Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 326: Harmageddon – 2

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Even though all the factions were having a gigantic brawl, it wasn’t like there were no personnel remaining in the other worlds. However, Kang MiRae had created not one, but one hundred gates connecting to one hundred different worlds that contained higher existences!

[Wh, what is that!?]

[Lord Satan has just…… damn, that’s a man I know!]

[Yu IlHan, it’s Yu IlHan! Dammit, they realized what’s happening!]

10 higher existences in each world would make a total of 1,000 higher existences, and one hundred per world would make up 10,000. Too large a number for the current forces of Dareu to face. It was fortunate that there was Uriel, who was now an 8th class, as well as many others that had power which rivaled 7th class beings.

[From this moment onwards, your mana supplies will not run out.]

Looking at the higher existences that still hadn’t grasped what was happening, Yu IlHan spoke very seriously.

[So, do not consider the side effects and just keep attacking. Rip apart everything that comes at you. I will do the digestion for you.]

Yu IlHan finished his words and threw the spear of fire in his hand. It reached in front of the hundred gates and was divided into seven, and each spear entered one gate and killed the higher existences inside. Just one strike had such an effect.

[Acquired authority over the higher world, Fallen Editt, ruled by the Army of Brilliant Light. Commencing fusion.]

[Acquired authority over the higher world, Dtchaë, ruled by the Heaven’s Army…….]

[Acquired authority over the higher world…….]

A tremendous movement in the continental crusts could be felt. The gate to seven worlds that instantly lost their owners closed, and the higher worlds that had a new owner appeared next to Dareu and began to fuse with the land.

The Great Fusion of dimensions that no other leader of a faction could dream of! That was what Yu IlHan was doing right now.

“Uaaaaaah, my head hurtsssssssss.”

“Hold it, Mystic. There are still 22,993 worlds left.”

“Orochi you idioooooot!”

Seven worlds, higher worlds, no less, were being fused into Dareu. There was no way there was no load on her mental processes! Yu IlHan took on the majority of the load himself as far as his Rule could handle. He only gave Mystic what he could not.

It was good that he had upgraded her beforehand. It was also good that he had made her God-ranked artifacts!

“The world is becoming wider.”

“My word, I finally understand what the Lord is doing, this is……!”

The ‘carpet’ expanded at an insane rate and absorbed the new lands that were fused into the world, and the mana that sprouted from the continent was absorbed by the Carpet before being given to Yu IlHan, Mystic and the others.

The Carpet activated one final magic. It was suction; suction that forcibly dragged all the higher existences within the 93 worlds that the gates lead to, back to Dareu!

“No one shall escape!”

“They probably didn’t want to hear that from you!”

It was an unbelievable scene. All higher existences beyond the gates leading to 93 different worlds could not endure the suction force from Dareu and were dragged in!

They were panicked and shocked. They also realized that something was wrong after seeing the members of Dragon’s Nest sending them murderous gazes, but it was too late by then.

“Everyone chaaaaaaaaaarge!”



With Liera’s shout as the signal, everyone charged forward. It was quite the spectacle to see thousands of them throwing their bodies with as much force as they could muster to battle against higher existences without so much as a trace of fear in their eyes!

[Th, these insane seedlings……!]

[Do you intend to make all other factions your enemy! We may fall here, but the army lead by Lord Satan himself will soon…….]

“Come back after you contact that leader of yours!”

[N, no! Right now, Lord Satan is…….]


Spears caused shockwaves, magic froze flesh, fire from dragons burnt bones, while chakrams of water cut apart muscles. The angels and the fallen angels also fought back since they didn’t just want to die, but the problem was that the location of the battlefield had long been shifted to Dareu.

“Kurgh…… you have become strong, charge!”

“We really did!?”

“This is the power of the carpet!”

With the Dimensional ruler skill, Yu IlHan shaved away at the abilities of all intruders (though, he did drag them here by force, but they still counted as intruders), and strengthened all who guarded Dareu. Moreover, there was the support from the Manifestation skill and the carpet, so even dragonkin who were barely over level 250 were strengthened to the point that they could bite higher existences to death!

“We can do it! We can win!”

“Drive them back! Kill them! Dareu is being expanded!”

Every time the higher existences belonging to one world were annihilated, the authority over that world was transferred to Yu IlHan, and it would immediately be fused with Dareu. The carpet increased in effectiveness every time it expanded in size, and as more mana sprouted in the process of the fusion, the stronger the others became.

“And my head feels like it will split! Uaaaaaah! Orochi, Orochiiiiii!”

“Tch, master! I think this woman will die soon!”

“I think I will die sooner, dammit! Uaaaaaah! It’s a mess! There’s more work to do!”

By the time around thirty gates disappeared, that is, around thirty higher worlds were fused into Dareu, it finally happened – repeating fusion many times and producing too much mana, as well as the endless expansion of the world caused Dareu to rapidly evolve and undergo the 7th Great Cataclysm!

Yu IlHan looked at the trembling crust of the world and realized that it was time to use his first trump card, and shouted without hesitation.

[Maintain the form of a fortress! The world shall evolve into a battle fortress! Only I shall decide on the direction of your growth, and hence you shall maintain the current state of the world!]

Yu IlHan’s Declaration didn’t seem to do much on the surface. However, that was what made things more frightening. The world was undergoing the 7th Great Cataclysm and nothing much was happening!

The world just expanded in size as Yu IlHan had ordered. The atmospheric mana concentration increased, and was producing even more mana to supplement Yu IlHan’s consumption of it through the usage of Declaration.

The city expanded in size by itself, and the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress, which were connected to the city, evolved and were strengthened as well. Mystic, who could be considered the central system of all of this, had to clench her teeth to endure. Yu IlHan consoled her.

“It will be better afterwards if you endure this!”

“Lies! You liar!’

The already vast world was being widened real-time and the mana density was increasing, so how could anyone facing them not be scared? The ones fighting on Dareu’s side were being strengthened with each passing moment, while the ones dragged to Dareu were weakened by the moment.

At that moment Kang MiRae uttered scream-like shouts.

“It’s been 5 minutes! Mr. IlHan, we didn’t even digest half of these gates…… do we really proceed?”

“Please, Miss MiRae.”

Yu IlHan covered his aching head and shouted.

“Open them! A hundred more!”

“Eeeek, okay!”

“Lady Leytnaaaaaaaa! Please do something! Everything’s gone insaneeeeeeee!”

Kang MiRae activated grand magic while Na YuNa called out to her goddess, and the next moment, a hundred more gates actually opened!

[Just what happened so suddenly…… don’t tell me the enemies are invading this world as well……?]

[What, are those? No, that’s a man I remember seeing before…… Yu IlHan!? Don’t tell me this place is!?]

“The ones in front of you did all the intro so you guys can skip ahead!”

Dareu was still emitting a tremendous suction force even while undergoing the 7th Great Cataclysm and dragged the enemies in the newly opened worlds without exception. Of course, they were thrown into Dareu while they still didn’t grasp the situation. Liera shouted.

“Fight! Do not die and fight! We must do this around 200 more times!”

“We’ll die…… we will really die at this rate!”

Amidst the 7th Great Cataclysm, the valleys and the city that Yu IlHan had created acquired an even higher density of mana and started becoming independent from their surroundings.

The mana within the city recovered not only Yu IlHan but the other members within as well and supported them. A hot fire burned on the bodies of all enemies that ‘intruded’.

[What is this now! Dammit! Dammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!]

“Kill them!”

Yu IlHan knew what caused this phenomenon very well. Like how the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress settled in this world as independent entities, the entire city was becoming independent and was being divided from the whole world as an artifact with special options! The city was literally becoming an aerial fortress.

Of course, there was no time to check each and every one of the options it had. Whether it was fully independent or not, he would just fuse it back with the world!

“The important thing is that you are now stronger! Charge!”

“You crazy maaaaaaaaaan!”

[You bastards…… how dare you play with us! I will not forgive you, I will punish you in Satan’s stead!]

Oh, it seemed like they called a 7th class being from the Army of Brilliant Light from one of the hundred newly opened gates! Moreover, he immediately realized what the situation was and even cast grand magic after throwing himself into Daeru of his own will.

[Burn in the flames of hell, Doom Flare!]

“It will not work!”

[Heh…… haap!]

Of course, Uriel could block the attack without much difficulty, but that was what he aimed for in the first place, in the moment when Uriel was tied down due to casting defense magic, he immediately bypassed Uriel whom he knew he wouldn’t be able to face, and attacked Mystic. He knew that Mystic was the center of all this along with Yu IlHan!


“Tch, receiving attacks for someone else isn’t something I like!’


However, Orochi blocked the attack without being too late. The purple flames burning on his body drove back the magic power of the fallen angel and forced him back as well. Orochi was still 6th class right now, but since he was being strengthened by Yu IlHan in many ways, he could go against Battalion Commanders head on!

[This strange mana…… is a dragon? You’re not a pureblood but of a mixed race!]

“Yes, I’m a mixed race of all sorts of things…… but it seems you don’t know, eh? In whatever media, the ones that nag about purebloods is always the one that dies first!”

Orochi’s fist split into eight branches like his tail when he was ‘alive’ and struck the enemy all at once.

No, to be exact, it was a stab rather than a strike. At the moment of contact, a fatally poisonous fang protruded from his fist and imbued curse and poison into the enemy’s body! The 10th Wing of Brilliant Light, Limaère, who was struck with the attack, widened his eyes in disbelief and staggered.

[A curse that penetrates my magic resistance? No way, I can’t accept this!]

“You don’t have to! You just need to die!”

Mystic’s heart pounded while watching Orochi fight for her sake when she was focusing on controlling Dareu, but she didn’t say it out loud. It was obvious that Yu IlHan will nag her to focus.

However, the situation was changing rapidly even while her girly emotions were sprouting.

[I, I cannot accept this…… me? The 10th Wing of Brilliant Light will fall so easily-]

“I’ll recover the death flag that you just raised!”

[No, NOOO……!]

There was no need for anyone else to help. Orochi was not foolish enough to let Limaère recover after he had been paralyzed by his fang poison after all.

He charged with his full might for the first time after acquiring Echjar’s body, and put a blade of concentrated purple flames on his foot to slice Limaère from head to toe!

[Critical Hit!]

[You have earned experience.]

Silence pervaded the battlefield, albeit temporarily. Although numerous higher existences had died until now, this was the first time there was a 7th class casualty!


Orochi roared loudly amidst all the attention. At the same time, a bright purple light covered his body! From within, his entire body was being twisted and purple flames were rising high.

All records that comprised him took a step forward and lead his very being, and added an aura of pressure on him while concentrating his mana.

“Whoa, don’t tell me…….”

“No way.”

Yu IlHan knew what this implied very well. He didn’t know Orochi would be even faster than Liera, but Orochi had finally reached the 7th class by defeating a 7th class being and proving his league!

[Fight more!]

It was at that moment that Yu IlHan took out his second trump card. This would be very effective against the others that became excited after seeing Orochi advance.

[I shall evolve anyone ‘with the qualifications’ in battle into true dragons!]

The Cradle of Miracles levitated into the air before scattering without any sound. Of course, this was not its destruction, and was merely an expansion of its domain while hiding its true form. It melted into the atmosphere of Dareu, which had a very high density of mana after experiencing the 7th Great Cataclysm, and allowed for its ability to be realized anywhere!

[The ruler has spoken.]

[True dragons, of 5th class……!]

[I will do it! I will definitely do it!]

Needless to say, it was very, very effective.