Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 261: Wherever I Go – 3

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Lanpas, even after all those years had passed, was as lively as ever. Yu IlHan and the others slowly flew through the airs of the Palladian Empire on the two fortresses.

“It’s good that nothing happened here.”

Yu IlHan muttered just as shivers ran down in his spine. Something always happened in manga or novels when this line was said! However, Liera calmed him down from the side.

“If universe-shaking things happen wherever we go, there’s no way this world was maintained like this until now.” (T/N: ‘wherever we go?’ looks at title.)

“But with Yu IlHan here, I’m not sure what might happen.”

Erta reacted with a voice full of worry. She thought that if Yu IlHan, who was at odds with all the existing higher existence factions right now, started something big for real, the angels in charge of this world would be the first ones to react sensitively.

However, it was Yu IlHan this time that sniggered and shook his head.

“Oh, it’s fine. They can’t do anything. I can speak from experience of having hung out with them for over a thousand years, so you can trust me.”

“My beloved honey, can we have a little talk over there?”


Yu IlHan pushed back Liera who was trying to head-lock him and pointed somewhere. Liera thought she would purposely get deceived and turned around her head, when she was shocked by the pillar of light shooting out from one part of the imperial capital.

“Something did happen as soon as Ilhan arrived!”

“Hey! That’s not my fault! Dammit, I knew it felt too serene!”

He was done in even while knowing that he had foreshadowed. This was disgraceful and greatly besmirched his reputation as a foreshadow meister. Yu IlHan bit his lips while emitting his own mana to imbue into the Flying fortress.

“Mystic, hurry! Maximum speed!”

[I’ll do it even if you didn’t tell me to!]

The two fortresses sped up immediately. With Na YuNa’s blessing, the two left a trail of white light in the air. The pillar of light was now starting to dissipate, but Yu IlHan knew exactly where that place was. It was none other than the imperial castle of Palladia!

“I think this is Miss MiRae……”

“Don’t say it since anything you say will be a foreshadow, IlHan.”

“Sheesh. How am I going to live on like this?”

The Flying fortress suddenly stopped in the air. At that moment, Yu IlHan extended his Ruin Calling without any hesitation and jumped down from the Flying fortress. Right now, there was no need to maintain concealment.

“Mr. Ilhan!?”

At that moment a balcony on the west of the castle opened and Kang MiRae rushed out. Looking at her, who now had an even more mystic aura around her after a few years, Yu IlHan realized that she had entered 4th class and stopped right in front of her.

“It’s been a while.”

“How can this be? Are you really the Mr. Yu IlHan? I just completed a method to go meet you right now……”

“Coming to meet me? How can you……”

Yu IlHan was about to ask but then saw the state of the room beyond the balcony. A mysterious current of mana was raging inside, and in the middle was a vortex of blackish-blue current of mana that lead to an unknown place.


He immediately realized the identity of that vortex. Once, those vortices appeared on Earth in a huge scale. However, he did not know why they existed inside Kang MiRae’s room.

Although he didn’t think this was true, did Lanpas start walking on the same development path as Earth? Or did Kang MiRae make that thing? In whichever case, it still did not make any sense.

“Miss MiRae, that is……”

“Mr. IlHan, it really is you……”

However, the one with the ability to answer that question, Kang MiRae, seemed to have a hard time believing that he was here, and only looked at his face.

“Oh, my, how amazing. Did you make this with your power alone, MiRae?”

“Mother too!?”

Kim YeSeul, who appeared a step behind Yu IlHan exclaimed after looking at the vortex inside the room. Looking at her who was flying in the air leisurely, as expected of a mage that manipulated space, Kang MiRae took a step back when some uninvited guests appeared as well.

[Don’t tell me this is the place…… that means a human really, Mm!?]

A pair of white feathery wings behind the back, as well as a luminescent golden halo above the head – this could only refer to one being. The limbs of the Heaven’s Army, an angel, had finally shown himself here.

Even though Yu IlHan hadn’t done anything!

[I, I never thought you’d be so daring as to walk around in other worlds, Yu IlHan.]

“You’re a 5th class right? To think my name was even to the mobs like you, I did become somewhat famous I guess.”

Although Yu IlHan didn’t know why the male angel had come to find Kang MiRae, the male angel shivered slightly after looking at Yu IlHan and took a step back. Fear of Yu IlHan filled his eyes. Along with the trembling body, his voice also started to tremble.

[What do you mean mob. You’re very rude to an angel of the Heaven’s A-a-army!]


All higher existences belonging to a faction can only utilize their powers on a lower world solely in order to protect themselves. Meaning, they could only counteract after being hit.

Although this shouldn’t be a problem normally since there is no way a lower existence could harm a higher existence first, but Yu IlHan was a super beast that can disintegrate not only 5th classes but a 6th class as well! The angel had actually done well to not run away after seeing him.

Well, the pride that he was once at the top of his own world made him stay.

[Wh, why are you here?]


Yu IlHan pondered. Not about whether he should talk about his objective or not, but whether to kill him or not. However, he came to a conclusion that there was no need to kill him unless he attacked first.

Although he killed all of the higher existences in Dareu as they were considered enemies, this place was not Dareu. Moreover, if he went around killing the angels just because he didn’t like the Heaven’s Army, the balance of the world will be broken.

Of course, it did frustrate him that Heaven had abandoned Earth. He was also enraged when they offered him an alliance so shamelessly after all they had done. He still thought that his rage towards Spiera was justified.

However, it wasn’t like all angels knew of this fact, and amongst them were probably angels that were doing their jobs for pure intentions like how Liera once was. For example, this angel in front of him.

“……Fine, then.”

Yu IlHan didn’t take out his weapon. Of course, the Heaven’s Army was potentially his enemy. He would not go looking for angels to kill – this was his decision.

“I came to find my friend, and I found her. I’m going to leave with her if she wishes so, did that answer you?”

[By friend…… you mean this woman?]


[I, is that so?]

For some reason, the angel started to sweat profusely after hearing Yu IlHan’s answer. Yu IlHan’s glare at him strengthened. Now, it was Kang MiRae’s turn to be confused.

Didn’t Yu IlHan give off the feeling that he was close to the Heaven’s Army since he had angels by his side all the time? Why do they feel so hostile now? In retrospect, she couldn’t see the angels that were usually by his side, but did something bad happen to them?

She would be sad since she had a debt of gratitude towards them. However, that meant that his ‘side’ would be empty, and there would be a chance for her as well? Why did she think of such horrible and disgusting thoughts first? Was she such a bad person? But despite that, she could not hold herself back from her heart pounding whenever she thought that she could stand by his side.

Perhaps the implication behind him coming to find her before she could go to him, meant that he wanted to meet her? If so, if that was really the case……!

Countless doubts and dubious emotions raged inside Kang MiRae’s heart and lead her to a state of confusion, when something made her come to herself immediately. Mystic had judged that Yu IlHan and Kim YeSeul were taking too long and dispelled the concealment.





And Na YuNa who jumped down even though she didn’t have the ability to fly! Yu IlHan sighed and caught her in the air. Na YuNa, who went into Yu IlHan’s arms like a princess falling into the arms of the prince, giggled and waved her hand towards Kang MiRae.

“I wanted to see you, MiRae!”

“……Did you want to see me, or did you just want to be in Mr. IlHan’s arms?”

“The former weighs sliiiiightly more!”

Although it was very like her to not deny the latter…… Kang MiRae only made a vain laugh. The pink-colored hope and dreams inside her had all burst.

The fact that Na YuNa was here as well meant that Yu IlHan was just going around collecting companions, and also meant that she was later in priority than her…… And here, she even developed magic to leap through dimensions just to meet Yu IlHan once more!

Right now, she felt like crying in an unknown dimension somewhere. Seeing her, Na YuNa consoled her.

“I get what you’re thinking but it’s not like that, MiRae. I sent an SOS to Mr. IlHan in the first place. That’s why he came to meet me first, it’s not like you were later in priority or anything!”

“Yes, that consoles me sooo much. …… And so? Did everything work out well? How about big brother?”

Kang MiRae worried for her brother’s safety even while thinking that Na YuNa was hateful. Na YuNa made a smile and nodded her head.

“Everything went well and HaJin-oppa is safe as well. Although he was mentally shocked in the process, but the results are fine! But what is that frightening vortex inside the room?”

[Yes, the vortex! The gate to leap dimensions!]

The angel, that had shrunk from the presences of the frightening combination of Yu IlHan, Kim YeSeul and Na YuNa, suddenly raised his voice.

[We need that power! The Heaven’s Army is in dire straits right now!]

“Oh, ok. That’s not my problem, but I’m not sure it’s wrong to bring a lower existence to a battlefield where higher existences are fighting. What do you think Miss Mi-“

Yu IlHan turned around to Kang MiRae to ask what she thought but was surprised. He thought she was conversing with Na YuNa, but her eyes were still fixated on him.

“Miss, Miss MiRae?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I still can’t believe that Mr. IlHan is in front of me……”


Very uneasy.

What was uneasy, was that – although he thought this wouldn’t make any sense, but still – she might have a feeling of attraction towards him, just in a very high order of magnitude. If something happened once, it may not happen again, but if something happened twice, it will definitely happen again, no?

Na YuNa in his arms looked up towards him with warm eyes. As if saying ‘you’re right’ which made Yu IlHan very uneasy and made him ignore her gaze and asked Kang MiRae once again.

“What do you think, Miss MiRae? This angel seems to be in need of your power.”


[Yes, human, please! This is an opportunity to give the Heaven’s Army a massive grace!]

Kang MiRae spoke with the brightest smile she could make.

“I have obtained this power in order to meet Mr. IlHan. So…… I want to use it for Mr. IlHan as well.”

[……Ooh, shit.]

The angel sighed. Yu IlHan wanted to sigh as well.

“Fufu, it looks like my blood is thicker in my son’s blood.”

Only Kim YeSeul, who had set her sights on the ‘fourth candidate’, had a bright smile.

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