Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 31 I Also Go to Dungeons (3)

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I Also Go to Dungeons (3)

[You have earned 548,701 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 74 Big Metal Heart.]

“That was easy.”

Yu IlHan, who smashed the Big Metal Heart into smithereens in one strike landed on the ground lightly with the pile bunker while muttering. However, immediately after that, he was dumbfounded after looking at the state of the bone bullet which was completely nailed in the ground.

It was good that the bullet shot out powefully after receiving the elastic power of the Giant’s Rubber Band in full strength, but not only was it deeply embedded on the ground to the point that only the head peeked out a little, there was even a large crack over its body. As he knew how hard the Shadow Leopard’s bones were, it was even more shocking.

There was one thing he knew from this.

“The bullets are one-time use……!”

[I wouldn’t be able to accept it if there weren’t such prices.]

The situation was different from the time he hunted the Giant Leopard or the Shadow Leopard. At that time, there were people helping him, and especially, the help from the Empress, who could use strong magic helped out alot.

However, now what? No matter how his physical body and techinques were abnormal, he just ended a monster twice his level in just a single strike!

“How can I retrieve the bullet? No, now that it came to this, should I make a frag shot under the premise that it’s unretrievable?”

[Just retrieve its heart.]

Erta urged Yu IlHan, who, Befitting of a blacksmith, was designing a new weapon. He retrieved the bigger and brighter heart of the Big Metal Heart, compared to the ordinary Metal Hearts, and briefly tested its strength.

It was amazingly durable.

“Hey, it’s much stronger than Metal Heart. Isn’t that insane?”

[The final evolution form of Metal Hearts, the King Metal Heart, is a metal that boasts of superior durability even in worlds one level more advanced than Earth. Although, as a 4th class monster, it won’t appear in this dungeon.]

“You were surprised with just the Big Metal Heart appearing, though?”

[Khm! It’s just a coincidence. I can accept that the monsters which were already on Earth had evolved abnormally, but these monsters are in the end, new monsters appearing on Earth! This Big Metal Heart is the mutation. From now on, we wouldn’t be able to meet any more of these!]

However, Yu IlHan thought while loading the 2nd bone bullet on the pile bunker. If she says that, the opposite will definitely happen.

Aaaaaannnd, as expected, they ended up meeting the second Big Metal heart in a cave deeper inside the dungeon.

[Fuu…… Fucking Earth. Nothing is going the way it should be.]

“Tell me how much of the dungeon is left.”

[Wait a bit.]

While wondering whether to take out the pile bunker or not, Yu IlHan urged Erta. Originally, it was forbidden to leak the information on dungeons, but in truth, Erta, who helped Yu IlHan until now, honestly told him the information. If she said it was the reward for the quest, then there was no reason why it wouldn’t work.

[We’re only half way there.]

“Ok, let’s seal the pile bunker first.”

Yu IlHan had the confidence to end something like a Big Metal Heart in one go if he used the pile bunker, but the little ammo left weighed on his mind. Even in novels, weren’t there cases where the MC got beaten up by the last boss due to using up all mana, or ammo, or potions?

Although Erta strongly claim that that won’t be the case, no matter how he thought about it, there would be a monster stronger than the Big Metal Heart at the end of this dungeon, so he couldn’t waste the bone bullets now.

However, the ancestors of all times said this – ‘Saving up is wasting’. The other obvious pattern in novels were that they get beaten up while trying to save up.

Should I use the weapon at this time? Should I drink a potion at this time? The characters in novels meet countless split paths and are urged to make a choice.

No matter what they chose, if they survive, they are the main characters, and if they die, they are side characters. Sometimes, the main character just dies, but then, the popularity of the novels just dies as well, so that was an exception.

However, Yu IlHan was neither a main character, nor a side character, but a dropout. So, the choice he made was neither the pile bunker, nor going just with his body.

It was the other weapons he brought.

“Violent Thousand Bomb Hammmmeeeeerrrr!” (T/N: Doraemon reference)

[Violent Thousand Bomb Hammer]

[Rank – Unique]

[Attack Power – 1,974]

[Ammo – 3/3]

[Option – Spreading force of the frag bomb increases by 30%]

[Durability 1,120/1,120]

Yu IlHan shouted while taking out a hammer which had a massive lump of metal one one side, unlike the heavy battle crusher from last time from the cross bag. Of course, he was still under concealment, so he didn’t get noticed by the Big Metal Heart.

[Why did you make a nasal sound just now?]

Yu IlHan ignored Erta’s question, and gripped on to the weapon with both of his hands.

This weapon was the masterpiece small scale weapon made from the Giant’s Rubber Band.

On the head part of the hammer, a cartridge with the Giant Leopard’s and Shadow Leopard’s sharp bones inside was installed, and it would be loaded after installing the Giant’s Rubber band and pulling it with all his strength.

After that, if an enemy was hit, the rubber band will shoot from the shock of the hit, and make the cartridge explode. Countless bone fragments will dig into the enemy’s body. This was such an evil weapon!

As a weapon no different from one which fused close range weapon and a frag bomb, it naturally far surpassed modern frag bombs.

The point which was better than the pile bunker about this was that due to the rebound from the rubber band, the cartridge at the back of the hammer will be automatically loaded. What was even better was that Yu IlHan had about 50 of these cartridges!

[A person like you who fights joyfully should be rare too.]

“It will be impossible in just one strike. I need to attack before it splits its body and attacks me.”

Before jumping at it, Yu IlHan simulated his movements inside his head. Although a simulation would become much more complex if the enemy can move, as he knew that he could hit where he wanted for the first strike, it was quite smooth.


With a strange shout, Yu IlHan kicked off the ground. Like the time he confronted the last Big Metal Heart, he jumped after the 3rd step.

Following that, he smashed down the hammer right in the middle of its body and with a popcorn popping sound, the cartridge exploded!


The weapon activated successfully. The thousands of durable sharp bone shrapnels dug through the hard metal, and a bone-shivering sound resounded while they broke everything in their path.

Immediately after it recognized the strong attack, the Big Metal Heart soundlessly expanded its body and assaulted Yu IlHan!


Before he even landed, he was about to get swallowed up by the wave of metallic fragments, but before it assaulted him, the lumps of metal seemed to twist around and in the end, they clashed into each other and collapsed just like that.

There was no need to mention the reason. The countless number of bone shrapnels which dug throughout is body had hindered it.

While lightly swinging the hammer to nail the bone fragments into the Big Metal Heart’s body, Yu IlHan landed smoothly. Then, he watched its state while stancing himself to attack again.

However, in conclusion, that was for nothing.


Although the Big Metal Heart was moving while dividing the metal clumps that made its body as much as possible, the bone fragments which dug through deep inside its body gave an effect of binding it while hindering its movements, just by being there. It was like scattering salt onto a snail crawling on top of lettuces.

It was an effect which overturned Yu IlHan’s imaginations of thinking ‘it would be able to break it since it’s just some frag bomb, right?’. However, He tried his best to look cool and shouted.

“Of course, this Yu IlHan had calculated everything from the start!”

[Don’t lie.]

“You got better……”

[If one’s partner is you, then anyone would become like me.]

Now, he had no reason to use the Thousand Bomb Hammer. Yu IlHan mercilessly struck down with his axe the Big Metal Heart which was crawling around while spreading its body, trying to assault him, and not long later, it collapsed by itself.

[You have earned 579,192 experience.]

[You have become level 40. 1 Strength, Agility, 2 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

He had become level 40. He levelled up twice in one day. Even considering that he had holed up in his workshop making weapons and Traps of Destruction, for one month, his level should be at the forefront of humanity.

Since there won’t be many who would kill 2nd and 3rd class monsters for levelling up.

And as he knew that, he was worried for the other returnees.

“Are the other humans levelling up well?”

[At least, the Empress should be doing well. Don’t worry.]

“That is that, but I’m worried about my parents.”

[You do seem to worry about the Empress.]

Erta picked on something unexpected. Yu IlHan asked her while asking her.

“Why are you worried about the Empress? Did some other angels give her a quest or something?”

[No. It’s not that.]

With that, Erta shut her mouth. Yu IlHan was supsicious of her behavior, but as he wasn’t interested that much, he didn’t dis any deeper and just retrieved the heart from the Big Metal Heart.

After that, Yu IlHan kept exploring the dungeon, but only Big Metal Hearts came out and unlike his imaginations, Great Metal Hearts, Huge Metal Hearts, Giga Metal Hearts and such evolved forms didn’t appear. At least, Erta was right on that.

As he levelled up by a little while exploring the dungeon, and got used to the new weapons in combat, he inwardly expected a little to encounter a 3rd class monster at the center of the cave, but was disappointed as he only found Big Metal Hearts inside the innermost area. In contrast, Erta was relieved that a 3rd class monster didn’t appear for real.

[We’ve cleaned it up so it should be fine to leave it alone for a while. Let’s come here again if we need more metal later.]

“At that time, it will be good if I can encounter King Metal Hearts.”

[……At least, we should come after you can use mana.]

The Big Metal Heart that was at the centermost region(It was almost lv 80 unlike the others, of course it was sent to hell with a single strike from the pile bunker) was cleared and after that, Erta used something like Angel’s Authority or whatever to check the Trap of Destruction which made the core of the dungeon. During that time, Yu IlHan checked over the spoils of war and the equipments he had used in the battle.

[The age of the Trap of Destruction for this dungeon is quite old.]

“Is there a problem with that?”

[No. Anyway, it’s a trap to seduce new monsters, and not the original mosnsters that was left out with you, so it won’t be a problem even if it was created from God’s power. It’s just that I was surprised that the Trap of Destruction was quite older than I had thought.]

Erta muttered saying that she was just curious and it had no problems. Yu IlHan also lightly nodded and passed her words in his mind.

Of course he also thought that an enormous accident would erupt relating to this. This was definitely a foreshadow. And an amazingly blatant one at that.

[It’s really nothing!]

“Ok, ok. I will put effort into levelling up so that it would be alright even if a dragon pops out of this dungeon.”

[Auuuu, I really don’t understand if you’re trustworthy or pathetic!]

Two weeks had passed since he had entered the dungeon. He crawled out of the dungeon after having acquired a useless skill that he would be able to realize what flavor jerky it is even if it was opened 200m away.

The number of Traps of Destruction that he made additionally with the angels who looked for him was 8.


Now, all the Traps of Destruction have been installed on Earth.

Author’s notes

Violent Thousand Bomb Hammer! (A cat robot saying this while taking out a hammer from its 4 dimensional pocket) (T/N: Doraemon reference)

A sharp MC who does not fail to catch a foreshadow

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Kek… sponsored chapter eh? I want to TL more, but now is time for homework… why do uni profs gimme homework… I hate homework…

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