Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 321: I’m One That Closes The Curtain – 5

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[Eliminating irregulars.]

[Traitor, betrayer, the largest obstacle.]

[El, iminate…….]

Yu Ilhan’s extended his hand into the air. The first thing he did was to revitalize and control the carpet to redirect the maximum amount of mana into himself before activating the Dimensional ruler skill with that power.

[No more shall enter.]

The world closed. With that, Legnae could no longer receive orders from the God of Heaven, nor could they receive any additional energy.

[You cannot acquire anything here. You cannot resist.]

What glowed next were the Traps of Restoration scattered over Dareu. What did the Traps of Restoration do? They ruled, amplified, restored, engulfed, and resisted mana.

They weren’t simply artifacts that imprisoned monsters into dungeons. They contained Yu IlHan’s meticulous magic formation, and were a sort of booster that supported him.

“Uaaaaaaah! My head hurts, master! My head hurrrrrrrts.”

“Hold it. Orochi, you console her.”

“To think you’d make me babysit her…….”

“Who the hell’s a baby! Hey don’t stroke my head…… fuu.”

“……It’s rather awkward for me if you really end up calming down with this.”

Yu IlHan activated two rounds of Declaration and lightly drew his hand across the air with the remaining mana. Just that was enough to activate Transcendent trajectory.

But somehow, despite the fact that his supreme skill that showed such grandeur before, the twenty-three Legnae were unfazed in the slightest.

[Impossible with mana.]

[The prophecy is wrong. You are not a leader.]

It seems like the will of God still remained inside them as they uttered some strange words. Yu IlHan snorted and asked them.

“What else did God say? That you came to Dareu so next up is Earth? No, there’s no way he can so easily enter Earth. The magic formation on Earth has been upgraded after all.”



However, even though he talked to them, he received no reply.

Well, obviously, since their bodies were being sliced apart.

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]



Horizontally, vertically, diagonally, from the bottom, from the top, like knives pressing and sliding against vegetables on top of a cutting board, countless trajectories assaulted them and diced them.

Impossible with mana? The power of mana differed vastly according to who used it. How could they endure it when they were turned into honeycombs under Kang MiRae’s dimensional magic? Moreover, as long as the energy they used were sourced from souls, they will not be able to ignore Yu IlHan’s power that wielded the essence of souls.

“Just you aren’t enough. But the God of Heaven will still not move, right? To move himself, the leaders of the other factions should weigh on his mind.”

[G…… gg…… ggg…….]

The last of the Legnae emitted some strange sounds. However, it was merely an array of vibrations that did not possess meaning. Yu IlHan laughed and drew his finger across the air once again. Its body was sliced apart. With that, the short uproar was finished.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 536. 5 Strength, 2 Agility, 2 Health, 6 Magic increases.]

[The skill, Transcendent trajectory, has become level 24.]

The world became quiet once more. The ones aware of the existence of Legnae had resolved themselves for a harsh battle the moment twenty-three of them came to Dareu, but they were left in a daze after realizing that they were merely mobs that the lord of this world, Yu IlHan, only needed to sweep his hand from left to right to exterminate them all.

It was a kind of relief on top of being overwhelmed. The relief that it would be safe next to him.

“IlHan, you really became a lot stronger……. I don’t even know how strong you really are.”

“Even Miss MiRae can do this much.”

“No, without YuNa’s miracle backup, I wouldn’t be able to deal with them at all…….”

Spoke Kang MiRae stiffly since she thought that Yu IlHan was overestimating her. However, Yu IlHan spoke as though he knew what she was thinking.

“It will be harmageddon soon, so we’ll be in a fix if Miss YuNa doesn’t cause miracles like you are eating food. So don’t worry about that part.”

“You just said something that made me very worried!?”

Yu IlHan turned around, leaving the shocked Kang MiRae be. The important members of Dragon’s Nest were all there. His mother Kim YeSeul, who was shocked at Yu IlHan’s unbelievable power, and Gabriel who rejoiced that he no longer was hit by the chain of continuous slaps, were the most comedic of the bunch.

“Dad, as you saw just now it seems like it’s finally starting. We’ll need to move quickly as well.”

“We should. I thought he’d send Archlegnae, but from how it ended with just Legnae, it seems like you grew up much faster than God had anticipated. It looks like we dealt a big blow before we even started.”

The father and son moved busily. Gabriel threw away his form as Yu YongHan as well as his Archangel form, and transformed himself into the leader of the Garden of Sunset, while Yu IlHan urgently gathered the mana of this world to pour into the Cradle of Miracles. He also put inside a portion of the dead Legnae inside. Then, he pointed at Uriel and flicked his finger.


[“Here”, you say? Do you perhaps mean for me to enter that lump of red fire where those strange things just went inside?]

“Exactly. Here.”

Uriel shivered after seeing Yu IlHan’s flawless fresh smile.

[L, legna! I saw the traces of God entering that! Even though I can ignore everything that composes heaven, I am not free from God’s power, if I came into contact with them and something unexpected happens…….]

“Sheesh, you’re noisy. With those Legnae that just entered, they recognized you and dad! Before God does anything strange, you need to strip your angelhood completely!”

Yu IlHan flicked his finger again and Declaration skill activated. Even though she was one of the Four Great Archangels, she was merely a feeble lifeform that could only choose to obey Yu IlHan’s law while inside Dareu!

[Please wait a little, I believe in Gabriel, and don’t trust you completely, I’ll do it when kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!]

“Huh, I think I saw this scene somewhere. …… The Emille bell?” 1

“Shut up.”

Uriel was helplessly thrown into the Cradle of Miracles. Her scream was eventually buried inside and could no longer be heard. Kim YeSeul, who instinctively felt Uriel’s deep feelings towards Gabriel, quietly whispered to her son.

“Son, I think it’s fine even if that angel doesn’t come out from there forever.”

“I also think that, but I still need her power so I can’t really help it.”

“It is such a sad thing to feel powerless. It looks like mom should become a lot stronger quickly.”

Even while a frightening conversation was exchanged between the mother and son, the evolution inside the Cradle of Miracles was going smoothly.

The corpses of Legnae simply amplified Uriel’s power, and increased her resistance against those type of golems.

Not only that, the higher mana that the Four Great Archangels and Luciel expropriated from God was wholly absorbed by the Cradle of Miracles and turned into the power of dragons, and with the records and energy that Uriel had to push herself to retain until now, being shared with Yu IlHan, his level instantly increased by almost 20.

[You have become level 554. 41 Strength, 11 Agility, 25 Health, 23 Magic increases.]

[The skill, Declaration has become level 71.]

What an upgrade from just analyzing and transforming the power of God! These records were shared to Yu IlHan’s subordinates through him, and their levels would increase as well. Uriel’s words weren’t wrong. Just by going under his wing, she gave him tremendous help!

“With this, I’m looking forward to what Raphael’s body holds in store!”

“Mom also looks forward to it!”

“Everyone’s so bad.”

Eventually, the Cradle of Miracles cracked. To exaggerate a little, an even larger aura than when Helièna was reborn into a 7th class dragon, was thumping inside. Well, a being that possessed a portion of God’s power had been completely reborn into a dragon, so it was no wonder that she emitted an overwhelming aura!

But the next moment, a completely unexpected line of text appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina.

[Lv 600 Uriel was born from your nest.]

“Huh, she crossed the bottleneck.”

“A bottleneck? Don’t tell me it’s 8th class? No way!”


The Cradle completely shattered, and ‘four pairs of dragon wings’ unfolded from the inside. This was the moment one of the Four Great Archangels, Uriel, had been reborn into an 8th class dragon. The power she stole from God transformed into a dragon’s and caused an unexpected synergy!

But the first words Uriel spoke with that intense force coming off her was a complaint.

“Lord, Dragon’s Nest has too few rules. Other than the fact that they cannot go against you, there are no rules that controls and restrains them. Well, Gabriel could propagate the Garden of Sunset this way, but you should have seen for yourself how they work right now. Like this, you will not be able to rule them unless you step out and supervise them yourself.”

Yu IlHan gave a chic reply.

“After I erase everyone that cause trouble for Earth, I’m not going to care if the members of Dragon’s Nest go on a world conquest, or have a relaxing farm life on the countryside so it’s fine. Father once said – that you should enjoy life.”

“It’s fine if Gabriel said that…….”

“Miss angel, no Miss Uriel? Shall we talk about that for a sec?”

“……I was also thinking that I should have a conversation with you.”

Next to Gabriel, who was under the process of transforming into the leader of the Garden of Sunset mode, Kim YeSeul and Uriel were glaring at each other. Kim YeSeul quickly realized that she was at the disadvantage in terms of power.


“Yes, mother!”


Yu IlHan paled when he saw that the female members including Liera were standing behind her and shouted.

“Attention to all true dragons of Dragon’s Nest! We’ll now be entering operation codename Final Operation!”

“Son, give me 10 minutes!”

“I have objections on the codename!”

“Even though the enemy is acting like a villain from the 90s, I don’t think we should go with a 90s naming sense too.”

“Final Operation commence!”

All objections were ruled out. Yu IlHan looked around at the true dragons gathering around him and gave orders.

“Although there was a series of annoying events until now, the most annoying event of them all will begin soon. You can consider all higher existences not in Dragon’s Nest and the Garden of Sunset as enemies.”

As ever, there was no dream nor hope in this plot.

“First, dad said that he will make the mobs of the Garden of Sunset into a somewhat useful force…….”

[Son, I think you’re mixing some inherent bias in your words.]

“Be off then, dad.”

[Fu, I really raised my son wrong…….]

The unseen figure of the leader of the Garden of Sunset appeared in front of everyone for all to see. The figure was surprisingly a handsome youth with white skin and a mysterious blue hair! Of course, his facial features from when he was Yu YongHan still remained, but now that he had exposed his presence, he was unexpectedly really handsome!

If he wished, he should be able to hide from everyone other than Yu IlHan, but he no longer concealed himself. Now that he had completely thrown away any traces as an Archangel, there was no need to hide himself anymore. Seeing that, Kim YeSeul coughed awkwardly and nodded his head.

“You look quite young in that state.”

[Wife, didn’t I say so? That I don’t need to level up.]

“Don’t bring up such a useless foreshadow from ages ago!”

Gabriel was hit once again after saying useless words. Even while being hit, he activated warp magic.

[I’ll be off then. It’s time to gather the power of the Garden of Sunset into one large force.]

“I’ll be unsettled if I send you alone so I’ll go with you.”

[Okay then.]

“Ah, Gabriel. I too…….”

“Uriel, you stay here without moving. I’ll need you for something later.”


This was isolation no matter how you looked at it! However, even though she wanted to resist, she could not go against the Lord! Uriel folded her wings as if to contain her frustration.

Kim YeSeul stuck out her tongue as she disappeared beyond the dimension with Gabriel, as if mocking her. Watching that, Uriel felt very difficult on the inside but still smiled after seeing her act like a youth, alike her appearance.

Yu IlHan sent the two off until they completely disappeared and ordered the three elves and Mirfa.

“You will be in charge of Earth. Unlike Dareu, Earth won’t so easily be penetrated, but it will be penetrated once before I finish. That is why I’m sending you four. I’m sending you because it’s an important matter. Paté, you can do it, right?”

“……Of course.”

Having become a true dragon of 5th class, Paté could easily control undeads of the 6th class and above. As such, Yu IlHan had left him with all corpses that he hadn’t made use of until now. In fact, other than the main members that were at 7th class, Paté was practically the strongest.

He handed Paté a feather decoration that he made in his spare time.

“It’s not much but here’s a God-ranked artifact.”

“It’s God ranked!”

“Your Majesty, I’m honored to tears……!”

“You might lack power against Legnae that restrain the use of mana. I mixed the materials I got from higher existences along with harkanium and el hazra, so it will enable you to focus the Traps of Restoration on Earth on you. The Will of the Guardian will also support you, so you should be able to defend against the Archlegna somehow.”

“A power that can defend against Archlegna that I’ve never heard about before and not just Legna……”

By this point, it made people wonder whether if Yu IlHan was the true last boss or not. Yu IlHan threw a Trap of Restoration into the gate that Kang MiRae opened, and engulfed the Traps of Destruction on Earth through Mystic. With this, all the unstable variables were eliminated.

“Well then. You should get going as well.”

“We shall be back with no casualties!”

Having sent off the elves, Yu IlHan turned around. He could see two pairs of ears twitching.

“The next are you two.”

“We have been waiting for master’s orders.”

“As your command, Lord.”

The next was Ericia and Flemir. Although the two were merely 5th class, Ericia possessed an incomparable might to before as she had been reborn as a 5th class with the help of the blessing of the moon.

Moreover, she could now bless and strengthen dragons, which she became one of, and in the case of Flemir, who was originally one of the wolfkin, the strengthening ratio was so high that it even made Yu IlHan shocked! With these two, the stronger of the dragons, like Ruby and First, should be able to bring out a power that surpasses ordinary higher existences.

“You can protect Dareu with the other dragons. The other higher existence factions shouldn’t have any time to screw around because of me and they shouldn’t come to Dareu, but Legnae and similar things that are slightly stronger may invade again. Orochi and Mystic saw what I did just now so you should know what to do.”

“Got it. I just need to stroke this woman’s hair, right?”

“Idiot! You idiot, Orochi!”

Even while saying ‘idiot’ so many times, Mystic didn’t deny his words. Yu IlHan watched as romantic feelings arose between his creations and felt very strange sensation on the inside, but did not retort to them. All’s well that ends well!

“Miss MiRae and Miss YuNa should stay here as well. They’ll need the power from the holy region.”


“Mr. IlHan, do I really need to continuously use miracles? Mmmm, I think I can do it but I will be really exhausted, you know? Really, really exhausted!”

“I’ll grant a wish later so do your best.”


“Not the one you’re thinking of right now, but something else.”

“How was my pink-colored delusion found out!?”

Yu IlHan called all the members that weren’t called until now and made them board the Guardian fortress. Yu IlHan himself, Yumir, Liera, Erta, Helièna, as well as the Dragon’s Army.

“Like I said last time, everyone is an enemy. Heaven’s Army are enemies, the Destruction Demon Army are annoying enemies, and the Army of Brilliant Light, well, we’ll beat them up first because we don’t know what they’re thinking. Anyone doesn’t understand?”

No one could misunderstand this operation. It was just that some of them couldn’t really accept it. However, there was no way Yu IlHan would listen even if they grumbled. Liera spoke in despair. Uriel by her side, had a dejected expression as well.

“Let’s go, to Heaven.”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Yu IlHan’s lips twitched into a smile as he activated Warp. His destination was obviously Heaven. His objective was the expropriation of harkanium, fecinom, and el hazra. Really, he was no different from a highway bandit.

“Well, here we go then!”

“Uaaa, we’re really going!”

“Ufufufu, this is the best!”

The Guardian fortress completely disappeared from Dareu. The curtains to harmageddon had finally risen.

1. T/N: The Emile Bell has a myth that a mother let her child be cast into a bell (literally put the baby in molten metal that eventually made the bell)