Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 328: Harmageddon – 4

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There was a world where directions did not exist, neither front or back, up or down, left or right, before or after, wind nor water could be distinguished.

It was the crystallization of the ultimate concealment that Gabriel, a former member of the Four Great Archangels of the Heaven’s Army, and was now the leader of the Garden of Sunset, had made with all his heart and soul, and the same space that he used to hide his wife and made her grow, and simultaneously the main world of the Garden of Sunset where most if not all of its power resided in.

It was unknown since when it became like this, or how long it would remain as such, nor was it known when it began or where it would end. In this space where everything was illusory, two leaders were facing each other.

[I didn’t know I’d have such a hard time dealing with you, Gabriel.]

A handsome man with golden hair and a pair of bat-like wings behind him, Satan, made a bitter smile. Feeling the strong magic power that pressured every inch of his body, he let out a deep breath.

Strong, it wasn’t like he didn’t expect this level of resistance since he came straight to the main camp of an enemy faction, but this kind of restrictive force was way beyond his imagination. The fact that the origin of this pressure was neither from physical force, nor magic power but from a unique ability made him even more shocked.

[If you have a hard time dealing with me, you won’t even be able to lift your hand against my son.]

The handsome man who replied in a straightforward posture was none other than Gabriel. With bluish green hair, he did not possess any wings. He blossomed God’s power anew into his own, escaping angelhood completely by pioneering his own new realm.

[You’re quite proud of your son, eh. But yeah, I knew that. You two were similar in so many aspects. Oh yeah. Did you know that I helped him to open his eyes properly? Go on, thank me.]

[It was unnecessary help for my son. And strictly speaking, you didn’t help but enjoyed watching, didn’t you? You always tried to enjoy whatever comes at you, from way back then.]

[Oh my, you really know me too well.]

The two men seemed to be having a friendly chat, but in fact, the quantity of mana exchanged between them was overwhelming. The will to destroy and the will to protect were close to each other in power, and considering how this was the main headquarters of the Garden of Sunset, Satan’s strength could be discerned.

Of course, there was the issue of affinity as well. Gabriel’s strengths lay in concealment and controlling time, while Satan possessed the ability to scatter any magical structure with brute magical power.

[It’s really interesting. I’m stronger than you, but weak in front of Michael. But Michael is also weak in front of your son from what I heard. Yes, then is your son weaker than you?]

[It’s nothing interesting, but my son is strong against anyone. Moreover, he’s very sneaky too.]

[Oh, well. He is your son after all.]

The two weren’t the only ones here. Satan lead an army of Legnae and fallen angels and invaded the ‘Crevasse Garden’, the main world of the Garden of Sunset, and Gabriel called all gatekeepers to this world.

The world was closed and no one could enter any more, but within, a battle unknown to any was occurring. Amidst the group of foes were the Archlegnae that Gabriel was so worried about, and there were also beings that were of even higher league than them.

The mutated angel Legna that originated from souls but were no longer one. Their power to restrain mana was had a very vicious side, and if it wasn’t the main world, the Garden of Sunset would have been pushed back already.

They only gained a slight advantage thanks to Gabriel freezing their movements and slowing down their time, they were still having a difficult fight.

[Why are you cooperating with God again? You helped us when we drove him out. Aren’t you being too whimsical here?]

[What? You know already. I always preferred fighting for the disadvantageous side. In the past, I helped you because I felt that it was dangerous to go against God, and now I’ve decided to help him since he looks like he’s in the disadvantage. Oh yeah, do you know? That guy holed himself up in his world without moving at all. He’s scared of you! You should’ve seen it too. It was so funny!]

He thought that this would be the case from the very beginning. After all, when the Four Great Archangels and Satan drove out God and expropriate his power, he was ruined to the point that it made them wonder why he hadn’t died already.

However, they still couldn’t kill him in the end. It wasn’t that they didn’t but they couldn’t. God’s influence on them that they thought they completely escaped still bound them and blocked them from dealing the final strike.

God barely survived and hid himself while cursing at them. Even Gabriel didn’t know where he was hiding. However, the guy laughing in front of him, Satan, probably knew.

God also should have recovered the majority of his powers after that time. If not, there was no way he would act now, utilizing so many Legnae.

[It was the same time when I went against Heaven, and it is the same now. Thanks to the actions of your son, aren’t things becoming more interesting? The evolution of worlds that appeared in your prophecy will arrive in not too long, too. Everything is something that you’ve set up. You shouldn’t complain to me when I’m playing your game.]

[My own game, you…….]

That was nonsense. However, Gabriel closed his mouth when he was about so say something in return. Being provoked by an enemy? That would make him a laughing stock later if his son found out.

[We had enough conversation now. Let’s fight, Satan. No, should I call you Lucifer?]

[That’s a nostalgic name, but it’s also one that I’ve thrown away. I don’t really like that name since it sounds like a loser’s.]

Gabriel raised one hand to call out a sword made of water to face against Satan. Satan also called out a sword sculpted from magic power and smiled.

[In the past, you weren’t so proficient in moving your body.]

[I don’t know which past was that, but to defeat the current me, you’ll need at least 20 years!]

[20, 20 years, eh…… who knows, I think 20 minutes is enough!]

The two leaders clashed. Gabriel bound every inch of Satan’s body with the magic he drew from the Garden of Sunset, and Satan severed all of them with his overflowing magic power and attacked Gabriel. Offense and defense, the two clash between the two polar opposites would not decide an outcome soon.

[Gii, ggaa, movement control impossible…….]

[Lord Satan, please save…… kugh!]

The skies of this world was neither night nor day, and could be considered ‘sunset’ or dawn that was the crevasse in eternity. The things that filled those skies right now was none other than Legnae and the groups of fallen angels. Due to Gabriel’s grand magic, all of their actions were restrained, but their sheer numbers and magic power were still a big threat.

[Defeat all of them! Once the world collapses, we will all meet with doom!]

[It’s not the problem about us. The structure of this entire world, the pillar that makes us possible will collapse! The Lord has said so and his words are absolute. We cannot collapse here!]

The Garden of Sunset had basically been raised for this day. The gatekeepers of the Garden of Sunset that endured a long period time collecting information and tuning worlds, mostly followed their leader truthfully, although there were some that went berserk and did not comply to orders.

The fact that the majority of 7th class Chief Gatekeepers didn’t act recklessly and were being cautious until now was also to accept orders from their leader when needed! And this was precisely at that moment. All gatekeepers that arrived here on the orders of the leader faced against Legnae and the fallen angels without retreating.

“Honey…… don’t get hurt. You’ll be in for it if you do.”

Gabriel’s wife and Yu IlHan’s mother Kim YeSeul were also among the gatekeepers, fighting against the enemies. The spirits that contacted her in the past were all actually higher existences belonging to the Garden of Sunset that protected the main world, so her teamwork with them was flawless.

However, even while dealing massive damage to Legnae and the fallen angels with her space-time magic, Kim YeSeul’s gazed was fixed on Gabriel, who was battling Satan. No matter how hateful of a husband he was, he needed to be alive for her to do anything to him!

Everything changed from the day Earth met its Great Cataclysm, but if there were two values that she could never let go of, it was her husband and her son.

In the time that was pointless to count how long, everything rotted away, but her emotions towards her family, and her relationship with them were shining like jewels without withering away.

‘No, there’s the girls now too.’

The son that she reunited with after a harsh time became a very capable man. She also discovered that her husband was also a very capable man, but that didn’t matter now. The important thing was that there were many girls that liked him.

She may not accept her husband cheating on her, but it was very satisfying to see many girls with her son. She knew that she was being hypocritical here, but she couldn’t help but be happy about it. Until the moment she saw those children uniting, no, at least until the moment she fulfills her dream of seeing her grandsons make up a baseball league, she wouldn’t die even if someone killed her. (Goddamnit we have shirou again- KKS)

“So I need to live.”

She couldn’t be the only one to survive. Her husband, her son, and the girls, and her grandchildren – all of them needed to live on.

Kim YeSeul activated the artifacts that her son gave her all at once and glared at the front lines. She sensed a group of Archlegnae that couldn’t move properly thanks to her husband’s magic.

Each one of them possessed a power that rivaled an 8th class being, and possessed restraining powers against mana. Just how did he render them so helpless, she couldn’t even imagine.

“But, I can at least help my husband.”

She raised her staff and vitalized all the mana she had. Her trademark magic, and one that she realized thanks to the conditions of this world, and the magic that she evolved to a new direction thanks to her son, was emitted from the artifact and hit the enemy squarely.

[Critical Hit!]

As she had trained her magic in this trapped space because of her husband, she had awakened similar abilities to her husband as well. From her husband’s words, he didn’t even expect this much from her, but perhaps her talent was special.

Well, he did prophesize that his son would be even more capable than him, so her potential as the son’s mother should have been great as well.

Gabriel did foresee the birth of his son, but did not foresee the growth of Kim YeSeul, his wife. To speak of it, she was a variable, and a joyful miscalculation indeed. And the artifacts that Yu IlHan forced on her also added another part, and a completely unpredictable outcome was made.

[You awakened a new magic.]

[You may not be able to create the beginning, but possess the power to twist the already existing flow. You can destroy cause and effect by manipulating and interfering the already twisted space-time. You have learned the space-time magic ‘Break’.]

[Your level has increased.]

A single Archlegna was twisted and disappeared. Watching that, Kim YeSeul found it slightly exaggerated and somewhat unrealistic, but still smiled happily. An overwhelming quantity of experience poured into her, and she even recovered her mana thanks to levelling up and could prepare another round of magic.

The Garden of Sunset and the Army of Brilliant Light toward the pits of destruction together.