Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 324: I’m One That Closes The Curtain – 8

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The angels broke out in whispers. It would be extremely abnormal for them to be calm after seeing a 7th class Archangel becoming a 7th class dragon.

They had finally realized. Yu IlHan was in a different league from them, he was a being that could revolutionize existences.

“Michael, do you still feel like this is your own world?”

Yu IlHan smiled. In the process of becoming the Lord of Dragon’s Nest, Yu IlHan’s figure came to possess a mysterious sense of dominance, but the image of him making a playful smile exuded a strange charm. Of course though, Michael was feeling somewhat dejected while facing him!

[You are shaking everyone. You ignored the rules and the law and now you’re ignoring the very order of life and even the insurmountable records.]

“Who made those rules or laws and order? Whose records were it? …… Not yours, is it?”

[You, Yu IlHan…….]

Yu IliHan smiled once again. Even the Cradle of Miracles seemed to be pressuring Michael right now.

Michael felt dejected after feeling inferior physically, mentally, and even in words. Even though he was higher in level, and this world was his domain! Refugee angels were appearing here and there even all this while.

“Escape Heaven. Then you shall become stronger! Do you know why I’m strong? It’s because I ran away from organizations!”

“You mean you were dropped out, not by choice.”

He ignored Liera’s retort as he always did. The advantage had already tilted to his favor right now. Above all, Raciel being the first ripple to start the wave was extremely effective as many higher angels and angels were coming over to his side.

“What? The fall to a lower existence? Don’t worry about such things! It’s fine, no matter how much you lose, I’ll get them all back for you!”

“Stop saying it like you’re dragging them into doing drugs or gambling!”

[S, stop…… stop! Look at me, your God! You will follow a mere reptile and not this Michael! …… No, wait?]

At that moment something even bigger happened to kick Michael while he was down. The Wall of Chaos that separated Heaven and Elo Katra started shaking at this time!

[Dammit, how can this happen now!]

[My word, the Wall of Chaos is…….]

[Why were there so many vibrations in the Wall of Chaos recently! Is this all because God left Heaven?]

[I, I became the new God, but how is that wall still unstable!]

Now that Heaven’s forces are at its lowest, it was a very good opportunity for the Destruction Demon Army. Once they made one mistake, the Heaven that Michael proceed so dearly would collapse! That became a trigger for both Michael and the other angels to change their thinking.

[Even so…… we need to protect Heaven regardless.]

[It’s not that I want to follow Michael. However, we need to protect Heaven. We need to go against the monsters.]

“I’ll get that back for you as well so don’t worry about it.”

At that moment, Yu IlHan spoke. With confidence in his thick smile, he declared to all the angels.

“I cannot become God. I cannot become the sole supreme power. I am not merciful nor do I think that I will sacrifice myself for everyone. However, I can hereby swear, that I will need to acquire Heaven in order to survive. So I will acquire it. Whether it’s Michael, the Destruction Demon Army’s leader, the God of Heaven or Satan, whoever it may be that takes over Heaven, I shall take it back from them.”

Yu IlHan threw a special variety of Trap of Regeneration that he made in the extremely short time before he came here. It eventually disappeared deep inside the clouds that composed Heaven, but the potential was already blossoming. It was the seedling of hope that no one other than Yu IlHan could discover, and was one that only he could reap.

[Block them!]

[But how?]

[Lord Michael, we need to block them right now. Yu IlHan may be an enemy, but the ones we need to defeat right now are the predators that are crawling up the Wall of Chaos!]

The angels that were on Michael’s side, or those who denied the entire story were against Yu IlHan anyway and could not block his actions, nor could they recover the Trap of Regeneration. No, even if they could, they had no time to waste on Yu IlHan!


“IlHan, are you alright?”

“Of course I am.”

That was a lie. He felt as if his head would burst at any moment.

If Mystic was here, she could scatter the Traps of Regeneration in his stead, but she was not with them right now. So, Yu IlHan had to control the Trap of Regeneration with his own mana, and after a few rounds of Manifestation and Declaration, as well as Transcendent trajectory and a few other skills, the creation of the Trap of Regeneration took a final hit on him and the vast quantity of mana he possessed started nearing the bottom.

Although he was utilizing his powers as a Supreme being now, the moment his mana was completely depleted, the fight would not go his way. However, Yu IlHan didn’t show any signs of that at all. In fact, he instead consumed his mana once more and used Declaration.

[Lost lambs.]

Yu IlHan struck a final time while the angels’ minds were spinning due to Michael, the God of Heaven and the Destruction Demon Army.

[Follow me. I will show you the path, the only path where you will not have to face me as an enemy.]

“……You sound a little cool now.”

Muttered Erta while blushing. Yu IlHan smiled after listening to her words and held his hand upwards. The Guardian fortress opened its entrance accordingly and let the angels that submitted inside, while the ones that tried to attack his companions were simply pushed back before they could enter.

Despite Yu IlHan’s overwhelming dominance, he could only take one tenth of the angels belonging to the Heaven’s Army, but among that tenth were Raciel and Tachiel, two Archangels, so it could also be considered that he had taken a third of Heaven’s battle force with him. There was one person who came that made Liera very happy as well.

“Liera, I shall go with you now. I understand that your eyes were right!”

“Titaera, welcome! New dragons are always welcome!”

“B, but you know…… what kind of women does the Lord prefer? I’m just curious…….”

“You’re not needed anymore. Go back now.”

Yu IlHan saw that he was almost finished and looked back. The one that only he could sense right now in this entire Heaven was standing there.

“Mir, are you done?”

“Yeah, dad.”

The 6th class dragon that went on a sole, but very important mission after they came to Heaven, replied in a confident voice.

“I robbed them clean. Harkanium, fecinom, el hazra as well as other higher metals and the entire treasury. Thanks to Raciel’s absence, I finished it even quicker!”

“Good boy. As expected of my son.”

“It’s all because I learnt it from dad!”

“Yes, yes. You wonderful little thing.”

“Quite the satisfying father-son relationship there…….”

Erta even lost the will to retort and muttered powerlessly. Even meanwhile, Heaven was becoming a mess.

The angels fell into a state of panic after realizing that God was indeed absent, the angels that thought to follow Michael after they saw him ascending to the realm of transcenders, the ones that were nervous thinking that they had to defend against the Destruction Demon Army and didn’t care about anything else right now! Of course, the most panicked was Michael himself.

“Hey, Michael.”

[Yu IlHan, this is all because you……!]

“Don’t die until I see you again, okay? Your experience is mine so it will be frustrating if you give it to someone else.”

[You…… dare to speak those words in such a situation!]

Even though Yu IlHan didn’t have the slightest intention to taunt him and just said that out of goodwill, Michael was enraged. Sheesh, it was so hard to get along with him!

Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and swung his spear. Michael shrunk back thinking that Yu IlHan was about to use Transcendent trajectory, but obviously, Yu IlHan was just acting.

When Michael realized that he was fooled, he threw a spear of light, but by that time, Yu IlHan’s Warp skill activated and enveloped everyone inside the Guardian fortress. The spear of light was deflected by Uriel. Yu IlHan eyed her in thanks and swung his hands at Michael and the other angels.

“Well, then everyone. Have a nice day!”

“Does that look like they’ll have a nice day to you!”

Yu IlHan’s leisurely farewell greeting and Liera’s retort struck Michael’s ears. And that was the end of them. They melted into thin air as if they didn’t exist in the first place. The angels, including Michael, felt as if they were all made into the biggest fools in history.

[Just, what are they…….]

[L, lord Michael! We need to defend. This kind of trembling from the Wall of Chaos is unprecedented!]

[G, gather all angels that are dispatched outside! It’s the biggest emergency yet! Perhaps…… perhaps the Destruction Demon Army may actually invade Heaven!]

The angels all moved about busily. Yu IlHan was a walking disaster and a villain that took away their forces, but it was no time to speak bad about him! Michael also moved while gritting his teeth.

[The Destruction Demon Army, huh. In fact, this is a good opportunity. You there, bowing your heads to me but not for real, keep watching. I shall show you the power of the new God.]

Michael’s power was a level 700 transcender. Although he was pushed back against Yu IlHan thanks to being inferior in attributes, he wasn’t so easy to be mocked by others as well. Now that he had completely transcended angelhood, he had the confidence to not lose against anyone except Yu IlHan, be it Greed, Satan, or even the God of Heaven!

[I shall show you. I shall engrave into all the worlds that I am God!]

[Lord Michael……!]

[Follow Lord Michael. Our only remaining hope, the new God……!]

Like that, Heaven was reborn. After experiencing many things, such as the eradication of traitors, and the insulting incident of angels being poached by Dragon’s Nest, they could finally gather around Michael as the central pillar, albeit imperfectly.

He showed himself by suppressing all the predators directly by going to the Wall of Chaos, and with that, everyone was known of the birth of the new transcender. Simultaneously, the fact that God was absent in Heaven was also made known to all higher existences.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan who had temporarily returned to Dareu after a successful mission, refueled his mana from the world and activated the Cradle of Miracles rapidly.

However, he found out about one important aspect of the Cradle of Miracles soon, and it was that there wasn’t much of a problem when there were a few beings that were being reborn into dragons, but was unbelievably annoying when there were too many of them.

“Goosh, it’s annoying. You guys, go all inside at once.”

[But how…….]

[Wait, my new Lord…….]

“Get in already!”

Yu IlHan and the Cradle of Miracles turned into fire after receiving a huge quantity of mana from nature, assaulted the angels at once. Without any context, anyone would think that they were going to be burned alive!

However, the fire eventually turned into a red cloth, and was ripped apart again soon and the ones that turned into true dragons poured out from within.

“Lord Raciel underwent such a fancy process, but why were we herded like sheep!”

“It’s fine since you guys are nameless extras. I’ll put you guys up on the ending credits if you survive Harmageddon.”

Yu IlHan ignored all the complaints from the ex-angel-now-dragons and activated the Cradle of Miracles once again. Even though he took care of many of them at once, he still had more of them to evolve.

The Dragon’s Army grew a lot while facing higher existences and soon would produce exemplary specimens who would evolve into true dragons, and with more time, Yu IlHan thought that it would become simple to wipe another faction with forces armed with God-ranked artifacts.

And then, he realized that his father had contacted him.

“What is it, dad? I’m working at the factory…… I mean, evolving others so I’m busy.”

[Ah, I’m calling since something happened.]

His father, Gabriel, spoke as if nothing much had happened.

[It seems like my movements were read. The Legnae teamed up with the fallen angels and are invading us. Oh, I see Satan here as well.]

“Kyah! I never would’ve known that those two would team up!”

Wait, why the hell was Satan teaming up with God when he protected Yu IlHan once before! Life was truly full of mysteries!

Author’s notes

At this point, I don’t really have to tell you the title of the next arc!

Translator’s notes

Okay, next arc is literally titled ‘harmageddon’.

And I think I need to clear this up.

The word ‘Harmageddon’ is a mixture of the words ‘harkanium’ and ‘Armageddon’. Not something like ‘harm’.

Harkanium is the main ingredient that makes up the Traps of Destruction, the Traps of Regeneration, as well as the strange angels aka Legnae.

Harmageddon is basically apocalypse that involves those three.

(I know, it’s a bad pun by author)


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