Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 325: Harmageddon – 1

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Even though the saying that life never goes as expected made sense to Ilhan, why was it that he had to react after something had happened? Every single time?

And this time, he was dealt a heavy blow right on the head. He had relaxed, thinking that he could finally fight on even ground with the rest of the transcender factions, but things turned out like this!

Just why would Satan team up with God? Were Greed’s words that he’s truer than anyone else a foreshadow for this moment? Damn, that was a resentful mistake! 1

No, but why was this Satan guy helping God out when he helped the other Archangels drive out God? Why was this damned guy so frivolous, switching sides like summer rain? This time, his mother was there with his father too, what was he to do now!

“No, this isn’t good. I need to calm down precisely at times like these.”

“Yu IlHan, the earthquakes in Dareu right now are your fault, isn’t it? I get that you’re nervous but please stop the shaking.”

“G, Gabriel…… what do I do? There’s no way Gabriel can face both God and Satan together…… Gabriel, oh, my Gabriel……!”

“Hey, there’s another one with quaking legs.”

Yu IlHan ignored all the noise around him and fell deep into thought. The Heaven’s Army, Destruction Demon Army, Army of Brilliant Light and the Garden of Sunset. Now that he knew the status of all four factions, what course of action would leave him in the most advantageous position? What did he need to do in order for his father and mother to be safe?

At that moment, a miraculous thought appeared in his head.

Not only could he save his father and mother with this, he should also be able to sweep up the higher ground in this war – it was such an absurd and insane thought.

“Dad, how long can you hold out for?”

[Let’s see, around two days.]

“Uhhhm… I’ll barely make it.”

[This is the limit against those frightening guys! Don’t you know that one of dad’s specialties is slowing down time? IlHan, you might not know, but you should have the talent as well.]

Of course he knew. He had to spend a thousand years on Earth because of that! The fact that he could utilize the magic formation he made on Earth with the help of his mother, and the fact that he could become the master of the Hourglass of Eternity, wouldn’t just amount to the fact that Yu IlHan had talent in wielding artifacts.

[It’s just that it’s really difficult to consciously use it so I need some time until I can activate it. The world needs to be closed, and there are other insane conditions as w…….]

“Dad, close the world first and hold on for as long as possible. Oh, and tell me the location of your main world.”

[So you have something planned out, son?]

“Tell me quickly.”

[*Sigh*, I really raised my son wrong.]

Unlike his sigh, Gabriel immediately told Yu IlHan the main world of the Garden of Sunset. Where could it be? It was none other than the world where space and time were halted, the same world where his mother Kim YeSeul was sent to!

“It’s that one?”

[You probably didn’t realize when you went there before since you weren’t a transcender yet.]

“But it was definitely a lower world though!? I definitely read that with the Record skill…….”

[The leader of the Garden of Sunset is a genius that can disguise himself as a level 3 civilian. That’s not an exception with worlds either and…….]

“Ah, yes, yes. Sure it is. It was just the lack of ability on my part. Sure.”

Yu IlHan’s boasting attitude when he was in the advantage must have been inherited from his father! Yu IlHan immediately cut the connection with his father and looked at the others.

“Everyone, a trivial problem came up and things are a little urgent now.”

“It’s neither ‘trivial’ nor ‘a little’ urgent isn’t it, darling?

Why was it that everyone’s retort skills rose when they spend time with Yu IlHan? Yu IlHan pouted at Helièna’s remark and nodded his head.

“A clash happened between the factions much sooner than I had anticipated. Everyone listen carefully, right now, the Heaven’s Army is going against the Destruction Demon Army, while the Army of Brilliant Light is clashing against the Garden of Sunset. Also, God’s forces are allied with the Army of Brilliant Light.”

“Just why does everyone split up and team up and then split up again?”

“That’s what I want to ask as well, but that’s not important right now. The two important matters right now, are that we need to rescue the Garden of Sunset for sure, and the second being….t.”

The words that no one expected came out of Yu IlHan’s mouth.”

“The factions I just talked about left their homes empty.”



The Heaven’s Army had even called their dispatched forces back in order to defend against the Destruction Demon Army. And naturally, the Destruction Demon Army would have focused their power there in order to not miss this opportunity, while the God of Heaven sent his forces to punish Gabriel, who was behind the birth of Yu IlHan, and ambushed the Garden of Sunset.

And the one with God was none other than the Army of Brilliant Light. Since Satan was with them from what they heard, there is no doubt that all the forces of the Army of Brilliant Light were there.

So to sum up, none of the above factions were currently managing their higher worlds properly!

“You’re right…….”

“That’s true!?”

This was the power of reading between the lines. Although, in other words, their tails were just set on fire, but to Yu IlHan, who had already decided on the course of action in his head, adopted a leisurely attitude now. He looked around at the shocked companions and spoke again.

“Well, then. What course of action do we take here?”

“Dad, I know!”

Special agent Yumir, who had just undertaken a similar mission, shouted the correct answer with shining eyes.

“Robbing empty houses!”


“This father and son pair are doomed for.”

Liera shook his head. Ignoring her, Yu IlHan activated the communication device to call together all those who had scattered, and settled the Guardian fortress and the Flying fortress in their respective positions.

The engines of the two fortresses started resonating with Dareu, and their functions started being drawn up to the limits, and then the holy region was vitalized and covered the city. The plan that Yu IlHan had in mind from the moment he created the city was finally blossoming!

“Miss YuNa, it’s your turn now.”

“Do I need to strengthen you, Mr. IlHan?”

“No, you need to strengthen Miss MiRae.”

“M, me?”

Kang MiRae, who was suddenly placed precariously as the centerpiece of the plan, panicked and shrunk back, but Yu IlHan’s eyes were very serious. The only other time he was this serious was when he guessed ‘3’ as the answer for the last two questions in his college entrance maths exam.

Of course, he got both of them wrong. There’s no way he’d get it right when they weren’t even multiple choice questions!

“By massacring many higher existences until now, I perfectly discovered which higher worlds they came from. Excluding the Garden of Sunset, there are around twenty-three thousand higher worlds.”

“Twenty-three thousand higher worlds!?”

Kang MiRae creased her expression since she already estimated his net words. She wished for her worries to be for naught, but that was for naught. Yu IlHan’s kind gaze proved that her worries were indeed correct.

“From now, you need to create gates to all of these worlds, Miss MiRae. Hmm, around 50 at once for 5 minutes each would do. With that, we’ll be done in less than 40 hours. Dad said he’d be able to hold out for two days, so we should have plenty of time left over.”

“I’ll die with plenty of room if I do that! It’s impossible, I may rule over mana, but there’s a limit to that!”

Kang MiRae objected in shock, but Yu IlHan didn’t back out. Not only Kang MiRae’s, he grabbed Na YuNa’s hand as well and stared at them passionately with his red eyes!

“You can do it if it’s the current you, Miss YuNa, and Miss MiRae. Everyone else will help. Of course, that includes me.”

“……O, okay.”

“I guess I can’t help it if you request it so dearly~…….”

Originally, he wasn’t going to do something reckless like this. This wasn’t even a ‘plan’ per say. He was originally going to make Traps of Restoration and engulf each of the worlds one by one. He would erase the biggest pressure on him, and let the others stay as safe as possible.

However, it seemed that his attitude as a leisurely villain was a problem, and the situation suddenly started taking a turn for the worse, so he didn’t have a choice now. Everyone had to push themselves!

“Mystic, you can consider yourself dead. You’re the subsystem that will manage Dareu after me, so you’ll have it the second hardest after Miss MiRae.”

“I’m already preparing for that…….”

Mystic had already vaguely caught onto what Yu IlHan was thinking about and stood at the edge of the Flying fortress in a depressed expression. Orochi was standing next to her, and it was extremely frustrating to her that Orochi being there was able to console her quite a bit.

“Do you actually know how I feel?”

“Yes. I know everything so don’t worry about that.”

“O, Orochi…… really?”

“After this Harmageddon thing is over, I’ll never touch your head again so bear with it for a while. I’m not doing this because I like it either.”

“……Master, let’s start now. I really want to see some bloodied corpses now.”

Mystic’s will to fight started burning. Seeing Orochi chuckling, it was obvious that he provoked her even while knowing that. Yu IlHan chuckled after seeing that and activated Manifestation.

A region of overflowing flames first enveloped the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress, the city, and eventually the world. It was a very mysterious and grand scene, and was also a proof of Yu IlHan’s growth in this short while.

[Sorry for putting pressure on you, everyone. We will head straight into a slightly harsh battle right now. Perhaps some may die. After all, the enemies are all higher existences.]

Yu IlHan’s voice entered everyone’s ears. Liera, Erta, Kang MiRae, Na YuNa, Helièna, Uriel, Raciel, Tachiel, Ericia, Felmir, Orochi, Mystic, Paté, Jirl, Mirey, Mirfa, Yumir, Kang HaJin, Michael Smithson, Carina Malatesta, Takagaki Asuha, as well as the numerous humans and dragons and dragonkin that followed him.

[What I’m even more sorry about, is that this is merely the preparation for the final battle. You can say that we’re doing the last boss battle only to know that there’s a hidden boss behind it. Let’s just settle with the fact that we already know who the hidden boss is.]

The holy region was vitalized. The holy region was influenced by Yu IlHan and instantly spread to the domain of Yu IlHan’s Manifestation skill, and in the center of it all, Na YuNa bit her lips in pain. Kang MiRae opened her eyes and raised her hands.

With her as the center, an enormous amount of mana rippled. Yu IlHan had already transmitted her the records of those worlds. What was left was to open the gates to those worlds.

[I promise. If you survive, you will all experience tremendous growth. Perhaps all of you here many become higher existences. At that time…… we will definitely win.]

When Yu IlHan raised his hand, a gigantic spear of flames appeared in his hand. The biggest battle power in this place was Yu IlHan, but he had to focus on ‘fusion’ rather than the battle. Meaning, it was difficult for him to enter the battlefield himself.

There was no way they could avoid this fight, and there was no way there would be no casualties.

Despite that, he had to force this through. In order to strike the backs of the enemies, to regain the lost advantage, in order for everyone to survive, to laugh, and in order to screw all foreshadows.


Yu IlHan closed his eyes. Kang MiRae clenched both of her hands.

Dimensional magic, which already blossomed beautifully when she was a lower existence, and evolved even further in the process of becoming a 6th class dragon, activated against several dimensions simultaneously to create a hundred gates in mid-air. All of them were connected to different higher worlds respectively.

He opened his eyes.

Looking through the gate and towards the higher existences, he spoke.

[Commence battle.]