Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 309: You Are The Same As Me – 1

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“Well, then.”

Yu IlHan unfolded his arms. According to his gesture, flames blossomed before enveloping the others around him as well as the two fortresses. An impermeable space was created.

Monsters gritted their teeth and tried to attack them, but there was no way newly born monsters from Dareu could make so much as a dent on Yu IlHan’s personal barrier. The ones that did attack were instantly killed the next moment either by a dragonkin or a dragon.

The group stared on as the monsters crashed into the barrier continuously and felt as if they were watching a 3D movie. Liera shouted after a clap.

“Ooh, the battle looks more intense from here!”

“Here’s some popcorn~.”

At a good time, Na YuNa brought out some popcorn. It was her scheme to win points back from Liera since she was found out while trying to flirt with Yu IlHan. It was quite effective and Liera accepted it with a satisfied expression.

“You are quite capable!”

“Bullshit capable!”

Yu IlHan shouted, but the situation was completely flowing towards spectator-like atmosphere. Not only those two, the others also seated down on the floor of the barrier and started watching the intense battle. They were planning to watch from the very beginning!

Being with Yu IlHan for so long, the others knew when it was their turn to fight and when it wasn’t, so Yu IlHan thought that they were being slightly nasty.

“It’s not such a short story, right? It’s fine, take it slow. We’ll listen to all of it.”

[There’s no way it will be so simple when it’s about the process of becoming the Fifth God. Darling, I also want to hear the specific now.]

“Sheesh, you guys…….”

Yu IlHan sighed, but he couldn’t really help it. Liera should have told them up until the point that Raphael accompanied the two. He revealed the details starting from the point after that, and emphasised on what he had to do in order to create a higher existence organization.

The fact that they reached a place where all factions fought along with Raphael, that the ones that attacked the Heaven’s Army so much had instead started attacking the Army of Brilliant Light, and how he was surprised about that, the fact that Michael and Raphael worked in conjunction to dispel his concealment, or to be exact, his clone, the fact that he attacked Raphael in that lapse of concentration and acquired all the necessary records!

The fact that he acquired the class, Leader, to replace the gone Angel’s Partner, and how he was reborn into the leader of the faction; the fact that he had killed Keshein and Raphael and grew even further, the fact that he had gone to Elo Katra and met the leader of the Destruction Demon Army, as well as the fact that he completely ignored Greed and returned to Dareu, only to cause the 6th Great Cataclysm.

“Fuu, see, nothing much happened, right?”

Kang HaJin replied in an absurd voice at Yu IlHan’s words.”

“If that was ‘nothing much’ then what is ‘something much’? Creation?”

“My word, to think you’ve never even seen the Leader class until then……”

Even though he had talked all this cool story in one breath, Na YuNa was disappointed about just one weird point. Yu IlHan tried to snort it over, but even Liera stroked his hair in tears.

“Pitiful IlHan…… It’s fine, I’ll stay with you forever.”


[Uh, hm. Darling did everything perfectly so that is why that happened! Darling is not in the wrong!]

“Huh, whoa?”

“Th, that can happen. Leader, hm. I might not have been able to acquire it if I didn’t spend ten years in Breya. Yes, of course.”


The reactions of the others about the weird aspect of the story was quite suspicious. Even though he had become a higher existence, why did he have to receive such a treatment! Well, Yu IlHan also thought that acquiring the Leader class last was quite insulting, but even so!

If it came down to this, the only hope was his mother…… but when he turned around to her, Kim YeSeul only smiled awkwardly. To think back, she had partied with the spirits in the halted world and hunted monsters starting from level 1! She should have long since looked at the Leader subclass!

“Dragon’s Nest. So that’s it. Is it also the reason why so many dragons have gathered?”

Kim YeSeul seemed to want to change topics and asked after looking at all the dragonkin that were having an intense battle. Yu IlHan nodded with a pouting face.

“That’s because the first world that caused a Great Cataclysm in resonance to my mana happened to be Dareu…… but yeah, you can think of it like that.”

Yu IlHan would have looked for Dareu eventually anyway, and at that point, something similar would have happened, just on a smaller scale. It was just that the scale had become absolutely huge thanks to the great timing where he had returned to Dareu!

[Not only the dragons, but the other dragonkin as well…… amazing. You’re amazing, darling. I did think that perhaps it may come to this when you acquired dragon powers, but I never knew there would really be a faction that rules over dragons.]

Dragonkin. The race that is born with the highest potential upon birth. Of course, the epitome were the dragons, but all dragonkin were born with the highest health and magic power. However, Yu IlHan had acquired a power that managed those dragonkin and was able to make them grow even further, so was there a need to talk about how great of a domain that Yu IlHan had expanded?

It was just that one thing nagged on Helièna’s mind. It was that the name of the organization felt as if it excluded everything that was not dragonkin. Why was it a ‘dragon’? To be exact, wasn’t there an attribute or characteristic that brought all together into one?

Just what intent did the Akashic Record have? No, there was no way the Akashic Record possessed something like that, but did it really choose that name after meticulously analyzing Yu IlHan perfectly?

“Helièna, I think you misunderstand.”

Yu IlHan laughed after hearing Helièna’s words. Well, it wasn’t that he didn’t understand what she was thinking, but to speak of the conclusion, it was a needless worry.

“Dragon’s Nest isn’t just a place that houses dragons.”

Yu IlHan’s pupils gave off light. The the vertical golden slit pupils that appeared on his ruby-like eyes charmed Helièna. She couldn’t even live up to her name as the Succubus Queen but still asked in an enchanted voice.


“Dragon’s Nest is the place where dragons gather, live, and finally, the place they return. And also……”

He raised one hand. Liera, who felt that it was her turn, stood up and approached him. The others also seemed to have felt a mysterious aura, and focused their gazes on Yu IlHan, Helièna and Liera.

At that moment, a gigantic red bucket appeared in the barrier. It was the same basket that made First into a true dragon, the Cradle of Miracles. Helièna finally seemed to have realized something and moaned in exclamation.

[So that’s it, Dragon’s Nest…….]

“Yes, Dragon’s Nest.”

Liera closed her eyes. They didn’t need to speak to each other to communicate and she was happy that it wasn’t awkward at all. Yu IlHan laughed and swung his hand downwards. The Cradle of Miracles completely enveloped Liera and formed a red egg-like structure. Everyone knew the answer at this point.

“Is a place where dragons are born.”

[My god…….]

Helièna couldn’t hide her shock and exclamation.

[How can this be, so that’s it. I can finally understand how darling can become a being that surpasses Heaven itself. A faction that can change an entity’s records by such a large margin…… only Heaven was capable of that until now.]

That was true. The Destruction Demon Army only raised the league of beings that had destructive tendencies and kept their attributes. The Garden of Sunset was a faction that respected the characteristics of each entity and supported their development. The Army of Brilliant Light caused some changes, but that was merely corrupting the ones that had already become an angel.

Transforming the very existence, in its true sense, could only be seen in Heaven’s Army until now.

But now, in this place.

The perfect transformation of existence, the evolution of existence, was being performed.

“Liera, endure it for a little.”

Liera inside the egg could not reply. However, Yu IlHan could perfectly grasp the transforming Liera inside even with his eyes closed.

Now, there was only one thing left. When he extended his index finger, a drop of his blood flowed and seeped into the red egg. At that moment, the egg vibrated with a loud thud.

[Uu, so envious. I’m very envious.]

“Your turn will come soon so wait a little.”

The egg vibrated a few more times before cracking like how it was with First. Yes, in fact, the process looked quite similar to what First had experienced.

Yes. Although this was quite sorry for First, Yu IlHan had in fact been experimenting with First on his ability as the leader of Dragon’s Nest. Even though he knew how perfectly safe it was, he couldn’t be relieved until he saw it himself.

And Liera’s case was slightly different from First as well. Unlike how it transformed from a lower existence dragonkin into a dragon, Liera had fallen from her position as a 6th class high angel to 4th class, and was now regaining her league that she had once lost. The difference between the sun and a firefly would be an overstatement, but the two would at least differ like the difference between a lake and a puddle.

[W, wait, darling. Restoring her league? The league that she once lost?]

“Liera only couldn’t implement her records that she had piled up since she lost her qualifications as an angel, and she still possesses the achievements and records that she acquired purely by herself, right?”

[But even if that were the case…….]

“This is the same as how an angel becomes a fallen angel, and how a fallen angel becomes a predator of the Destruction Demon Army, and how a predator becomes a gatekeeper in the Garden of Sunset. There’s nothing to be so surprised about.”

In the past, the Garden of Sunset tried to make Erta reborn into their gatekeeper. Since she retained her records that she possessed to reach such a league, they just needed to swap out her records as an angel with the records as a gatekeeper.

This was the same method that turned angels into fallen angels, and was practically a magic that all factions shared at this point. However, that only extended to…….

[That’s swapping! The time of that magic is horrendously important you know! But Liera had spent a long period of time after she had lost her league, but how can you fill such a gap……!]

“Such a gap is as good as nothing in front of me.”

Helièna became speechless at his words. Even in that while, Liera’s ‘incubation’ was occurring. The crack in the egg widened, and red light was released from the gap. Helièna shivered after feeling the strong vibration of magic power.

[She really is a 6th class……!]

“Your turn isn’t long, so wait, Helièna.”


Yu IlHan laughed as he saw Helièna watching Liera with two pairs of red dragon wings, appearing from the cracked egg in astonishment.

“It’s time for you to return to being a ‘perfect’ 7th class, no?”