Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 225: I Go With You – 1

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[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 273. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 311 Arreyal.]

Yu IlHan’s spear did not end with just piercing the enemy. He thought it was lucky when a critical hit popped up, but it looked as if he had pierced the enemy’s weak point, as he just killed it off like that! With this Deathgod skill still active as he killed it with one strike, this was very profitable.

[Arreyal!? Arreyal! Kugh, is it the enemy? Where are you!]

The higher existence whose head looked similar to a shark’s looked around in fear when it saw that its ally had died but still could not find the attacker.

However, if it attacked and a lower existence was harmed, then it would be considered as going against the rules of the Destruction Demon Army, and it would immediately fall back into a lower existence! If anything was possible, it was to run away as soon as possible from that spot.

[Shit, just what kind of monster is it…..! No, naturally-occurring doesn’t even make sense! Shit, shit!]

It also seemed to realize that nothing it thought of was possible, and started to run away after turning around. It looked like it would leave the world just like that…… but no matter how fast it ran, it could not outrun Yu IlHan and Yumir.

“Well, then.”

Yu IlHan first collected the corpse of Arreyal that was falling to the ground, and spoke to Mir while stroking his head, when he was flying towards that guy’s back.

“Mir, let’s do some practice. I showed you twice, so you can do it, right?”

[B, but it’s too scary…… I can’t kill that.]

“You can’t kill it with a single strike anyway. So, let’s aim for a critical hit as the first objective. You have the Superhuman strength and Critical hit skills, right?”

[Yeah, I’m almost near mastering both of them. And I also have lots of other supportive abilities]

“Good, splendid.”

One of the OP skills Yumir had inherited from Yu IlHan was the Superhuman strength skill. Other than that, he also had ‘Dragon force’ that amplified his magic and strength. He had got this when he had reached 4th class. Superhuman strength was originally a skill that was not allowed to a dragon, but to Mir who was a half-blood, it was possible to inherit the Superhuman strength skill from Yu IlHan. Lecidna was a really wise dragon!

In the same principle, dragons are born unable to learn the Rest skill and hence the Transcendent regeneration skill, but with Mir inheriting the Rest skill from Yu IlHan, his Rest skill was at level 91 right now.

If Yumir mastered the Rest skill, and evolved it to acquire Transcendent regeneration, when he already had his unique skill, Dragonblood regeneration, then he might perhaps gain an even more absurd regenerative capabilities than Yu IlHan himself.

“Ok, the first is to observe everything as closely as possible. All moving creatures have a weak point after all.”


Even while flapping his wings, Yumir’s sight locked onto the enemy. Focusing on the enemy, Yumir’s flight speed instead became faster.

“There should be the point of attack which should be the most effective. It will also be good to observer the pattern of movement of its mana. It’s easy to observe since it’s desperately running away while emitting all its mana, right?”

[Yeah, it’s too strong, but I think I see it.]

Originally, it was impossible for even dragons to read the mana pattern of a higher existence, but as the enemy was currently running away disregarding everything, it was very easy. Yumir’s eyes glistened.

[I decided on where to attack.]

“Activate all methods that can enhance your attack and focus it on one point.”

[Got it.]

“And when you’re ready, attack immediately. Dad will immediately cover for you so don’t worry about what will come after and strike to your heart’s content.”


Yumir sped up one last time and prepared to attack with his front claw. Unlike the dragons Yu IlHan had met in Dareu, his front claws were thicker and compared to those dragons, and the Breath of Gold that covered his front claw pulsed in a mysterious way to make the claw part longer and sharper.


Yumir’s claw became longer than most weapons now! At the tip of it, wind was concentrated. Wind, compressed to the point of materializing, covered his claw in several layers, and each layer spun around the claw at each different directions to make a frightening sound. Yu IlHan couldn’t help but ask after seeing that. (T/N: Rasengan anyone?)

“Is that a magic you’ve created……?”

[Yeah, it’s a magic that became possible thanks to Breath of Gold! I can now use it in real battle thanks to my control over wind increasing!]

Replied Yumir in a bright voice, but looking at his claw, it didn’t look as easy as that. Yu IlHan thought that his son was a little frightening ever since he came to be, but that was no different from how others saw him normally.

[Theeeeen……. Eih!]

The moment magic and skill achieved a perfect harmony, Yumir folded his wings for a final spurt! Coincidentally, the enemy had exhausted itself a little and slowed down slightly, and as if he had aimed for that moment, Yumir struck his claw into its neck!

[Critical Hit!]


Yumir’s ambush was perfect. It looked like his skills facing the demon monsters before 4th class didn’t go anywhere, or perhaps it was just that his abilities that were enhanced while battling with Yu IlHan had taken effect. His strike just blew the enemy away.

The enemy flew away like it would become a star in the sky, but soon stopped using its own power to fix itself in mid air. However, the blue blood that scattered in the air in the trajectory, was a proof of the seriousness of the injury.

[Kuuuuuugh! You attacked me! Khak!]

The moment the claws struck, the tens of layers of wind drilled through and grinded the enemy’s neck, and thanks to that, the part where it connected the head and the body became tattered. Although there was no need to mention about the sturdy life force of higher existences, with the amount of blood spurting out the wound, it even made them wonder if it would die from bleeding.

[Hing, it didn’t die after all!]

“It’s fine. You’ve done well.”

The moment he finished the surprise attack, Yumir quickly retreated while covering his body in membranes of wind. It was 85 points out of 100 at least with him preparing for failure as well.

If it was Yu IlHan, he would attack once more somehow, but finding an opening the moment the enemy receives a critical hit, but taking a defensive stance like Yumir was not bad at all. He was planning to tell him the rest while studying the fight later.

[I’ll kill you!]

Meanwhile, the ‘shark’ that was blown away after a critical hit, immediately enlarged its body the moment it confirmed Yu IlHan and Yumir’s figures. Since it fulfilled the condition of self-defense, it could now use its powers as a higher existence! As the two were in a party, it could also attack Yu IlHan without any drawbacks.

[That figure…… so you’re Yu IlHan!]


[Since your only ability of surprise attack had turned out to be a failure, what will you do now! I’ll make you pay the compensation for baring your teeth at a higher existence!]

“Well, try all you want.”

It was bringing up its mana in its body in rage, but Yu IlHan just spoke a simple answer and picked ups his spear. At that moment, white flames spread around into the air. The ‘shark’ felt the flames’ ‘league’ and finally realized that something was wrong.

[This aura is……!?]

“But you aren’t going to be able to run away either.”

Falling Down was a skill that could be activated on the ground, under the sea, or in mid-air. The moment the skill activates, the region around Yu IlHan becomes his domain, the enemies inside will drop in a league, and no matter how much they struggled in order to escape, the resentful souls within the domain would not let it go.

[My, my mana is……. my league is…..!?]


Chains made of thought-souls, flames, poison, and curses reached out from all around to bind it all around. Yu IlHan picked up his spear and put strength into his arms. The power that he could freely use within the domain of Falling Down, God Force, had activated to amplify his strength beyond its limits.

[Th, the attack just now wasn’t from you! It was from the dragon, a mere ride!]

“That’s very rude. Mir.”

[I’m my dad’s son!]

Shouted Yumir as he shouted. Thinking of the day where he could kill a higher existence on his own, he supported his dad to his fullest for now!

“Thanks for the experience!”


The power of wind Yumir possessed spread to the flame on Yu IlHan’s speartip and enhanced it. Wind and fire, the affinity of those two were perfect! The flame that went beyond white into translucent looked beautiful as well.

[H…….how, my skill, my magic!]

The ‘shark’ tried to resist and agitated its mana, but the downfall of a league was a much more serious problem than on the surface. The completed magic, or its techniques, weren’t enough to liberate it! Without being able to counterattack once, it was about to be defeated, shaming its name of a higher existence.

[Your woman!]

Feeling death approaching, the ‘shark’ shouted loudly.

[You’re not worried about your woman?]

Just before he struck the spear on its neck, Yu IlHan replied while tilting his head.

“My woman is the strongest woman in this world right now, though?”

[Na YuNa! My ally already has already procured her. You’ve failed the moment you came here!]

“Ooooh, I was wondering what you were going to say.’

Yu IlHan just laughed and swung his spear to kill it. Although he knew from the time it was weakened after its neck was severed, it was a relatively ordinary being who would die with its neck severed.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 309 Sharkilton.]


Muttered Yu IlHan while he collected its corpse.

“Your ally had failed the moment it arrived there.”

Of course, not that the dead would hear him or anything….. Yu IlHan stretched his arms to remove God Force, and cancel Falling Down. As his mana was being consumed rapidly, he felt a little tired, but with his mana recovery rate being extreme, that only lasted for a mere moment.

[It looks like there are more higher existences, dad.]

“Let’s give that to Liera. We can’t take everything.”


Yu IlHan thought that the empire would also have mobilized its army. They probably tried to steal Na YuNa away from their watch. However, the Destruction Demon Army would have realized that and would also try to steal them back with their monsters……

“See, I knew that place would have the most interesting scene. Such a pity.”

[Are you going there too?]

“No, we….”

Spoke Yu IlHan while stroking Yumir’s head.

“Will go after we clean up the imperial army.”

Meanwhile, near the entrance of the Holy region, the ‘interesting scene’ that Yu IlHan had expected, was folding out.

[Humans really are interesting creatures. Were they born with a passive skill to repay gratitude as vengeance?]

“The emperor wishes for the holy maiden. I thought our agreement was that you will not touch the holy maiden……!”

The 4th class elites belonging to the empire, and the agile and strong 4th class monsters were facing off with each other, while the knight commander and the higher existence belonging to the Destruction Demon Army was glaring at each other.

[That is the spoils of war for us, the Destruction Demon Army. How dare a mere lower existence try to snatch the woman blessed by the goddess of beauty?]

“However, that was our contract. The contract between us, and the Destruction Demon Army!”

[You dare think that you lower existences can make a contract with us on an equal footing? Truly arrogant.]

The humans aimed to snatch the holy maiden away when the battle was almost over, but the Destruction Demon Army who saw through them, lead their monsters to block their path to the holy region. From that moment, the current situation came about. The pressure from each side was so strong that they didn’t even notice what was happening in the holy region right now.

“Eeeek, you weren’t planning to have a proper conversation with us in the first place…..!”

[My, aren’t you quick.]

“Hmph, no matter how strong you are, we are aware that you cannot use your powers against us first! What are you doing! Kill these monsters and let’s go get the Holy maiden!”

[Kukuku. You’re taking these monsters too easily, when they’ve received the blessings from us Destruction Demon Army. Do you really think that I would have to use my powers against you maggots?]

As their conversation was running parallel, battle would soon ensue! The strongest elite corps of the empire and the monsters of the Destruction Demon Army candidates battled. They didn’t even know what was going around them!

Perhaps due to the vicious battle, the higher existence was slightly too late in noticing the presence of the Flying fortress that floated above its head. The movements of the Flying fortress was very secretive and it would not have realized if it was participating in the battle.

[What, is this…..?]

[What do you mean what! It’s a beam of course!]


The higher existence forgot about the situation it was in and muttered, but after being hit by the focused laser beams from all the mirrors of Hundred Eyes, its consciousness jumped back.

[Fallen angel! Although it’s slightly different, this is the power of a fallen angel! Dammit, you humans had other plans!]

It let its guard down as it did not imagine for a second that it would be injured! However, fortunately, it did not receive a life-threatening strike and took out its weapon. Now was not the time to care about mere humans!

[Come out, I’ll butcher you all!]


However the moment it raised its weapon while gritting its teeth, a playful woman’s voice was heard, and at the same time, its weapon was severed in half.


It widened its eyes in disbelief for a moment, but that did not last long either. Its body was also severed in half like the severed weapon.


Following that, Liera, clad in the Feather of Temptation, landed on that spot. She looked at the bisected higher existence but still grumbled in dissatisfaction.

“Tch, before, a finger would have been enough for this guy.”

Grumbling lightly, Liera shook off the blood on her spear and spun it around to stab it into the ground, when a giant wave did the final strike on the bisected body.


[You have earned experience.]

“Good, it’s over.”

There was a famous line by Yu IlHan that Liera liked. ‘It’s not over until the exp comes in’ – it was this phrase. Just repeating those words three times a day made her not lose against anyone!


“It’s the Holy maiden? The holy maiden killed a…..!”

“W, we need to catch her.”

“No, that’s not her. That woman is not the Holy maiden!”


The ones that did not know the appearance of the Holy maiden mistook the beautiful figure of Liera to be the Holy maiden, and the ones that knew her appearance, was shocked at the fact that there was someone as beautiful as her in this world.

“Come at me.”

Of course, Liera couldn’t care less about what they thought of. She just thought about how much experience she would gain if she killed them all, and picked up her spear. (PR: Liera has been hopelessly corrupted by Ilhan, SMH)

“I’ll end it painlessly.”

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