Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 317: I’m One That Closes The Curtain – 1

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Yu IlHan visited each world that did not fuse with Dareu and scattered the Traps of Restoration.

One Trap per world was sufficient. Once Mystic focused her mind, then the single Trap would engulf all the Traps of Destruction in that world and would subsequently absorb the mana of that world to transform them into Traps of Restoration.

The majority of the worlds were not as big as Dareu so it didn’t take that long for the Traps of Restoration to activate and completely cover the world. Mystic became a little more tired every time they visited a new world but that was about it. The body that Yu IlHan had created for her was unbelievably good.

Like that around the 26th or the 27th world they visited, Yu IlHan and the other two found angels. Thanks to Yu IlHan’s actions the war of higher existences had ended in a vague state and the lower ranked angels had returned to duty.


[Wait, I think something changed.]

Even though they couldn’t sense Yu IlHan entering and throwing a Trap of Restoration, they could sense the transformation of the Traps of Destruction. They had planted some kind of detection magic on the Traps of Destruction in order to operate them more efficiently.

They sensed damage being dealt to the Traps of Destruction first, then the signals from all the Traps of Destruction in the world simultaneously disconnected.

[The Traps of Destruction are being destroyed!]

[Nonsense, the Traps of Destruction cannot be…… no, but there is no Dungeon Break……!]

[No, the Traps of Destruction are turning into something else. Just what is…… happening?]

The angels scurried around in disorder and eventually reported to their superiors (though, that didn’t work since Yu IlHan blocked it midway) before rushing towards the Traps of Restoration. Mystic directed the engulfing process of the Traps of Restoration while checking with Yu IlHan.

“Master, they’re planning to investigate something. Is it fine to let them be?”

“Not to mention angels, even God wouldn’t be able to do anything. The moment any other higher existence tries to interfere with the Traps of Restoration, the Traps of Restoration in each world would go berserk.”

“Oh yeah, there was something like that set in there.”

Whichever Traps of Restoration went berserk in whichever world, a signal would be sent to Mystic and Yu IlHan. It was fine even if they were late. The Traps would all disintegrate before anyone could analyze them. Yu IlHan explained with a smile of satisfaction.

“This is a move I learnt from God after examining the Legna.”

“Yes, yes. You’re becoming more evil than ever.”

“It seems like they realized that.”

The angels entered a state of panic after realizing that the artifact was made with some technology unknown to them and that they would only be in for the worst even if they tried to touch it. To kick them while they were down, they couldn’t even report to their superiors properly!

[What do we do about this.]

[……We need to leave it be. I do not know what this being is trying to do by making these but we would only cause a disaster if we recklessly interfered with it. We can only return to Heaven.]

[But would a high angel, or even an Archangel be able to solve this problem?]

[There’s an even bigger problem. That is, if such an item was scattered to only this world.]

[Urgh…… just when a big war had ended. Why did such a thing happen again?]

[We only fight if there are beings that bring disorder to this world. Let us return for now.]

It seems like the angels in charge of this world were quite capable. Yu IlHan nodded with a laugh. As long as they didn’t do something reckless, the matter they’re worried about should not happen.

Not only that, there was no need for any Overflows in the future, nor was there a need to be afraid of what God may try to them. How good of an opportunity was that! The Traps of Restoration would instantly sell out if they were sold for just $39.99 a piece.

“Shouldn’t you contact them and persuade them instead? Before they try something bad.”

“What are you saying? In the end, they’re just salarymen who have no choice but to obey orders if it comes down to it. What would change just by telling them? No one who shouts ‘revolutionary business’ has succeeded in the past you know?”

The more fundamental problem being that he might end up giving Heaven an excuse if he came into contact with them anymore than was necessary.

What was an even bigger problem was that the self-proclaimed God may still have connections to Heaven’s Army. If he explained the situation and it was somehow reported to the self-proclaimed God, then wouldn’t that be frustrating! Everything would go wrong once he was caught up with others, so it was rather more comfortable to take care of everything himself!

“Even though you made a higher existence organization and became the leader, your thought process is still like that of a loner…….”

“Leave me be.”

“Master, it’s done. Let’s go over to the next world!”

Strangely, Mystic became more vitalized the more Traps of Restoration she controlled. It was probably thanks to the records that were gathered through the Traps of Restoration. Noticing that, Orochi’s expression became pale.

“Wouldn’t I be surpassed at this rate?”

“You realized that a little too late. You should fight on too, Orochi.”

“Cheating! Isn’t that cheating!”

“Then want to manage the Traps of Restoration too?”

That was impossible. Orochi swallowed his frustration and could only watch as Mystic became stronger over time!

“Master, I’m becoming better and more efficient at this. I think we can go a little faster!”

“Very good. Your proactive attitude will make you stronger!”

“Urgh, being left behind by that woman…… that’s not acceptable!”

The engulfing process of the worlds proceeded smoothly. In a mere four days, Yu IlHan had changed the Traps of Restoration in thousands of worlds into Traps of Restoration.

If they ran out of the Traps midway, they could just collect some Traps of Destruction and make them into Traps of Restoration so it was a super easy job!

“Master, I think the Traps you made will cover all worlds.”

“You’re conquering all worlds in an unbelievable way…… Master, are you planning to go to even higher worlds after you’re done with lower worlds?”

“What are you saying. How many lower worlds do you think they are how can I go around to them all?”

Yu IlHan explained shortly to Orochi.

“Of course I made the Traps of Restoration so that it would cross dimensions and engulf other worlds. Mystic, I think it’s about time you start to feel something.”


“That’s true. I get a signal…….”

Orochi and Mystic once again had to be enlightened. They were too small to comprehend and accept Yu IlHan! Mystic hadn’t received a God-ranked artifact for nothing!

It was the 32,918th world that Yu IlHan and the others met an unexpected guest.

Just as when the Traps of Restoration was in the midst of engulfing, that is, when the angels of that world had realized something and were in disorder, a holy fire covered the entire world suddenly.

“Michael? No…….”

Yu IlHan tilted his head at the flame that seemed similar to Michaels, but realized that it was much weaker. Then there was only one answer. Uriel, also famous for wielding fire along with Michael in the four Great Archangels, was residing in this world.

[So you are here, Yu IlHan.]

Uriel used her holy fire in attempt to detect Yu IlHan, but not to mention Yu IlHan himself, it was impossible to sense Orochi and Mystic that was being concealed with him. In the end Uriel spoke in a loud voice that resounded across the world while looking for him.

[I have already heard from Gabriel. You should be here, no?]


He would have just headed to another world if there was no mention of Gabriel even if the opponent was one of the Four Great Archangels! There were three that Yu IlHan was the most concerned about right now, and one of them was Gabriel.

[I wish for conversation. This shouldn’t be a bad thing for you as well. Will you not talk with me for a moment?]

“Master, what are you going to do?”

Yu IlHan thought – whether or not this is a trap, whether or not this would lead to something annoying……

Whether or not he would encounter with the truth that he was worried about.

After considering all of them, he raised one hand towards the sky. From his hand an enormous amount of mana was released and covered the world.

[The skill, Dimensional Ruler, activates.]

Just with that, the gate to this world was temporarily closed. With that, Yu IlHan and the other two were revealed for all to see, and Uriel immediately noticed his position and flew to him.

[It really is hard to see your face. Your title of Pancosmic Loner is really apt.]

“Why are you giving me damage when you just appeared? And that title already disappeared by now.”

Uriel was female. And one that possessed blindingly beautiful white-blond hair and golden eyes. Of course, it would be a joke if Yu IlHan’s spear became blunt just because the opponent was a woman. Yu IlHan had already slashed many beautiful women in the past! Moreover, the preemptive strike she dealt to Yu IlHan made his hostility rise to the max.

[I wish you didn’t make such a hostile expression. I have lost a companion that I have been with for millions of years.]

“Should I send you to his side?”

[It’s not that I’m boasting, but there aren’t that many men that could raise their eyes in front of me. ……Truly amazing.]


Even Helièna couldn’t do anything about Unshakable Heart, but you? – was contained in his snort. Uriel made a bitter smile at his attitude and raised her two hands to tell him that she had no hostile intent.

[As you know, the flames I wield cannot surpass yours. Although I wield the power of earth a little, but that would not work on you either. You know right? That I have no chances of winning at all.]

“Yes, I know. That is why I’m more curious as to why you scattered your presence so much in search for me.”

[I wish to request your accompaniment.]


Yu IlHan’s accompaniment when he killed one of the Four Great Archangels and became the leader of the fifth faction? This was the most absurd thing he heard after the alliance offer from Greed.

When Yu IlHan tilted his head in astonishment, Uriel laughed and continued speaking.

[I am vaguely aware of what you are doing right now. You are moving in order to not cause collateral damage from the battle of higher existences to lower existences. Are you not?]

“No, I’m just moving in order to survive.”

[Even while saying that, you are looking for a way so that as many people as possible are saved, are you not?]

Yu IlHan start feeling uncomfortable. It wasn’t that he was purposefully acting evil or anything, and was indeed just trying to protect himself and the ones close to him, but he was annoyed at the fact that someone was making him out to be some saint that saved everyone. Uriel seemed to have realized that and shrugged her shoulders.

[What is important is not that. I have come looking for you according to Gabriel’s words, and wish to observe your actions as the representative of the Heaven’s Army. With me around, you need not worry about clashing against the Heaven’s Army.]

Why is it that her words just sounded like an excuse? Yu IlHan felt like he became the main character of a play and replied to her.

“However, it does bother me for you to accompany me when I don’t know what strange beings are hiding amongst you.”

[I am one of the Four Great Archangels. I do not leak information and records like the other angels. At least against other 7th classes.]

This proved Yu IlHan’s assumption. God had shared his important records from the four Great Archangels. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be so arrogant and say that they will not leave any of their own records behind.

“I knew I should have analyzed Raphael’s remains first.”

[What will you do? Will you accept my request?]

Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders. It was because he remembered what happened when Raphael accompanied him in killing the traitors of Heaven’s Army.

However, the situation was very different from then. Uriel had no methods to interfere with Yu IlHan, and the current him could also…….

“Very well, I will accompany you. Also, I’m not sure if you know this, but there aren’t many lower worlds left.”

[Yes, I have already heard that your Traps have a tremendous ability. However, your job is not yet completed, right?]

“You’re right.”

Yu IlHan sighed. Perhaps she looked for him at this time after realizing all of that as well. Was there no way out of this?

Then he could only accompany her until the curtains were lowered.

“There’s still Heishia.”

Yu IlHan bit his lips and activated Warp with Orochi, Mystic and Uriel in his range. It was time to meet the epilogue of this stage, the truth of the matter.