Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 313: You Are The Same As Me – 5

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[You have analyzed a portion of Legna.]

[The skill, Declaration, has become level 43.]

“Good, I found the name of it.”

[You’re slapping the faces of everyone who thought it was impossible to identify this.]

“Of course. The person who destroys all foreshadows and creates them anew. That’s me.”

Although that sounded quite cool, he really just had a perverse creation ability. Yu IlHan gathered records from the remains of ‘Legna’ that were disintegrating, as God had preset, and repeated the same process around three or four times, eventually activating his creation ability to prevent the collapse and restored it. What a devilish ability!

The number of strange angelic beings that were sacrificed in that process was five. After that, all of the other remains underwent a process of analysis, disassembly and recreation to become whole again. Naturally, the Declaration skill (this rose since it was a higher version of the Record skill) underwent a rapid growth until it plateaued at level 52.

“Skill growth is so easy.”

[Those that have reached the realm of higher skills after tens of thousands of years of hard training will be enraged when they hear that.]

“That’s not my problem so it’s fine. In any case, Legna eh…….”

Yu IlHan uttered rude words like nothing and thought about the name of the strange angel.

‘Legna’ – ‘Angel’ written in reverse. It was the same no matter what other language of Earth he translated it to, and even other languages – Heaven’s language included – as well. How could he be so calm though!

“From what I see from the patterns of speech he talked to Miss MiRae and the obvious naming sense, I feel like this guy is the fake boss and there is a real boss behind the curtains…….”

[The evidence behind your deduction is very weak but it sounds strangely convincing…….]

“Tch, you still don’t know your stuff yet, Echjar.”

In games or novels, the main characters are either always strong or become rapidly stronger. However, it wouldn’t be interesting if there was no danger that befell them no matter what approached if their strength was too OP, so the content creators always put in ‘elements that the protagonists didn’t know about’ and make use of a surprise element.

With that, the players would also panic, and the main characters will also receive a huge hit and would resolve to avenge the loss while gritting their teeth – this was a very stereotypical plot, but it was fun nonetheless.

“However, being surprised like that in real life is very annoying, you know? That’s why we shouldn’t be friendly with carelessness. We always need to prepare for what may come after something.”

[Although it’s not something I, as the Dragon of Despair, should say, but my Lord you’ve lived a hard life.]

Having finished analyzing Legna’s analysis, Yu IlHan lined the six restored chunks of Legna in a line.

If everything until now was for analyzing their physical structures and principles of their composition, now he had to prepare countermeasures. He didn’t know how many of these God had, but he had to prepare something whether it was to use them as is or make a countermeasure for them.

“It’s impossible to use them as they are now. I did restore the magic formation that was destroyed, but there are no energy sources to drive them.

He had a basic grasp of what those energy sources were. And that was precisely the problem.

“What do we call that energy source? Would a corresponding energy be born if I burn souls?”

[I think it will be somewhat similar if you extract the fundamental elements of the soul that controls the emotions, master!]

“Yes, yes. Our Eternal Flame is smart. Actually, your name is pretty long, so I’ll call you Lay from now on.”

[Yes! Hurray!]

Even though he just made up a name on the spot because ‘Eternal Flame’ was too long, Eternal Flame, no, Lay, rejoiced. If everyone was as simple as this girl, there would be no war… thinking about something completely out of the topic, Yu IlHan turned around to the Legna remains.

“Burning the soul as fuel, eh……. A golem that moves on the price of the complete destruction of an entity, that’s absurd. Perhaps the fact God is planning to erase all worlds is also to gather energy to move these golems? Like two birds with one stone – destroy the worlds and increase the golems.”

[Truly befitting of the ‘villain role’ that Lord talked about.]

“Soul, the soul, huh…….”

Among the fundamental elements that made up Yu IlHan, there was the realm of deathgods that lorded over souls. Looking back, he was doing something within God’s dominion the moment he changed class to one. Of course, even now when he had become the leader of Dragon’s Nest, that ability still remained his.


God had already reached a level where he could generate energy from souls. So, if Yu IlHan could take another step forward, his step may be within the realm of souls.

“But it’s not like these guys were at the level of completely ignoring the effects of mana. They just amplified the properties of the materials to suppress and restrain mana.”

That was not the right path. It was an incorrect path that lead to demise and was inharmonious. Yu IlHan didn’t plan to use such a power even if he was given the opportunity to do so.

“Good, then there’s only one method left.

Yu IlHan raised one hand and swung it after a long period of thought. Several streaks of Eternal Flame was released from his hands and burnt the Legna bodies.

[Is that really fine?]

“Yup. I got enough materials, and the Declaration skill grew a lot as well.”

[Divide up! Be purified! Ei!]

After a few hours, the Legna bodies were disassembled into tens of types of different metals and minerals. He had restored the bodies and the magic formations properly only to disassemble it again.

Just as Echjar exclaimed, Yu IlHan confidently declared in front of them.

“I will walk a different path.”

[Is that the correct path that the Lord wishes to embark on?]

“No, but it’s the path to victory. Whatever I do, I only need to win. That is my path!”


That doesn’t sound much different what this ‘God’ is trying to do, does it!? Echjar retorted in his heart, but did not have the courage to tell his thoughts to Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan put them all inside his inventory and hummed.

“I got more work to do. It looks like I’ll get busy.”

[You really are a workaholic…….]

The time Yu IlHan dispelled is Manifestation skill was 32 hours after that. At that point, the dragons and the other dragonkin had levelled up quite a lot thanks to killing a lot of the other monsters, so they were able to confront the remaining monsters without him having to support them with the skill.

[Darling, did something happen again?]

[IlHan? Do you need to go somewhere again?]

Liera and Helièna felt the skill dissipating and messaged him. This became possible after they were tied into one group, Dragon’s Nest. Yu IlHan messaged everyone including them.

[I have something I need to prepare so I’m planning to go into work. Please help the dragonkin to clean up the world. At that point, I should probably have enough to cover this world.]

[The Traps of Destruction you mean?]

Erta made a sharp remark. However, it was quite unfortunate as Yu IlHan had to deny her words.

[They are Traps of Destruction, but at the same time, they aren’t.]

[……Are you teasing me again? Then what is it?]

[Well, what should I name it…… oh, yes.]

Yu IlHan thought for a moment before replying with a laugh.

[Traps of Restoration, should do.]

[That sounds very ominous for some reason.]

[Rest assured, it’s your misconception.]

[What was that!]

He scanned his companions that protected the dragons and dragonkin as they battled and enhanced the ‘carpet’ in the region where dragonkin were being slightly driven back and hopped onto the Flying fortress.

[Master, you’re becoming insanely busy again?]

“Yup, not only me, you’ll become busy as well.”

[I have enough work as it is though?]

Mystic spoke words full of complaint. It was just a while ago when she rejoiced thanks to joining Dragon’s Nest, but now she was spouting ungrateful words again. Of course, it was also true that Yu IlHan basically extorted her labor…….

Yu IlHan took out his trump card at that time.

“I’ll make you a body.”

[I was waiting for those words, my lord!]

Mystic’s loyalty suddenly increased by 100%! Yu IlHan nodded his head with a laugh. There weren’t a lot of things to be gained with just a body, but it should be fine to let her rejoice for a while, right?

[What can I help you with, master? Say anything! I’m always ready!]

“Don’t worry about that. It will be revealed soon so you just prepare yourself.”

[Huh? Uh, yeah……?]

Even though it was a joyful matter, why was it that she felt a sense of ominousness? She felt a chill running down her neck despite not having a physical body, and Yu IlHan just went to his workshop.

“Let’s do the designs first. Traps of Restoration, Traps of Restoration, eh…….”

Right now, he didn’t know what kind of schemes that God had so making Traps of Destructions as they are was a really dangerous thing to do. The modified version he made before included.

Then, the only remaining method was to change the alloyed structure entirely and bring about a performance that far outstripped the Traps of Destruction, and of course, Yu IlHan had the perfect tool to be used in this scenario.

“Cradle of Miracles.”

A huge red cylinder appeared in the air. The Cradle of Miracles had grown with the records that it had gained while evolving Yu IlHan’s companions and other subordinates into higher existences and had slightly changed form according to Yu IlHan’s intentions, and after a couple of minutes of transformation, it changed to a huge furnace.


[Okay, master!]

Eternal Flame burnt up in the furnace. Yu IlHan first poured all the harkanium and fecinom that he had got from disassembling Legna, and slapped metals and alloys he created from monster bodies as well as some random ones harvested from various other worlds.

[Is it really possible to create a delicate alloy with such a violent method?]

“If it’s lacking, then I only need to add more, and if it’s too much, then I can just take some away. If I fail to create a satisfactory product with this much, I should retire instead.”

Yu IlHan said that in a naturally flowing voice and took out the container that housed the liquid metal el hazra.

Even though he had extracted it from several Legnae, there was only a very small amount. Of course, that didn’t matter, since he had plenty of sources to procure them.


He cut his hand and let out some blood. He even used his mana to pour quite a lot. The blood that contained his mana completely subordinated the el hazra without difficulties. Thinking about how he had to undergo several processes like this one, Yu IlHan became slightly depressed.

“Blacksmithing, mana crafting, soul enchant.”

He activated three skills continuously and kneaded the el hazra in mid-air. It was only for a moment that it resisted against his mana. His blood that resonated in the mixture transformed the structure slowly. Even while vibrating somewhat violently, the el hazra eventually formed itself into something that looked like a gigantic hammer.

“Well, then.”

Yu IlHan immediately smashed down with it onto the furnace. His blacksmithing work had already gone beyond the realm of being constrained by matter and tools.

[That…… does the job?]

“Of course. If it is my will, the things I want shall automatically be completed.”

Yu IlHan’s creation began. It was a work that created dungeons, as well as new hope.

Thanks to the remains of Legna that Yu IlHan’s companions had coincidentally met and succeeded in procuring, the fate and history of all worlds had changed.