Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 314: You Are The Same As Me – 6

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In the past, Yu IlHan had made several Traps of Destructions for Heaven’s Army. Additionally, he modified them in his own way from his experience creating them as well.

Of course, that had made the angels shocked, but to the Yu IlHan right now, he would be embarrassed to claim that the Traps of Destruction he made back then was his handiwork.

‘It’s not just to prepare against God. I need to make a dungeon that…… easily blocks outside interference, while still freely entrapping all the monsters that enter.’

Thinking about it, it was an interesting matter. When he made his first dungeon, he was only pursuing a safe, stable life, but right now, he was going to make them of his own free will as the leader of the 5th higher existence faction.

“Fuu…… very good.”

A portion of the hammer that struck against the anvil split from the hammer and liquefied before being sucked into the furnace. And that bit of material was mixed into the metal inside the furnace and transformed. Yu IlHan’s lips curved upwards into a small smile.

“Yes. What you need to do is not to reject the mana. You need to overwhelm it and store it.”

The alloy born from the greatest ratio of metals inside the furnace passed freely between the realm of solids, liquids and even gases. Since it was made from numerous metals and nonmetals alike, it would be difficult to call it an ‘alloy’ but despite that it was definitely a metal. Yu IlHan’s dominion over and wealth of experience working with metal reassured him.

“Until now, I could only transform the already existing entities.”

Inside the workshop, the dull thud of a hammer hitting metal endlessly resounded. Even though Yu IlHan himself wasn’t swinging his arms at all, the sound did not stop. Not surprisingly, the lump of alloy morphed in shape and was compressed every time a sound was made. Every time the hammer fell, the mana inside the metal increased in density.

“However, it’s different now.”

Yu IlHan’s Declaration skill activated. This skill was a skill that allowed him to etch his intention unto the world as a ‘truth’. It was not some ‘absolute order’ or ‘power word skill’ that were seen in some of the older fantasy novels. It was much deeper and more profound, only meaningful when one possessed eyes that saw through the world and all matter within.

“You shall restore and engulf.”

The alloy emitted a blinding light and started to burn. Eternal Flame, who breathed and moved as one with Yu IlHan, transmitted his will and mana into the alloy to transform it.

[Ei, Eiii.]

Having received the mana, the alloy twitched while suspended in mid-air and started to violently pulsate, changing shapes many, many times. Meanwhile, the internal layers divided into hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of layers, with a magic formation was carved into each layer.

“You shall bewitch and imprison.”

Layer after layer of metal appeared as he spoke. It was to imbue the functionality to fulfill its role as an artifact that created dungeons. With Yu IlHan’s vast magic knowledge, experience and mana, the otherwise complicated embedding was completed in moments.

“You shall resist and rule.”

This was the final declaration. The hidden knife that he had sharpened in order to screw God over. Since it was the strongest and the most delicate functionality, the change in the alloy was the slowest, but it was something that could only end up being successfully completed in the end.

The lacking materials were supplemented from the furnace, while the excess was returned to it, as the alloy spun around in mid-air and eventually solidified. Inversely, the light that was emitted became even more wondrous. And only after a few moments, when there were no longer any changes, did Eternal Flame detach itself from the product.

[Perfect Trap of Restoration was complete.]

[Perfect Trap of Restoration]

[Rank – God]

[An artifact that Yu IlHan, lord of Dragon’s Nest, has created with all of his power. It will attract and control their weakening, strengthening and even reproduction of all types of monsters within his records, and has a strong ruling power over mana. It will not be engulfed by anything other than Yu IlHan’s power. This is perfect by itself, but the artifact is only a part of a whole.]

Echjar couldn’t endure his exclamation.

[It was created in an instant.]

[It’s beautiful and pretty.]

“Of course, who do you think made it?”

Yu IlHan smiled in satisfaction and put the completed artifact onto his palm. However, Mystic voiced out her question after looking at the alloy that was cubical in shape.

[Master, soul enchant was included right? But why don’t I feel any other thought-souls from it?]

“Of course it’s because I didn’t enchant any thought-souls into it.”

[Even though you used soul enchant?]

Mystic pondered for a moment before being shocked.

[You have reached a level where you can create souls, master!?]

“Not yet. If I could, I would become the new Creator already. Though, it was still possible for me to plant a small seed.”

[I think you should be the new Creator already…….]

Mystic muttered in astonishment, but then tilted her head.

[But why does it feel so strange? I feel like my consciousness is being focused on it.]

“Of course. A seed of a soul cannot control this artifact. So I connected you to it as well. In the end, the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress will act as the huge energy supply and will be reborn into the control system of all artifacts through you.”

Even though it was deeply tied in with her, it was the first time she heard of this!

[What the heck are you doing!]

“Hahaha, calm down, Mystic.”

Mystic sounded as if she bit her ‘tongue’ in excitement. Yu IlHan laughed and tossed the cube around in the air.

“Would I make you a body for free? It’s compensation for what you have to shoulder! It’s fine, you can do it. You will become a great being that controls all dungeons!”

[Don’t randomly make me into some great being as you wish!]

“In fact, it was one of the dreams I had when I first made the Flying fortress!”

[Don’t hide such a weird thinggggggggggggg!]

Mystic went crazy, but Yu IlHan didn’t stop. Since he had a sample that was God ranked, there was no need to hesitate now!

“Here I declare!”

When the completed Traps of Restoration floated into the air, the gigantic hammer and the gigantic furnace emitted light as if they were in resonance. Yu IlHan looked up at the item and shouted with a smirk. An enormous wave of mana poured out and filled the workshop.

“Let there be birth, as the first!”

[You sounded cool but it’s just a macro!]

“You are quite sharp.”

The declaration skill was a pseudo-miracle that made what was impossible to be done by Yu IlHan’s power into possible. If it was something that he could do, it could drastically save time as well! Eternal Flame burnt endlessly and the number of cubes increased. Mystic screamed each time.

[My head hurts from 300! You damned master!]

“Think about your body and endure it! The body that is splendid, pretty, and is capable of controlling an innumerable network of consciousness(es)!”

[Aren’t you in fact making my body just because you want me to control all the dungeons?]

“Of course I am!”

[You devil!]

Yu IlHan’s work only stopped after creating around a few thousand of those cubes. In truth, that number couldn’t even cover half of Dareu, but Yu IlHan wasn’t worried about that.

“This is an artifact that I made to go against God. I don’t know what he’s trying to do with Legnae, but he wouldn’t be able to interfere with any Traps of Destructions in worlds where a Trap of Restoration is planted.”

[Master, thinking back, the first declaration you used when creating these Traps of Restoration is ‘restore and engulf’ wasn’t it?]

“Yes, once the Trap of Restoration is activated, it will actively suck the surrounding mana to increase in size like a creature, and eventually create new Traps of Restoration by enveloping other Traps of Destruction. In other worlds, one per world is enough!”

That was one uncomfortable engulfing process. However, what made her feel even bad was……. Mystic asked in a depressed voice even though she knew the answer.

[And naturally, each new Traps of Restoration will be planted with a soul seed too?]

“I guess so?”

[And just that won’t be sufficient to control the Traps of Restoration, so they will immediately be connected to my consciousness?]

“Mystic…… You’re really smart. Choosing you as the central control system was the wisest choice I made in life.”

[You devil! You demon! You satan! You monster! You pervert!]

“I’m planning to make your body now.”


Mystic suddenly became quiet at Yu IlHan’s quiet words. Of course, Yu IlHan was aware of Mystic’s desire for a body. It was also the truth that he had teased her using that until now.

“But I don’t plan to use that as bait and make you do some unbelievable things.”


“Your body that I’ll be making now is exceptional enough to control all of them with room to spare and even battle while doing that on your own.”

But here, a retort was made from an unexpected angle.

[Just battle……?]

“What else do you need?”

[Y, you know.]

Mystic twisted her body after hesitating a lot. The Flying fortress shook.

[Wouldn’t I looks hideous on the outside if I’m so function-oriented? For example, a hundred heads or something.]

“What do you mean? Whatever the materials are, the completed body will suit your soul. Don’t look down on my creation ability so much.”

Although he could barely remember now, it will probably look similar to Mystic when she was born. Mystic seemed to be calmed down after listening to those words before asking Yu IlHan in a smaller voice.

[Th, then…… uh…… will I be the same as a normal girl?]

“Didn’t I say that just now?”

[Like I said! The other aspects!]

“Just what the heck are you talking ab…… oh.”

Yu IlHan tilted his head since he couldn’t understand for a moment before realizing what she meant – what she was worried about; what she was expecting; what she was thinking about; what she dreamed of; and what she wanted to become.

A satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

“You will be born as a perfect, living higher existence, and you will be able to do whatever you want as you want. …… Is that enough?”

[Uh, yeah.]

It was a cute voice that he had never heard from her before. Yu IlHan laughed and asked a question.

“Do you have a partner in mind?”

[Sh, shut up! There’s nothing like that!]

Yu IlHan laughed and called out materials that were suited to become Mystic’s new body. With the traitorous archangels Daiel and Ramiel as the core, he had a lot of other materials from other archangels and fallen angels that would amplify their power.

However, what made him really joyful was that Ramiel possessed a 7th class magic stone. Since he was an expert that had lightning-related skills and the Counter skill, the results would be something to look forward to. However, Mystic’s expression became darker after looking at that.

[They’re all men…….]

“Well, that’s not a problem at all…… Well, if you keep watching, your narrow-minded opinion will change.”

Clicking his tongue due to Mystic’s lack of knowledge on creation, Yu IlHan changed the form of the Cradle of Miracles once again.

It had expanded in size little by little and had formed a spherical shape like the time it turned lower existences into higher existences, and inside, the materials that formed the Traps of Restoration still remained. Of course, this was intentional on Yu IlHan’s part. I was the device that perfectly controlled the Traps of Restoration! Mystic screamed.

[What are you doing putting heavy metals into my new body!]

“They’ll become your bones!”

The el hazra hammer, that had shrunk so much thanks to being ripped apart thousands of times, was put inside the Cradle of Miracles, and he slapped the bodies of Ramiel, Daiel and the other remains of archangels and fallen angels inside. Mystic’s scream heightened.

[Kyaaaaaaak! It will become a monster, a monster!]

“Believe in me.”

Yu IlHan smiled kindly and activated Creation.

“I’ll make you cute and pretty.”


That day, another Eternal-ranked creation was born.