Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 293: I Will Achieve – 3

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[Lord Raphael, this is really unjust. We really aren’t traitors!]

[Everyone that we’ve encountered until now seemed to have said the same thing. But Vera, none of them ended up being innocent.]

[Aah, he is deceiving you! How can you listen to the words of a mere human!]

The traitors cried out in injustice and Raphael coldly rejected them. This had happened many times already and Yu IlHan swung his spear with a yawn. Vera’s head flew as he was busy crying about the great injustice towards Raphael, scattering grey blood into the air.

[The skill, Record, has become level 98.]

[The skill, Great Cosmos-severing Spear, has become level 99.]

Not only Vera, Yu IlHan killed many traitors while charging on Yumir’s back. Grey blood colored the world. Raphael waved his hand even in this mess to prevent any blood from tainting him, and stared at Yu IlHan.

[We were having a conversation?]

“How was that a conversation? It was just him desperately pleading for his life.”

The biggest problem was that pleading will not overturn the judgement. Yu IlHan snorted and sucked the corpses of the traitors into his inventory. Raphael made an awkward expression while watching him do that.

[You are very adept at manipulating interspace.]

“Thanks to a certain someone.”

[That audacity of yours is really…….]

Raphael shook his hand as if he was fed up with him. The angels all gathered in front of him

[Traitors have disappeared. Guard this world with all your power for Heaven, and the sole LORD.]

[Understood, Lord Raphael!]

[We shall comply!]

The mana that heeded Raphael’s commands all returned to their original places in the world. He had closed all the paths connecting to other worlds the moment they arrived and now, he finally loosened the restriction.

[Well, then, Yu IlHan. We have a slight problem now.]

“What, it’s over already?”

Yu IlHan made an expression like a little child that found an empty bag of cookies. Raphael found that absurd. In the past two weeks they had been to over 500 worlds, and Yu IlHan had killed over ten thousand traitors. No one should have killed so many higher existences in such a short time, but what was he so upset about!

[This is the end of the many worlds under our charge. No matter how large Heaven is, the number of higher worlds are limited after all.]

“Then does the alliance end here? It was fun working with you.”

[However, you haven’t met all the angels yet.]

Raphael’s eyes shined.

[You should be aware that many angels are participating in a war against other factions.]

“You are focusing on finishing off the Army of Brilliant Light, aren’t you?”

[Indeed. That was also why we had to consolidate our foundation. But what if there were traitors among the ones participating in battle? And what if that angel was a 7th class?]

“Things will horribly go wrong?”

[Correct. So now, we’ll be going to them. The method will stay the same. You just need to kill the traitors.]

“Even while angels and fallen angels are fighting it out?”


Yu IlHan replied with a smile.

“That sounds very interesting.”

[Quite the intriguing being you are. Then we shall go immediately.]

Raphael opened a gate. Liera couldn’t hide her worry and grabbed Yu IlHan’s shoulders.

“I think you’ve pushed yourself until now, IlHan. Do you really need to do any more than this?”

“Yeah. Since I started this, I’ll see this through to the end.”

Although he replied in a light tone to Liera, countless thoughts were being generated and discarded in Yu IlHan’s head. What he was about to encounter will be what Raphael wanted, and Raphael definitely would have set some sort of trap ahead.

However, if he didn’t get caught by it, he would have to wander for a long time to become a higher existence since he would be letting go of the thread that he had just found. Yu IlHan didn’t like waiting around aimlessly.

“Liera, go back to the others. This may become a little dangerous from now on.”

Because the other angels may try to use her – he didn’t say that to her, but Liera understood plenty about what he was trying to say.

“Okay. You’ll go too, right?”

“No, my skill level rose far enough to just send another person. So I’ll go there after this is over.”

“……When did it become like that?”

“Just go ahead and wait for mel.”


Yu IlHan gave Liera a short kiss and activated Warp. The level 87 Warp sent her to the world where the others were. Raphael made a bitter smile while looking at that.

[Quite the intense show of affection there. I have lost such feelings a long time ago.]

“Too bad for you then.”

Yu IlHan only snorted towards Raphael’s complex words and jumped into the gate with Yumir.

Beyond the gate was a battlefield between the angels and fallen angels! In a world where thick black energy flowed, a seemingly infinite number of angels and fallen angels were at war. Even Yu IlHan couldn’t help but be shocked at the site.

The sky was too high and large. The lands were expansive and vast. Perhaps Earth magnified by one hundred times would be like this? Such a huge world was not the main headquarters of a faction?

What was even more surprising was the higher existences battling in various parts of the skies and land. Angels and fallen angels numbered the most, but there were also a lot of those belonging to the Destruction Demon Army and the Garden of Sunset as well. He would even believe it if someone told him that all the higher existences had gathered in this place!

“Just how many higher existences have gathered here……?”

[Ever since your companion, Kang MiRae, had opened a gate connecting to the Netherworld, we could acquire a lot of information about worlds under the rule of the Army of Brilliant Light. This world is the biggest world among the ones we could find. The world that has experienced 7 whole Great Cataclysms as well as several evolutions. It is also the world that is directly connected to the Netherworld.]

“The reason you didn’t go to the Netherworld directly is…….”

[You should know about that already, don’t you?]

Of course, it was to lower the power of the Army of Brilliant Light as a whole. That was why it wasn’t only the Heaven’s Army but the beings from other two factions rampaging here!

[Well, the traitors? Do you see them?]

“Of course, there are a lot. I don’t see any 7th class ones yet…… you save your suffering allies. I’ll just move by myself.”

[With that frightening concealment ability of yours…… oh.]

Before Raphael could even finish his sentence, Yu IlHan urged Yumir to head to the battlefield. He resonated with him in high speed, and the two concealed themselves with their mana. Raphael found that absurd even while watching and muttered.

[An ability that even deceives my senses……. But, I will not let you go this time.]

Yu IlHan was speechless for a moment while looking around the battlefield on Yumir’s back. The scene where not only angels and fallen angels, but monsters and gatekeepers scattering their multi-colored blood everywhere…….

[Dad, did you not find a traitor yet?]

“No, I’m just thinking about something else.”

It was just a while ago when the other factions had all ganged up on the Heavens Army, but the fact that they started concentrating their power into attacking the Army of Brilliant Light just because of a slight opening frightened him.

Leaving aside the Destruction Demon Army, who were just muscleheads, he could not understand why even the Garden of Sunset had changed their stance and attacked the Army of Brilliant Light. Just what did they want? Would all of them just rampage around in joy if it was about destroying factions that they didn’t belong to?

Like this, it seemed like the Destruction Demon Army rampaging honestly without any excuses seem to be the most honest. One sure fact that they were all those that Yu IlHan had to screw up one day.

“……Let’s start, Mir.”

[Got it, dad!]

Yu IlHan’s assault began. Charging throughout the battlefield, he immediately impaled the hearts of traitors as soon as he found them to kill them. Of course, he didn’t kill just them. There were many higher existences he could kill with a single strike here after all.

Although he focused on traitors and the Army of Brilliant Light, stragglers from the Destruction Demon Army and the Garden of Sunset did not escape his attacks.


[Invisible…… kahahk!]

Deaths occurred everywhere. Since the battlefield was in such a mess, there wasn’t anyone that could notice the presence of Yu IlHan, and this made him more joyful. Wasn’t this the perfect battlefield for Yu ilHan?

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned experience.]

[You have…….]

[Dad, I keep getting experience.]

“It’s not a glitch so don’t worry about it.”

Having battled with Yu IlHan for so long, Yumir had become level 299 long ago. Not only that, if they weren’t restricted by levels, the two would have surpassed level 400 a long time ago. Of course, their real capabilities were way beyond any 6th class now.

“It’s about time for a change.”

[Dad, the number of enemy is increasing. There’s a lot.]

“……Be wary against them a little, Mir. It’s starting now.”


And it finally happened. When Yu IlHan killed about 1,500 higher existences and the others in the battlefield realized that something was strange, the skies split wide and beings with overwhelming mana pressure had shown up.

[The 2nd Wing of Brilliant Light, Anafière, has come. Foolish pigeons. I shall pull out all your feathers.]

“The 2nd Wing of Brilliant Light…….”

He was practically the 3rd-in-command of the Army of Brilliant Light. However, he definitely had a similar amount of mana and pressure to Raphael.

It wasn’t just him. The 4th Wing of Brilliant Light, Satière, whom Yu IlHan had met before, as well as the 3rd Wing and the 5th Wing were there as well. The Army of Brilliant Light had really resolved themselves this time.

However, what was more amazing was the person from the Heaven’s Army. A massive circle of fire seemed to appear out of nowhere, before a youth with a beautiful blond hair appeared.

With his hand holding a spear of flames, he was the angel with the highest league he had seen so far. Yu IlHan immediately realized what Liera had meant back then. The current him could not win against that being.

[Good, Anafière. I was waiting for you to come here.]


The Archangels that never showed up in the War of the Wall of Chaos, had gathered here – there were two of them to boot! It was a surprising situation that made others think that the War of the Wall of Chaos was not important to them at all.

It wasn’t only that, A few of the higher existences belonging to the Destruction Demon Army seem to explode all of a sudden, before a pitch black monster appeared out of the puddle of blood that formed, and instantly magnified. Yu IlHan realized that it was a type of teleportation magic that involved using blood as a catalyst.

[So it is finally the moment I’ve been waiting for……. The Lord gave me an order. I came here solely to kill ‘him’.]

[The 1st Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, Keshein…… dammit.]

Yu IlHan waited just in case a Chief Gatekeeper appeared from the Garden of Sunset, but they didn’t seem to participate. It seemed like the loss of Kelatuke last time was a big loss for them. Well, even without them, the characters that gathered here were more than luxurious for a single world.

[Anafière. The power of the Netherworld will decrease considerably if you lose the power of this world. At that time, Satan will fear even me. Will you guys be fine with just you alone? Where’s the 1st Wing, Lazière?]

[Dream on, Michael. Without the need for Lady Lazière’s power, you will be finished easily. Just what do you have in mind to leave Heaven so empty?]

[Right now, Heaven is in the cleanest state since the birth of Satan. Although you might be surprised, the current Heaven is safe. We’ve acquired a tremendous helper.]


Anafière realized who this helper referred to. He bit his lips lightly.

[Yu IlHan…… did he go to your side?]

[What do you mean our side? We are in a state of cooperation. And so, you should resent Yu IlHan more than you do us. No?]


Michael smiled. It was as if he already knew what the master of fallen angels had ordered them. Anafière was enraged, and Michael swung his spear with a thicker smile.

[But rejoice, Anafière.]

Flames rose from his body. At the same time, a flame rose from Yu IlHan’s body as well. His concealment was dispelled, and his figure was revealed for all to see.

Yu IlHan knew very well why this had happened.

The Heart of Fire, used in the creation of the Soul of Fire. That item contained records of when it was inside the Heaven’s Army’s treasury, and Raphael was agitating those records in secret while acting together with Yu IlHan to cast one magic.

And Michael had activated that magic. It was the perfect magic solely created to nullify Yu IlHan’s concealment!

[I will erase that boy in your stead.]

And now, Michael was looking directly at Yu IlHan.

No, it wasn’t just him.

All higher existences in this vast world were glaring at Yu IlHan. Especially Raphael, who was smirking at him, and the 1st Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army were the most impressive of the bunch. Meaning, they had some connection behind this.

In other words, this battlefield was not intended for cleaning up traitors and attack the Army of Brilliant Light. It was to deceive Yu IlHan to look like it, and lure him here in order to kill him!

Eternal Flame asked.

[Can I erase it now, master?]

“Go ahead, Eternal Flame. You can erase that magic now. Sorry you had to feel stifled all this time.”

And it was also the stage for Yu IlHan’s giant leap.