Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 291: I Will Achieve – 1

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“Kyaa, it’s Lord Raphael of Healing from the Four Great Archangels!”

Liera screamed like a highschool girl that just met the male idol she admired. Yu IlHan piled around 10 hostility points against this Archangel and asked Liera in a grumbling voice.

“Is that guy strong?”

“In healing, he’s probably superior to Na YuNa. I heard that he’s at a level where he can virtually reanimate anyone as long as they aren’t dead. As for physical might…… I don’t know. I heard he’s stronger than most 7th class beings, but I don’t know by how much exactly.”

Overwhelming the holy maiden Na YuNa in healing and being stronger than the majority of 7th class beings? How OP was that! If this guy had any common sense, he should’ve selected one path and specialized in it!

Yu IlHan, who didn’t think about himself when thinking that, shamelessly grumbled like that and piled yet another 10 hostility points into the book. Liera looked at such Yu IlHan with worried eyes.

“IlHan, is Lord Raphael a traitor too……?”

“No, it’s not that. Rather, I wish he was one so I can beat him up without any worries…….”


“I don’t like his uselessly handsome and kind-looking face. Dammit.”

“Kyaaaak. What are you doing!”

Yu IlHan pondered whether he should show himself or not, but he eventually just threw additional flaming spears to kill more 5th class traitors. When traitors died, Daiel became hurried and voiced out.

[Lord Rapahel. We need to capture him! Please use your powers and……!]

[But Daiel, my thoughts are a little different.]

Raphael wasn’t such an easy man.

[Killing angels and make them look like they were traitors? That is impossible. Only the one that is above Heaven. Only he would be able to do that and no one else.]

[B…… but…….]

[In my opinion, this little daredevil indeed knows the method of differentiating the traitors and is killing them.]

[Why, and how!]

Raphael smiled.

[I do not know the reason. I can only predict that this being has tremendous hostility towards the Army of Brilliant Light. But how, I do know. It is possible for anyone that has the qualifications to become a leader of a faction. So, it is either one of them or…….]

[That cannot be possible!]

[Yes. So…… it is a newly qualified being.]

[That is even more impossible!]

[Well then. Shall we find out?]

When Raphael flicked his finger after saying that, a wave of light spread around from him. Even though that magic was intended for detection purposes, Yu IlHan simply ignored it and threw additional 8 spears to kill 8 traitors.


“Stay still, Liera. We won’t get discovered.”

[Liera-noona you’re being loud.]

Yu IlHan’s presence was not detected. In fact, the heads and wings of the traitors were all being sliced apart even as the magic was deployed, as if to tease the caster.


[Lord Raphael?]

However, Raphael instead made an expression that seemed to relay that the result was satisfactory.

[Good, there’s no way he’ll be detected with my abilities alone.]

[It’s impossible even with Lord Raphael’s abilities? Then we have to flip this entire world over to-]

[Calm down, Daiel. If you are to become an Archangel, you need to have the attitude and qualification that goes with it, don’t you think?]

[But even so!]

Even right now, angels were crying out loud and the blood of traitors scattered everywhere. How could he possibly calm down? Just as Daiel was about to ask back, Raphael spoke with a very calm expression while grabbing him.

[Didn’t I say so? No one other than the LORD can make a perfect angel into a traitor. Even Satan cannot taint the blood of those that do not have darkness in their hearts. Well, then.]


[I do not know his or her intention, but this means that what he or she is doing does not damage the Heaven’s Army at all. I would even extend a hand to help him.]

[Lord Raphael!]


Raphael calmly laughed even while he watched angel after angel being killed by flaming spears. He looked quite frightening, even considering that he knew that the ones being killed were traitors.

[I can’t even figure out where he’s throwing those from. I can even feel that those flames are on par with Lord Michael’s. So mysterious. Is that the new transcender? Quite interesting.]

[Lord Raphael. We cannot let this be!]

[Wait, Daiel.]

Raphael’s eyes became frightening.

[I said wait. To all the angels here, you shall not move, wait.]


There were no angels in Feira that dared to go against Raphael’s orders. Since dying to the flaming spear and being killed by Raphael’s rage was the same thing, the traitors hidden amongst the angels all panicked on the spot before being killed.

[Fuu, hahahaha.]

[L, Lord Raphael…….]

Viciousness in Raphael’s smile became thicker and it seemed as if he was saying – ‘Though I expected this, there are a lot of these bastards’. One of the Four Great Archangels on one side, and flaming spears on the other! To the traitors, this was hell.


[I cannot die here!]

The ones that judged that they couldn’t keep this up finally acted. The ones that had confidence in their power since they were 6th class – although it was unknown how they exchanged signals, the 32 6th class traitors all unfolded their wings and activated group warp towards another world!

[We will become the wings of Satan!]

[Foolish hypocrites. We can finally be truthful to our desires!]

[……Oho, so shamelessly appearing now, are we? Well, then, p newly ascended transcender. What will you do?]

Although he was not aware of Yu IlHan’s presence, Raphael believed that he was there and voiced out to him. Yu IlHan snorted and made a single spear. Then, he resonated with Yumir to bring out the energy of dragons before imbuing all of his power into the tip of his spear. This did not look like he was going to attack many people at once.

“IlHan, their magic! You’ll miss them if you don’t activate Falling Down now!”

“I know, but if I try to kill them, then I’ll miss the big one.”

“So vicious…….”

In the first place, Yu IlHan’s aim was Daiel. That shameless guy that acted calm on the surface but was panicking and rapidly rolling his head on the inside from the moment Raphael appeared! The same guy that made the expression that ‘now’s the chance!’ after looking at the group of 6th class angels acting!


Raphael tilted his head. He realized that Yu IlHan wasn’t making any big movements even when the traitors had come out and were blatantly activating Warp.

Did he go back already? Or was he scared of fighting against 6th class beings? Or was he wary of Raphael’s presence?

Raphael thought about why Yu IlHan wasn’t acting and eventually came to conclusion. It was a very surprising, and more absurd, thinking, but that had the most persuasive power out of all his hypotheses.

So, he raised his hand before it was too late.

[Very interesting…… and foolish too. But.]

[Lord Raphael?]

[I’ll play around with you for once!]

Raphael’s mana rippled. The next moment, the mana that composed the entirety of Feira submitted to his command and created a violent shockwave.

That was enough. All the magic that the traitors were about to use were cancelled and their mana spiraled out of control.


[M, mana is backlashing against us…… O, Lord Satan, please save us!]

[How, can this be…….]

The results of a single gesture were very devastating. It was the price for looking down on the power of one of the Four Great Archangels, as well as the one that commanded the power of the world.

The hole to escape the world had been closed, and the wings of those that revealed their affinity were dyed in black. There was no path of escape for them now.

[Well, then. I can finally see who the traitors are now.]

Raphael made a cold smile and created a sword with the mana in Feira. The sword, containing a thick power of wind also had slight flames in it as well. The traitors all gave up and despaired.

[Raphael, you clown acting on the grave of the dead God!]

[No matter how hard you try to hide it! We all know! The Great One has enlightened us!]

[Hah, they’re properly rotten alright.]

[Y, you evil being!]

[How dare you taint his glorified name with your dirty mouth!]

The non-traitor 6th class angels also participated in the fight and the world became a mess in an instant. Unbefitting of the name of ‘Healing’ in his name, Raphael scattered his murderous intent, and 6th class fallen angels went against him. The other high angels also blocked their paths!

Only two people were waiting for this moment.


Daiel thought. Although he was unaware whether the intruder could discern his identity or not, this being should not be able to do anything against him with just a surprise attack alone. In fact, if his identity was revealed because of that, Raphael would be the more dangerous enemy. If he was to survive this place, the one he had to look out for was not the intruder but Raphael!

‘The moment I attack Raphael; I will have to give up my position as an angel. So, using the mana of the world is out of the question. Then, this will be my only opportunity now that Raphael is using that mana to kill those trash.’

He would attack with all his power to create an opening. Even though Raphael was of a higher league than him, he would not come out unscathed after his attack. The mana at his disposal will disperse, and at least he would be able to escape through the blocked path!

‘If possible, I want to discover and execute this intruder, but I never knew even Raphael would show such movements. Was there Gabriel’s prophecy or something……? I guess I can’t help it. I’ll just……!’

And at that point, the other one that waited for this moment struck his spear into his body.

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]




Yu IlHan, in sync with Yumir, had used 12-overlaid strikes of the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory with all his might!