Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 254: You’re Welcome, Too – 5

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[She wishes for my death.]

[O sweet death.]

[I’ve forgotten about death for a long time. She awakened the longing of death inside me.]

The angels with white wings all committed suicide with their own weapons. It was no different for the fallen angels with black wings. They used their swords, spears, whips, or even hands to cut open their own chests and crush their hearts.

Black and white blood scattered over the battlefield. Looking at the scene Helièna extended her two arms and closed her eyes.

[Look, such a beautiful scene, no? Don’t you feel their straight and pure love?]

“Be pure twice and the world will end, duh.”

[There’s nothing more truthful to prove love than death. It means they’ve thrown away their all for it!]

The surviving 5th class beings all severed their own lives as soon as Helièna willed it. Black and white feathers scattered in the air. Yu IlHan felt slightly disgusted at himself for thinking it was beautiful.

[Ah, aaaaaaaah!]

[This damned…… bitch……!]

[Natière, it was your mistake to come here today. Oh my, you mean it isn’t? You love me so much? How thankful I am!]


The 8th Wing of Brilliant Light, Natière, and the Chief Gatekeeper from the Garden of Sunset, Kelatuke, were no exceptions. They were resisting to their best of abilities by agitating their own mana. They might have been able to resist if they were at their full power, but with their powers exhausted with the violent fight until now, it was near impossible for them to endure Helièna’s final attack.

The shark reversed the spikes on its armor and shaved its own body out while roaring, and Natière spread her own three pairs of wings to rip her body apart. If there was anything better for them than the other suiciders, it was that it took much longer for them to die due to the strong bodies they had.


[Fufu, you’re beautiful, Natière. You’re the prettiest that you’ve ever been right now.]


Perhaps Helièna was waiting for this moment from the beginning – slowly poisoning them and paralyzing them, and instantly severing their lives once they became unable to move. She was not only a beautiful succubus, but she was also a meticulously proficient hunter as well.

Yes, right now, he could understand why Helièna was obsessed with him so much. To her who had gained victory after victory like this all her life, there should have been none that were able to surpass her.

[Succu, bus…….! I shall……!]

[Oh my.]

However, just one, was able to endure the succubus’ order to commit suicide. It was none other than the 6th class high angel Spiera. Even while there was a festival of death around her, she was stiffly raising her head to glare at Helièna.

[I’ll kill you myself!]

[How? Oh, that’s it. You’re in contract with Yu IlHan?]

Helièna’s gaze headed to Yu IlHan once again. She asked with a cute and adorable face.

[Darling, what will you do? If you say don’t, I’ll let that angel go.]

Yu IlHan could not understand Helièna at all. Did she mean that she would follow him if he wished to? Wasn’t that as if they were in a master-slave relationship? Just what did the ‘fifth’ mean?

[Yu IlHan……! You need to, kill her! She’s the enemy of Heaven’s Army, and your enemy!]


Yu IlHan held off from replying to Helièna and faced Spiera. As Helièna had said, the contract between the two were still maintained.

He could feel the connection that linked her to him, and one that allowed both of them to feel each other’s emotions minutely. Yu IlHan thought that this was perhaps the best time to wrap things up.

“Spiera, I have something to ask you.”

He asked. It was a firm voice not containing any emotions.

“What did you feel like when you abandoned Earth?”


[Oh my, you knew without having me to tell you? My, my, you really are my type!]

Spiera was silenced with Yu IlHan’s sudden question, and Helièna rejoiced that the man she chose had a darker heart than she had originally thought.



Only Liera and Erta’s expressions stiffened, Their sense of guilt for betraying the Heaven’s Army, and their rejection towards the Destruction Demon Army were dragging them back. They just didn’t like this situation at all.

However, they wouldn’t try to run away either. As long as they decided to go with Yu IlHan, they had to accept everything that he did.

“What did you feel when you realised that so many people could not meet their loved ones ever again?”

[That, is…….]

“Returning to Heaven while leaving Liera and me behind, while countless infants died in that hellish place – what did you think about at that time?”


“Answer me, Spiera. I want to hear your honest thoughts.”

Spiera’s expression tragically twisted. She realized that Yu IlHan’s heart had left the alliance with the Heaven’s Army a long time ago.

[I…… did not think anything of it.]

She eventually replied.

[I only act upon orders of the Heaven’s Army. I am a higher existence, and my emotions are not moved by lower existences.]

“So that is it.”

[Did that…… answer your question?]


Yu IlHan raised his spear and asked Helièna for the first time

“Can you sever the contract between me and her?”

[Oh, darling, sure! You heard that? Agree to the dissolution of the contract. Here, nod already.]


Spiera bit her lips and nodded her head. At that time, the contract between the two dissolved with mutual agreement from both sides.

[You have no angels in contract with you. All powers as an Angel’s Partner become sealed. If you do not contract with an angel within a certain period of time, you will lose the qualifications of being an Angel’s Partner. At that time, you may select a new subclass.]

The moment the contract was completely dissolved, emotions of loss and vanity assaulted Yu IlHan. However, he felt a certain sense of newfound freedom. Being tied to somewhere did not fit him. The fact that a loner tried to join another group was a problem. He liked his current self the most.

[Yu IlHan, do you plan to go against me? Do you plan to go against the Heaven’s Army?]

“I’ll explain this situation in the simple words I like so much.”

Yu IlHan’s lips made a cold smile.

“You sound like a thug that just asked ‘you wanna go against me?’ even though you socked me right in the face.”


Spiera’s reply did not come back. Helièna realized Yu IlHan’s decision and made way for him while retreating to make a stage for the two of them. She even retracted her power for Spiera to be not charmed by her!

“Spiera, let us fight. Not for the purpose of training, but with our lives on the line.”

[……The succubus is listening to your words right now. If you use that power, you should be able to kill me easily. Why do you still hold your spear?]

“I can’t let someone else take over the finisher and just step back.”

Yu IlHan took deep breaths and looked behind him. Liera and Erta nodded at him with stiff expressions. Na YuNa seemed to hesitate about saying something and she still gave him a blessing to put him back to his full condition while pouting, and Yumir swayed his tail lightly as if he knew what his dad was thinking.

That was enough.

“Well, come on, then.”

[You’ve become more confident of yourself, Yu IlHan. Nice going.]

“I’m not underestimating you. If you were in your normal condition, I wouldn’t do something so foolish like this.”

However, Spiera was currently exhausted with injuries all over her body. Although she was freed from the charm, her mental self should have been wounded quite a lot as well. Even with 6th class powers, she would not be able to overwhelm Yu IlHan.

Above all, Yu IlHan wanted to experience the Great Cosmos-severing Spear for himself. There would never be another opportunity.

He cancelled Falling Down that was maintained until now, and gathered all the dissipating flames and put it on the tip of his spear. Spiera’s lips curved into a smile while facing the spear of flames, that were blessed by the goddess of fire, and was burning as if to melt everything around it.

[So you are keeping such a courtesy against a mere traitor like me…… you really are a good man.]

“……Please conduct the last lesson properly, Spiera.”

[Very well, I shall show you my best.]

Spiera also held her pure white spear and faced Yu IlHan. Her foggy eyes instantly turned crisp and clear. Liera, who knew how strong she was, became nervous and grabbed Yu IlHan’s waist, but he lightly shook his head.

“It’s fine.”

“What’s fine you idiot!”

“On one of the options of Untouchable, there’s one that allows me to escape an attack that will instantly put me to death. So, in any case, I won’t die with one hit. And if I don’t die, then I can recover somehow.”


He actually did have countermeasures! Liera became speechless at Yu IlHan managing to procure his safety even in such a situation. However, she eventually smiled, thinking that it was very much like him.

Yu IlHan did not mind her, and stood up from Yumir’s head and extended Ruin Calling. However, before he could leap, Spiera expanded her two pairs of wings and charged towards Yu IlHan!

[Die for the Heaven’s Army, Yu IlHan!]


Yu IlHan leaped slightly later than her. He set the angle to be horizontal, and overlapped leaps and re-leaped several times in the air to burst through the limit!

[Activating God Force. Muscular strength increases by 340%.]

While charging, Yu IlHan activated God Force without the support of Falling Down. Although he would be in much pain after the battle, he could not hold back with Spiera as his opponent.



As the two were moving at rapid speeds, the moment of outcome rapidly approached as well. Spiera drew a stroke with all her powers in her spear, and Yu IlHan overlapped eleven trajectories into one.


Spiera’s eyes abruptly opened while looking at his spear strike. She had realized the power in his strike. Immediately after that, the two trajectories collided, and there was no sound at all.



Yu IlHan, who was standing up with Ruin Calling Open, suddenly vomited blood. Although he looked fine on the outside, the amount of shock he had received internally was very high.


“Fuu…… you don’t need to come.”

Liera and the others shouted while widening their eyes, but Yu IlHan firmly shook his head. He gestured that he was fine. By now, punctured internal organs didn’t even count as injuries.

[Yu IlHan.]

Spoke Spiera.

[Is that the path you have chosen?]

“It’s still incomplete. I’m going to incorporate your technique later too.”

[Is that so…… It’s a pity that I… cannot see… the final……. form.]

A bitter smile hung on Spiera’s lips. After that, her body split in half starting from the head to her waist.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 478 Spiera.]

[Fusion evolution of skills are possible. By consuming 1 5th class magic stone and 1,000 4th class magic stones, will you fuse Spear Mastery, Physical Combat mastery, Blunt Weapons mastery, Whip mastery, and Sword mastery?]

Even though she was exhausted by Helièna’s power, it was still possible for Spiera to battle, and it looked as if Yu IlHan was deemed as the biggest contributor to her death, as he got the experience and records.

Moreover, as he had experienced the Great Cosmos-severing Spear at her final moments and even killed her and acquired her experience, the conditions to learn the Great Cosmos-severing Spear were fulfilled. Although he couldn’t immediately learn it as he had spent all of his 5th class magic stones, it would become possible if he searched through the dead 5th class beings lying around.


Making a sweet expression specific to a woman in love, Helièna flew towards him.

[You’re so cool! You’re the partner I’ve been waiting for all my life, I’m sure of it!]


[Darling will become the fifth God. You shall become the latest, but the brightest and strongest star……!]

Yu IlHan looked at the remaining people in the battlefield while listening to her words. Although Yu IlHan and his companions were without any injuries, all the rest had died. Natière and Kelatuke also lost their lives while Yu IlHan and Spiera were fighting, so they were really the only ones left now.

[I heard a prophecy. That I would eventually stand next to the fifth God!]

“What is this ‘fifth God’? Do you mean that I will create a new faction of higher existence?”

[You have noticed yourself, right? Darling…… there are no beings that can endure 7th class being’s attacks while being a lower existence. There’s only you – in this wide multiverse, you’re the only one. I also thought ‘no way’ but now I believe it. Can’t you feel my heart pounding?]

Helièna grabbed Yu IlHan’s hand and placed his palm onto her voluptuous chest. Yu IlHan admitted with a bitter smile.

“I can indeed feel your heart.”



Yu IlHan took his hand off her chest. Then, he struck with his spear, through her heart.

God Force was still maintained, and having acquired Helièna’s records, he knew her weak points and her mana pattern as well, which allowed him to make the her heart burst instantly. Helièna’s two eyes widened as if she couldn’t believe what was happening.

[……Dar, ling?]

“Thanks for clearing up the situation.”

Yu IlHan twisted his spear to completely kill her. Then, he spoke with a cold voice.

“But Liera is my only partner.”

There’s no way Yu IlHan would believe a woman who spoke of ‘love’ so easily, which he himself had taken hundreds of years to accept and admit. Additionally, he didn’t know her true intentions, nor did he know if it was pure or not!

From the moment she didn’t realize that, Helièna’s final moments were as good as set in stone.

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