Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 295: I Will Achieve – 5

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What was creation? Yu IlHan had never forged anything from nothingness and as such, he did not know what true creation was just yet.

The creation he knew of was tied to using materials that already existed and transforming them into something else. He took it a step further, giving rise to what was regarded as impossible, from what naturally occurred.

With enough materials, he could make anything. He had the confidence to do that.

[It is not too late. We can still…….]

[L, Lord Michael!]

[Don’t you dare!]

[Get out…… dirty crows. Do not block the way of the one that executes God’s orders!]

Voices of angels and fallen angels could be heard afar. Yu IlHan thought while listening to them.

What was I trying to do again?

“Yes, creation.”

Creation of what?


His true self, created from the materials provided through his very own being. The smith was himself, while Eternal Flame, Echjar, and Yumir were helping him. The Cradle of Miracles served the same purpose. Fusing the flames and dragons within him into one, and giving rise to a completely different being.

Now that he had finally mastered the Record skill, nothing stopped him from doing it.

“I wish I had more flames.”

If he was disappointed about anything, it was that. Of course, Yu IlHan was currently in a realm where he could create flames by himself and rule over them, but he had to make the dragon’s mana in the same way as well.

Eternal Flame and Echjar were supporting the energy of flames and dragons respectively. Additionally, Yumir was also providing him with dragon’s mana. That was why, the dragon’s energy was slightly larger than the flame energy he had.

He wanted to balance those two out. What could he do? How? When he thought up until that point, he discovered an external source of flame approaching him.

“So that’s it.”

The one that was burning in intense hostility was Michael, a God’s deputy. It seemed that the fallen angels were insufficient to block him. He could feel the aura of flames approaching him in a straight line.

He would have finished earlier if the fallen angels didn’t block him… those guys really didn’t do anything good.

[Although I think it is very unfortunate…… we cannot allow your existence. We shall take care of Earth. So…… die in peace!]

Shaking off the 2nd Wing of Brilliant Light, Anafière, Michael flew towards him and threw a flaming lance that contained all his mana. The 4th Wing of Brilliant Light, Satière, tried to block it before it reached Yu IlHan, but the 1st Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, Keshein, swallowed the 5th Wing and held Satière back.

[You damn monster……!]

[He’s grilling him for me to eat. I can’t allow you to stop him before he is cooked to perfection!]

These guys were imitating an orchestra all by themselves. Yu IlHan laughed and watched the many fights going on, before eventually shifting the position of the Cradle of Miracles slightly. The next moment, the flaming spear flew straight into the Cradle.

The flaming spear should have destroyed the Cradle as well as Yu IlHan within it, but it had lost all its force and was only left with intense energy, which filled the Cradle of Miracles.

[The skill, Counter, has become level 39.]

“No, no. I’m not reflecting it. That’s it.”

He had ‘countered’ the strike from Michael who was even called the God’s deputy. It was natural for the Counter skill to leap in levels. However, even though Yu IlHan had acquired an opportunity to injure Michael, he cancelled the skill midway. It was to absorb the raging flames held within the attack.

“Thanks. You filled the last piece of the puzzle.”

[My God…….]

With his flames stolen, Michael finally realized where this was going and muttered in disbelief. The closer he went to Yu IlHan, the clearer he could see what he was doing right now.

On the outside, he still kept his human figure, but in actuality he was anything but human. Right now, the elements that made up the person known as Yu Ilhan was decomposing, they broke down into the most basic units, and were subsequently reconstructed into the most perfect combinations and structures.

[You, are already…….]


Yu IlHan replied with a smile.”

“You guys are too late.”

[I cannot accept it!]

Michael made a new set of flames and threw them. Yu IlHan’s very existence had become loose; and Michael had lit a fire in the heart of all of it. However, it only helped Yu IlHan in his creation as it was sucked into the domanial resonance.

If Michael was an angel that manipulated not fire, but water or ice, he could have delayed Yu IlHan’s creation by a little, but now that Yu IlHan had ascended to a new realm of being, all of his flames were instead ruled by Yu IlHan.

[This cannot happen. Gabriel definitely told us that we will not be too late. His foreknowledge has not yet……]

“Foreknowledge…. prophecy….”

The closer he approached Yu IlHan, the more mana of flames that composed Michael was sucked out of him and into Yu IlHan. The resonance between Yu IlHan and the Cradle of Miracles was now loud like thunder and even made some of the beings here deaf.

“I’m sick and tired of all that bullshit. I never looked at the answers when I solved questions in textbooks.”

That was a lie. He did glance at the solutions when he didn’t understand how to do them.

However, repeating such actions would increase his reliance on the answer sheet. Once one found himself being relieved only after seeing the answer in the answer sheet, they would realize how dangerous it is to know the answer beforehand. Yu IlHan also stopped checking the answer sheet after that.

Yu IlHan liked the unknown.

He liked freedom.

He even loved loneliness, but on the contrary, he also liked noise as well.

He liked everything that endeared him and loved him, and now he wanted to reciprocate and love them back.

If he had the qualifications.

He wanted to encompass everything in his embrace.

The flames Michael had made, the one that contained his all poured from the Cradle of Miracles to Yu IlHan. It was as if looking at a baptism of flames. Michael cursed himself for thinking that that scene looked holy for a brief moment.

Creation began.

[Master…… is changing.]

[Th, this…… is not changing. It’s rebirth. How can this be. Is this being really achieving the long cherished wish of the dragonkin? A being that is not a dragon, s is being reborn as a dragon?]

[Dad is becoming stronger. I’m also becoming stronger.]

“Everyone…… concentrate.”

Yu IlHan knead himself. As he kneaded all of his records, his titles, main class, and even skills were all mixed up with each other and were destroyed and was created anew, but the important thing was not that right now.

He concentrated purely in order to make himself stronger, more perfect, and more suitable.

[All main classes and subclasses disappear with their abilities intact.]

[The skills, Record and Rule, fuse and evolve. You have acquired the skill, Declaration. You can now create a record that surpasses records within your domain, as well as bringing non-existent records into reality. It will use large quantities of mana in the process.]

[The skills, Falling Down, Dragonic blood, Dragon-man resonance, fuse and evolve. You have acquired the skill, Manifestation. You can increase the abilities of everything under your domain. You can implement more destructive abilities on a wider scale as the skill grows.]

[The skills, God Force, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, Great Cosmos-severing Spear, Dismantling, Excavation, Absolute Accuracy, fuse and evolve. You have acquired the skill, Transcendent Trajectory.]

Seeing the strongest being here, Michael, being easily swept up in front of Yu IlHan, no one could approach him. Of course, the Destruction Demon Army did not care for that and rushed in, but they were akin to moths rushing into a firestorm, only to be sucked dry of their mana and shrivelling into nothingness under the domineering might of the turbulent resonance.

[Kugh, like this…… I can’t eat him! Dammit! Uaaaaaaaaaah!]

And that was no exception for the 1st Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, Keshein. It was clear what this meant.

Yu IlHan had already pioneered a new realm from all those here, and a realm that they could not reach.

“Well, then…….”

[No, no……!]

[My lord, o, Satan! Are you really going to allow the birth of such a being? O Lord Satan!]

[Aah, the prophecy…… is finally happening!]

Brilliant flames arose. The flames that arose as if to shroud Yu IlHan and Yumir’s figures expanded rapidly to swallow everything in the region and forming a complete sphere.

It looked like a red egg. The unprecedented. The ‘Unique (Yu IlHan)’ was completing himself inside the egg.


[He is…….]


And at one moment, the flame that formed a sphere started being sucked into the center. At that moment, the world became silent. As if to celebrate, or to fear, his birth, everyone was silent.

And Yu IlHan opened his eyes.

Countless text appeared on his retina.

[You have become the ruler(lord) of the higher existence faction ‘Dragon’s Nest’. You have become a being that is no longer bound by league. You are not bound by anything. You do not become stronger in a world under your rule, but are not affected either in a world belonging to an enemy.]

[Born man, reborn through dragons and flames, you can also influence absolute authority over all metal and artifacts.]

[You can enable additional ruling within the domain with the skill ‘Declaration’ whenever you wish.]

[‘No one’ can hide from you.]

[You have become level 519.]

[Yu IlHan]

[Lord of Dragon’s Nest Lv519]

[Strength – 1,113 Agility – 1,067 Health – 1,035 Magic – 1,528]

[Active skills – Manifestation(Falling down, Dragonic Blood, Dragon-Man Resonance) Lv 1, Transcendent Trajectory (Great Cosmos-severing Spear, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, God Force, Dismantling, Excavation, Absolute Accuracy) Lv 1, Mana crafting Lv Max, Declaration (Rule, Record) Lv 1, Warp(Leap) Lv 87, Dimensional Ruler Lv 88, Counter Lv 39]

[Passive skills – Blacksmithing Lv Max, Magic engineering Lv Max, Cooking Lv Max, Unshakable heart Lv Max, Dimensional adaptation Lv 79, Fleet command Lv 86]



[My god…… My lord, my ruler!]

The most difficult work ever since he learned creation was finally over. Yu IlHan sighed in relief and shrugged his shoulders. A small translucent flame lingered in his breath for a moment. The Soul of Fire and the Body of the Human Dragon, that hadn’t taken form yet, covered his naked body again.

While everyone was looking at him absent-mindedly, Yu IlHan patted Yumir’s head and checked his status.

“Mir, are you alright?”

[Yeah, I grew a lot!]

Yumir awakened as soon as soon as Yu IlHan did. Since he was connected to Yu IlHan more deeply than anyone else, he had evolved the moment Yu IlHan was reborn as the Lord of Dragon’s Nest.

[I became a lot stronger, dad! Did I do good?]

“Of course. You did very well.”


Right now, Yumir was a much bigger dragon than before. With his level limitation removed, he grew instantly into a 6th class dragon of level 451. Right now, he could wield flames in conjunction with his wind. Naturally, that was thanks to Yu IlHan’s help.

“Oh, and Michael’s help too.”

[You, bastard…….]

Michael clenched his teeth while facing Yu IlHan that was reborn into a lord. The flaming lance in his hand could not maintain itself and disappeared. In front of the lord of all fire, Yu IlHan, no one could use the power of fire without his authority.

[I am the deputy of God! O false Transcender. You do not think that flames are all that I have, do you!]

“Of course not. I also know that you’re very strong.”

Replied Yu IlHan slowly as he raised his hand. A spear of pure flames appeared in his hand. The appearance was so natural that no one could feel anything awkward from it.

“And so, Michael…….”

Yu IlHan flicked his finger with a smile.

“Come at me.”