Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 230: I Go With You – 6

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The chain of souls and flames that Yu IlHan had made bound the higher existences. The surviving two members of the Destruction Demon Army comprised one gigantic beast and one humanoid, but they were the same in the aspect that they could not escape from the chains. The souls making up the chains were linked to Yu IlHan, and so as long as they didn’t sever the connection with Yu IlHan’s soul, they could not break the chains either.

Of course, those way above Yu IlHan’s current league would simply ignore such limitations and escape, but the two in front of him didn’t belong in this criteria.

“Liera, you take one of them.”

“No, let’s give it to Mir. Mir is still low level.”

Two lower existences were chatting with the bound higher existences in front of them. It was quite ironic, since the scene was like a married couple was trying to give each other the last slice of the meat dish, but ended up giving it to the son.

“Okay, then. I’ll go get Mir.”

“Please do.”

In the end, Liera returned back to the Flying fortress, leaving behind the two higher existences. That made the pride of the bound two, shatter into a thousand pieces.


[Kuhp, Khhhhhp!]

Although they were unsightly bound by Yu IlHan and simply became ‘meat dishes’, these higher existences were also those that had ruled a world. However, two ‘mere’ lower existences were being all leisurely in front of them!

[I’ll kill you!]

[I’ll freeze your woman and make her into an ice statue!]

The demon beast gathered destructive mana on its two hands and puffed up its muscles, while the humanoid made orbs of ices in his surroundings. Each and every one of them had the potential to be fatal! It didn’t even take 1 second to do that, as expected of higher existences!

The two attacked at the same time. However, it did not create the scene of Liera being turned into a nice statue. The moment they tried to gather their mana, Yu IlHan called the five shields of Aegis and received all their attacks.



Aegis, which now had the effects of absorbing and amplifying mana before returning it back after being upgraded by the feathers of fallen angels, did its job and reflected their own mana back to them.

[Critical Hit!]


“Good, splendid performance as expected.”

And it would become an even more perfect shield when he enhanced it with materials from higher existences later. Yu IlHan was satisfied with Aegis’ performance, and unfolded his Ruin Calling to shoot shockwaves in the air to leap.

Now that he had mastered leap, and that the Warp skill was advancing by the day, Yu IlHan was at the level of stacking three or four leaps with one motion. Even when it looked like he was simply kicking off the air, he would be hundreds of meters away the next moment! It was not that much different from teleportation.


Following Yu IlHan’s leap trajectory, Aegis followed, while the flames that comprised the domain gathered on the tip of his spear. The one Yu IlHan was aiming for, was the ice-wielding man who had a higher level. He was planning to break his ice head on.

[Heh, so you find me easy? Did you think you can melt me with your fire?]

This guy was worrying about Yu IlHan just shooting beams from afar, but when he approached, he laughed while being inwardly relieved.

[Go on then!]

“Hooh, sure.”

This guy thought that the reason the three higher existences died just now was because they were attacked in surprise. Didn’t they die in a blink of an eye without being able to do anything? But now, he was dealing with a full frontal assault!

The ones that seeked death in arrogance, while not knowing their place! None of them reached the realm of higher existences. He would also become like that!

[This is the ice of Katlar, the hero of the icy plains. Although it’s not my preference to freeze a guy…… I’ll hang out with your delusions for a bit!]

“Be honest here, there is some shared villain_lines dot txt among you, isn’t there?”

[D, dot txt?]

At that moment, an overwhelming quantity of fire gathered and compressed at the tip of the spear, to the point that it made some wonder if the domain would collapse at this rate, as the flame turned translucent. This was the first reason that Yu IlHan had judged that it would be fine to go against a higher existence, his flames!

Like how the higher existence he was facing was thinking that that maybe a little dangerous, the other higher existence gave support fire, but those were blocked by Aegis as Yu IlHan already knew that they were coming.

“I don’t care where you ripped off those lines……”

At that moment, some crunching sounds were heard. Yu IlHan had activated God Force to strengthen his arm muscles, and ended up putting too much pressure on the Eight-tailed dragon spear. This was the second reason why Yu IlHan was going against a higher existence head on; his muscular strength.

“If you want to read them, buy the official copy!”


Yu IlHan instantaneously reached in front of the guy’s nose with several leaps, and struck down with his spear using both of his hands.

[Critical Hit!]

The guy tried gather all the frost energy from its body to make several hundred ice swords to attack Yu IlHan, but they all melted in front of the translucent flames from Yu IlHan. Losing in a battle of pure attributes, the guy that self-proclaimed to be the hero of the icy plains abruptly widened his eyes.

[You broke my ice……. Kugh!?]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]


A bigger problem was that the spear strike that contained enough power to force him to use all his ice to block against, numbered nine more. That was a soundless, formless, strike of flames. He could not endure that strike when his league was lowered in the domain of Falling Down.


“You saw it last time, didn’t you?”

[Don’t tell me that’s, a martial art even amongst advanced techniques……!? Can’t be dodged just by, looking………]

Those were his final words. Yu IlHan’s continuous strikes severed all his mana circuit, and the berserk mana froze him whole. He realized that it was him that was arrogant at the final moment, and his brain and eyes were frozen after that as well.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 275. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

[You have earned the record of Lv319 Katlar.]

[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 95.]

[The skill, God Force, has become level 3.]

The third reason why Yu IlHan did not back off against a higher existence, was his Spear techniques that had reached a very high realm even among advanced techniques, due to his sufferings and training over numerous years.

Even if the prior two conditions weren’t met, his Spear of Untraceable Trajectory had enough power to reverse the battle.

[Yes, we indeed cannot win against you.]

The beast that saw that it’s stronger ally being toyed around with, gave up trying to survive. At that point, Liera was coming back with Yumir. It realized that Yumir was a dragon, and laughed.

[I knew you were not ordinary, but to think you’d have a dragon. You would be a dragon rider, then.]

Yu IlHan ignored its words and turned his head to Yumir.

“Mir, the experience would decrease since dad is holding onto it, but you can finish it off.”

“Uu, I want to become stronger with my abilities…..”

“But you’re still weak so you need to become stronger faster, right?”


Yumir changed the Breath of Gold to be long and sharp. His mana was concentrated on that spot, and became a strong drill as it rotated.

However, just as when Yu IlHan was thinking that it would be good if he learned wind magic as well, the enemy spoke once again; it looked like it wasn’t finished last time.

[You must be feeling very confident right now. You must be drunk on the fact that you can overwhelm higher existences. However, behind me are countless 5th class allies, and even stronger 6th class beings. The war for the higher world has only just started. Heaven’s Army and the Army of Brilliant Light – those arrogant bastards will also not welcome an irregular like you ……Can you, a mere lower existence, handle all of them?]


Yu IlHan spoke.

“This guy’s nucleus is just under the right waist, so strike there, Mir.”

“Got it!”


[You have earned experience.]

It’s very ordinary last scream made Yu IlHan feel good. It looked like his contribution was higher as over 50% of the experience came to him, but Yumir, who finished it off, also rejoiced as he levelled up several times.

“This place really is an experience haven, dad!”

“My words exactly.”


Yu IlHan collected the body of the monster and dispelled Falling Down after checking that there were no enemies around, when Liera asked him with worried eyes.

“IlHan, I don’t think that guy was wrong……. will you really be alright? I’ve seen several hundred 5th class beings clashing for a higher world.”

“I’m pretty assured after the battle just now. We’ll be fine against five 6th class beings in the domain of Falling Down. It doesn’t only increase my power, but weakens enemies as well. With you, me, Mir, and the Flying fortress, we can take on five at once.”

Replied Yu IlHan. Five 6th class beings. While Liera thought that that was an absurd number…

“Any more than that, we’d need go to guerilla tactics.”

“With the Flying fortress?”

“With the Flying fortress.”

“You do know that by 6th class, they can scan this entire world in at most 15 minutes, right?”

“That’s plenty. And moreover……”

“Moreover what?”

“No, it’s a secret for now.”

Liera had the urge to hit Yu IlHan, but seeing him smile, she couldn’t really do that. He was probably thinking of some absurd things right now. And those absurd thoughts were the main driving force that made the current Yu IlHan.

Perhaps the greatest power Yu IlHan possessed was neither his power, nor his effort, nor his talent, but the sudden insights he had founded on the knowledge he had piled up over numerous years – she thought.

“There we go.”

Yu IlHan repaired his equipment that had been damaged in the battle against the higher existences just now, by slamming some magic stones against them, while embracing Yumir into his arms before asking.

“Mir, it will be quite an intense battle from now on. Will it be alright?”

“Yeah, I won’t be able to truly become strong if I don’t experience suffering. I want to become stronger using fair methods and not sneaky ones like just now.”

“Good, it’s fine if you’re thinking like that.”

“And I too.”

Yumir seemed to hesitate for a little, but still eventually spoke in frustration while biting his lips.

“Want to avenge Phiria.”


Yumir did spend 2 years and 9 months with Phiria and the others. In fact, he spent longer time with them than he did with Yu IlHan. It wasn’t like Yu IlHan didn’t know that, but hearing it from his mouth was a different feeling altogether.

“Let’s avenge her. Against all the trash that consider us as maggots.”


“……Really, this is not a conversation that should happen between a father and son. Though, I don’t disagree with you.”

Yu IlHan returned to the Flying fortress with Liera and Yumir. The Dragon’s Army, Na YuNa and Kang HaJin were waiting for them, and they were dumbstruck because they thought they were going to go against higher existences, only to turn out that they died before they could do anything.

“Do you really need us?”

“I will from now on. Let’s go first.”

“Go? Where?”

“You’ll know when we get there.”

The magic formation activated once again. In that instant, they had teleported, and were in a quiet forest this time.

[So we need to split our members here.]

“But Phiria, as well as the 23 elves that accompanied her, are not back. If they’re being chased……”

[She and the other elves are with our colleagues. Seeing as how I lost contact with my colleagues just a while ago, even she might have died, not to mention our colleagues…..]

“No way, just who could Phiria be killed by!”

Now, they were in the right place. This place was not a warzone, and there were many lower existences on the ground as well. Meaning, this place felt like an ’emergency shelter’.

“There’s no way she died. We need to wait for her! And moreover, we need to move together!”

[We’re currently trying to make you survive! We also hid you from the dragons in the past. Do you not remember that?]

“But even so……!”

The one that was quarreling against the one that looked to be a member of the Garden of Sunset, was Mirfa, who was given the artifact to control the formation. The rest were only staring at her while not knowing what to do, and only the wolfkin princess, Ericia, was staring at the higher existence, as she agreed with Mirfa.

Yu IlHan thought that he had picked a good representative, and checked the members there. There were a few less elves that should have died along with Phiria, and a few less wolfkin, Ericia, Flemir, Mirey, Jirl, Paté, as well as his other subordinates and the remaining elves were safe and sound.


Yu IlHan stepped forward while being relieved. Of course, in his hand was the Eight-tailed dragon spear that had a violent flame raging on the tip of it.



[Critical Hit!]

The Eight-tailed dragon spear that Yu IlHan threw instantly shot down the guy from the Garden of Sunset that was blabbing on. Unfortunately, he did not die instantly and the concealment on the Flying fortress was dispelled, but Mystic, as if having foreseen all of this, attacked with the Destruction Mirrors from all sides while lowering the Flying fortress, to hold him off. There were a total of eleven higher existences in that place.

“Y, Your Majesty.”

“It’s His Majesty!”

“His Majesty has come!”

As expected of the race with good eyes, the elves instantly recognized Yu IlHan’s face. Their faces colored in fear and uncomfort were instantly changed to that of joy and relief, and it seemed as if all that happened just now was but an act.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, we were waiting for you!”

“Your Majesty!”

[Khaaaaaak! What is he!]

The higher existence shouted as if to defeat all those shouts of joy. The elves retreated in fear, thinking ‘Oh, there was that’, when Yu IlHan, who landed on the ground as if to separate the higher existences and his subordinates spread Aegis to protect his subordinates while speaking.

“These guys are enemies.”

“Yes, sir!”

Loyalty to the emperor was absolute! Regardless of how the Garden of Sunset acted before, and regardless of how they acted right now, that didn’t matter. The elves immediately considered the Garden of Sunset as enemies and retreated backwards.

[You, just what…..]

“You guys just protect yourselves.

Looks like Falling Down will increase rapidly in level while I stay in Dareu – thought Yu IlHan as he covered the entire region in flames.

“It will be over soon.”

The battle ended within 15 minutes.

Yu IlHan’s level had increased by 3.

Author’s notes

The war has just begun.

Fortunately, the others are safe!