Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 301: I Am Your Father – 2

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While Yu IlHan was orchestrating a similar spectacle to that of the creation of the universe, Yu IlHan’s party members were conquering one higher world after another.

[Just what kind of guts do you have to go against a higher existence faction?]

The one that threw out the question with a vicious tone was a 6th class fallen angel Zeàr, the keeper of the higher world Fièta of the Army of Brilliant Light. The majority of the fallen angels had died instantly thanks to the two WMD-level fortresses, and after a few exchanges, he was the only left.

“What do you mean guts. If we really had the guts, we wouldn’t be acting like this. We’re only taking the initiative because I fear for the lives of my beloved, I am afraid that my precious friends will die, and finally because I’m shy and weak.”

Replied Liera. The strongest in the group was naturally Helièna, but she lacked physical might so after Liera separated from Yu IlHan, she was acting as the squadron leader.

“We found that we weren’t in a position to be picky. I’m sorry. I don’t think we’re in the right. Just…… think of it as a war. Like how we have always lived until now.”

[The high angel who had lost her wings, Liera…… do you feel good being a human’s dog!?]

“Dogs are more apt for describing guys like you…… and could you please call me his fiancée?”

Liera shrugged her shoulders and raised her spear. The deeper the depths of her love reached, the stronger the spear became, and now its attack power had passed 16,000. The fact that her lover had become the ruler of all metal should have also influenced her spear as well.

“Come at me. I’ll finish you in a 1 on 1.”

[How foolish of you to try fighting me when I retain all my powers as a 6th class while you have fallen.]

“Whether I’m foolish or not will be decided after we exchange a few blows, no?”

[You dare……!]

Of course, even Liera wouldn’t just charge in recklessly. She brought up her own magic power and strength using the battle dress, the Feather of Temptation, which Yu IlHan had painstakingly made for her as well as her various accessories. Only after she was blessed by Na YuNa and had the confidence to overwhelm the enemy did she charge forward. It might have been different if she was alone, but she had a lot of people to protect and a lot of expectations to meet.

[You have earned experience.]

“Fuu, that’s done and over with.”

Minutes after the start of the battle, Liera killed Zeàr and skillfully calmed down the magic power that made the spear vibrate. She collected his corpse as well. Helièna, who was watching from the back, exclaimed.

[My, your fighting figure looks similar to darling’s.]

“It was me who taught him the spear so that’s quite obvious.”

[But how do you feel to be left behind by darling in an instant? Hm? How is it?]

“I love it. I feel proud and satisfied to think that I played a pivotal role that made IlHan the him now. I feel like I’m with a part of him even when we’re apart.”


Helièna tried to make something to tease Liera but clicked her tongue after seeing Liera with a very happy smile.

She didn’t have the blessing of the god of love for nothing. Although Helièna felt true love towards Yu IlHan, she was a mere child in front of Liera who had raised her love meter over hundreds of years!

“So this is done. Then shall we go to the next world? It’s the Army of Brilliant Light again…….”

“What if Satan really does act?”

[If Satan moves, then the leaders of other factions will also move, so that will be the time when all factions will go to war just in order to catch us. And that is precisely what darling is aiming for too.]

“Won’t we all die at that time~!?”

Shouted Na YuNa in shock, but Helièna shrugged her shoulders.

[I’m saying that even at this rate, everything will be finished on Earth. And that is why darling’s plan of weakening these leaders as much as possible is the correct choice. And you didn’t forget about it right?]

Helièna’s eyes glistened mysteriously.

[The reason he is making us gather so many records, and the reason he is throwing himself into the most dangerous places is all for his awakening – darling, as a complete, perfect, higher existence, as a leader of a faction…… At that time, we do not need to fear the leaders of other factions any longer.]

“Would everything really change at that time~?”

[Of course. …… No, perhaps darling may stand at the highest and most glorious place of all.]

Considering the God that the Heaven’s Army is in servitude to, Helièna’s words were very rude, but not to mention the others, even Liera and Erta who still had slight beliefs in God’s power did not retort to her. In fact, even these two wanted it to be like that.

[And so, lady. When are you going to make the gate?]

Helièna blushed, feeling embarrassed after saying all those lines that praised Yu IlHan and turned her head towards Kang MiRae. However Kang MiRae’s expression was quite, no, very dark.

“I’m trying, but the gate isn’t opening.”

[But lady, your ability is to make a gate leading to other worlds.]

“There’s inteference by an external element. I can’t even send a message to Mr. IlHan. How, I thought that this ability will not be hindered by anyone recorded on the Akashic Record…….”


Helièna asked back.

[Even the artifact darling gave us doesn’t work?]

Not only did Kang MiRae’s ability get hindered, something was interfering Yu IlHan’s artifact when he was the one who reached the highest realm of crafting after the Creator? Helièna checked her artifact, and it was indeed, real.

Liera realized that any communication with Yu IlHan was disconnected and asked Helièna in a trembling voice.

“……Did Satan appear or something?”

[Even Satan cannot block darling’s artifact. This is an…….]

[Unexpected situation.]

Before Helièna could come to a conclusion, a voice that belonged to neither any in the group, nor any other being in the word Fièta, covered the world. It was a voice that was neither high nor low, emotionless, and an even genderless, dry voice.

[The Fifth faction, Irregulars of the Akashic Record.]

The owner of the voice appeared in thin air. It was an unpleasant-looking creature with a humanoid, but streamlined body, that emitted a foggy light towards all sides.

[Eliminate before they acquire the power to go against Heaven.]

It was just that they had a different characteristic to any other race they knew – three pairs of wings that looked like curtains swaying in the wind, as well as a twisted ring of light that sparked above their heads.

[No way…….]

Helièna shivered slightly after looking at that. Erta and Liera as well.

“Is that, an angel?”

“But for it to be an angel…….”


‘It’ raised its part that resembled a human arm and aimed at the Flying fortress. Everyone felt a great sense of crisis, and Mystic shouted.

[Everyone inside the fortress!]

As soon as the others complied with her instructions, a barrier completely covered the Flying fortress in an instant, and at the same time, Kelatuke’s metallic armor was spread above it! Just as the metallic armor completely covered the fortress and started rotating, ‘it’ shot out a ray of light. The ray of light clashed against the metallic armor and caused a massive boom.

[Kyaaaaaaaaaaak, he’s damn strong! Insanely strong! What the heck is this, I don’t think it’s mana!]

“I’ll help you! Lady Letyna, we need every bit of your strength, even from when you were drinking your mother’s milk!”

“How the heck does a goddess remember her baby days!?”

Na YuNa agitated the holy region and supported Mystic. The power of the goddess was that of recovery and protection! The holy power that filled the entire holy region was absorbed by the barrier to fill the gaps and enhance the quality. Even after all that, it wasn’t easy to block that ray of light.

This was the strongest being that they had ever met. What was even more annoying was that they didn’t even know the identity of this thing.

“Just what the heck is that monster. If IlHan was here, he would have instantly recognized what that thing is with his Record skill…… Eek.”

The next moment, Liera realized that she once again relied on Yu IlHan and slapped her lips. Even though IlHan was indeed very great, but she, who was once a peak of one world, was looking for help like a weakling! She bit her lips and raised her spear again.

“No. If we don’t know, then we’ll only find out, and then defeat……!”

[Let’s do this together, ex-angel. I wouldn’t dare let you get killed because darling will hate me so much afterwards.]

[Looks like I should help as well.]

Liera, Helièna, and Orochi stepped through the barrier. Even against a monster that shot out rays of light that was equal to Yu IlHan’s barrier, their eyes were full of will to battle. Mystic immediately poured out numerous mirrors and protected them.

[Although it should be mana, it feels slightly different so be careful! I will try to analyze and reflect it…… but don’t trust in the Destruction Mirrors so much!]

“Got it.”

The positions were perfect. Behind them were Kim YeSeul, Kang MiRae and Erta preparing magic. Their objective was to discover its weaknesses and restrain its actions rather than dealing damage. The angel-like being with a twisted halo and wings also seemed to notice the aura they gave off.

[Raising the expected capabilities of the irregulars. Loading additional records from the Record.]

It was still blabbing on some nonsense. However, this was for sure. Those thugs that appeared out of nowhere, blabbing on about irregulars or what not in novels or movies were highly likely to be the mastermind that was scheming everything!

“So that means that we’re nearing the last boss! Moreover, it is very likely that they are not related to the four Higher existence factions or are related to the foreshadows they gave off all this time, and belong to a completely different organization or individual!”

“Liera-unni is like Mr. IlHan now~!”

[…… Raising the danger level of the enemy.]

Even the enemy was shocked at Liera’s deduction! However, the situation didn’t look that bright either. It was still attacking the Flying fortress even while aiming for Helièna, Liera, and Orochi perfectly.


A ray of light shot out. But thanks to the fact that it said it will attack like a robot from a movie from the 90s, the group could react quite quickly.


“Tch, that’s the second one!”

[It’s really annoying!]

If their reflexes weren’t on par with that of a higher existence’s they would have instantly died without getting a chance to dodge. After settling on a target, it didn’t seem to be satisfied with just one attack and started to attack continuously. It was as if they were facing against Thousand Eyes. The couldn’t find a chance to retaliate.

[I’ll make a path.]

Mystic couldn’t endure it and sent out the majority of the mirrors at once to attack even more fiercely, but it was prepared for that as well. The halo increased slightly and instantly created a circle around 3 meters in diameter, before rotating around it rapidly to create a shield to block. It was as if it imitated the metallic armor barrier of the Flying fortress!

“That guy’s movement is as if…….”

Before Liera could tell that to the others.



Something finally happened. The curtain wings all expanded outwards at once to shoot out rays of light to instantly destroy a few of the Destruction mirrors! The number of the destroyed mirrors was exactly 4. Mystic shouted in a sobbing voice.

[Noo, Thousand Eyes really became Thousand(1,000) Eyes!]

“This is not the time for jokes! I think he’s learning what skills to use off our attack patterns! Even his actions are like the last boss’s underling!”

Helièna’s eyes shined after hearing Liera’s words. She also didn’t have much physical might so she was busy dodging all those beams, but if it became more advantageous for the enemy as time passed, then they couldn’t keep this up forever.

[Oh my, save up your techniques for now. It looks like this is my turn. Liera, can you make way? Let’s get this over with.]

“……Hmph, fine. Follow me, Helièna.”

Ex-high angel and ex-Battalion Commander formed a tag team. After Helièna reached Liera through the many rays of light, Liera raised her spear before taking a deep breath and charged at once.

[Priority target of elimination.]

“Says who! The one to be eliminated will be you!”

[A little closer…… That’s it!]

The spear that vibrated in Liera’s hand thanks to her magic power, twisted the ray of light! The shockwaves she used had refracted the light! And Helièna instantly approached it!

[Darling pleaded me you know……. And I’m someone who can’t refuse his request.]

This was the moment she concentrated the hardest even since she was reborn under Yu IlHan’s hands. Helièna focused all of charm at her fingertips and touched the enemy as it was slightly defenseless after attacking Liera once. The infallible charm against any man, woman or life form, started flowing into him.

[So can you obediently die?]

[Changing priority target.]

However, the reply was very emotionless.

[Eliminating target with the most hindrance to movement.]


The beam that it shot out pierced through Helièna’s abdomen before Liera could do anything.

Author’s notes

A new enemy appeared! …… But since Liera explained everything, there’s no need for me to explain right!