Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 258: You’re Welcome, Too – 9

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It would be a lie if he said that he wasn’t worried about his father’s safety, but the people he had to protect wasn’t limited to just his father alone. He went around the world once more to clean up any newly generated monsters while searching for the figure of his father and any records of him, but Ilhan decided to give up after he came up with nothing.

“He should be fine. If it’s his faint presence, I’m sure of it!”

“That makes me sad too so let’s not talk about faint presences, okay?”

The next destination was Ya’umin, where his mother should be. So he immediately……


Yu IlHan, who was checking the Record skill, suddenly tilted his head. Liera’s head tilted along with his.

“What is it, IlHan?”

“No, the world mother has been to was definitely……”

The name of the world Kim YeSeul had been to was Ya’umin. If he acquired any object related to her, he could extract her records and head to Ya’umin, and had done so beforehand.

“Then you just need to go, don’t you?”

“Well, the thing is.”

The problem was that there were records of two worlds.

After hearing that, Liera asked with her mouth wide open.



One was definitely a world called Ya’umin. He could find records of other people from earth having been there. The problem was the remaining one – there were no records of anyone else other than Kim YeSeul having been there. That was definitely strange.

“……Why are your parents so extraordinary?”

“That’s what I want to ask, you ex-angel. Just how hard did you screw up your work such that my mother has been to two worlds?”

“There’s no way that’s possible. I’ve said this before, but one person was assigned only one world. If we could send a person to two worlds, there’s no reason for you to be dropped out on Earth anyway.”

Yu IlHan sighed a lot and thought about it, before finally coming to a conclusion.

“We can only go to both of them.”

“Where are we going first then?”

“Ya’umin. Because I feel like mother won’t be there.”

“I also think that.”

The two’s gazes met and they shrugged their shoulders. Yu IlHan activated warp as soon as he was ready.

Ya’umin was a world that developed very slowly, and although the period of time that had passed after it came into contact with mana was hundreds of years greater than that of Earth, it was a world that had only experienced two Great Cataclysms. Tens of people from Earth were living a relatively peaceful life along with the residents of this world.

“There, a troll is going your way!”

“Don’t let it go, get it! Wait, what are you doing in the trap!”

“I didn’t expect anything from that granny anyway. Hold! Hold!”

Take a few hundred years off the development level of Heishia that they had just been to and it would probably be similar to this scene, give or take a few years.

The civilization was close to that of the middle ages, and the administration system was centered around castles and cities; the majority of the monsters were trapped in dungeons without being able to escape, and the few that did were cleared by the active adventurers and mercenaries – This was a peaceful world. Liera was touched upon seeing such a world.

“Yes, this is the ideal world I’ve dreamed of. I wish Earth was like this too. The Heaven’s Army should have been aiming for this!’

“After seeing this, Earth feels like a post-apocalypse setting.”


Liera’s eyes became dampened once she thought about when she first became an angel. In truth, what she had experienced after becoming an angel was neither clean nor beautiful, and the battle with the other higher existence factions were very annoying and difficult…… but even so, the Heaven’s Army she had dreamed of, was an organization that fought to make these kinds of worlds.

“Does God really exist? What is he thinking? ……Does he not care at all about what happens to humans? …… All these questions aren’t allowed to me who chose one while abandoning all the others, right?”


Yu IlHan silently grabbed Liera’s hand. In fact, Liera was more important to him than anyone else could be, so he could not say anything to her.

Understanding what he was thinking, Liera also grabbed his hand back. The two stayed still like that for a moment while watching the humans work together to hunt a troll.

Yu IlHan watched as the party successfully hunted the troll and returned with the remains, before he started looking through the world in search of the records of his mother. And he found them too easily.

“Ooh, mom was here until just 3 years ago.”

“By 3 years do you mean.”


The moment Earth had expelled all the other humans.

“Do you know what’s more interesting?”

“Every time you say ‘interesting’ it is followed by a headache…… anyway, go on?”

“When mom first came over to this world, she didn’t come from Earth but from another world.”

“Is your mother a higher existence?”

“No, she’s a lower existence alright. At least until 3 years ago.”

Yu IlHan understood what Liera was trying to ask. However, the ‘interesting’ bit hadn’t appeared yet.

“It looks like she came over here using an artifact, and it seems like that artifact is from none other than the Garden of Sunset.”

“By ‘that artifact’, do you mean?”


Yu IlHan took out the transceiver that Lecidna had left behind and made a small smile.

“It looks like the item is the same one as this.”


Yu IlHan was smiling right now, what would he be thinking on the inside? – Liera couldn’t hide her worry and asked him.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to look for mom. Find her, and ask her.”

“Ask her…… then what?”

“……*Sigh*. It will be a pain if mom’s cooperating with the Garden of Sunset for real.”

The Garden of Sunset were a really annoying bunch. He didn’t know what they were doing nor did he know in what way they planned to carry it out. He never thought that his mother would be caught up in the works between higher existence factions, and this was a painful surprise attack for him.

“IlHan, as you know, just because someone is in a faction doesn’t mean that all of them have the same mindset. Look at me and Erta for example, we were both from the Heaven’s Army. Perhaps the member of the Garden of Sunset your mother has met might be a good guy.”

“I hope so. ……Anyway, I hope she’s safe.”

Yu IlHan looked at all the beings and records of the world Ya’umin before he left, but he could not find any more traces of those belonging to the Garden of Sunset. Although he did acquire some records, that was it. The member of the Garden of Sunset that lead Kim YeSeul to this world did not do anything special and had left. It was as if that guy’s objective was to solely bring her here.

“Okay, then let’s go to the second world.”


Yu IlHan resolved himself and activated the Warp skill again. The skill activates successfully and brought them to a new world.

That place, in one word, was ‘chaos’.

[New wanderers have come.]

[Oh my, you’re right. Were these people lost in their path too?]

[Wait, I feel a familiar aura from one child.]

The world they arrived on had no differentiation between the sky and the ground, between the sea and the land, and between life and death. This kind of world would neither progress nor regress. It just cycled endlessly, and halted endlessly! (T/N: Yes he did just write ‘halt’ ‘endlessly’)

[Where did you come from?]

[From where did you come?]

Ones with fluid bodies that glowed half-translucently, by Earthen standards, these being would be called ‘spirits’ or ‘elementals’ – they, flew over to the two and asked. Yu IlHan looked at the world glowing in countless colors and spoke in a low voice.

“I’m Yu IlHan. I’m from Earth. Is the person by the name ‘Kim YeSeul’ In this place?”

[So that’s it. He is YeSeul’s son.]

[He is full of chaos. Oh my, he has the blood of the Garden of Sunset on him as well.]

[Moreover, he’s still a lower existence.]

[Quite an interesting being. I’ll answer you. YeSeul is indeed here.]

More spirits flew over and played pranks while flying around Yu IlHan and Liera. Yu IlHan first activated the Record skill in attempt to absorb all the information about his surroundings. As all of them were records he had come into contact to for the first time, the skill rose by about 5 levels at once.

[He’s looking through us.]

[He is the Fifth.]

[He is the one that shall become the Fifth God.]

Yu IlHan couldn’t hold back and ended up asking them.

“I think you mean that I’ll make the fifth higher existence faction, but why do you judge it as so?”

[The succubus that is with you shall kindly answer if you ask her.]

“What!? Oh, you have her thought-soul!”

“Ah, yeah, I do, but…….”

He did indeed possess a thought-soul of a succubus, if they were referring to the one that was still annoying him even after she had died. Perhaps due to mastering Death Collector, he could acquire quite a thick portion of the soul. However, he had buried it somewhere deep in his consciousness because he didn’t want to face it.

[Garden of Sunset, Heaven’s Army, Army of Brilliant Light, Destruction Demon Army.]

[The four transcenders have formed a balance, but you shall become the fifth.]

[You who has fulfilled all the requirements; requirements too numerous to be listed out.]

[The balance will crumble, and there will be a huge war.]

“I do want to become a higher existence, but…… a war you say.”

Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders. He only wanted to live in peace. It was just that, if the previous him would be satisfied with living alone peacefully, the current him just had a little more people inside the boundaries of his fences.

“But doesn’t that mean that it’s pretty much guaranteed that IlHan can become a higher existence? I’m a little reassured now!”

“Good, Liera. I’ll learn from your positive attitude and let go of all my worries from now.”

He wasn’t the type to hesitate walking forward because of the fear of an obstacle. Whether it was a war or the fifth faction, he only had to think about it when the time came. Yu IlHan decided to put an end to his thoughts there.

Right now, what was important was not that, but his mother Kim YeSeul.

[The skill, Record, has become level 62.]

“Found her. Let’s go.”

“Ah, okay.”

[May the blessing of the chaos be with you.]

[YeSeul has stopped along with the world. Please take her out with you.]

The spirits didn’t follow him and threw words that sounded like both a curse and a blessing. Yu IlHan did not reply to them and hurried on his way.

This size of this world was difficult to grasp, and it was also very hard to differentiate between paths and non-paths. The two went across the skies as if walking on land, and when they lost the track of time, they could finally arrive at the place where differentiation between matter was evident.

“Ah, that place.”


At that place was Yu IlHan’s mother, Kim YeSeul. She was sitting on top of a rock, staring at the surface of the water while controlling her mana, and according to the movements of the mana, the bubbles of water above the surface moved according to different speeds.

“Oh my.”

However, the moment Kim YeSeul noticed the presences of Yu IlHan and Liera, the water bubbles lost their force and fell down to the surface of the water.

“I was found.”

“I’m glad that you’re safe. Mom.”

Looking at Kim YeSeul who looked like she had become younger by about five years or so, Yu IlHan made a bitter smile. People say that the more you know, the more you see, and it seemed that it was true. Before, he thought that his mother was not 4th class yet, but looking at things now, that was an absurd statement.

“My son, you’ve become tremendously stronger in the meantime.”

“Were you in this state the whole time?”

“Well, apparently so.…… My growth stopped long time ago. After that, I keep hitting loops like this.”

Kim YeSeul made an awkward smile and shrugged her shoulders. Yu IlHan could only smile in return.

She was a 4th class at level 299.

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