Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 240: You Are Already Dead – 3

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[He’s definitely within this area. If we suppress the space with our mana, he’ll have no choice but to show himself!]


[Search, someone use search magic!]


The Destruction Demon Army camp was in a state of chaos. After the charismatic giant died in vain, the other higher existences with puny abilities all said their own thing to make the place noisy while Yu IlHan decreased their numbers one by one.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 294. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

[The skill, Record, has become level 33. You have acquired enough records related to the Destruction Demon Army, and may ascend into the Destruction Demon Army when you become of enough level to become 5th class. Of course, you need the permission from their leader.]

Of course, not that Yu IlHan wished to become one of them. He was just satisfied with earning enough records to become a higher existences, and continued to move to decrease the enemy numbers.

[Master, should I start?]

Mystic contacted him after sensing that the camps were getting noisy. Yu IlHan sensed that some higher existences were trying to run away in fear, and also thought that it wouldn’t be good for him to take everything and nodded his head.

‘Okay, meteor strike. I levelled up suitably so I need to give them to the others now.’

[I thought this for quite a while now, but if everyone did ‘suitably’ in your standards, every worlds should have been destroyed long ago.]

Even after the giant had died, Yu IlHan had killed around ten more, and now there were around only 90 higher existences within the Destruction Demon Army camp. Of course, this number was enough for his subordinates’ growth.

[I, I first need to retreat from this…… Kugh!?]

[Critical Hit!]

From now was defense – preventing them from leaving this place! Yu IlHan killed the ones that tried to run away first, and started restraining their actions. His intentions were not misunderstood and they soon understood the situation as well.

[H, he’s aiming for those that are escaping.]

[Since things came to this, we need to escape all at once to scatter his target, do we not?]

[But if his target becomes me……!]

[There’s a limit to tainting the name of the Destruction Demon Army! You cannot act since you are afraid of a mere lower existe…….Kagh!?]

Yu IlHan swung his spear to bisect yet another Destruction Demon Army member and lifted his head. The Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress in the air were being swept under Na YuNa’s enormous holy power.

Of course, since Yu IlHan’s concealment was still in effect, the two fortresses were still not sensed by them!

“Good, it will be time soon.”

[I think it will be better for master to prepare for ‘that’ skill.]

If he got any greedier, he might end up missing a higher existence or two. As Orochi had said, Yu IlHan prepared to go to the next phase.

[Now, master!]

“Gosh, I don’t know anymore.”

Looking at the two fortresses that flew down with a white tail like a comet, Yu IlHan judged that it was time to focus on tying down the enemies rather than pursuing concealment, and took out his hammer before enlarging it, simultaneously activating the class skill of Hell Bringer!

“Falling Down!”

White flames spread to the surroundings and burnt the entire camp. At the same time, Yu IlHan’s concealment wore off and his figure, holding a hammer that was more than 100m big, could be seen to everyone.

[It’s him!]

[Isn’t that fake as well!?]

[No, that’s definitely the real him, because……]

They could now see the two fortresses! Its words were buried in the noise that Yu IlHan made by striking down his hammer.

[Critical Hit!]


[This is, not that strong at all……. Mm!?]

The lands flipped and the flames that spread to all directions attacked the enemies at once. Of course, the damage itself wasn’t that big, but soulflame chains along with the flame shackled the enemies all at once!

[My, my power.]

[My body feels unfamiliar. How? He…… he is really a lower existence?]

“This is just the start!”

Hundreds, thousands of chains were all connected to Yu IlHan’s hammer on the other end. He shrunk the size of the hammer before he went into a rampage and puffed up his muscles.

In the domain of Falling Down, his regenerative capabilities increased by 5 times so his God Force skill can evoked beyond its limits!


[Kahgk……. Kahaaaaaaaaahk!?]

When he swung his hammer, the higher existences restrained by the chains could not withstand the strength and was blown up into the air, dancing around in the air. Following the trajectory of the hammer, the translucent flames that Yu IlHan had made chained them up according to the beats of their dance.

It was quite comedic to see higher existences being flown like that because they couldn’t win against the sheer strength of Yu IlHan’s swings.

[Master, I’ll just smash like this, okay!?]

“Yes, come on!”

[Attack him! He’s shown himself!]

[I’m trying, with my soul and magic!]

The higher existences that could finally see Yu IlHan attacked him with all their powers.

The ones that could not approach Yu IlHan thanks to the chains poured out their magic power, and the countless magic that hit Yu IlHan’s body was a frightening scene to look at, but in fact, Yu IlHan’s expression receiving all of them with his body was quite calm.

[How!? I can see the quality of my magic power decreasing……!]

[It’s his doing. These flames and chains are making us weird!]

[Kugh, we can’t break through his armor with this……!]

Falling Down simultaneously enhanced allies and weakened enemies. By lowering the league of the enemies, it shaves off the efficiency of enemy magic attacks, and the moment he receive the shaved attack damage, he would immediately recover so there was no way damage could stockpile on him! (PR: Unlike Debt)

If Teraka was in this region, or there were around two more of those giants before, Yu IlHan wouldn’t have been so daring, but receiving the attacks of the ones here for a short time wasn’t that difficult at all.

Of course, he couldn’t do it forever, nor did he plan to. From the moment he showed himself, he was not fighting alone anymore.



The higher existences knew that the Flying fortress was crashing down on the ground, but also knew that they could not escape the chains unless they killed Yu IlHan, so they were focusing on attacking him rather than evading the fortress.

Of course, their attempts ended in failure, and the Flying fortress could successfully demonstrate the meteor strike against the Destruction Demon Army – twice, including the Guardian fortress!

[Critical Hit!]

[Kugh!? This power is……!]

[Holy power, it’s the holy power of a strong god!]

To the Destruction Demon Army who never imagined that someone other than Yu IlHan could inflict damage on them, this was no different from a new disaster.

The combined attack of Na YuNa and Mystic instantly killed two higher existences that were near death thanks to Yu IlHan’s hammer and flame attacks, and inflicted serious damage to the others as well. Na YuNa experienced five level ups at once thanks to the successful meteor strike.

“Oh, great as expected.”


Yu IlHan was aware of the state of the two fortresses real-time, so it was very easy to protect himself from the attack. Of course, as he had to evade, the chains that connected the hammer to the enemies did snap, but now, he had no need to tie them down anymore.

His army was now participating in this battle.

“Good. Guys, let’s go!” (Liera)

[Kuooooooooh!] (Yumir)

Liera raised her spear, and Yumir turned into a dragon to make them aware of the commence of the battle with his grand voice, grander than any other dragons.

An endless stream of army came out from the Flying fortress and the Guardian fortress. Each of them, equipped with shiny equipment, maybe weak by themselves, but were a fragment of a sharp blade that, together, could slash at higher existences without a problem!

“This way for us.” (Liera)

[We’ll go the other way! Let’s go!] (Yumir)


Liera and Yumir, who were leading their respective armies split up into two and attacked the enemies.

[Eeeeek, they’re all lower existences!]

[Ludicrous, LUDICROUUUUS!]

The higher existences that were out of it thanks to the meteor strike, got enraged after seeing the levels of the ones that came out of the two fortresses. It was already so frustrating that Yu IlHan alone toyed with them all, but now, lower existences that weren’t even of the 4th class were taking them for fools because of that!

[Guooooooooh! All of you, I shall make you all serve as a foundation for the Destruction Demon Army!]

The higher existences that escaped Yu IlHan’s chains each roared loudly and attacked back!

And so, higher existences and lower existences clashed in battle. Of course, they were still in the domain of Falling Down, so the league of magic they could use was still lowered by a stage!

“If it’s this much, the others can do it too.”

[It’s not like 5th class fall down to 4th classes just because their league was lowered!]

“Huh? Isn’t it around the same thing? They look similar to me.”

Replied Yu IlHan to Mystic and swung his hammer. Until now, he was moving to annihilate all enemies by himself, but it was different now.

He was the commander of the battlefield; protecting all allies in his eyes and restraining the enemy attacks and movements were his job!

“Fight! Let’s fight!”

“It’s scary but…… If it’s for the hero!”

[Awooooooo! Survive and protect the princess!]


The battlefield became noisy, but in a different sense than last time. Lower existences who gathered up into a group attacked against one higher existence, while Yu IlHan, Liera, and Yumir used their powers to protect them.

“How dare you!”

[Kugh! Youuuuuuuu!]

Since they were interfered with every time they tried to use a large scale magic or one that had strong offensive power, the higher existences couldn’t fight back properly, and were only beaten up by the attacks from the army.

Moreover, the two fortresses that landed on the ground were controlled by Mystic to use all their artifacts, including Hundred Eyes, to drive back the higher existences!

[Critical Hit![


And eventually, it finally happened. the swords that the kids in Yumir’s Dragon’s Army destroyed the weak point of a higher existence.

[I, cannot die to maggots like……]



It did not die even with that and wounded some of the children near fatally, but eventually met a miserable death at the blades of the children who rushed forward without knowing fear.

At that moment, the levels of all the children participating in that battle increased like mad.

“Whoa, I became really strong!”

“My injuries are all gone. I got a lot of skill levels!”

“……I can fight more.”

“I can fight even more!”

The ripples from the first victory brought by the Dragon’s Army was considerably large. The morale of the Dragon’s Army bloated as if to explode, and the elves and wolfkin army who were likewise in a fierce battle, put more power into their strikes.

[Critical Hit!]

“Good! For his Majesty I-”

“Shut up, Paté! But well done anyway!”

The first kill from the elves’ side was from the strongest long-range damage dealer Paté! Tens of elves, hundreds of wolfkin combined their powers and he succeeded in striking an arrow of death on the body of the higher existence.

It was natural that everyone in the battle had their levels rise by 2, but the more serious problem was that……

[G…… guooooooh……]

“It rose.”

“A higher existence revived as undead.”

One of Yu IlHan’s very first epic-ranked artifact, the Deathgod’s Trajectory. Perhaps due to that, it had an especially strong option compared to others of the same rank, and it was that it could revive the target killed by its arrow back as undead.

Paté only killed a higher existence without thinking much, but the option attached to the bow was still in effect and revived it back as an undead, and that didn’t stop from just adding an extra higher existence undead to the ally camp, but called about a bigger change than just that.

“Whoa, Paté is being enveloped by light……!”

“Transformation? Is Paté finally becoming a magical girl-”

“4th class, he’s acquiring his 4th class!”

Paté had hit the limit as a third class some time ago, and was waiting to walk into a new realm. Although he did not accomplish the quest that the Akashic Record gave him, since the achievements he had done were incomparably better to the one given to him by the Akashic Record, he succeeded in acquiring a class that was originally not allowed to him.

[You have become Destiny Archer. Resistance to death and ruling power increases by 50%, and you can wield dead souls and undead to inflict bigger damage on enemies. You have acquired a skill related to the class.]

[The god of curses wishes to bestow a blessing on you. You can acquire the blessing if you fulfill two more accomplishments.]

[The Deathgod’s Trajectory evolves into Chaos rank, from the effect of the records of the user. It may evolve once again once blessed by the god of curse.]

Blackish-purple mana gathered towards Paté, who was in the middle of the battlefield. Although Yu IlHan was the same, the scene was quite loud, unbelievable for just a 4th class advancement.


Paté eventually opened his two eyes. In front of him was the gorilla-like higher existence, prostrating in front of him – this was the undead he had just revived.

Paté looked at that and thought for a moment before extending his hand out. From his palm mana harboring a frightening aura of death gathered.

“Is it like this? Everyone protect me for a moment!”

“I’m doing that even if you didn’t tell me to…… are you really Paté?”

“I’m one-way-His-Majesty!”

“So you are indeed Paté!”

The blackish purple mana harboring a deathly aura enveloped the higher existence undead and started changing its form into a more battle-oriented way. A lower existence was changing a higher existence!

[E, eeeek!]

[This, cannot, happen. This is…….]

The ability Paté had acquired indeed very large, but it was not enough to shake the battlefield. However, the reason the enemies coward was not because of that.

A lower existence other than Yu IlHan, had thrown the league of a higher existence into disarray and lowered it into a lower being than even lower existences! Such fear enveloped them!

[W, we cannot win. We should have realized this faster.]

[6th class…… we need the power of a higher rank. Headquarters, we need to contact headquarters.]

[T, Teraka! We need to contact Teraka! We need his power!]

Yu IlHan, who would never watch that happen, prevented them from contacting the outside with his chains, but his actions were meaningless. Because the enemies succeeded? No, it wasn’t like that.

[I cannot contact the higher ups.]

[Teraka……. is not answering our call.]

Yu IlHan sensed the despair hidden within their speeches and checked that it was not a lie. Then, he thought.

Teraka, good job!

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The rise of the curtain of the legend of the elven hero Pate! (This is a lie)

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