Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 239: You Are Already Dead – 2

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2 meters and 30 centimeters, quite small when comparing against the other members of the Destruction Demon Army. One flash of the Eight-tailed dragon spear pierced through and severed the center of its head, its heart, its crotch, its abdomen, its tail, its two legs, and two arms.

[Critical Hit!]

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv302 Elynard.]

[The skill, Record, has become level 9. You are now able to separate records related to ‘Destruction Demon Army’ and manage them separately.]

His first strike ended up as a critical hit. Well, he did heighten his senses to the limits to pick the parts where the most mana gathered inside the body and struck it with the Spear of Untraceable trajectory, so the chances of a critical hit were pretty high as well.

[The skill, Deathgod, activates and all abilities increase by 8%. The skill deactivates if you do not kill any other enemies within 3 hours.]

The Deathgod skill activated and Yu IlHan’s already strong abilities increased by 8% on the spot. When Deathgod was level 1, one kill gave him only a 0.1% boost in power, but now that he had mastered it, it had become a completely different skill from before, whether it was the increase in stat percentage or the time limit!

“Good, then.”

His concealment wasn’t undone, and hence the alarm magic would not activate either. Since he had picked out one that was far apart from the rest, no one had realized its death either. Yu IlHan collected its body and turned around.

“That’s one down.”

Two, three, and four – the counter went up smoothly. He had to kill as many as possible for his subordinates to get less injuries. Yu IlHan struck out each strike with all his power.

[You have become level 279. 1 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 2 Magic increases.]

Five, seven, and eleven. At this point, the Deathgod skill had reached its limits in terms of boost percentage, at 200%.

[You have become level 280. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

However, that was not the end. Yu IlHan focused on the ones that were far apart from the rest and so wouldn’t easily be found out, and even succeeded in assassinating twenty four!

‘What do I do, it’s becoming quite fun for some reason.’

Since he was using Blaze, Dragonic blood and Spear of Untraceable Trajectory all at the same time, so no matter how much mana Yu IlHan had, and how fast his recovery rate was thanks to his accessories, he should have entered frontal battle long ago after reaching his limits.

But every time he neared his limits of his mana, his level rose and the mana recovered, so he couldn’t stop assassinating them! Right now, his level was nearing the end of the 200s, but he was experiencing levelups as if he was before 2nd class!

[You have become level 281. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

Since assassination became fun, Yu IlHan continued to rampage around within the camp and killed higher existences scattered around over and over again.

His strike boosted by the Deathgod skill as well as Na YuNa’s blessing, had enough power to destroy cities, and the members of Destruction Demon Army that were at the epitome of laziness, could not survive after his attacks.

Like that, the number of enemies he killed broke through forty, seventy two, and one hundred and sixty five – and he was still not discovered by anyone.

[You have become level 288. 1 Strength, 1 Agility, 2 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

[The skill, Record, has become level 24. You have compiled enough records related to ‘Destruction Demon Army’ and all abilities will increase by 10% when facing against the ones belonging to this group.]

“These fuckers.”

Yu IlHan found this absurd. No matter how unguarded they were, over half of the members in the frontier camp had died, but the survivors didn’t even notice that anything was out of the ordinary!

Well, yes, it wasn’t like these guys were switching guards all the time like in a military, and had no reason to act in twos either, so they were in distinct spaces, but this was a battlefield after all – but they were still so relaxed without any regular checkups on each members! They were uninterested in whatever the other members were doing, or if they died or not!

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 313 Kelotuke.]

“Perhaps all 300 of these guys are disposable cards for the Destruction Demon Army……?”

From the moment he succeeded in assassinating the 200th member, Yu IlHan seriously started to ponder.

Although higher existences were indeed very rare from a lower existences point of view, but considering that there were countless worlds, and averaging one member of the Destruction Demon Army from one of those worlds, 300 is definitely quite a small number.

If that was the case, it wasn’t so strange to consider all 300 here as just sacrifices, was it? Yes, there was definitely that possibility! Teraka also acted on his own not after he fought with these guys for nothing, but because he knew that they were just sacrificial lambs, and just acted according to plan! That was it!

Dawned with a new realization, Yu IlHan shivered at the enormous scale of a higher existence faction. Of course, this was entirely his misunderstanding.

No matter how long the years have been, higher existences were respectable just with their names, and so, no factions treated them like disposables. This was all happening because it was Yu IlHan, with the power to ignore all barrier, protection, observation, and alarm magics!

If today’s matters were known to the various factions, then no one would put their faith in their magic any more. Like the armies of human empires, they would pick guards, exchange signals periodically, and have night watches when they go to sleep. That would be a funny scene in itself.

However, there was one important thing. That the Destruction Demon Army still did not notice the severity of this situation.

In that sense, it wasn’t exactly wrong that they were disposable cards. Disposable card to alarm all four higher existence factions!

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 292. 1 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 2 Magic increases.]

[The skill, Record, has become level 30. Records related to ‘Destruction Demon Army’ is etched deep into the soul, and all abilities increase by 20% when facing against the members of the Destruction Demon Army.]

‘That’s strange, well, I did take a lot of time to reach 4th class, but I’ve already become level 292 not long after I became 199, just what was so difficult for others to not become higher existences? …….Moreover, I think I can feel the concept of higher existences a little now.’

Even though he was earning experience that others would take several thousand years to acquire, he was thinking stuff like that which would make any higher existence vomit blood.

Moreover, right now, his most OP Record skill was shining like mad, and was recording the fundamentals of what the Destruction Demon Army, and not only that, but the very concept of being a higher existence itself, onto his soul, making him advance a stage further.

In this regard, Yu IlHan could be said to be having it easy compared to the leaders of other factions who had to pioneer their way through. They walked the path of higher existences without being able to relying on anything, and had to do everything by trial and error, while Yu IlHan absorbed all they did into his records, gaining potential more easily.

Of course, ‘absorbing’ was nicely put, but in fact, he was no different from being a thug.

[Hm, it feels strange for some reason.]

But no matter how talented Yu IlHan was in the art of concealment and assassination, it was not possible to assassinate all of them. After all, with over 200 of them dying, the concentration of mana over the camp had been lowered too much that even the dense higher existences were stimulated because of it.

[They, I can’t feel the presence of Galayton since a while ago, did he go back beyond the Wall of Chaos on his own? Do you know anything?]

[……No, it’s not that. It’s an attack. AN ATTACK!]

[No way, there’s no problems with the alarm magic casted over the camp……. no way, traces of blood!]

The higher existences finally moved their heavy asses. Despite that, it was quite laughable that they still couldn’t catch a glimpse of Yu IlHan, but since they were gathering, if Yu IlHan killed any one of them, his location would be found out.

‘But with this much, we’ll be able to wipe them out without any problems. Teraka who left this place……. good, he still has no interest in this place.’

Since Yu IlHan had killed them starting from the lower levelled ones first, the remaining Destruction Demon Army members were all strong ones over level 320. The highest one was at level 367, one that Yu IlHan wouldn’t have been able to kill when he ‘first’ came here!

The giant 23m in height that was resting easy in a separate tent, moved its large body to look down at the others.

[It’s him.]

Spoke the giant in a voice that resounded across the camp; eyes glistening with killing intent.

[The lower existence that has both concealment and power – Yu IlHan.]

[But how did he escape Earth?]

[How he did it is not important. What’s important that no other human can put us in this state, and that at this rate, we’ll be defeated one by one. We need to come up with another-]

And Yu IlHan attacked it then. Not only was the giant strong, but was smart enough to figure out that it was Yu IlHan. It would be safe to kill it before it did anything else!



Yu IlHan enhanced his arm muscles beyond its limits using God Force, and sharpened all the power of flames he could use at the tip of his spear.

The title, ‘Untouchable’, raised all his abilities by 20% when facing opponents above his league; Na YuNa’s blessing, the maxed out Deathgod concealment boost, was all focused on one point to literally bisect the enemy with a single strike!

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]


Ten rows of critical hit notifications appeared on his retina. All of his strikes from the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory ended up as critical hits!

The giant’s body was severed into several pieces according to his strike! Disregarding defense or resistance, since it was dissected to over 10 pieces, it was impossible that it survived. Yu IlHan’s strike had that much power.

However, Yu IlHan could not safely land on the ground. The enemy that he was sure that died after being cut to pieces, suddenly reached out its arm and grabbed his body in mid air.

[Kugh, I knew you were going to attack me.]

“……What!? Kahk!”

The giant’s mouth that should have been smashed to pieces found its way back to its original position as if time was being reversed, before it curved into a smile as if laughing at Yu IlHan. Even Yu IlHan could not help but be shocked at that scene.

While Yu IlHan was shocked, the giant completely recovered, and as if proving that it was no illusion or magic, it was grabbing Yu IlHan with its thick two arms.

[Just because I cannot notice you does not mean that everyone has to give you their lives life in a surprise attack.]

“That’s…… a technique?”

[Even you must not be aware of the arcane skill that is inherited in the bloodline of giants that is passed down only in one world out of the countless worlds out there. Once a month, I can recover completely from all physical attacks, ‘Soul of the Hero’!]

What the hell is that OP skill! – Yu IlHan wanted to retort. However, since he had more OP skills in his arsenal, he couldn’t really say anything! Sheesh, it really bad to let his guard down against higher existences, alright!

[Of course, it doesn’t work so well against attacks that surpasses my defense by leagues, but unfortunately, you seem to be of a lower league than me. How is it? Feeling the wall between us after you massacred higher existences like that! Yes, we evaluate guys like you like this – arrogant!]

That was definitely the case. Although Yu IlHan was now able to know everything about the enemy he had once faced due to the Record skill, he could not instantly understand the races that were born with unique skills, and not from the Destruction Demon Army itself.

However, even if that were the case, wasn’t it a little too OP to be completely fine after receiving an attack that should have taken its life?

[Everyone beware of this guy. I heard he tries to conceal himself in front of everyone’s eyes.]

[I do not plan to miss him even if you don’t say so.]

[Such a small human killed over half of our legion? He’s really fit to be a Destruction Demon Army member, but…….]

[He killed our allies. Whats left for him is only frightening and horrible death.]

The surviving Destruction Demon Army members were all watching Yu IlHan. He was thrown defenseless in the middle of enemy territory. After hearing the giant’s words, he felt the gaze of all members there focus on him……

……and laughed.

“Oh, it was a unique skill? I wanted to acquire it if it was an artifact.”

The moment he said that, Yu IlHan’s figure, that was definitely materialized melted into thin air. What was left was only a ‘black shadow’ without any traces of him. Even that disappeared soon after.


At the same time, another ten lines appeared on the body of the giant, and deca-sected it for good this time. Although Yu IlHan’s Deathgod skill had already been broken since he could not instantly kill an enemy, but his concealment was still maintained and the surprise attack succeeded, and moreover, since the enemy could not recover the injuries thanks to Yu IlHan’s ‘attack that was of too high league’, it was done in just like that.

Right after that, the text that Yu IlHan like the most appeared on his retina.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 293. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

There is one thing that Liera had faith in, and words that Yu IlHan lived by.

‘It’s not over until the experience comes in.’

Yu IlHan never forgot that line once. Of course, this time was no exception.

Yu IlHan’s concealment still hadn’t worn off yet. The enemies only watched as the body of the giant disappear into Yu IlHan’s inventory, but still could not find his whereabouts. Yu IlHan’s lips curved into a smile.

Now, then. The festival was still not over. Everyone shall dance according to Yu IlHan’s lead!

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