Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 315: You Are The Same As Me – 7

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Mystic looked at her figure in the mirror and voiced out in surprised. The image reflected was the figure of a feeble beauty that had long, silky black hair, couple with a pair of light purple pupils that glowed mysteriously. It looked nothing like Mystic’s normally nonchalant attitude!

Even Mystic herself couldn’t believe it and stared at the mirror, awestruck. Every time her emotions changed, her expression changed with it, so there was no doubt that the figure in the mirror was her’s, but she found it difficult to take in.

“How did you make such a beautiful woman with the bodies of those stinky old men…… rather than that, this is really me? Ah…….”

She was speaking when she suddenly felt an unfamiliarity in her own voice. The feeling of vibration whenever her vocal cords moved was something that she had never experienced before. After all, she had been killed by Yu IlHan as soon as she was born!

“So pretty……. Even the voice is wonderful. The neck is pretty, the bones are pretty, the chest is pretty and the waist is pretty.”

“Stop showering yourself with praises.”

Yu IlHan grumbled to Mystic that was touching random places all over her body in front of the mirror. Since making a new body with 7th class archangels and a 7th class magic stone was not an easy thing for him to do, even he was feeling slightly tired after the exertion.

At least Orochi shared some common points with him in the aspect that they were both dragonkin (Orochi and Echjar) but since Mystic, who was born as a higher existence on Earth, had no common points whatsoever with the traitorous archangels that resided in Heaven , it was no wonder he had such a hard time!

“Stop showing off your nude body and get clothed, Mystic.”

“Ah, you were looking at my naked body all the time! Pervert, master is a pervert!”

“I’m not Pygmalion so rest assured.”

The Cypriot sculptor Pygmalion was the man who fell in love with his own sculpture, the first figurine otaku of mankind, to speak of.

Of course, Yu IlHan felt that it was natural to feel some sense of love towards one’s creations since every work was essentially the embodiment of the ideals of the creator, but he did not feel that love equated to sexual desire. So, even though he felt a slight attachment to and attained a sense of satisfaction after completing Mystic’s nude body, his sexual desire didn’t even move by a single nanometer.

“I made your clothes too. It’s one of my masterpieces so receive it with gratitude.”

“You’re going to push me around all the time in the future though…… Wow, it’s God ranked!”

“The materials were good so that’s to be expected.”

Mystic covered her body with one hand and received her clothes from Yu IlHan with the other. She exclaimed as she couldn’t feel any weight from it, but weight was nothing compared to the information on the artifact.

Really, it was a simple, sleeveless white one piece dress, but its actual identity was an armor that boasted tremendous defense power thanks to investing almost all of Daiel and Ramiel’s feathers. Of course, it wasn’t a simple armor either.

“I brought out the traits of the traitors when I created it. When you focus on controlling the Flying fortress, the Guardian fortress, or the Traps of Restoration, it will stay white, but when you enter battle the one piece will turn black. Read the specific details later…… and here, a straw hat.”

“Wow, so pretty…… urgh, this is God ranked as well.”

The ‘straw’ hat that was made with the remaining feathers and el hazra had naturally become God ranked as well, and when Mystic put it on, she looked like a rich lady on a stroll. Being satisfied with his creations, Yu IlHan let out a smile and spoke to Mystic who was touching the straw hat.

“You only need to wear that when you’re controlling things inside the Flying fortress. It will amplify your calculation abilities as a whole.”

“I don’t get how master makes all these amazing things like nothing. Oh, my head doesn’t hurt at all now.”

Controlling the two fortresses was no big deal at all now. Not only that, she felt as if she could control a thousand times more than the Traps of Restoration that existed now. Though actually, it was the fact that the Traps of Restoration had their own control function that made that possible, but still, it was an amazing feat. Mystic smiled in satisfaction, thinking that Yu IlHan kept his promise.

“Thanks, master. You really did put some effort in. ……Though, I don’t know what to feel when I think you’re the one that made me like this in the first place.”

“At that time you were an enemy, but now, you’re an ally. Anyhow, since you’re well-dressed, go to Orochi.”

The light words that Yu IlHan spoke of colored Mystic’s face bright red. Bullseye.

“Wh, what are you saying! Why do I need to go to Orochi! It’s not like that? I have absolutely no interest in that snake! He only annoys me since he teases me all the time!”

“It’s because I’m planning to make proper equipment for him after I made you one. So go call Orochi for me, okay?”


Yu IlHan had a smile on while he was speaking. Mystic despaired after looking at his expression which revealed that he knew everything. It was her complete defeat.

“I’m such an idiot. An idiot who gets fooled by an idiot…….”

She slowly walked out and unfurled two pairs of white dragon wings from her back. Although the league of her body was extremely high, her soul hadn’t reached that level yet and she remained a 6th class.

[A white dragon……?]

“It’s only her image. In fact, I’m rather curious about how Orochi will react to Mystic.”

[Did you not send her to get him?]

“If I wanted to get him, I could have just messaged him directly.”


Echjar became silent. That was true. However, Mystic was too depressed to realize that and went to get Orochi herself! Thinking about how angry she would act later, he found it fun.

“Well, then. Should I just lay out the foundations for Orochi’s equipment? Keshein and Hillutonne’s bodies are…… whew, Keshein has a magic stone. Such a lucky one.”


The former Dragon of Despair, Echjar, resolved to never go against Yu IlHan. His ruler was in an extremely faraway realm both in the aspects of the mind and the body!

“You fooled me, masterrrrrrrrrrr!”

Around ten minutes later, Mystic, as red as a tomato, came back with Orochi who was sighing. Yu IlHan met the two while giggling. With the Cradle of Miracles folded out for Orochi.


Three hours passed, and this time Orochi was showing off his body in the mirror that Mystic once used. Although Yu IlHan was only planning to upgrade his equipment, he took a look at his body while he was at it.

“I feel like I’ve completely melted into the body.”

“Of course. I worked hard for it you know?”

Although he was only a black haired handsome youth with copper skin and sculpted muscle on the outside, a shocking amount of power laid within. After he became a higher existence with Echjar’s body, Orochi had thought that there were no more aspects to get stronger in, and now he had to take that back.

“So you even adjusted the minute imbalances in the body?”

“Even if you have become a higher existence, Echjar’s body that was used to make your body wasn’t complete, was it? I only supplemented the lacking parts using the remains I had leftover from making your equipment. Although it was quite hard to dragonify their bodies, it was much easier than Mystic’s case other than that.”

Yu IlHan extracted the very essence of Keshein and Hilluttone’s bodies to combine with Orochi, who had Echjar’s body, to bring out its potential to the max. Above all, he had put in a lot of effort to diffuse Orochi’s soul fully, so that he would never have to suffer any pain due to inharmony between his body and soul.

As something like a side effect, it was no longer possible for Orochi to leave as a thought soul from his body. Orochi was no longer a thought-soul but a full whole soul that possessed a body.

This was the same with Mystic as well. Of course, she was still the control tower of the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress as well as being the managing director of the Traps of Restoration, but it was no longer possible for her to escape her body and be infused into the Flying fortress. Since she was reborn as a complete soul and possessed a complete body, it was natural that she could no longer leave it at her convenience.

Orochi’s two eyes widened after hearing that fact from Yu IlHan.

“Isn’t that…… the realm of the Creator? I don’t comprehend the extent of master’s abilities.”

“I have still a lot of lacking points to be called a complete Creator, but I’m better than you think at least. Well then. Go ahead and give me your respect.”

“I do get that you’re becoming a lot more arrogant as time goes…… ugh, you really are amazing.”

Orochi brought out his purple flames and controlled it only to be shocked by the extent of amplification which was much higher compared to before. He couldn’t believe that it was possible to perfectly and completely synchronise the bodies of different higher existences. However, Yu IlHan was worried about something else.

“How’s the pressure on your body, you think you can hold out?”

“Barely. Although I was aware of this before…… the league of my soul is too low compared to the upgraded body.”

“I said this before, but since your soul has become perfect, your soul will endlessly experience growth in the future, albeit slowly. Perhaps because you were once a dragonkin, you are one of those that received the most effects in the Cradle of Miracles.”

Everyone under Yu IlHan that had qualifications to become higher existences were all reborn as dragons through the same process, but it wasn’t like everybody had an equal rate of growth.

The efficiency differed according to how well they synchronized with Yu IlHan’s records that was transferred through the Cradle of Miracles. Liera, who loved him to the extent that she received a blessing from a god, had the highest efficiency, while Yumir, who reached the realm of higher existences at the same time as him wasn’t that far behind.

And after those two was Orochi, who was being shocked in front of the mirror.

“Fuu…… exciting.”

“Away with your exciting crap. Are all of you exhibitionists? I completely remade your original equipment so wear it. Hey, get it quickly. What are you going to do if there’s a peeper outside?”

“There was such a pervert under you?”

It’s a problem because there is. Yu IlHan mocked Orochi in his heart since Orochi could not sense Mystic hiding outside the workshop, peeking inside, as he gave him his equipment.

Orochi tilted his head but still received the items anyway. A set of black underclothes that lined the inner layer, and was very elastic while being tough in defenses. Adding on to that, a thin black metallic armor – it looked similar to the Flamesoul Dragon Body.

“This looks similar to your armor.”

“Although I can’t create Eternal ranked items like it’s nothing, well, its functions shouldn’t be too far behind. It’s a God-ranked artifact.”

“Speaking of God-ranked items so easily, as expected of master who mocks God.”

Orochi felt anew after thinking about the past. Would he have been able to step on the ground with two legs like this with such a strong body if he hadn’t expressed his submission towards Yu IlHan?

Of course, the Orochi of that time is dead and the Orochi that remained in this place could be said to be another Orochi that was born again…… but at least it was fun for him that he could be under Yu IlHan’s wing.

“Master sure is an interesting man. Although it’s not like I didn’t have fun when I went around destroying cities…… this is much more interesting.”

“It will become interesting to the point of seriousness in the future.”

“I am prepared. Talk about it anytime.”

Orochi equipped all his gear and stood next to Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan collected all the Traps of Restoration piled on one side of his workshop, into his inventory and called for Mystic that was hiding behind a wall.

“Mystic, let’s get to work.”


Mystic was startled and walked out stiffly. She never knew that she was found out. Even though it was inside her domain, the Flying fortress, trying to ‘hide’ in front of Yu IlHan was a foolish thing for her to do.

“……Mystic? Why are you coming out from there?”

“Hiik, it’s nothing!”

Even though he was quick-witted in the past, Orochi only tilted his head in confusion thinking ‘why is she there?’ after looking at her.

Yu IlHan sighed after looking at the confused Orochi and the bright red Mystic. It seems like these guys changed in personality after acquiring bodies.

“Let’s first install the Traps of Restoration in Dareu. We need to strike back for real now.”

“Is it a counterattack against those frightening, uh, what was their name again? Legna, thing?”


Yu IlHan spoke out in an ever more serious voice.

“It’s a counterattack against all foreshadows and plots that exist in the world.”