Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 327: Harmageddon – 3

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The battle intensified. In the midst of that, yet another five minutes passed and Kang MiRae opened another 100 gates. Yu IlHan annihilated the inhabitants of around ten more worlds using spears of flames that he made with the excess mana he had, but any more than that was impossible for him. The moment the magic power escaped his control, every bit of mana in Dareu would boil and go berserk!

[Dareu is undergoing the 7th Great Cataclysm.]

[Dareu is undergoing the 7th Great Cataclysm.]

“I know, I know that already…… tch!”

Yu IlHan switched to controlling Dareu again. He used several Declarations in a row to calm down the world and take some of the load off Mystic.

When it became impossible to release the energy outside or for the world to increase in size any further, the world started focusing on adding durability to the already existing matter rather than bringing about a big change in size, and this was the ideal change that Yu IlHan had been aiming for!

“The mana density…… is becoming tremendously high!”

“The blessings will get stronger as well! Don’t hold it in and release it all towards your enemies in front of you!”


Thanks to Orochi becoming 7th class at the right time, their allied battle force became stronger, casualties in the relatively weaker dragonkin and dragons couldn’t be avoided. However, the ones that survived swallowed the flesh of those that died and became even stronger, which in turn allowed them to attack the never ending flood of higher existences with stronger attacks.

Following Yu IlHan’s orders. Bite the enemies to death! Become stronger! For that, they would even put their lives on the line. Yu IlHan’s second trump card worked perfectly.

“Look at me, children! I have what you want, the sweetest of the very sweetest of rest!”

Helièna, who was strengthened in all fields after becoming a 7th class dragon, fought proactively at the front lines. Mana of charm spread around to the surroundings and halted the movements of the enemies that tried to deal fatal blows to the allied Dragon’s Nest members.

No one could avoid Helièna’s charm. The instant their concentration drifted or lapsed for the slightest moment was the time of their death! Like moths to fire, the ones that ‘invaded’ Dareu died, drunk on Helièna’s charm.

“Here, it’s here. I will not run. Aren’t I standing here and not moving?”


[Damn, my mana is moving against me. I need to resist……!]

Helièna was beautiful. Viciously beautiful. That became power for the allies, poison for the enemies, and a source of relief for Yu IlHan.

She knew that Yu IlHan was sensitive to the injuries and deaths of allies, and hence did not rest even for a moment. She seduced others not for her own amusement, but to prevent others from dying.

How long had it been since she put others in front of her own desires? She didn’t know this yet, but she was reaching a higher realm of power the moment her heart which had halted for tens of thousands of years, finally moved once again.

[Father! Aaah, father!]

Amidst this chaos, the first advancer appeared among the dragons. It was Ruby who stood out among the lower existences!

The Cradle of Miracles that was already on standby enveloped her without any delay, and not long after, a girl with red hair and crimson eyes walked out. The girl was cute as if she was from an anime, but her power was frightening.

“Aaaaaaah! Thank you, father! My beloved father!”

[She really became a higher existence! I can feel it!]

[A true dragon……! Oooooh, we can also become true dragons! If I can reach that realm even if I have to burn out my soul!]

Their situations weren’t that bright, but their morale was at their peak. All dragons, all dragonkin wished to become like Ruby. Their yet-untainted heart since birth was filled with admiration for power!

Ruby achieved that goal, and now it was their turn. 5th class, 6th class, 7th class – they feared none. All the dragons charged on. Dragon’s Nest roared louder in the face of adversity.

Liera grumbled while looking at that.

“Their births and advancements…… make it look so easy. Who said that higher existences were once the peak of their respective worlds?”

“It was you, duh.”

Of course, as their lives and depths of training differed, it would be impossible to compare Ruby to other higher existences. However, since she was being supported by the world right now, her firepower overwhelmed the majority of 5th class beings! The lacking depths could be filled later. Right now, it was time to rampage without thinking.

[The 7th Great Cataclysm of Dareu is ending.]

“Everyone, prepare yourselves……!”

Shouted Yu IlHan while biting his lips. It was the same moment that Kang MiRae opened another round of hundred gates and thousands of higher existences were dragged into Dareu, and it was the same time that Na YuNa clenched her teeth in order to maintain the holy region, and it was also the moment when Liera’s spear pierced the heart of a 6th class fallen angel.

“Here comes a big one! [Gather! Do not scatter, and focus!]”

[The 7th Great Cataclysm was successfully finished.]

The world shook. Countless worlds fused, and many more were in the process of fusing, but now that Dareu increased both in density and size, it finally finished undergoing the 7th Great Cataclysm and emitted a bright glow! Mana was concentrated in the center of the world where the Flying fortress, Guardian fortress, and the city was. Mystic spat out insults.

“Damn master, how the hell is this any easier!”

[Substitute! Boiling rage does not become creation, but destruction!]

Shouted Yu IlHan. The next moment, translucent flames appeared in the visions of all of his companions and burned the enemies within their sight!

The absolute retribution that neither 5th nor 6th class beings could avoid reaped their souls, and what remained were only piles of ash and magic stones.

[Critical Hit!]

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned records.]

[Collecting their souls.]

“Wh, what the hell?”


A dominanting silence, one that was incomparable to when Orochi killed Limaère, pervaded the field. Well, the ones that could make the noise had all died, and the ones facing them could also only stop and become silent.

The worlds now under Yu IlHan’s rule all closed their gates in order, and no more gates remained. Yu IlHan’s companions that were watching were all enraged.

“I won’t ask how you did it, but you could have done this from the beginning if you could use such an overwhelming magic!”

“Wouldn’t it be fine if you did it by yourself!? You just wiped nearly two hundred worlds, didn’t you?”

However, Yu IlHan laughed awkwardly at them.

“You know how hordes of monsters are born every time a Great Cataclysm occurs? I only used Declaration at the right time to change the mana that would have been used to make all of them into flames. It’s a super attack that I can only use once every Great Cataclysm.”

“…Is it supposed to be that easy to use?”

“Nah, perhaps only I can use it even among the leaders. Oh, there’s one more important thing…….”

[The world…….]

[The world…….]

[The world…….]

[The world…….]

[The world…….]

[The world…….]

Yu IlHan grabbed his head and shouted as he watched over two hundred worlds appearing from everywhere around Dareu and being fused into it.

“…And it’s that we need to fuse all of those worlds into Dareu!”

“How the hell is it easier, you idiotic masteeeeeeeeeeeeer!”

“H, help! Help me somehow!”

An even more intense than the 7th Great Cataclysm, in a way, found itself over to Dareu. A fusion with not ten, not hundred, but two hundred higher worlds was unprecedented since the beginning of time!

[Do not expand and compress! I said compress! Please, I beg you. Don’t lose to w*nrar!]

“Who the heck uses winr*r anymore! Uaaaaaaaaah!”

Mystic’s straw hat emitted a brilliant glow. The straw hat amplified Mystic’s ability beyond her limits and controlled the fusion of the continents.

Skies with skies, lands with lands, seas with seas! Everything found their places and fused, compressed, concentrated, and sublimed.

“C, Creation of the world…….”

“Big bang……?”

“I know, Gurr*n L*gann!”

“Don’t make jokes and be quiet!”

Everyone that had the power to lead mana helped Yu IlHan and Mystic to tune the world. The busiest one right now was of course the carpet!

Absorbing the different mana possessed by different worlds without discrimination, it dissolved the mana inside it, and expanded its territory using that as fuel. At this point, Dareu was physically bigger than Heaven in pure size.

“Is the prophecy really right, darling!? Isn’t Dareu becoming the best and not Earth!?”

“Nah, I’m going to fuse Earth too later!”

“That’s nice!”

Streams of mana went berserk everywhere. Explosions that could destroy a planet the size of Earth happened five or six times every second. Of course, the aftermath was all absorbed by the carpet and went to the members of Dragon’s Nest as mana, but the ones residing within the holy region of the city were making frightened expressions at the disasters that occurred in front of them.

“Wouldn’t any random stray lump of mana kill all of us?”

“My god, it’s way more intense than when Michael fought Satan. Just what is the Lord thinking? Just how is he going to take care of all of, oh my god.”

[The world you rule interacts with you and brings your league up. You have become level 600.]

“Oh…… shit.”

Exclaimed Yu IlHan. He was busy tuning the world, but his mana and records resonated with his soul and body and was causing a change from within.

However, it was kind of natural as well. The evolution of a world meant the expansion of records, and would bring about an awakening in the master!

Before, he thought that only killing monsters would give him experience to level up, but that was either his mistake or a lie someone spread on purpose! You bamboozled me, world!

[All status increases. Additional 500 increase in Magic.]

When he was fusing the worlds, there wasn’t much change in Yu IlHan’s records, but the 7th Great Cataclysm and the fusion of two hundred worlds dealt a serious blow. Yu IlHan’s records synchronized with Dareu and dragged him to a higher position!

[Reflecting all records until now into growth. You possess the endurance to experience the pain that comes with change. Commencing physical body evolution.]

“Uuuuuuuugh, I don’t! I don’t have the endurance!”

“Don’t act weak!”

Along with the soul-splitting pain, Yu IlHan’s body twisted, and an even more extreme change than what Orochi and Ruby experienced found its way to him.

It would be good if he could just let go of his consciousness, but annoyingly, Yu IlHan had to fine tune the fusion of Dareu with many worlds, the expansion of the carpet, and the flow of mana within the city so he couldn’t just straight up faint, and so instead chose to close his eyes.


“Darling, do your best!”

“What do I do? Another 5 minutes passed……..”

“MiRae, let’s wait a little more!”

All bones dissolved into nothing and new ones grew. Cardiac muscles were ripped apart and a new heart appeared, devouring the old one.

All of his blood vaporized and gathered in his heart, and new blood sprouted from the seedling. New flesh, muscles, skin, and mana sprouted. It was brilliant, yet depressing, mysterious yet horrifying.

Even after entering a state that was nothing near a normal human, Yu IlHan did not stop utilizing his mana. It was to the point that no one could believe that he was the same person that acted weak just now, as he showed a tremendous amount of endurance and focus.

And when some time passed, and another five minutes passed after the first five, and Kang MiRae was at a loss of what to do.

“Fuu, haaaa…….”

Yu IlHan finally opened his eyes and started breathing. After the intense pain, his body was perfectly reconstructed.

At the same time, Dareu perfectly melted, absorbed and compressed the worlds that clashed with it.

The world was resonating with Yu IlHan.

With this, everything became a lot easier. Without the help of the carpet of the Declaration skill, he felt like he could move everything in Dareu as if he would his own limbs. Yu IlHan realized that his judgement was indeed correct.

[Master, master!]

[O, ruler!]

“It’s fine. I’m fine now.”

A new pair of wings sprouted on his back as he answered calmly to Eternal Flame and Echjar’s worries.

They were the same as Ruin Calling, but if the first was burning in flames, the second pair were perfectly reflexive and metallic! Both of them showcased Yu IlHan’s characteristics clearly.

If Dareu was accepting all external sources of mana and records and was compressing them internally, Yu IlHan was displaying his growth from the compressed records within externally. Both of them became stronger, but their growth methods were completely opposite.

This probably wasn’t the end. As long as Dareu grew even further, Yu IlHan will also continue to grow. And the moment Earth, the origin of his being, was combined…….

“Heaven huh…….”

“Mr. IlHan, are you really alright……?”

“Miss MiRae.”

Yu IlHan smiled at Kang MiRae who was worriedly looking at him.

“Please open the gates.”

“……Got it.”

Yu IlHan escaped his thoughts and raised his head. When he raised his two hands, the world started emitting a suction force once again.

Gates opened, and the higher existences were all met with a despair known as Yu IlHan.

He still had numerous worlds to fuse.