Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 253: You’re Welcome, Too – 4

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“Give me my helmet back.”


The Succubus Queen didn’t even realize that the helmet was taken from his hand and slowly stepped backwards.

[My powers are not restrained at all in this world. I’m…… I’m at full power!]

At the same time she said that, Helièna spread out her aura to the surroundings. Everyone in the battlefield who could not completely overcome her aura swayed.


[Kihigh, Helièna……!]

The gigantic armored shark messed up the Army of Brilliant Light against its will despite its enormous power, due to Helièna’s pheromones, and Natière was in an identical situation, in the regard that she could not make rational decisions. Controlling the opposite sex, and destroying the reason of the same sex – the power that still applied even on the same league!

[But why do you not love me!?]

She hadn’t reached 7th class with just 6th class stats for nothing. With regards to mental and psychological magic, she was the strongest!

Was there a 7th class that could face her head on? Would the Heaven’s Army’s Battalion Commander be able to go against her magic and rip her wings off?

At least, the Heaven’s Army didn’t think so. Even though Spiera had reported to her higher-ups multiple times despite her chaotic mental state, the Heaven’s Army did not send a Battalion Commander. She also despaired after a few minutes.

[Yes, for the Heaven’s Army, it’d be better for these guys to exhaust each other out.]

[That means…….]

[There is nothing we can do here. It will be for the best if we can retreat like this, but……]

The majority of the angels had fallen for Helièna’s charm except for herself and a few others, and were fighting each other. Retreat? Was that even possible? As the leader of this small group, she couldn’t flee by herself.


[Resolve yourselves. The grace that Heaven has given us, it’s time to pay them back by burning our souls, kugh!]

However, even when she tried to erect her willpower straight, Helièna’s magic was trying to pollute her. How unreasonable and violent of an ability was this? She subconsciously clenched her teeth.

[The efforts and power I’ve built up all my life is collapsing thanks to a single Succubus. ….. Kraaaaar!]


[Kugh, this dumb shark is completely doomed!]

The Heaven’s Army and the Army of Brilliant Light were rapidly losing their battle power, and the Battalion Commanders Kelatuke and Natière were also expending each other’s mana! A single Succubus Queen was toying around with everyone on the battlefield.

[Here, look at me, LOOK.AT.ME!]

“You’re noisy.”

Well, other than Yu IlHan’s group that is.

[How? Am I not lovely? How! Huh? HOW!]

“I said you’re not my type…. Liera.”

With a laid back reply, he handed his helmet backwards. Liera, who received the helmet, looked at Yu IlHan with worried eyes for a little, but eventually put it on Erta who was having the hardest time among them. And magically, Erta’s shaking stopped right then.

“Just what is this helm…… oh, it’s one of Yu IlHan’s crafts.”

“So you accept it with just that.”

[Yu IlHan, Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan. Just what are you darling? Just what did you do to become like that?]

The Succubus Queen didn’t seem to be interested in the scenes of tragedy occurring in the background, that she had caused, and only focused on Yu IlHan. The screams and exclamations of despair were ringing out like a BGM, and she asked Yu IlHan several times.

[No one, not even our mighty Ruler, was completely free from my charm. However, darling is just a lower existence. Was that helmet a bluff? Is there still a hidden artifact?]

“There’s nothing like that.”

[Really? There’s really nothing like that?]

Helièna glistened her eyes as she approached Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan thought for a moment, but eventually decided that it was better to not kill her now.

It was just a simple logic of rock-paper-scissors. Yu IlHan had no confidence to kill the other 7th class Battalion Commanders, but Helièna could make the two self-destruct. And Helièna herself, could not win against him. Then, it would be the wisest to use her to stall her for time and make the battle as advantageous to him as possible.

The only thing that tugged at his mind in this situation was the Heaven’s Army, and looking at them, they also looked like they would self-destruct any time soon.

The fact that Spiera was amidst of them made Yu IlHan feel weird…… but he shook his head. By killing Echjar and saving Spiera, he had done all he could for her and set his heart straight. Since he had decided to depart with the Heaven’s Army completely, he could not do something foolish and end up not being able to protect the others just because of them.

[Darling, look at me. Don’t look at the others.]

Helièna was still stuck to Yu IlHan. However, it wasn’t like the others were free from her. The endless stream of mana that came out of her did not let them go.

No, in fact, she was even absorbing the mana from the ones charmed by her!

[Darling, tell me more about yourself. Open your heart a little more.]

“I have no intention to join the Destruction Demon Army nor do I have anything to tell you.”

[I’m only curious. Just what did you experience for your heart to be frozen over……]

“Well, I’m open to guesses.”

At that point, Helièna also noticed that Yu IlHan was stalling for time. Even that he was trying to weaken the other 7th class Battalion Commanders using her! Despite that, she did not stop using her power. She was set on thinking about how to make Yu IlHan hers.

[Is it because your heart is full already? Then……]

But at one moment, Helièna’s gaze switched from Yu IlHan and looked at Liera, Na YuNa and Erta.

[Do I just need to clean those girls up first?]


Yu IlHan immediately picked up his spear once he heard that. Hell blossomed on the tip of his spear and spread to his body and Yumir’s back and ruled over a certain region of space. The skill he activated was Falling Down.

“Then I can only switch my plans too.”

[Kyak, finally a reaction! Yes, that’s it!]

Helièna did not plan to give up on Yu IlHan at all. The reason she tried threatening his companions was also to create a gap in Yu IlHan’s heart to charm him.

However, Yu IlHan had no more intentions on having a staring contest with her. The reason he was laid back until now was because Helièna’s attention was all focused on him. It was a completely different matter if she switched her attention to his companions.

“Miss YuNa, please buff me.”

“I was waiting for this~.”

“Liera and Erta, please block this woman’s attack.”

“Got it.”


“Mir, I’ll move a little faster from now. Synchronizing with dad, you can do it, right?”


He activated God Force to enhance his body muscles beyond their limits and gripped on the Eight-tailed dragon spear. Despite that, Helièna’s expression was still as laid back as ever. Even while knowing that Yu IlHan’s heart was closed shut, she had confidence in her power.

[I have no intentions on attacking you, darling, but why are you bullying me? You like me better than those things, no?]


All men are hers – this was the fact that she had treated as the unsullied ‘truth’ for tens of thousands of years. There was no way she could accept that it was broken. This was Helièna’s biggest mistake.

“So words don’t work on you. No, you didn’t have any intentions to have a conversation with anyone until now. Since activating your power would suffice.”

[Your eyes became scary. Are you really going to pierce me with that spear? Do you want to bind me with these chains?]

The soulflame chains will not work on this succubus. Her charm was effective even against thought-souls! If he tried to forcibly use them, then the power would backlash at him.

Yu IlHan, who instinctively realized this, clicked his tongue and put away the soulflame chains, and instead, covered his spear in stronger flames. The translucent flames increased in temperature under the control of Eternal Flame.

[Really? Are you really going to…… Kyak!]

Yu IlHan’s spear slicked past Helièna. It wasn’t that the charm had disrupted the trajectory, but that at the moment he struck, she condensed her magic power and shot it to deflect the spear’s trajectory. Yu IlHan’s Record skill activated to record Helièna’s mana pattern that she just used. He wouldn’t be fooled by the same technique again.

[You attacked me.]

Muttered Helièna while touching the slight burn that appeared on her shoulder as she couldn’t completely dodge that attack. Rather than the fact that she was injured by a lower existence, she seemed more shocked by the fact that Yu IlHan had attacked her.

[You really attacked me!]

“Tch, Mir!”

[Got it!]

Now that he didn’t need to stall for time any longer, he could not hang out with her childish acts. Regardless of Helièna’s reaction, Yu IlHan poised himself once again, and synced his breath with Yumir and charged once again, to pierce with the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory with his full power.



[Eeeeek! I hate you!]


However, as he had expected Helièna had exceptional talent not only in regards to mental magic, but all kinds of skills that required wielding mana. Seeing her dodge Yu IlHan’s strike that could instantly kill dragons with magic with varying mana patterns and their applications that Yu IlHan had never seen before, he could not help but be dumbfounded.

[The skill, Record, has become level 47.]

However, that also became a good stimulus for Yu IlHan who had not experienced difficulties for a long time. Facing off the Succubus Queen that lived for tens of thousands of years allowed him to see what he couldn’t before just by swinging his spear, and saw a path that he could not walk on!

[The skill, Record, has become level 48.]

[The skill, God Force, has become level 12.]

[So you really are attacking me straight on. Without any hesitation, with the intent to kill me……!]


Ignoring her shock and exclamation, he fought her for an unknown amount of time afterwards, and finally, a repeated pattern appeared. Yu IlHan did not miss that opportunity and pierced ten times at once, and those strikes created holes on Helièna’s abdomen, shoulders, and thighs.

[Critical Hit!]


Blood scattered in the air. Yu IlHan got hit by the blood in the air on purpose before they were vaporized by the flames in his domain. The moment he absorbed the blood of a living 7th class, the information he had on the Destruction Demon Army and succubi rapidly renewed itself.

[The skill, Record, has become level 50.]

“Fuu, very good.”

He wiped the blood on his face and licked his hand with a smile. Although he was purely being happy with the skill’s growth, he just looked like a madman on the outside. However.


Seeing that, Helièna’s expression finally changed for the first time.

[Aaaaah……! Yes, that was it!]

“You finally feel like fighting?”

However, it was too late for that now. Yu IlHan had acquired enough records about Helièna already. Even though Helièna’s magic power suddenly increased by two times, he had the confidence to face her. Since he had inflicted fatal wounds on her as well, what was left was to only pierce her heart by charging forward with Yumir!

[Yes, I finally get it.]

However, just as Yu IlHan poised himself to attack for who knows what number of times this is, she suddenly said something completely incomprehensible.

[So darling is the Fifth.]


[……Wait, let’s talk again after we clean this place up.]

She, who was focusing on Yu IlHan from the very moment of her appearance until now, suddenly said something nonsensical before turning around. Looking at her defenseless state, Yu IlHan was about to pierce her without any hesitation, but he ended up not doing so by himself.


“It’s fine. I’m completely fine.”

Liera, who checked up on him, voiced her worry in a trembling voice, but Yu IlHan shook his head completely fine and spoke.

“Can you not feel it?”

“Feel what?…… Oh?”

[That annoying aura disappeared.]

Yes. From the moment Helièna turned her back on them, the power of her charm did not extend towards them anymore. Despite the fact that she was so obsessed with him just before, it was as if she had completely given up on Yu IlHan and his companions.

The aura that extended towards them were completely retracted back to Helièna, and was poured back out towards the three other factions that were in a mess of a fight.


[Uhuoooooooooooh! I curse you! I SHALL CURSE YOU!]

The battlefield was crumbling rapidly. The Heaven’s Army and the Army of Brilliant Light were almost wiped out, while Natière and Kelatuke fought each other to half-death.

Spiera? She was caught up by the massive battle between the two 7th class beings, and was gravely injured and her consciousness was becoming foggy, and ended up being inflicted by Helièna’s charm. All of this was Helièna’s doing while she struggled with just one person – Yu IlHan.

Yu IlHan felt his strength dragin while looking at that. Did the enemies defeated by him until not feel like this? Although he wasn’t infected, looking at the succubus that did what he couldn’t possibly even attempt to, make him feel so insignificant.

“What the hell? She’s completely toying with all of them……”

“She’s one of the three strongest Battalion Commanders even in the Destruction Demon Army! Do you even know how much I panicked after seeing her so suddenly!?”

Erta, who finally regained her calm, complained to Yu IlHan while pinching his cheeks. However, Yu IlHan could not reply to her. He was completely absorbed in the Succubus Queen in front of him right now.

[Well, it’s time to end this.]

Helièna playfully raised one hand in the air and shook it. The mana of charm that became much bigger than before due to her absorption of the mana from everyone here, instantly reversed back into them with the wave of her hand. The next moment,


[If it’s her wish.]

[I shall gladly!]

They started committing suicide.

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