Record, but never did he imagine that they resided within the hidden worlds!

No, did they really ‘reside’ in a hidden world? They referred to Yu IlHan as ‘liberator’ and ‘savior’, so in other words they were……!

However, there was no more time for Yu IlHan to think. With nearly seven thousand worlds fusing with Dareu at once, Mystic ended up experiencing death while she was still alive.

“Master, what the hell are you doinnnnnnnnnnng!”

“Ergh, fine I’ll do it! [You stick there, you stick there, you just go underground, you just go inside the Trap of Restoration. I said no more increase in size. Compress, equalize the density of mana in the world. The only exception shall be our city alone!]”

Yu IlHan put all other thoughts aside and fused the worlds desperately. Fusing several thousand worlds at the same time as fine tuning the 8th Great Cataclysm wasn’t such an easy thing to do, but as the number of worlds he had to take care of was decreased dramatically thanks to Galactic Trajectory, he could do things at a relatively leisurely pace. It was quite doable.

“Quite!? Doable!?”


“Yes, yes, I get it.”

Orochi just patted Mystic on top of her straw hat, as Mystic was about to explode at any second. Mystic had the urge to beat up both Yu IlHan and Orochi half to death, together, at once. It was frustrating that she couldn’t do so, since she was rendered immobile thanks to the worlds that were still not yet perfectly fused. Damn side jobs!

“Mr. IlHan, the city became a pseudo-holy region now~?”

“In fact, the region is expanding as well.”

Until now, the battles were mainly centered around the Flying fortress, the Guardian fortress and the city.

Moreover, these places were the locations that received the most influence from Yu IlHan’s records within Dareu, so it wasn’t so impossible for there to be traces of evolution in the city thanks to the newly acquired mana and records, on top of Yu IlHan’s influence from Creation.

A trivial problem was that the region was expanding continuously, and the holy region had expanded to the point that the area it encompassed should be classified as an empire rather than a city, but he decided not to think too much about it.

“I don’t think that’s trivial at all though…….”

“We got more dragon fellows, so it’s all good.”

“Whoa, we were just having a battle, but the world is changing drastically in the meantime!”

Liera was shocked while looking at the ever-evolving scenes in Dareu. Well, absorbing over ten thousand worlds and on top of experiencing two Great Cataclysms…. it would be really weird if there weren’t any changes!

“The atmosphere changes again. I think I can see rainbows in the air.”

“That’s because the mana density is too thick and they became half-materialized.”

“The feel of the land is also different. It’s as if…….”

“Due to the influence from my records as it evolved, the aura of metal and dragons are now mixed into the dirt.”

“……Snapping a branch off a tree got me a rare-ranked artifact?”


Yu IlHan carefully turned around to Liera and asked carefully since everyone was filled with shock.

“……All worlds are like this after the 8th Great Cataclysm, right?”

“You do know that they aren’t, don’t you?”

“Okay, my bad.”

In Liera’s knowledge, the world that experienced the most number of Great Cataclysms is Heaven. She heard that it only became a world fit for angels and God to reside after nine rounds of Great Cataclysms…… but compared to Dareu right now, Heaven was merely a slightly larger world with some peculiar traits.

“In fact, I’m surprised that it remained a ‘world’ that can still be defined by us. With this much mana, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into some darkspace or something.”

“That’s what I and master are trying to stop! I! and! Master, worrrrk!”

“Sorry, I meant to say that it’s just that amazing.”


Liera apologized formally at Mystic’s irritation. She had no experience nor skill in managing and controlling a world, but she could still see how much effort Yu IlHan and Mystic had to exert in order to stabilize Dareu like this.

Raising her head to look at the sky, there were clouds made of mana floating around. At a glance, they looked like ordinary clouds, but it was actually a magical trap that changed form to restrain enemies and deal damage to them once they came into contact with an external source of mana. Everyone that invaded Dragon’s Nest became a target of those traps.

The rainbow of light that hung underneath was a nature version of the destruction mirrors. Any time Yu IlHan wanted, they would attract the surrounding energy and shoot it at the enemies!

Not only that, the countless dots of light that appeared like stars in the sky were all mana bombs, and the hurricane of metal dust that stormed in various parts of Dareu was a natural trap that ground apart all beings that possessed malice to dragons!

Other than that, naturally occurring traps that even higher existences couldn’t escape unscathed, began to cover various parts of Dareu.

It wasn’t like Yu IlHan specifically intended for this to happen. It was just a result of evolution after countless worlds were fused with Dareu and the Great Cataclysms occurred and reflected his records into the world.

As all of these traps were fatal, they looked very wondrous and beautiful from the outside, and the members of Dragon’s Nest that were unexpectedly given a time to rest after an intense battle, ended up exclaiming in surprise when they looked around the world.

“It’s truly…… beautiful.”

“It’s more beautiful with you here, Carina.”


“These idiots…….”

Carina Malatesta, Michael Smithson, and Takagaki Asuha had all safely become true dragons amidst the heated battle.

Originally, it wasn’t like it was so easy to become 5th class purely through piling experience, but were any of their experiences ‘normal’?

They survived amongst countless higher existences, higher magic, and advanced techniques, so it was perhaps only natural that they grew into 5th class beings!


“Carina…… the battle still hasn’t ended yet. Let us do our best for a little longer. Even if it’s for our child that will be born later.”

“Yes, Michael. Definitely…….”

“Aaah, I wish they exploded…… that’s it, Lord Susanoo.”

Takagaki Asuha was fed up with watching these two lovebirds say cheesy lines all the time even on the battlefield, and turned his head around to Yu IlHan, her sign of peace and salvation.

“Lord Susanoo, I, too…… Lord Susanoo?”

She tried to approach Yu IlHan but halted midway. Yu IlHan was atop the highest place in the Flying fortress, his two eyes were closed, and a translucent membrane of fire was preventing anyone from interrupting him.

She decided to give up trying to approach him and retreat. She just thought that it should be fine if it was watching.


The person in question was currently breathing slowly and watching inside him, as well as the world.

The violent trembles that came with the 8th Great Cataclysm and the fusion of many worlds were also beginning to settle down. As an effect of that, Yu IlHan had acquired a tremendous amount of experience again, and became level 650 after wiping out several thousand higher worlds.

Fortunately, there was nothing like the recreation of his physical body or anything like last time. It was just that an insane amount of magic power began to emanate from his body. It made him feel very uncertain about himself. He felt as if he would become drunk on this sense of omnipotence and go wild with his power.

With 50 levels rising at once, he even doubted and wondered if it was fine to level up so fast, but the change that came along wasn’t light at all. The strengthening of his bones, the thickening of his blood, the toughening of his muscles and the hardening of his skin was all too noticeable and so clear that it made him shiver in anticipation.

The higher his level became, the feeling that each and every level had an enormous power increment that came with it. He even admired his past self for killing beings that were several tens of levels higher than him.

Level was the most fundamental differentiation in league. When he was bound by league, he was blocked by the wall of league known as ‘class’, but the foundation of league was in the end, levels. The proof was that it was impossible to level up once an individual hit the threshold without surpassing the league.

Levelling up didn’t simply mean an increase in physical ability and mana, but that he could exercise more power in the world, comprehend more of the world, and fundamentally change his view of the world.

It was not a sudden realization but a deeper understanding of what Yu IlHan had learned and acquired before.

He understood how to swing the spear, which slight adjustments to make to metalwork better, and comprehend the meaning of the texts he had read before, but couldn’t understand fully. So, levels were one’s own records, and level up was the increase and accumulation of records.

‘So, it’s not like one’s training is deeper in the mind just by becoming a higher level or a higher existence. Level ups aren’t something that give you something that doesn’t exist, but strengthens what you already have. Insolence will bring about more insolence, and dictator-like beings will become even more like a dictator. I finally understand why Greed turned about to be like that.’

Now, he organized the truths about levelling up clearly. Yu IlHan ordered his internal mana and resonated with the world to breath fresh air, when he thought up of the question that he had put on hold.

‘Yes, recorded gods.’

He forgot thanks to the fusion of the worlds and the Great Cataclysm, but when he erased all the worlds that appeared through the Galactic Trajectory, he could definitely hear the voices of recorded gods.

Yu IlHan’s Final Buster(though no one else called it that), the moment seven thousand worlds were erased, if they were alive, then they should have died then and there.

And they called Yu IlHan ‘liberator’.

‘Meaning, they were bound.’

But then, by whom? First up, Greed of the Destruction Demon Army was an idiot who only knew how to eat, so there was no way he would have left such a delicious treat like recorded gods alive, and the current Heaven’s Army didn’t have that ability, so that leaves…….

“The Army of Brilliant Light.”

He felt as if cold water was just poured on him and abruptly raised his head.

His father was in danger. He said that he was going to be fine, but if Satan really had the power to imprison recorded gods, then he was currently the most dangerous person with the most mysterious objective right now!

Thinking about it, it was all clear. He had met with all other main forces of other factions, but he had never met the 1st Wing of Brilliant Light, Lazière!

Why did he only realize that fact just now? Danger, his father and mother were in danger! More than Michael, and more so than Greed, perhaps Satan was the most frightening being, more so than even the God of Heaven that sent out Legnae!


Yu IlHan activated the Warp skill while having his eyes still closed.

It wasn’t that he was going, but that he was calling them here. In whichever world, even if it was a closed world. If it was a being that he could contact through his records, then he could bring anyone here.

If he summoned his parents right now, then the confrontation between the Garden of Sunset and the combination of the Army of Brilliant Light and God would end, and their target would turn to Yu IlHan, but that was still better than letting his father and mother be in danger.

Also, Yu IlHan was confident that he could fight against anyone since he had grown so much stronger.

However, just as he was about to ditch the fusion of worlds or anything and call for his parents, a message he had never encountered before while using Warp appeared on his retina.

[The target is rejecting your summon.]

[Summoning a part of the Warp skill’s targets.]

[A severed world has opened and you receive proper records and mana. All status increases, and Magic increases additionally by 700.]



Yu IlHan definitely summoned both his mother and father, but only his mother, Kim YeSeul, stood in front of him. It wasn’t like she was fighting against thousands of worlds like what Yu IlHan and the others were doing, but she had reached the 6th class in such a short time.

That was shocking, but there was something else that really shocked him.

“Mom, what about dad? I called both of you together!”

Well, it wouldn’t be too surprising for someone on Gabriel’s level to be capable of deflecting his Warp magic, but the problem was why.

Kim YeSeul replied to him with a dejected expression.

“Your dad…… said that he will hold the enemies back.”

“Why! Why, dad! That’s a blatant foreshadow!”

What was more frustrating that, that wasn’t the only problem that came to him.

“IlHan, one corner of the world is looking really strange!”

“Father, that’s as if…… I’m looking at hell!”

Aaaaaaaaah, sheesh! It really feels like something bad will happen with so many things happening at once! – The foreshadow meister Yu IlHan screamed.