Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 267: If You Wish To Follow Me – 1

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Helièna’s appearance cast a wave of frost over the entire battlefield. Everyone was frozen stiff, but it wasn’t because they didn’t know who she was. Rather, it was due to the fact that they knew her too well.

[Y, you. You should have died!?]

Satière’s leisurely expression cracked. He had the confidence to face against any other 7th class beings, but the story changed if it was Helièna. He had come here precisely because he had heard that Helièna had died, but she just showed up right in front of him!

[I did die. But I came back to life. Tada!]

[No way. An undead……?]

[Do I look like one?]


When Helièna made a tempting smile and Satière’s body shrunk back all by itself. Of course she didn’t look like an undead. The rosy cheeks filled with vitality, lively eyes and her chest that bounced up and down every time she breathed in and out – everything about her was filled with vitality!

The thick magic power she emitted flowed out towards the battlefield. From that moment, many of the small fry started experiencing difficulties controlling their own bodily impulses.

[How did this happen!]

[I can feel the energy of the Destruction Demon Army. But she is not one of them!?]

[She has entrapped that energy. But how……?]

Whether it was the Heaven’s Army, the Army of Brilliant Light, the Garden of Sunset, or the Destruction Demon Army, they could not hide their shock after seeing Helièna alive and well. The only ones that moved under the cover of the commotion were the ones who knew she was alive since the start!

“Since you’ve shown yourself, hold him still!”

[I’m thankful for your words, darling.]

[She’s subordinated to a lower existence as well? ……I don’t know what method you used but it disgusts me. I feel like I’m being toyed with.]

Satière’s gaze headed towards Yu IlHan – the lower existence that was wiping out the fallen angels even while the battlefield was in commotion; the one that was wielding the flames of souls.

It was him. Everything started going wrong after he interfered with matters between higher existences.

[I really must kill him here and now.]

[Satière, You. Will. Play. With. Me?]

Satière’s wings forcefully closed. The distance between Helièna and Satière was being closed very rapidly. It wasn’t Helièna that was moving, Satière was moving towards her all by himself.

[Kugh, you damn bitch!]

[Kyaak, I’m so scared.]

When Satière focused his heat energy in his two eyes and shot it, the higher existences that comprised the Destruction Demon Army, the Garden of Sunset, and the Army of Brilliant Light stood in front of her in order to protect her. Tens of corpses appeared instantly.

[How can you so mercilessly slaughter your own fallen angels!]


All the folded wings were unfolded, and Satière’s eyes glowed once again. Two rays of light aimed for Helièna, but it was once again deflected by other higher existences. However, Satière didn’t shrink back and continued on with his next attack immediately. The screams of fallen angels dispersed in the air with pitch black feathers.

[Lord Satière!]

[My apology, kugh!]


Satière snorted. He knew very well that her charm would become stronger the more he hesitated. Succubui were the masters of emotions. The best way to win against her was to continuously attack without thinking about anything!

[Shall we bet on whether I’m able to pull your wings out first or if all the higher existences die on the battlefield before I accomplish it!]

[Satière. You’re as brave as ever. Though, you’re still as hurried as ever too.]

No matter how strong Helièna’s charm was, she could not perfectly control a 7th class being. It was also like that with the 8th Wing of Brilliant Light, Natière, and the Chief Gatekeeper Kelatuke of the Garden of Sunset as well. Didn’t she shave their will to fight little by little and made them expend their strength on others? Moreover, Helièna’s current power was much weaker than before.

Satière lacked the slightest intention to allow her the time to do her thing. This was a battle that had the name of the Army of Brilliant Light at stake. Even if all his subordinates died, he could not damage his reputation!

At that time, Helièna suddenly started giggling.

[Satière, don’t you think you’re mistaking something?]


[Oh, my, you forgot everything because I was too pretty, right?]

[If those are your final words, then I’ll kil…… what!?]

He only thought of killing Helièna as fast as possible before erasing Yu IlHan, but at that point, he was already being toyed around with. He had forgotten about the most important thing.

Think about it, why did Helièna show up in the first place?

“I found a trace!”

Yes. It was to buy time for Kang MiRae to create a gate that leads to the main headquarters of the Army of Brilliant Light! Satière’s expression turned pale in an instant after realizing that.

[This, damned!]

[Kyahahaha. You’re so cute when you panic like that!]

How could he forget? He had originally come here to prevent the case where higher existences flocked to the main headquarters of the Army of Brilliant Light!

[You bitch……!]

[Even if you look at me with such heated eyes, Helièna already has an owner. How unfortunate~]

[You dare, you dare toy around with the 4th Wing of Brilliant Light!]

[It’s a cheap price for having a look at my face, no?]

Helièna’s smile that leisurely looked back at his killing intent was more evil than anything. The Succubus Queen that played around with the hearts of men – There were no words on losing in her dictionary! Kang MiRae soon shouted.

“I’ll open it now!”

[Don’t you dare!]

Satière, who had realized his mistake a little too late, hurled all sorts of attacks towards Kang MiRae, but Yu IlHan had already returned to the Flying fortress at that point.


The soulflame chains that comprised Falling Down had tangled itself up to form a gigantic shield and defended against Satière’s attack before disappearing. Yu IlHan felt his Falling Down domain being forcibly cancelled and shook his head helplessly.

“Whew, he’s insanely strong alright. I can’t even touch him for now.”

[It’s amazing that you blocked his attack in the first place. Darling, you’re so cool……!]

“I really don’t like her.”

“I’m sorry to say this, Liera, but you’re not that much different usually.”

[Damn…… block by magic from a mere lower existence!]

Although it was from Kang MiRae, the gate had formed an independent sentience and formed itself automatically in midair. As long as the magic was complete, even Satière couldn’t forcibly destroy it.

Not to mention destroying, it was becoming an even bigger gate by using the magic power he emitted as fuel.

[I, it’s opening.]

[It really is opening.]

[The world of the Army of Brilliant Light…… The Netherworld!]

All beings in the battlefield were shocked. The Army of Brilliant Light was shrouded in more secrecy than the Heaven’s Army. Never did they imagine the world where they mainly resided in was revealed like this! From the moment the gate opened, they could feel a transcendental power twitching beyond it, but the Destruction Demon Army did not care as instinct was on a higher rank than reason for them.

[It’s the gate that lady Helièna has opened!]

[Kihahahahahahaha! That side looks fun too!]

[Let’s go, let’s prey on the flesh of fallen angels!]

[You damn maggots!]

The moment a gate leading to the Netherworld was connected, the alliance crumbled. Although it was unstable from the moment of its construction, who would have known it would have collapsed like this? The fallen angels guarded the gate in panic, but that was no different from raising a shield to defend against the waves. Not to mention the Destruction Demon Army, even those from the Garden of Sunset jumped in on the ride very soon.

[Things are becoming very interesting!]

[Fufu, is this the time to choose the place of my death? Mine will be over there. I think a sunset in the paradise of the fallen is quite a way to die too!]

Matters were enlarged in an instant. When hundreds, thousands and even more higher existences flocked to the gate, an endless stream was formed. The Destruction Demon Army were led by their instincts, while the Garden of Sunset were driven by whim! The fallen angels quickly came to a decision.


[We need to go back and block the gate ourselves…… kugh!]

[Destruction Demon Army…… we will not forget this!]

The figures of fallen angels started disappearing from the battlefield. They had given up on attacking the Heaven’s Army and opted to protect the world they resided in!

The main enemy in the War of the Wall of Chaos, the Destruction Demon Army, had already formed a flood that headed to the Netherworld, and as two factions had given up on the attack, there was no reason for the Garden of Sunset to attack the Heaven’s Army as well. They also decided to join and watch what the world of fallen angels looked like.

[Yu IlHan, Helièna……!]

Even Satière who remained until the very end in attempt to block the flow, in the end, decided to give up on it and chose to retreat. Even while his body integrated into a different dimension of space, he glared at the two.

[I will not forget this insult. I shall definitely snap your necks personally.]

[Don’t go, and play with me a little more, Satière. You should notice my charm if you stay with me more!]

The insides of Satière’s head blanked for a moment when Helièna winked. She hadn’t said that for nothing. If he stayed here anymore, he would be affected by her charm!


Satière provoked and instead gotten damage, and decided to leave hurriedly. When that happened, the chaotic battlefield had become considerably quiet.

The gate still hadn’t closed yet, and the stream of Destruction Demon Army members did not stop, but at least, there were no more that tried to invade Heaven by going over the Wall of Chaos.

[You really did it…….]

Titaera muttered in disbelief. Even though she was one of the ones who formulated this plan, she had no confidence in her ability to carry it out! Just as Yu IlHan was about to nitpick with her, Titaera abruptly turned her head towards him even though she shouldn’t have noticed what he was thinking.

[And so? What is that succubus!]

[My name is Helièna!]

[E, eek!]

Helièna’s demonic charm couldn’t be avoided just because one was female. Titaera desperately tried to ignore Helièna and complained to Yu IlHan.

[She should have definitely died! But how can she be alive in this place!? Moreover, I can feel the aura of the Destruction Demon Army from her, but how can she kill those of her own faction without any drawbacks! How is she not chased out of the Destruction Demon Army even though she had gone against their rules!? No, in the first place, why is she listening to you when she’s from the Destruction Demon Army!?]

“Think about it, miss high angel.”

Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and replied.

“Do you think I have any obligations to reply to your question?”



Regardless of whether Titaera and Yu IlHan were quarreling or not, Kang MiRae, who now felt her strength draining from her body after the successful mission, collapsed on the spot. Yu IlHan managed to catch her even while replying looking back at Titaera’s scary glare with leisurely eyes. This was a small consideration only possible for a professional loner with the skill of wide vision!

“You’ve worked hard, Miss MiRae. Perfect use of magic.”

“……Thank you.”

Kang MiRae thought that she may have become too simple. She was in a completely groggy state after using one grand magic after another in the midst of higher existences, but she instantly recovered after hearing that line in his arms!

Na YuNa’s smile that looked as if she knew very well how she was feeling made her very annoyed, but Kang MiRae decided to stay still as she didn’t want this moment to end. It was unknown whether Yu IlHan knew of her current feelings or not, but he mercilessly took his hands off her after supporting her up to stand.

“Looks like our end of the deal is complete, so let’s go get the other artifact.”

[Wait. Explain properly about Helièna!]

“I said this already, but that wasn’t in our contract. Like how you didn’t send out a 7th class archangel while we were doing our mission…… huh?”

Yu IlHan tilted his head while coldly replying to Titaera. He could feel two gigantic auras flying straight towards where they were from far beyond the Wall of Chaos.


[Kuhaaaaa! Helièna!]

[Oh my, things became difficult again.]

Helièna shrugged her shoulders after hearing the loud roars that filled the battlefield. Yu IlHan narrowed his eyes.

“Explain, Helièna.”

[Oh, jeez, it’s embarrassing, you know? …… don’t ask me twice, darling. Didn’t I say there were a lot of men in unrequited love with me?]

There were 7th class beings among them too!? Yu IlHan was about to ask that but became silent. The ones that appeared in that place spoke for themselves.

[You were alive, Helièna!]

[Why is it that you’re with them, Helièna!?]

Yu IlHan looked at the figures of the two 7th class beings that he could not touch and shouted with a refreshing smile.

“Let’s run!”