Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 247: You Are Already Dead – 10

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If he was asked what he preferred between multiple choice questions and writing-type questions, Yu IlHan would definitely answer multiple choice. Not only Yu IlHan, this was a common occurrence in any other Korean youth that have received the cramming education.

But slightly exaggerating, this was the most important moment in Yu IlHan’s life, the entry to higher existence! But now, it was a massive essay question!

Yu IlHan checked with Liera with a gloomy face.

“There’s no hint? Not even one?”

“If you’re looking for a hint, there’s one right in front of you.”

Liera stabbed her fingers into Spiera’s wings. He was about to say something to Liera, but even Spiera seemed to be on business here and only smiled.

[The Heaven’s Army is very good, Yu IlHan.]


They were going about on business against a guy they just betrayed, like nothing had happened. Really, the moment it had anything to do with factions, he didn’t want to talk with this woman.

Yu IlHan shook his head and stared at Liera. She only shrugged and put her hands down.

“Even if you look at me with such eyes, if there is any shortcut to becoming a higher existence, it’s to join a faction. Didn’t I say this before?”

“But I didn’t even know there was no advancement mission.”

[Yu IlHan, all you need to do is to come to the Heaven’s Army. Everything will be solved that way. You shall become a higher existence to acquire eternity and infinite potential, and the Army acquires a talent that could kill a 7th class despite being a 4th class – This is a splendid win-win scenario!]

“That’s…….let me think over it carefully.”

He had no plans to join the Heaven’s Army even if he died, but it seemed that Spiera completely considered him as an ally as he moved in to ‘save’ her. Well, it would become easier for him to strike her on the back of her head later the more she trusted him, however, it was also the truth that it would burden his conscience more.

Yu IlHan looked at Spiera with an awkward expression, but Spiera continued her business pitch with glistening eyes.

[A new angel is always welcome, Yu IlHan!]

“Fine, I get it.”

Even while sighing, Yu IlHan cleaned his spear and put it back inside his armor. Thinking back, the situation wasn’t so grim either. Although he did panic a lot when there was no information on how to become a 5th class after receiving guidance all the way from 1st class to 4th, it wasn’t like his path of growth was completely blocked.

Just in this battle alone, there were two: his path with the spear as well as the opportunity to transform himself using the Dragon’s blood, mana, and the Cradle of Miracles. That was definitely a power that Yu IlHan had to acquire, and that was only possible for him to acquire.

“Then let’s head back.”

“Yes, the others will be worried sick by now.”

[I was worried about what would happen when Echjar appeared, but to think it will be absolved in such an absurd way……]

Spiera muttered out her surprise, and thought that these kind of things happened as everyday occurrence when she was with Yu IlHan, and nodded her head naturally.

[It was just that you were insanely nonsensical.]

“You’re insulting me as if it’s nothing.”

[It was not an insult, did you receive it that way?]

“It was a leading interrogation?”

Instead of replying, Spiera smiled. Yu IlHan also smiled. Then, he activated the Warp skill in order to move to Dareu again.

As he had the record of warping to Dareu once before, and as Echjar had died, the number of magic stones he required this time were a few 3rd and 4th class magic stones. After a brief wait, the three immediately returned to Dareu, where the Heaven’s Army camp was located, and also where there was war going on between them and the Destruction Demon Army.

[I cannot feel the presence of Echjar anywhere in this world…… Just what happened to Spiera!?]

[What happened to Yu IlHan, and Liera!?]

[How can they so perfectly conceal themselves from the world? Did Yu IlHan take them with the method he used to come over…… no, even if that were the case, he should not have been able to bring Echjar into his magic!]

At that time, all angels in the scene were in panic.

[We need to report to the higher ups…… a Battalion Commander had moved!]

[But that very same Battalion commander disappeared!]

[But shouldn’t we report anyway? Perhaps the scale of this war will become bigger than we think!]

They were surprised when Teraka ambushed them with the army of dragons, and a second time when Spiera killed Teraka with a surprise attack and Yu IlHan wiped the floor with the dragons, and a third time when Echjar had appeared, but since Yu IlHan took all of them and disappeared, even angels, as higher existences, were becoming confused.

Until the moment Yu IlHan’s group came back, their chaos did not calm down at all, but the battle between Echjar and Yu IlHan with their lives on the line wasn’t that long.

[We’ve returned.]

[Wh…… Spiera?]


When Spiera herself showed up in the scene, the angels looked at her while blinking their eyes continuously as if they were poured cold water on their faces. Why, and how? Countless question marks from their gazes struck Spiera’s face.

Spiera shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth.

[Although it’s difficult to explain…… Echjar has died.]

[Did you kill it, Spiera!?]

[It was not me. Explaining things would be long, but the result is that Yu IlHan by my side has killed……]

However, when Spiera turned her head around to the side, she noticed that Yu IlHan and Liera were no longer there. They immediately disappeared to where the others of their group were using the ancient elven magic formation!

[Oh, they’re gone.]

[Spiera, where is Yu IlHan?]

[Can you tell me where you were? We require an explanation.]


The angels were still looking at her with confused eyes. Realizing that explaining was her share of work, Spiera swore, but there was no way Yu IlHan would return just because of that.

The alliance of Heaven’s Army and Yu IlHan, could finish the first battle with relatively small casualties. It was also a very thankful battle for Yu IlHan as he could acquire both a 7th and a 6th class dragon corpse, and thousands of 4th class magic stones.

Yu IlHan and Liera dumped Spiera amidst the angels and immediately teleported to the others. The ‘safest’ place that he had sent the two fortresses and the members inside was none other than the frontier camp of the Destruction Demon Army. No, to be exact, the ‘former’ frontier camp.

“I’m back.”

He showed himself in the air for everyone inside the two fortresses to see and told them of his return as if nothing had happened.

“Mr. IlHaaaan!”

Of course, that did not work. Na YuNa, who always wished for his safe return jumped into the air faster than anyone and into Yu IlHan. The speed was akin to a lion jumping onto its prey.


“No you don’t!”

The moment Na YuNa was about to hug Yu IlHan, Liera, who was by his side, immediately rushed forward in attempt to strike her back. However, Na YuNa was already prepared for that, and cast Leytna’s protection magic on herself!

“Yap, Ugh!?”

“Sorry, I have an owner already.”


While Liera had struck the shield around Na YuNa instead of the person, Na YuNa herself was deflected by Aegis that Yu IlHan had called out. Yu IlHan’s guard was meticulous as always.


However, at that moment, shining light came out of her body. The light was so intense that it could temporarily block Yu IlHan and Liera’s vision! Na YuNa’s shouts could be heard in the middle.

“Lady Leytnaaaaa!”


“Do you really have to go that far!?”

Just what were these women fighting for!? With such a question, Yu IlHan opened his eyes amidst the light. Na YuNa was already up against his chest.

“Ehehe, I wanted to see you so muuuuch.”

“It was just a few minutes though……”

Yu IlHan looked at Na YuNa, who was rubbing her face against his chest like a puppy and laughed awkwardly.

“You weren’t worried about me at all, right?”

“I know that you aren’t one to die so easily~. Of course, I did worry because you might get hurt!”

“I’m fine so don’t worry. You’d be flabbergasted if you hear how I fought…… where do you think you’re touching?”


Na YuNa touched all over his body to look for any injuries, but a superficial wound like that would have long since been regenerated by Transcendent regeneration. He picked her up as she was about to touch ‘somewhere’, and gave her to Liera. A horrifying punishment immediately befell Na YuNa.

“Kyaaaaaaaaa! Mr. IlHan you idioooooot!”

“Your Majesty, I am glad to see you are safe!”

“We were waiting for master’s return.”

Leaving Na YuNa behind him, Mirfa and Ericia greeted him. It was as if looking at puppies waiting for their owner’s return. Yu IlHan, who became a little proud, stroked their heads alternately, but as he had expected, they rejoiced, also like puppies.

“Is that frightening dragon really dead?”

“Yeah, I killed it for sure. Although it was not a fair fight, at least you wouldn’t meet that guy alive again. The Destruction Demon Army also shouldn’t have any more wits to participate in this war anymore.”

Of course, he couldn’t deny the possibility that some kinda monster popped up saying “The 13th has died, so now I, the 12th shall step in!” or whatnot, but Yu IlHan also thought that the balance between the four factions wasn’t so easily broken like that.

Even if new members of the Destruction Demon Army came, they would just be scouts that just watches how the battle turns out. Of course, they would also die by Yu IlHan’s hands.

“Rather than that.”

Yu IlHan turned his mind to his nearly full inventory and spoke to Mirfa.

“A few of the elves learned smithing, right?”

“Yes, there are some who have polished the knowledge Your Majesty has bestowed upon us and has reached quite a high realm of ability.”

“Very good, call them all here.”

Yu IlHan gathered around ten elven blacksmiths and took out a gigantic corpse in front of them – a 4th class dragon’s remains.

“D, dragon.”

“The pressure is amazing even after it’s dead. I can’t believe we hunted such things.”

“But His Majesty has killed one that’s over a 100 times as big as this.”

“Don’t tell me he will show us the art of making weapons out of a dragon

Although it was just 50 times instead of 100, Yu IlHan did not bother correcting them. Instead, he told them one other fact.

“You guys will be the ones handling this dragon, not me.”


“It, it’s impossible! We know better than anyone that our abilities are lacking!”

Dragons were the best materials for blacksmithing, but the level of the smith was just as important.

Would Yu IlHan be the only one who had acquired remains of dragons, and even higher existences? If good materials always resulted in good artifacts, then artifacts at the rank of epic or chaos should be overflowing in this world.

Yu IlHan also knew that very well. In fact, it was precisely why he took out a dragon’s corpse.

“I won’t expect much, you can just waste them all. But if you train your blacksmithing against a dragon, the things you learn will be quite big as well.”

“But, Your Majesty……..”

“It’s fine.”

Yu IlHan made a peaceful smile and spoke to them.

“I still have around 3,298 dragon corpses remaining.”

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