Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 285: I Will Prepare – 3

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The higher world, Louisa, was one of the worlds ruled by the Garden of Sunset, and there were over 1,000 5th class higher existences residing on it at any given time. These guys acted so secretively that it was safe to say that no other factious would invade it, but they had to prepare for the what-if scenario.

Of course, if it actually happened, defending themselves successfully was a completely different story.

[I’m done calibrating the mirrors.]

“You need to take out at least half.”

[Don’t worry about it.]

“Good, fire!”

[Roger that!]

One thousand concealed mirrors spread out from the Flying fortress to cover the skies, before all of them spat out strong rays of energy. Since the Flying fortress had become Eternal-ranked, Thousand Eyes had also rose in league as well; and by now, just that volley of attacks took the lives of hundreds of higher existences residing in that world.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have…….]

Yu IlHan saw the pouring text of experience points and nonchalantly raised a hand in the air. The ones waiting in the two fortresses all prepared for battle.

Although they were all merely 4th classes, all of their equipment was at least of the epic rank. Equipment made by the mighty creator Yu IlHan were all treasures that would cause a stir with a single fragment should they appear in any of the other worlds.

“I’m going to back them up so that no one dies.”

If he wasn’t prepared for that much, he wouldn’t have come here.

“From now on, the stage is ours.”

It was time to show them how scary a doll on the stage can possibly be.


His hand lowered. The two fortresses drove forward.


“Lady Leytnaaaaaaaaaa!”

With Na YuNa’s shout, the holy region in the two fortresses expanded and covered the skies. The members inside all received a boost in power, and ambushed the enemies with glistening eyes.

[What, how did they!?]

[……Lower existences?]

Communication was not necessary in war. Yu IlHan controlled the artifacts within the two fortresses along with Mystic to prevent the higher existences from casting magic, and restrained their movements. This was a war to weaken each of the factions, but at the same time, it also served to strengthen his allies. The less he acted, the better.

“We killed one!”

“I’m sorry…… but!”


It wasn’t that the enemies had lowered their guard. It was because the army under Yu IlHan was too overwhelming. Even though they were higher existences, and the world was their home territory, they were being pushed back in terms of pure militaristic might.


While their allies died in vain, someone questioned.

[Why are you not restrained by the world!]

In a world ruled by the Garden of Sunset, the ones not belonging to their faction should normally be restrained in their abilities. This was even more so for lower existences.

[How did a path open to Louisa!? Did a ruler-class step it up!]

[Our powers are not working. Like this, are we really the ones ruling this world!?]

“You don’t expect me to answer, do you?”

However, the problem for them was that all lower existences here was a part of Yu IlHan’s fleet, and they shared the effects of the Dimensional Traveler. Just with that, they could completely ignore the penalty the world imposed on them.

[This doesn’t even make sense, this is……Kahk!]

This world was vast and the gatekeepers were spread out. However, the two fortresses had the ability to cover such a distance in a blink of an eye.

The two fortresses with battle forces in them appeared and disappeared from various places over the world with Yu IlHan’s Warp ability, and by then, the 5th class beings had given up on tracing them.

[We cannot confront them with our power.]

[Reinforcements? When are they coming?]

[But right now, reinforcements are…… no.]


The gatekeeper stopped his sentence midway. Immediately after that, Orochi’s claws shot across the air and burst his heart.

[If you’re going to talk, do it until the end. There are many annoying guys like master here.]

“I can hear you, Orochi. Move your arse if you have the time to complain.]

[At least you don’t deny it. Got it. I’ll rampage to my heart’s content.]

Orochi gripped and loosened his fist several times as if he felt that practical battle wasn’t so bad, and launched himself at an enemy with a faint smile on his face.

Although the league of Orochi’s soul was low, now that he was moving under the effects of Na YuNa’s blessing, he would be almost impossible to injure if he managed to bring out just 30% of Echjar’s bodily ability.

[Reinforcements? They can’t come here that early.]

Helièna, who scanned the battlefield while leaning against Yu IlHan, giggled and muttered.

[By now, they should be busy having a battle in another world, right?]

“Hey, you go protect the others too.”

[It was you who put me by your side saying the others won’t be able to grow properly if I stepped out.]

“I said you don’t have to act, and I never asked you to stay by my side.”

Yu IlHan coldly replied and shook his hand. A few mirrors shot out according to his gesture, and absorbed the magic that the gatekeepers casted to protect the allies. The enemies abruptly widened their eyes at the sight of that, and ended up losing their lives to the Dragon’s army children.

“Hero, we’re becoming stronger!”

[Kroaaaaaar! You can become even more stronger!]

Similar to Yumir, the children worshipped power. They were in sync with each other, and had the most achievements in this battlefield. Of course, Yumir, the one leading them, was doing the majority of the work, though.

[W, we need to run.]

[But if we abandon and leave Louisa…….]

[Even so, we need to survive to, Kuhak!]

[Critical Hit!]

“I apologize.”

“Attack! Now!”

Kim YeSeul’s time magic slowed them down, and Erta, Kang MiRae, and Carina Malatesta attacked with magic to kill him. Executing runaways was their job. The distribution of roles within their group was perfect!

[The enemy’s boss is in that castle.]

[Castle…… Is that really a castle?]

[Answer me. For what are you committing this criminal act! Do you not fear he who is omnipresent!]

[It’s not too late! Identify yourselves and submit to the Garden of Sunset!]

At first, they tried to take care of it by themselves, then they realized that that wouldn’t do and tried to call for reinforcements, but didn’t work and tried to run, and now that even escaping failed, they begged and threatened them with their superiors. Higher existences who lived for thousands of years didn’t act that much different from any human.

“That isn’t even funny.”

When Yu IlHan stretched his fingers out with a giggle. The Thousand Eyes that scattered throughout various places of Louisa were all summoned to one place and formed a gigantic mirror. The survivors realized what he was going to do and were all frozen stiff.

“Do you think there’s a human that gave up on life just because they’re afraid of someone that they don’t even know when it would arrive?”

[Darling, so cool. So selfish and evil!]

Humans always struggle: to survive, to live, and to carry one living. The current Yu IlHan was the result of that. Of course, he did not plan to justify himself as being fair. He did not plan to blame the enemies for being bad.

Only, the victor survives.

[I will!]

“And fire!”

When Yu IlHan muttered playfully like that, the gigantic mirror shot out a super high-density energy beam.


Just from when was it there? There was a huge gate that opened in the middle of the atmosphere in Louisa. Beyond it were the figures of the reinforcements from the Garden of Sunset that came to the rescue, albeit a little late. The energy beam was directed at them without a single inch of deviation!



What was there to hide. Yu IlHan had read the movements of the entrants that entered the world through his power as a Dimensional Traveler, and shot them down the exact moment they entered!

[Critical Hit!]

The reinforcements numbered thousands. This was because they knew how much impact stealing a higher world could have. Of course, there were quite a few 6th class gatekeepers among them as well, but there was no way of knowing how many were stationed here since they all died.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have…….]

[The skill, Record, has become level 84.]

Yu IlHan shook his head to erase all of the text that busily appeared on his eyes. Then, he could see the gatekeepers that were despairing.

[How, can this…….]

[This is a nightmare…… they are deceiving us! Higher existences, it’s the Heaven’s Army!]

They became powerless in front of the scene where all reinforcements died the moment they arrived. This was a scene that could only be seen in the main headquarters of each faction. It also seemed like it was a little too strong, and even some of his allies were out of it for a moment. Even Helièna had to ask Yu IlHan for confirmation with a dumbfounded face.

[You can’t attack like that all the time, right, darling?]

“Of course not. Not to mention the mana in the world, I had to suck up the mana from the dead higher existences to do that.”

[Stealing the power of the world and even destroying the members with it. That’s the perfect invasion tactic…….]

The ones making up the Garden of Sunset had more various records compared to other factions, so it helped out a lot in the growth of his Record skill.

Yu IlHan judged that he had acquired everything he could from this world and shook his hand. The gigantic mirror split into a thousand (and four) mirrors, scattering across the world, and the gatekeepers ended up reacting a little too late because they were focused on that.

“What are you doing? Attack now.”

“Y, yes!”

Yu IlHan ordered coldly. His allies came to themselves and attacked. It didn’t take that long for the enemies to be wiped out.

[You have killed all the members in a higher world belonging to the Garden of Sunset. The skill, Dimensional ruler, has become level 64. You have acquired the ruling rights to this world.]

[You are lacking several conditions to perfectly rule a world. Only when you fulfill all the criteria can you perfectly acquire the world. Be warned as until then, the world may easily be stolen back.]

Some text that was within Yu IlHan’s expectations filled his retina. He read that carefully and nodded. So Dimensional Traveler was one of the keys to becoming a higher existence after all.

Now that he had come this far, there was no more need to hesitate. He would only fulfill the all the remaining conditions.

“Wouldn’t reinforcements come again?”

“It doesn’t matter if they do. I’ll need to clean it up later anyway. Well, then. Everyone get into battle formation. You’ve all levelled up and don’t need any rest, right?”

“Truly a devil.”

Going against higher existences was a gamble that required one to put their life on the line. If they failed, they would die, but if they succeed, they would grow for sure.

In truth, all the members making up the fleet had experienced huge level ups thanks to fighting against higher existences so they couldn’t retort that much. There were some that didn’t get an increase in level, but that meant that that one didn’t do much in this battle and could not retort either.

“Then we’ll depart right away. Next is the Destruction Demon Army.”

[Is it because you still hate me, darling?]

“No, it’s because they’re the easiest after the Garden of Sunset.”

Yu IlHan’s attitude was as ever. Helièna ended up bursting out into laughter at his nonchalant attitude. He snorted and activated Warp.

The war had just begun.