Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 227: I Go With You – 3

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It took exactly one week to clean up after the war, and make foundations for the new united empire. The Flying fortress was going to return to Earth after one week in Breya.

“More and more people would need the maiden from now on, though.”

“Aaah, why do you leave? Are you going back to heaven?”

All believers of Leytna did not doubt for a second that Na YuNa was the avatar of the goddess, and did not want to let her go, but Na YuNa defeated all of them with a soft smile.

“If such a pretty woman like me stays in this world for a long time, those conscienceless pigs may appear again and aim for me. So I’ll leave.”

“How can your farewells be so haughty too?”

Although everything turned out well, an uncountable number of people had died during the process. Na YuNa thought that things wouldn’t have bloated up so largely if she was not here in this world. The only reason why the Destruction Demon Army spread their hands to this world was to procure her after all.

“Your Holiness, please let me go now. I’ll be happy with Mr. IlHan!”

“Please stop using lines that can cause misunderstandings?”


Rise of the united empire? End of the war? Beneath new history were countless corpses of citizens scattered across the land.

It wasn’t like Na YuNa did not know sadness just because she was smiling all this time. She read the minds of others too well, so she found it unbearable to stay in Elforce right now. If Yu IlHan wasn’t there with her, she would have collapsed a long time ago.

The pope also knew that she would not be able to convince her to stay.

“You’ll visit later, right?”

“Of course.”

The pope and Na YuNa hugged each other and did a cheek-to-cheek kiss. At that moment, Na YuNa seemed to have forgotten about something and took off the crown on her head before passing it to the pope.

“I’ll give this back to you, Your Holiness. I do not have the qualifications to own this, and this crown is only effective within the holy region.”

“No, I can’t bring out the power of the crown, so you take it. This crown is yours.”

“But for me to take this……”

“If it’s the matter of practicality.”

Before the pope and Na YuNa could push each other the crown, Yu IlHan interfered with a bright smile.

“Can I take some of the highest-tier holy stones in the holy region? Actually no, I’ll just take it. I won this war so give me that much.”


“The forceful IlHan is so cool too!”

While Na YuNa was surprised, and Liera was being in love-struck mode again, the pope did not see through Yu IlHan’s intentions, and tilted her head.

“Well, we can only accept whatever terms you have. But if you use the holy stones for bad purposes, it will tarnish our goddess, so I cannot accept it if that’s the case. May I ask the reason you want the holy stones?”

Yu IlHan replied as if asking why they didn’t know already after all that conversation.

“I’m going to make a holy region on the Flying fortress. Then, Miss YuNa should be able to bring out the power of that crown.”

“The holy region…..?”


Thinking back, Yu IlHan was the man who built the new temple in the region! The pope wanted to retort about a lot of things, but decided not to speak. Then, she proceeded to order the paladins and priests to give him all but one of the highest-tier holy stones.

“Wow, an entire….17 kilograms of holy stones…… Your Holiness, is this really alright?”

“It’s fine since we won’t be needing them for a while. Moreover, it looks like you need these holy stones more than we do.”

Although this was much less than what Yu IlHan should receive for all the things he had done, this was the best the Church could do. The pope was worried about the fact that Yu IlHan may get angry at the quantity, but he nodded in satisfaction after receiving them

“These should be enough I guess.”

“Just how could a holy region be…… No, it’s nothing.”

The pope stopped her question mid way. Yu IlHan only smiled at her. It was a cool smile that made her feel very tired.

“Holy maiden!”

“Holy maiden, please be happy!”

“Aah, the maiden is finally going back to the place she should be. It must be that she’s ascending to the throne of a god!”

“Please bestow us eternal prosperity and glory!”

While the citizens of the united empire of Elforce were watching, Yu IlHan got on the Flying fortress along with Yumir, Liera, Na YuNa, and Kang HaJin.

The believers of Leytna were acting in a manner as if Na YuNa was really ascending into godhood. The four other than her were being treated like guardian angels or something!

Kang HaJin made a bitter smile while looking at that scene.

“…….I spent the same amount of time as her in Breya, but seeing this scene, it looks like nothing would have changed even if I wasn’t here.”

“If you regret it, do you want to stay here? In fact, Mr. Kang HaJin won’t really become of help even if you’re here.”

“Mr. Yu IlHan, don’t you think that you’re a little too honest!?”

Kang HaJin retorted loudly as he self-proclaimed to be quite exceptional among the 3rd classes, but to Yu IlHan, ‘fighting force’ was someone who could deal with a 4th class enemy easily.

Unfortunately, Kang HaJin was lacking innate talent, skill proficiency, and even levels, according to Yu IlHan’s standards. Yu IlHan didn’t say that out loud since it would be too cruel, but Na YuNa dealt the final strike for him.

“But HaJin-oppa tried his best to protect me until now. Though, he practically didn’t do much!”

“You’re even worse!”

Kang HaJin shouted to Na YuNa and momentarily thought about ‘what would my relationship be with Na YuNa if I was as strong as him?’, but he laughed after realizing that thinking like that was meaningless.

He still couldn’t let go of his competitive spirit at this age? If it’s not that, did he still have some vain feelings towards Na YuNa? In whichever case, he loathed himself.

However, Na YuNa only looked at the scenery outside the Flying fortress in interest as it heightened in altitude. Yu IlHan, who was taking care of the Dragon’s Army on the side, spoke to calm her down.

“The Warp skill has already activated so wait a little. We’ll be on Earth soon.”

“What do we do after we go to Earth? No wait, what happened to Earth anyway?”

“By now, some perverted demons would have appeared and will be struggling for survival on Earth. First, we’ll look for the next world while the Flying fortress lightly tramples on them all. If possible, I want to implement the holy region at that time.”


The threat of monsters, that was the main reason why humans of other worlds had to struggle, were being treated like sources of experience on Earth! And these monsters were all freaks of over level 250!

“A single one of those monsters would have put the holy region under immense danger……”

“They are weak compared to the monsters of Earth. First up, the monsters of Earth can do mental attacks.”

“Mental attacks only apply to you though!”


While Na YuNa was at a loss about what to say back to Yu IlHan, the Warp skill was completed. When Yu IlHan gave the signal, Na YuNa and Kang HaJin looked around to see any changes, but could not find anything. Liera laughed at them.

“You really didn’t believe in IlHan’s words, huh?”

“Hiing, you didn’t mention anything about a Warp skill though……. Huhh?”


Just as Na YuNa was about to say something, Yu IlHan jumped on the spot. The Flying fortress, Liera, Na YuNa, Kang HaJin, and the rest of the children belonging to the fleet, as well as the children that didn’t belong to the fleet but was still included in the skill, all closed their eyes once, and opened them.

When they were back on Earth.

“Huh, it really is Earth.”

“Oh my god. It really is the Korea of Earth even though everything has collapsed!

The change in surrounding mana, and the traces of civilization, though ruined for the most part, had made Na YuNa and Kang HaJin speechless. Yu IlHan’s single action had changed worlds! It was unbelievable even with their eyes open.


[H, he’s here. He has more numbers now.]

[Kill, kill, kill, kill!]

As the group was being loud, and as Yu IlHan did not bother putting concealment over the Flying fortress, monsters came from all directions. Of course, as only one week had passed since Yu IlHan left Earth, not many gathered, but the ones that could be seen were all 4th class monsters over level 200.

However, Yu IlHan glanced at the vicious monsters and just laughed while calling for Mystic.


[Master, there will be a day you’ll pay for all that you did to me.]

“Yes, yes. I’ll pay up when that time comes so you go clean them up for now.”

[Eeeeek, I hate you, master!]

Mystic started attacking the enemies with Hundred Eyes even while grumbling. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan checked each and every one of the monsters that scattered after the beam, and let out a sigh.

“Hmm, will they not appear after all?”

“You were thinking about that? There’s no way it can happen since you killed the origin of them. In the first place, Earth was insane for making such monsters naturally.”

“But it was a good supply of materials though……”

“……Are you being disappointed right now?”

Yu IlHan licked his lips powerlessly and Liera was looking at him like a freak. Na YuNa thought about what they were talking about right now, and realized that it was about 5th class monsters.

“Did a higher existence appear on Earth!?”

“Although it will be annoying to explain so I won’t, yes, they did.”

“Explain if you’re going to say all that! Just how can a higher existence appear in this land with such a short history!?”

Of course, Yu IlHan did not explain. To speak about the past 3 years on Earth, he would have to talk about the forgotten millennium. He couldn’t speak about it in worry of Na YuNa’s reaction after all that. Yu IlHan was being considerate of her in his own way.

“They won’t appear in the future anyway, so don’t worry.”

“It’s related to Liera-unni, right! Right!?”

“I said I won’t explain.”


Na YuNa’s pouting face was quite cute. Yu IlHan suggested to her to change the pace.

“I’m going to make the Flying fortress a holy region from now. After this, Miss YuNa will become more safe, and the Flying fortress’s defense will become more perfect. I’ll need your help in the process so help me out.”

“You have the worst way of changing topics! Although I’ll still help! Idiot, stupiiid!”

“……..YuNa is really experiencing a lot of new things.”

Yu IlHan then proceeded into working on the holy region by using the holy stones and a few other precious metals he had remaining.

Yumir lead the Dragon’s army, each supplied with Yu IlHan-grade equipment he made in the week in Breya, to experience real-life battles on Earth, and raised their abilities, while Liera stuck by Yu IlHan’s side as always, and Na YuNa helped in the implementation of the holy region while pouting, while Kang HaJin guarded her.

In that time, the communication device didn’t ring again.

Just that, one day when the holy region was being completed, Yu IlHan realized that one of his subordinates under the Rule skill had met her death.