Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 224: I’m Coming To Get You Now – 8

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“Mir really is fast.”

[I became really fast!]

Yu IlHan couldn’t help but exclaim as he rode on Yumir’s back. Although the speed was slightly slower than when he stacked several mid-air leaps, Yumir’s speed that utilized the power of wind to the extreme had a much more natural charm to it

“I wish I can go around the world like this.”

[I also feel like I became stronger with dad here!]

“That’s not a mistake.”

The Dragon-man resonance that he had acquired as he became a Dragon rider – that enhanced his abilities by 10% when fighting with a dragon, and an additional 10% when he fought on a dragon’s back.

Yumir was subordinated under Yu IlHan’s Rule skill, so there was an additional 10%. So, Yu IlHan’s battle capabilities would increase by 30% just by riding on Yumir’s back!

This applied to not only Yu IlHan, but Yumir as well. However, until now, Yumir was not an adult dragon, nor was there a lot of need for them to fight together, so they couldn’t utilize that until now.

[Dad is really amazing!]

“Mir is plenty amazing too. Let’s stay together from now on, ok?”


Yu IlHan patted Yumir’s head. His figure, clad in light-golden scale, was very beautiful and made Yu IlHan’s heart warm. He thought that it would be good to have a father-son time like this in the future.

The problem, was that the placing they were heading to while conversing, was the enemy headquarters where the Destruction demon army would be residing.

[Dad, I can feel several strong auras.]

“That’s true.”

A very violent and rough mana was floating around unpleasantly on one spot, and it was very similar to the aura that Yu IlHan had felt once before in Dareu. Yumir immediately cowered after realizing that their opponent was stronger than him, but Yu IlHan immediately calmed him down.

“Dad is stronger so don’t worry about it.”


Yu IlHan took out the Eight-tailed dragon spear from his palm and gripped it. With the option from the Infernal dragon body, 20% of the defense stat would be added onto the attack power of the spear, so just taking that out made Yu IlHan’s aura of pressure increase by several times. Although, his enemies would not know that even when they died.

He wanted to fly for a little more, but unfortunately, the enemy headquarters was not that far away. As the majority of Elforce had been conquered already, they had destroyed an entire city and made it their headquarters.

“*Yaaaaaaaawn* The battle sure is taking a long time.”

“There should be a mid report, but why isn’t there any signs of it?”

“They said the holy region is a danger zone. Doesn’t the fact that His Majesty did not go there personally also imply that?”

“It’s amazing that he came all the way here with us anyway. Does he want the Holy maiden so much?”

“I once saw the Holy maiden from afar. I collapsed on the spot because my legs became powerless. I can even accept why they were believing in her like a god.”

“Dammit, if only I could go to bed with a woman like that too…..”

The guards were very lax. Well, it was no wonder, since, not only were there no enemies around, an army of two hundred thousand had gone to finish off the remaining enemy forces. Never would they know that a Flying fortress appeared out of nowhere and obliterated all of them.

However, this was still too much.

“The army’s morale, and the state of the army too…… Are there no strong beings among the humans?”

The number of 4th class humans he had sensed only amounted to three. It was a little too weak to be called the elites of the army. Well, there were twelve whole 4th class monsters, so their actual battle power would be significant, but monsters were, in the end, forces of the Destruction Demon Army.

Perhaps they died in the war with Elforce, or only three were deemed enough and were sent here, or perhaps they made them return to the capital because of some issues. Yu IlHan’s judgement came to that.

“If it’s not any of those three……”

Yu IlHan laughed while thinking ‘what if’. In that case, his judgement of the emperor of Li Catriana would increase a little, but that was it. The Destruction Demon Army were not idiots either…..

Thinking that he may have missed a very interesting scene, Yu IlHan even felt a little unfortunate.

Meanwhile, there were a total of three 5th class that were estimated to be from the Destruction Demon Army, within the headquarters of the imperial army. It looked like they had lowered their guard against lower existences on some other world, as they were really far apart from each other.

Well, there was no way they would know that there was an enemy they could not fight against unless all three of them fought at once, but they were still too far apart from each other.

“Or, they might be watching the imperial army……”

[Aren’t they on the same side?]

“Probably not anymore, soon enough.”

What the Destruction Demon Army wanted was Na YuNa, and what the emperor wanted was also Na YuNa. And, it was likely that they knew of each other’s needs.

At first, they would have gone into an alliance while deceiving each other, but the story would change once they procured Na YuNa. A really interesting scene would happen just because of Na YuNa alone.

Well, if Yu IlHan wasn’t here, that is.

“Let’s take care of the Destruction Demon Army first and erase the rest afterwards.”

[Dad, there’s protection magic installed here so we might get found out if we go in.]

Yumir worried about the protection magic. From the structure and the quality and quantity of mana inside the protection magic, Yu IlHan realized that this magic was not tinkered by the Destruction Demon Arm in any way, and spoke while stroking his head once more.

“That magic won’t recognize us.”


“Of course.”

Well, if it was Yumir alone, then maybe. The protection magic, made with tens of 4th class magic stones, was definitely sturdy, and was emitting an aura as if it would not let anything in. However, to Yu IlHan, who had mastered even the advanced version of concealment, any kind of magic was laughable for him.

Moreover, his concealment was harmonizing with Yumir’s own concealment to amplify the effects to drop their presences to below zero. Two ordinary people wouldn’t be able to do that, and it was only possible because it was a dragon and his rider!

“Consider the protection magic non-existent. If I give you the signal, you just need to charge towards the leftmost guy, okay?”


Yumir’s voice also no longer contained any nervousness. With him alone, he would have run away immediately, but his dad was invincible! Seeing a bright white flame on the already frightening spear, his conviction only increased.

[Yup, dad is here so it’s alright!]

“That’s the spirit. Well, then.”

Yu IlHan lowered his posture and leaned forward on Yumir’s head. Orochi’s consciousness focused on the tip of the Eight-tailed dragon spear, and Eternal Flame, which had moved to the tip of the spear, sharpened the white flames.

At this moment, the three were of one will. A trinity of consciousness only possible because Yu Ilhan was a deathgod that wielded souls. The ones that faced him would have to worry about the shock on the soul rather than the body.

“Let’s go.”

The moment Yu IlHan whispered that, Yumir changed all of his mana into wind and pushed his body into the ground!

[Just before the collision…….Now!]

Yu IlHan, with his eyes wide open, calculated the distance between him and the enemy, broke through the protection magic, broke through the ceiling of the tent, and shot his spear on the head of the 3m tall monster that was sleeping on a custom-made bed!

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical ……]



The moment it opened its eyes after noticing the surprise attack, everything was too late.

[You, are…….?]

It barely opened its eyes and looked at Yu IlHan and Yumir who broke through the tent. Yu IlHan thought that a higher existence was really amazing. Well, it was no wonder, since just now, he had deployed the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory to pierce seven holes on its body including through the head and the heart, and slashed apart the head, the chest, and the stomach.

Since he didn’t know the weak points, he would just start off by slicing everything apart! Well, Yu IlHan’s worries weren’t that off the mark, and it looked like this guy had a strong life force that still did not die after its brain was messed up, heart had exploded, and its spine had been snapped, as well its whole body being cut into three.

[Quite, definitely, amazingly, strong guy, but…..]

Even while he thought that the severed head was speaking on its own was quite freaky, the severed parts were being reattached. But Yu IlHan was no idiot.

“Strong guy, but what?”

[Eeek? Kihik?]

All of his spear strikes contained the white flame, and by itself was tremendously powerful already, but with the fire attribute boost from Yu IlHan, the white flames hindered the recovery of the body and burned stickily to give additional damage.

“Strong guy but what? ‘You still can’t win against me?’ Or is it ‘My ally will come here soon?’ Say something. Like if you hid a bomb under the bed, or if you are holding onto my precious ring.”

[Kugh, khk……!]

It probably planned to butcher Yu IlHan to pieces while recovering, but the white flames that were still leeching off the mana from its body, did not only not go out, but was spreading. Of course, reinforcements would arrive since Yu IlHan and Yumir’s concealment had worn off…..

“Let’s finish it before it get’s annoying.”

Yu IlHan licked the green blood on the tip of his spear. The monster that was severed to three parts laughed its heart out after seeing that. It had judged that Yu IlHan had done something amazingly stupid.

[You, that! Kuhahahahah! Foolish, arrogant being!]


Yu IlHan ignored its nonsense and tried to taste the blood as detailed as possible in order to analyze and add onto his record.

[The skill, Record, has become level 3.]

The poison would be unbearable to those that did not master Extreme poison resistance. However, it also had the power to give out infinite regenerative ability to the owner of that blood, while generating mana on its own.

Well, then. What else.

[You, how are you not falling down……?]


Yu IlHan looked at the armored tail that protruded from the rear area and was swinging around as he picked up his spear again.

“Your tail is your weak point, huh?”


At the moment Yu IlHan said the severed head and the upper torso immediately charged at him. However, Yu IlHan kicked off from Yumir’s head to come down to dodge that and threw his Eight-tailed dragon spear.

While Yumir was generating wind to hold it back, the Eight-tailed dragon spear drew a comet-like trajectory with white flames covering it, to slice apart the tail.


The moment the tail was ripped apart, it blew a large quantity of blood into the air, but with the white flames spreading into the air as well, the blood instantly evaporated.

That was it. Without being able to scream a single word more, it just collapsed on the ground and died. The scene of three separate body parts collapsing at once was quite funny.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 272. 3 strength, 2 Agility, 2 Health, 3 Magic increases.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 317 Blatail.]

Two level ups at once. And this was after he shared the experience with Yumir. Well, the fact that higher existences gave much more experience than lower ones was one reason, but it was also because Yu IlHan’s experience was almost nearing level 271.

[Dad! I levelled up twice at once!]

“You’ll level up faster from now on.”

Yu IlHan put the three parts, well, four including the tail, into his inventory, and also collected the blood scattered on the ground. This was 27 seconds after Yu IlHan and Yumir had ripped into the tent.

[They should’ve realized, right?]

“They should’ve realized that their ally died. That’s why they’re running away like that, right?”

[They’re running away!?]

“Of course.”

How could they be so pitiful. The two remaining higher existences was escaping their posts after meeting up as soon as they confirmed the death of their ally! And this was after they knew that their opponent was a lower existence! They could have tried to fight the two together!

This was outside of Yu IlHan’s expectations. And so, he sighed.

“Mir, let’s hurry.”


Yu IlHan kicked off the ground to get on Yumir’s head again. At that time, the imperial army also realized that there was an intrude, and became really noisy, but Yu IlHan couldn’t care less about how they reacted.


Yumir gathered the wind and made the explode behind his wings to accelerate rapidly. They once again lifted off through the tent! The imperial soldiers that gathered were scared out of their wits.

“D, dragon.”

“Oh my god. To think dragons exist for real…..!”

“Wait there’s a man above the dragon…… damn, it’s too faint, I can’t see him!”

“Too fast…..! They escaped this place already! Just what were they trying to do here!?”

Yu IlHan lifted his head and checked the horizon. The two higher existences did run really far, but he could check on their figures right now.

“Mir, can you catch up?”

[I can.]

Confidently declared Yumir. In fact, he was substituting all his mana into wind to push himself forward!

[I can go even faster!]

At that moment, the Breath of Gold that covered his body seemed to make another pair of wings before the already fast speed increase twofold. Yumir really felt as if he was the ruler of all wind!

Yu IlHan, feeling a new sense of speed, felt very good and poised himself with a smile.

“Good, concealment is back on again…..”

The sound of wind bursting out was very loud, but despite that, the two’s presences still disappeared. The two higher existences started to slow down, thinking that Yu IlHan had given up pursuit!

Soon, the distance between the two groups shortened rapidly, and they were at a point where Yu IlHan could throw a spear to knock one of them out. Although a close range battle was good as well, they were also in a good post to try out a long-range strike from here.

However, just as Yu IlHan was agitating his mana in his body, he could hear the conversation between the two higher existences.]

[Just how could a lower existence kill Blatail……]

[I do not know that either. I thought only Yu IlHan from Earth could do something like that……]

[Don’t you think it’s him?]

[No way, he cannot escape Earth. Although the Heaven’s Army are damned beings, they at least would not lie in the negotiation table.]



When Yu IlHan didn’t say anything, Yumir became worried and called out to him. However, Yu IlHan just nodded and replied calmly.

“Let’s think about it after we get those guys.”

Normally, in a novel, the main character would panic upon the realization of the betrayal of an ally, and end up stepping on a twig or dropping his weapon to alert his presence, but Yu IlHan didn’t move from the spot and imbued mana into his spear before throwing it against the enemy!

[Critical Hit!]


“Fuu, how dare you try to make me into a stereotypical protagonist.”

[Dad is so cool!]

The loner life. As he was always struck on the back of the head, this much betrayal was nothing. Yu IlHan fought against foreshadows today and came out victorious once again!

Author’s notes

Letting his guard down simply isn’t possible for our IlHan.