Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 287: I Will Prepare – 5

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Having gathered most of the mana that filled the world, Lemiel turned it into a streak of lightning and threw it.

Not only was it extremely fast, making it difficult for Yu IlHan to dodge, in the case he did, it would devastate his companions in the Flying fortress as well. This was an attack that forced Yu IlHan to decide, and the judgement was really lightning quick. He made Yumir rise upwards to just dodge it!

[Foolish, with this your companions are……what!?]

Immediately after that, a protective barrier appeared on top of the Flying fortress to block the lightning. The defensive power of the barrier, covered by Kelatuke’s metallic armor, was not so weak to be broken by an ordinary attack from the 7th class. In fact, it even absorbed the mana inside it and recovered its durability as well.

[Just what is…….]

Seeing a human-made barrier blocking his lightning, Lemiel was dumbfounded for a moment. It didn’t take that long for him to realize that Yu IlHan and Yumir’s presences had disappeared.


He lost track of a lower existence right in front of his eyes! It wasn’t that they were in concealment from the beginning, rather, he had just lost the presence of an enemy that he was so enraged at?

Lemiel couldn’t accept this situation, but he wasn’t a 7th class Archangel for nothing, and the moment he realized that he might be attacked by his enemies, he imbued lightning into his wings to completely protect his body. His movements were rapid, just as expected of a 7th class Archangel.

Immediately after that, Yu IlHan’s attack assaulted him.

[Critical Hit!]

An attack containing an overwhelming amount of mana landed on his wings. However, as if having waited for that moment, Lemiel shot out lightning to wrap it while unfolding his three pairs of wings.

[This is the punishment for your arrogance!]

The physical force and mana in the trajectory, as well as the sharpness was returned in its entirety. Actually, it even contained high-density lightning from Lemiel as well.

Receiving the enemy’s attacks perfectly, and returning it with one’s own power on top of it. This was none other than the highest-tier battle skill that only the extreme minority with meticulous technique could use, Counter!

[Die, mortal! Fall! Fall while filled with your swollen desire!]

If Yu IlHan was hit by that, even he would not be able to escape a fatal strike no matter how high his defense was. The strike containing lightning had that great of a power.

However, the perfectly timed counter did not bring about any response. Did he die with just a single strike? Lemiel raised his head on confusion, and

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]


At that moment, greyish white blood scattered as his left arm and wings were chopped off. The next moment, the cut off body disappeared into thin air, and prevented Lemiel from attaching it back.

[Wh, this…..!?]

Rather than the pain of losing 30% of his body, he was more panicked about the fact that the Counter skill had failed, even though it had never failed until now. He hurriedly emitted mana to balance his body and looked for Yu IlHan’s figure.



He was right in front of Lemiel.

[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 99.]

[You have fulfilled one additional criterion of the acquisition conditions of the active skill, Counter. The skill, Counter, can be acquired after you fulfill one more condition.]

The text that appeared on Yu IlHan’s retina implied two things. That there wasn’t long left until he mastered an advanced skill, and that it wasn’t long until he acquired the horrifyingly strong skill, Counter, that the Archangel used just now.

Honestly, Yu IlHan thought that he had become as strong as he could until now, but it seemed like he still had his ways to go. He reflected back on his arrogance.

“So that’s counter? Thanks for showing me. I won’t be able to show it to you right away, but I’ll try my best to learn it in the future!”


As he replied with a smile, Yu IlHan’s hands were gripping onto a flaming spear that was roaring with its mouth open. Since the attack was so sudden, and he did not have any opportunity to activate Counter, Lemiel was hit on the neck by the spear.

[Critical Hit!]

[The skill, Great Cosmos-severing Spear, has become level 89.]


Greyish white blood scattered in the air once again. Yu IlHan’s two eyes glistened, and Lemiel held onto his head as he unfolded the remaining half of his wings to cover his front. The lightning flashing in blue looked threatening, but was much less intimidating than before.

[How did you do that! Were you a magic warrior!?]

“Is there a need to classify fields? It’s because your thought process is from the 90s that you are whining like a puny villain from the 90s!”

“IlHan made Lemiel the villain!”

“But since he said it, he actually looks like he’s whining!”

[You girlllllls!]

Yu IlHan’s first attack naturally was from the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory. The shocking aspect about this spear technique was that he could produce a trajectory that was logically and physically impossible from where he was standing.

However, that skill had ended up growing in a shocking direction as he had experienced magic that distorted space and time continuously, and got used to such a flow and pattern.

The specialty of this technique was that he could strike out simultaneously into several different directions, and this time, he had realized the strike he had shot from a different direction first, and only after the Counter skill by Lemiel activated did he realize and redirected the ten other strikes to deal critical hits.

This was a technique that could only be done when he read the movements of the enemy, but it was also a skill that transcended the boundaries of space and time. It was no wonder his enemy considered this magic. It had the principles of magic contained in it after all!

[You, don’t tell me you have the power to manipulate time!]

“Fufu, I wonder about that.”

Of course, he was just barely able to mix his slight enlightenments he got from experience the time deceleration magic on Earth with his spear, but nothing bad would come out of his enemy shrinking back in fear about that so he just showed his laid-back attitude. If there was a boasting competition, perhaps he’d take first place in the universe, maybe? Of course, that was under the condition that they were able to find him.

[Dad is amazing!]

“Mir’s movements have become agile as well. I think you can fly faster.”

[I became able to fly a lot faster since I trained to move faster on Earth!]

Although this was unintentional, the time deceleration magic had given a lot of help in making Yu IlHan and the others stronger. Enduring the time deceleration magic and training within the effects, allowed not only Yu IlHan but Yumir to bring out more his powers, and the father and son could fight against a 7th class Archangel without being driven back!

[Fast? Yes, you are fast. Why don’t you keep moving fast like that!]

Lemiel desperately changed all his mana into lightning the moment he felt a sense of crisis that he may actually lose against a lower existence. No matter how weakened he was, the lightning he shot out had enough power to break through the armor with a direct hit.

[Why don’t you dodge this! And this too! This is the punishment from the envoy of God!]

“Mir, can you do it?”

[Yeah, I can do it.]

Yu IlHan faced the lightning pouring from the sides and called Yumir with a calm voice. Yumir also replied to him with a similar tone of voice.

The two were right now in deep sync with each other, and shared not only their consciousness, but their mana as well while they were sharpening their senses. And naturally, Yumir’s movements dodging the lightning became agile.

[How!? You two…… how!]

Even though the two were connected as a dragon and his rider, this was supposed to be impossible. It was only possible because Yu IlHan had noticed and raised his dragon powers in the Cradle of Miracles.

To add, it was also because they heightened their senses beyond their limits since this was the first time they fought against such a strong enemy.

“Fuu, so refreshing.”

[Yeah, it’s really refreshing.]

The energy of dragons and fire in his heart started thumping the moment he entered battle, and was now completely connected to Yumir.

This was true resonance. The resonance he could only feel in the Cradle of Miracles until now. Such a resonance was currently happening between Yu IlHan and Yumir with the Flamesoul Dragon Body as the medium.

The resonance increased steadily, fusing and amplifying the two’s energy. Even the mana in this higher world, which were supposed to obey Lemiel, could not win against the overwhelmingly powerful suction force and was drawn in, becoming the energy of dragons and flames from its original form as the energy of Heaven. Naturally, Lemiel’s lightning became weaker and weaker.

[You, damned……!]

“Hm, so this was the right path.”

[It’s hot, dad. The hot energy…… is becoming bigger!]

Yumir’s innate attribute inclined towards wind. On the other hand, the energy Yu IlHan was most skilled at manipulating was fire. Fortunately, the two had great affinity, and Yumir amplified and wrapped his body with the flames that Yu IlHan had made and created a stronger power. On the outside, the two looked like one giant fireball.

“I think we can do it.”

[Yeah, I think we can do it.]

Now, there was no need for Yu IlHan to transmit his thoughts to Yumir. The two shared their thoughts. The process of transmitting their intentions were skipped, and Yumir moved according to how Yu IlHan wished to. His movements became faster.

What Yu IlHan was trying to do now, was none other than the skill, Counter, that Lemiel just showed him.

[Do not take lightly, the power and authority of…… Heaven!]

And the time finally arrived.

Lemiel had reached his limits as he watched the father and son dodging the lightning nimbly, and emitted more mana than he could control by raising his hand.

The lightning from his hand rose to the skies, and the next moment, the entire sky colored in blue. He had colored the entire world with his power in order to prevent the power of the world being stolen by Yu IlHan.

[Open your eyes and watch, this is the will of Heaven!]

“Heaven? Are you sure?”

Yu IlHan made a cold smile and asked back.

“I don’t think your blood is pure white. I think it’s a grey that tries to look white.”

[……Are you looking down on me!]

His voice trembled. However, Yu IlHan already had the assurance. He had licked the angel’s blood and absorbed the records. Changing one’s own records in preparation to go over to the Army of Brilliant Light at any time. In other words, a traitor.

And he was definitely a ‘traitor’. Perhaps the one he was facing was a prominent figure of the traitor faction that acted against him and his angels.

“No way. There’s no way Lemiel is a traitor. He’s an honest Archangel that had served God from the past.”

Liera, who was preparing for battle within the fortress, shook her head in shock when she heard Yu IlHan. Erta also asked Yu IlHan with a cold voice.

“Yu IlHan, were you a person that tried to justify your actions?”

“No, it wasn’t like I tried to kill that guy because he was a traitor.”

“……indeed, it wasn’t like that.”

Erta’s cold gaze headed to Lemiel this time.

“So you were really a traitor, Lemiel.”

[I, am not…… a traitor! I am the will of Heaven!]

A rain of lightning indiscriminately struck everything. A trembling in mana could be seen as if it reflected his state of mind. This was very suitable for what Yu IlHan was trying to do.

“Should we start, Mir?”

[Yeah, dad.]

The resonance between the two deepened. The dragon’s wings that were covered in fire amplified by wind, enlarged as if to swallow the entire skies.

The lightning that fell down on the world started being colored in red.