Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 318: I’m One That Closes The Curtain – 2

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Heishia, which he hadn’t been to in a long time, still remained as a lower world. After Yu IlHan cleaned up last time, the situation of the people there had become slightly better, and were still resisting against violent hordes of monsters. And the most surprising thing was that…….

“……This world might come under me at any moment. How did it come to this?”

[I have heard that you have shown miracles in this world. The entire world of Heishia now worships you as a God. It might trigger the phenomenon if you show yourself now.]

Even though he hadn’t shown himself at all during the cleanup!? Just as he thought that, he also realized that such a thing did not matter.

Once he showed himself and show a similar kind of miracle to the people here, the people will follow him. The faith spread around the mankind in this world will instantly change to deep-rooted belief and Heishia will come under his rule. It will probably be immediately fused to Dareu as well.

To think such a thing had happened when he was just ensuring the safety of his father, Yu IlHan felt quite astonished due to the flow of ‘worship’ that was transmitted to him from this world, and Uriel spoke with a smile.

[The Fifth and the Brightest shining star, was it? That is definitely true. No other transcender could fuse lower worlds with higher ones. What do you think? Do you still think that you are an egoistic person? Even though your light actions brought salvation to many?]

“Yup. It’s fine as long as I and the ones around me are safe. I couldn’t care less about anyone else. Even if there are many people who I have saved until now, it is because I’d feel awkward if they died in front of me. I’m no hero. I’m sick of that kind of role play.”

[Fufu. You should have acquired the qualifications of a transcender precisely because you can say that. It really is like a certain person I once knew.]

Uriel smiled. Was it his mistake? Uriel’s figure was definitely friendly towards him now, unlike her attitude in the previous world.

Yu IlHan judged that it was because this world no longer contained any traces of Heaven’s Army. In other words, she had become more honest than before.

“The Heaven’s Army has abandoned this world. No, they missed it? ……Or was it purposeful?”

[The Heaven’s Army is in management of countless worlds. A simple trick from one of the Four Great Archangels is enough to make a blank chit.]

She just basically admitted that she was the one who did it. Isn’t that a perfect crime! This is why authority shouldn’t be given to those in power! – Yu IlHan muttered.

“Why did God believe in such beings and share his power?”

[It is not that we were bestowed with parts of his power. It was expropriation. In that process, Luciel became Satan while God went missing, and the Four Great Archangels reigned supreme in Heaven.]

His random grumble resulted in an unimaginable answer and so Yu IlHan momentarily doubted his words. However, when he thought about what the self-proclaimed God said to Kang MiRae, he could somehow naturally accept that as a fact.

“So it’s not like what you said was completely stupid and unbelievable.”

[At that time we were all of one mind. But what could have happened? The same mind we shared fragmented into pieces. Michael wished to maintain God’s rule of the past while Raphael wanted Michael to replace God…… I could not watch as they walked down that path even though they knew it was wrong…….]

“And Gabriel couldn’t accept that?”

Uriel’s mouth curved into a faint smile at Yu IlHan’s question.

[You are smart as expected.]

“I want to hear the next part from Gabriel himself.”

Yu IlHan raised his hand.

As a supreme being that exposed all falsehood and concealment, he swung his hands lightly when someone who hid behind the sky showed himself.

He was someone who Yu IlHan knew very well, as well as a person that he had never met before.

“So…… you’ll tell me about it right, dad?”

One of the Four Great Archangels that was hiding himself, Gabriel, simultaneously, the leader of the Garden of Sunset, at the same time, a father of one certain loner.

Yu YongHan was there.

[I will, my son. I’ll have to tell you everything now.]

[You have worked hard, Gabriel.]

[The work that was done by my son. ……Sorry for worrying you all this time.]

Even while feeling something welling up inside him, he suppressed it and laughed.

“That was nothing. You had such a faint presence that I forgot about you more often than not.”

[That is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the matters that you had to take care of because of this unworthy father.]

“You too…… should have suffered a fair bit.”

He had a lot of insults piled up that he wanted to say when he met his father again. However, somehow, meeting his father and seeing him in such a tattered state made Ilhan forget about all that.

In fact, he kinda knew that this would be the case. He doubted from the moment that he simply became an insane concealment master from birth; from how the angels supported him at the right time; was assured when he couldn’t find any traces of his father from Heishia; realized something new when he met his mother in the world under the Garden of Sunset, where time and space were halted; and realized the identity of his father as he went against the Heaven’s Army.

However, he didn’t want to believe it. He wished his father was ordinary. He wanted his father to be unaware of the tremendous pressure on his shoulders that even made his legs numb thanks to becoming the pillar of support that so many beings relied on. He wanted his father to live an ordinary, happy life.

It was just that. He was only turning his eyes away from reality and was complaining.

Yu IlHan asked.

“The power of foreknowledge is only possessed by you across all worlds, right?”

[That is correct. This is something I was born with when I was a lower existence. I almost burst out laughing when Michael asked me if I can surpass the leader of the Garden of Sunset.]

When his father laughed, Yu IlHan giggled as well. Orochi and Mystic stood back quietly, and Uriel was smiling while watching the reunion of the father and son.

“When did you make the Garden of Sunset?”

[It is when I realized that Michael had changed. Satan created the Army of Brilliant Light to go against him, but father felt that it wasn’t enough. But you know? Running two jobs was a lot harder than expected. There was nothing that went as I wished to.]

“Of course, you even had a hard time raising a family.”

His dad was triggered and retorted.

[But I still fulfilled my objective.]

“What was your objective?”

[Confronter of God, the brightest shining star, that is you, as well as the elimination of as many variables as possible. And finally…… the protection of my family.]

Leaving aside the confronter or start of whatever, the reason he created the Garden of Sunset was to protect his family? And one that will be made far in the future? Wasn’t that too much of a lie even if he had the foreknowledge ability? Yu IlHan’s eyes narrowed.

“Whether it’s me or mom, we remember a lot of times when we received damage from the Garden of Sunset and you want me to believe that? Moreover, variables? The Garden of Sunset was the biggest variable that no one could account for, duh!”

[Foreknowledge is in no way omnipotent, and I can only believe that the results of the foreknowledge are true and move accordingly. That is why…… I made you and your mother suffer. There were a lot of things that didn’t go as I intended.]

Yu IlHan was flabbergasted after listening to his father’s confession. However, thinking back, the Garden of Sunset was related to almost all the incidents that got him caught up until now, in one way or the other.

Isn’t Dareu, that was the biggest source of power for him, affected by them as well? Even his precious son Yumir was a child he received from Lecidna, a follower of the Garden of Sunset. His mother too acquired a large power in that halted word, albeit spending a frightening amount of time there.

Yes. Just looking at the results, that was the case.

“I can’t forgive you either way. You’re guilty. I grit my teeth every time I think about how I was left out on Earth.”

[I will gladly receive any kind of punishment. I’m sorry, son.]

It frustrated him even more since he didn’t make any excuses. If it wasn’t his father and was anyone else instead, he’d have beat him half to death and beat him up the remaining half after that, but he couldn’t really do that now could he?

That was because Yu IlHan himself knew how fathers thought of their son. His father had acted in consideration of Yu IlHan and Kim YeSeul. That was why it was more frustrating.

“Your methods are insanely wrong! We’re not superman!”

[I thought it was better than death. ……And I didn’t think you’d be put through so many serious situations. I’m really sorry.]


Better than death – the words that he couldn’t deny since he had watched the deaths of many. Yu IlHan thought about where he had to hit his dad to inflict the most pain but eventually loosened his shoulders.

“Let’s get back on topic.”

[Did you accept it with just that?]

“It’s not acceptance, but delaying the inevitable.”

[Got it.]

Fearing that he may end up making his son commit a grave sin (at the expense of his own life), Yu YongHan immediately shut his mouth. Yu IlHan sighed once more and took out a Trap of Restoration and showed it to him

[Oooh, this is that…….]

“Your son’s capability.”

Although no one could analyze the already installed Traps of Restoration, it was possible to see through its functions if someone saw it in its inactivated state. And as he had expected, Yu YongHan exclaimed after seeing that.

[A really amazing artifact right there. It’s an artifact that fully counters the Legnae. Moreover it has an ability that I cannot completely see through.]

“Just what happened to God to become like that?”

That was the important question. He would find out why Yu YongHan had to act as the leader of the Garden of Sunset at the same time as being Gabriel, as well as the reason why he himself had to give up living as a loner all his life and become the leader of Dragon’s Nest.

[Yes, I still hadn’t told you that yet.]

Gabriel, Yu YongHan, seemed to hesitate for a moment, before blinking his eyes deeply once and started talking.

[Let’s see…… that’s it. I need to reaffirm this fact before I start. And that is that the God of Heaven’s Army is not the creator. ‘God’ in the truest sense, does not exist.]

Yu IlHan remembered, during the time of the god of love’s message. The message definitely stated that God did not exist. So that meant that God, really, did not exist.

“So you mean to say that no one knows who the Creator is, or actually, whether he or she exists or not at all, right?”

[Yes. And the God of Heaven’s Army wants to become that Creator.]

Yu IlHan asked while thinking about Legna, as well as the God that came into contact with Kang MiRae.

“He said he made mana, is that a lie as well?”

[It’s a lie. Well, he did definitely reach close to the realm of creation, but he did not. All of that is false. What he can make is at best those Legna golems. In one sense, he’s even inferior to you, son. Just like this Trap of Restoration, there are numerous things he cannot create.]

“He’s inferior to me when I only trained for one millennium? That’s one sloppy guy…….”

Yu YongHan burst in to laughter after he heard Yu IlHan’s words. His son had reached a realm that no one had reached ever since the dawn of creation, and he didn’t seem to know how amazing the realm he reached actually was.

“Why is he trying to erase mana?”

[He can only erase mana since he’s trying to erase all existence. However, son, as you saw, the God of Heaven’s ‘creation’ is not true creation. He just burns countless souls as fuel to do something similiar to it. Like that, everything will eventually reach destruction……. You know that this is wrong, right?]

“Yes I do.”

In one meaning, that meant the death of worlds. Greed’s words, of course probably unintentional, had seen through the truth.

“……I have many many other questions to ask, but I’ll ask just one more.”

Yu IlHan sighed while he asked.

“Why does it have to be now?”

[That is…….]

Yu YongHan, Gabriel, closed his eyes after hearing his question.

He didn’t know exactly what his son had been through to reach this position. He only predicted that his son will become the brightest shining transcender, and that he will become the confronter of God.

However, his son had experienced many more things than he had thought, and had grown a lot more. He was no longer being swayed by the worlds and was leading the situation. The vague foreknowledge had finally become clear.

‘Earth shall become larger than Heaven. The Fifth and the brightest shining star that rules Earth, shall appear. Born from an angel, raised as a human, reborn into a dragon…….’

Feeling a conflict of disappointment and satisfaction at his son’s growth, Yu YongHan told his son the truth.

[It’s because you have appeared, son. With your appearance, all other factions have shrunk back, and the moment that God had waited for has arrived.]

‘And in the end, he will become the sole God.’

He spoke the line that Yu IlHan had already predicted.

[Harmageddon, is coming.]