Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 308: I Am Your Father – 9

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[Die! Sever the resentful lineage of dragons!]

[I cannot accept you! You’ve always swung us around at your whim, we shall punish you even if it costs us our lives!]

[Whether it’s us or you, we have just been born. Why do you bear so much resentment!]

[Just try killing me with that dragon-slaying power!]

All dragonkin wishing to become true dragons clashed against the monsters that aimed for Yu IlHan under the lead of First.

It wasn’t like there weren’t any 3rd class monsters, but they either died in the first clash, or were dying out really quickly without being able to win against the other monsters. As such, most of those that clashed in the battlefield were usually 4th class.

“My word, IlHan. What is all this?”

“Oh, this? It’s just setting the world in order.”

Yu IlHan gave a chic reply to Liera who was shocked after seeing such a scene after leaving him alone for a few hours.

“Setting the world in order……?”

“The environmental problems after the 6th Great Cataclysm have mostly settled down. However, as you know, the real Great Cataclysm only starts after then, doesn’t it?”

“That’s true.”

The real frightening part about Great Cataclysms were the monsters that were born under the influence of the evolved mana. Dareu was filled with frightening monsters when it underwent the 5th Great Cataclysm, but now it had went through the 6th!

Fortunately, it was possible for Yu IlHan to take the dragons and dragonkin under his wing, but unless Yu IlHan became the boss of the Destruction Demon Army or something, it was impossible to force the submission of all monsters. Especially the dragon-slaying monsters even though they were created based off of his own records!

“Of course, the best way is to trap them under Traps of Destruction, but pushing all the monsters in this world in to dungeons is practically impossible right now. Moreover, thanks to Daeru fusing with tens of other worlds, the landmass has increased dramatically as well. And so…….”

“You’ll undergo a massive cleaning session, right~? By ordering around the dragons and dragonkin? As expected of my Mr. IlHan, you do things on such a big scale~. Such a side is cool as well.”


“Ha, hahaha…….”

Na YuNa came to a conclusion. Yu IlHan laughed and Liera laughed as well. Of course, the two individual’s laughs differed by about a 100 million degrees centigrade.

[The higher existence group, Dragon’s Nest, so it meant this. Really, it’s perfect.]

Meanwhile, Helièna gave her own opinion. Despite not having rested for long, her body had completely returned to its top condition. Not just her, everyone residing in the two fortresses were like that.

“Ehem, didn’t I do good?”

Only Na YuNa, who was boasting, had consumed a lot of mana and was exhausted. Meaning, she didn’t even properly rest and controlled the holy region to look after all of them.

Of course, he knew how she felt. Due to the characteristics of her class, she had to stay in the safest zone of the battlefield. She helped everyone using her blessings and heals, but she couldn’t have helped but feel uncomfortable when she was the only one in the safe zone while everyone else fought on the front line. All the more so, if the battle was intense.

“Thanks for helping out.”


Yu IlHan stroked her hair lightly instead of blaming her foolishness. Just with that, his mana seeped into Na YuNa’s body and healed her tired body and revitalized her. Now that he had become the leader of a faction, this was as simple as breathing for him, but for Na YuNa, that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Amazing! So your hair and eyes don’t glow for nothing!”

“I understand how you see me now.”

“Aaah, no, it’s not that! I only wanted to snip a little bit of your beautiful hair and keep it for myself!”

Yu IlHan laughed and asked.

“So, how is Miss MiRae?”

“She’s still sleeping~. I recovered her body and magic power so she should be up once she relieves her fatigue!”

“You’re so caring to your friend.”

“But it’s a big problem since I feel like I’m going to like you more than her~.”

Na YuNa spoke out honestly in embarrassment. Yu IlHan spoke with a light smile.

“Liera’s behind you.”

“Don’t joke with me, such a teas……hiiiik!”

“You admitted your own sin!”

While Yu IlHan and the others were playing around, the dragons that felt Yu IlHan’s mana gathered around him. Yumir was the fastest and Ruby was the next, and they were surprised after seeing First, and then surprised again after seeing countless dragonkin battling against monsters.

[Dad, what is all this?]

[Father, don’t tell me father wishes to rule over those dragonkin as well……?]

“Welcome. From now, this will be the battlefield so gather up and head into battle. I’ll call all the other monsters here so don’t worry about that.”

[All of the monsters, in this vast world……?]

Even the dragons that vaguely knew of his power couldn’t believe his words. Yu IlHan smiled and raised one hand. From his hand, an overwhelming aura was emitted and spread to the surroundings.



The monsters couldn’t defy this aura and shrunk back while the dragonkin took this chance to bite them. For an action of just raising his hand, the effects were too big. In fact, it was even expanding and was provoking all monsters of Dareu and were calling them here.


“Huu, you became too strong while I didn’t take notice of you!”

[This is a skill? I can feel darling’s aura amplifying.]

“You’re right.”

Perhaps it was impossible in another world, but in Dareu which solely belonged to him, it was possible to maintain Manifestation skill for one or two days without a problem, so he currently maintained the skill to support the dragonkin and dragons with his power. What was amazing was that Yu IlHan still had some strength left.

“Should we kick it up a notch then?”

“How are you going to do any more than thi…… Kyak!”

“My god!”

The moment Yu IlHan’s hand swung down his arms vertically, the ancient elven magic formation activated.

No, that could no longer be called the ancient elven magic formation. It was endlessly modified by Yu IlHan, and during the Great Cataclysm, its accumulated records became unimaginable! Yu IlHan just decided to rename it to carpet.

“It’s definitely strangely right but no!”

“Mwahahahaha! Taste the power of the carpet cast over the entire continent!”

When Yu IlHan’s mana, amplified through Manifestation, seeped into the lands and vitalized the carpet to the fullest, the entirety of Dareu flashed red once.


[My body…….]

[M, my strength is draining!]

[The dragon potential within me is boiling!]

[Uoooooh! O mighty ruler!]

Weakening, slowing and draining mana from the enemy, as well as boosting the recovering of and strengthening his allies! This was an all-purpose carpet!

The scene of tens, hundreds of millions of monsters losing power was a spectacle as well, but all the dragons and dragonkin going berserk with their mana as if they were popeye after eating spinach was quite a scene as well.


[Taste the flames of hell! Khaaaaaak!]

[Still too weak, you’re too weak! Bring out more of your power! If you don’t kill one hundred each I’ll scold you later!]

Not to mention the strongest dragon after Yu IlHan, Yumir, Ruby and First, behind them also rampaged around. Ruby tried to appeal more to her great father, while First was trying to repay the ruler that made it strong. Since both of them had the fire attribute, they had their powers increased the most as well.

[We need to kill that damn man!]

[The Brood Father!]

“Ooh, quite the good words for a monster? Okay, you’re in.”

The lord of all dragons, The Brood Father, eh. Yu IlHan was satisfied with the title and killed the monster in kind. Even though he just lightly swung his hand, an impossibly fast spear of fire pierced it all the way from its mouth to its hind and killed it.

Even though it was a monster over level 250, leaving aside how obvious it was for Yu IlHan to kill it in one strike, it died without even knowing what it was killed by! So tragic!


“Liera-unni~. Was there something just now?”

“I just resent all the time I’ve lived…….”

It wasn’t just Yu IlHan and the others. The monsters were shocked at the attack that transcended their recognition and was frozen in place, while the ones that inherited Yu IlHan’s records were not idiots to miss this opportunity. Yumir lead them in a charge.

[Drive them back! Drive them back even more! A fight is all about the morale. Like the wind that strengthens flames, faster, and sharper!]

His son had absorbed everything while being with him and was doing his job as the eldest brother perfectly!

[Follow brother’s back! O, dragons, are you planning to lose to the other dragonkin even though we stand at the apex!]

[Dragonkin, rage, and rampage! Steal away the position of dragons that the ruler has promised us!]

The morale was there. Dragons and other dragonkin usually had animosity towards each other upon birth, but right now, they teamed up with Yu IlHan at the center and were facing the monsters, and the ones with dragon-slaying powers as well.

[How can I not rip that dragon to pieces! My teeth, my claws, why are they becoming dull!]


[We can’t back out like this…… I shall definitely sink my teeth into that being!]

Even though the other monsters were being driven back mercilessly, they couldn’t leave this place so they cried out in agony and attacked, died, then attacked, and died. In the process of countless monsters dying, the mana released from their deaths once again vitalized the carpet, recovered Yu IlHan’s mana, and the mana that was still left over was sucked into a cylindrical container on his hand which appeared from some time.

“IlHan, that’s…….”

“Very good, it’s working very quickly.”

It was the cylinder that Yu IlHan had installed in Dareu in order to gather the mana of Earth on Dareu. He recovered them in order to prepare for battle, but now that he had come back to Dareu, he re-installed them. But right now, it was different in the sense that it was absorbing the mana of Dareu and not just of Earth.

Yu IlHan checked the rate at which mana filled the cylindrical container and made a satisfied smile. Once he entrapped the mana in this container, he could slow down the birth of monsters, as well as gather large quantities of mana. This was killing two birds with one stone! Very good!

“Good, children, fight for just another 3 weeks like this!”

[Th, three weeks??!…… I shall do my best!]

Ruby realized that Yu IlHan was really going to call all the monsters in this world here and clenched her teeth as she replied. Yu IlHan nodded several times at her handsome attitude and turned around. The others were staring at him dumbfoundedly.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t talk about me yet, did I?”

“I vaguely knew what happened, but I think I need to hear it properly after seeing all this.”

When Liera said that, Na YuNa nodded her head intensely. Yu IlHan made a slight smile and nodded his head. Helièna was making a satisfied smile on his side.

“Good, let’s get that out of the way now.”

Dragon’s Nest, with just two members with Yu IlHan and Yumir, had finally started recruiting new members!