Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 217: I’m Coming To Get You Now – 1

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It wasn’t like he immediately put his plan into action just because he accepted the Dragon’s army into the Flying fortress. Not only did Yu IlHan still have stuff to take care of, he couldn’t bear to send the children back to battles again.

[And so you want me to do everything, huh!]

“I always believe in you, Mystic!”

Leaving the cleaning of all the monsters including the perverted demons to Mystic, the Flying fortress that hunts well, what Yu IlHan did first was to make numerous attractions using his vast mansion grounds and garden.

Liera asked Yu IlHan after seeing a long slide that connected all the way to the hall, and the toy train that passed below it.

“What’s…… this?”

“A general theme park.”


Liera’s expression turned strange after hearing Yu IlHan’s reply. However, he was very serious right now.

“These kids have competed for survival as soon as they came to themselves. I can’t even imagine how twisted their emotions are. If we aren’t going to make them battle for their lifetimes, we need to put some other things into them. Something peaceful, and warm.”

“And so, a theme park?”

“They won’t be able to rest if it’s not now.”

His words were light, but the meaning was deep. There was no way Liera could stop him from doing that since she knew how he felt while looking at those children, and in the end, she decided to watch as the rather extreme park attractions that went in and out of the mansion, were being built.

Of course, there was still another question.

“Then can’t you just go to a theme park on land?”

“The monsters already ate them all, so there’s nothing left.”

“Ah, that’s it……”

3 years had passed since humanity was expelled, and the world was rapidly losing its civilization. Yu IlHan couldn’t possibly take care of that as well.

No, in fact, Yu IlHan helped in destroying civilization with the Flying fortress, and never helped in preserving them. Just freeing Earth again was annoying enough, so there was no way he would be looking after minor details!

Restoring those things were jobs for the rest of humanity when they return. Although, it was unknown when they would!

“Hero, what’s this?”

“My heart is thumping when I see it!”

“I don’t know either!”

Perhaps it was engraved into their instincts? The children jumped around while looking at the attractions being installed all over the Flying fortress area. Even Yumir, who was supposed to be leading them all, had glistening eyes while looking at the interesting rides that he had never seen before!

That scene made Liera, who was watching feel warm on the inside,….. but at that moment, she found Yu IlHan who was about to put a 4th class magic stone near a ride.

“There, stop moving.”

“Tch, I was found out.”

“Why are you using 4th class magic stones on a mere attraction!”

Yu IlHan replied firmly.

“This attraction is also a part of the Flying fortress. It’s obvious for all the things that make up the Flying fortress to be used to attack enemies, whether it’s a gram of air or a speck of dust, no?”

“Wait a sec, did you make all these with……?”

“Of course, vibration demon’s bones!”

“Give me back my feelings and emotions!!”

However, he wasn’t lying when he said he was building attractions for the children. He was only taking care of two, or three things by just doing one thing! Liera clenched her teeth and spoke to him, in this situation where she wanted to slap him but couldn’t.

“In the future, please explain before I feel like I’ve been hit on the back of the head. I also want to escape this one-pattern reaction trope!”

“Isn’t it more interesting to find out later?”

“I’m going to kiss you for one hour whenever you deceive me.”

“Not one second!?”

“And also.”

Liera put up three fingers on one hand and put it in front of Yu IlHan’s face when he had just turned back in shock. She approached as close as they could kiss if someone pushed them, and spoke with her red eyes containing a galaxy.

“And if you do it three times, I’ll do some…..thick things for over one hour like slugs.”

“Uwaaaaaaaaaahk! Mir is listening!”

Yu IlHan acknowledged that Liera was at her final form. She, reborn after throwing away shame and hesitation, and also having a strong sense of conviction towards Yu IlHan, became a being that the current Yu IlHan could not win against.

“There, done.”


“What’s this! What’s this!”

Yu IlHan made a total of 119 attractions in and around the mansion in merely 22 hours. After he finished that, he looked around at the 9,300 children and asked Yumir.

“Mir, you don’t manage all these 9,300 kids in one go, right?”

“Yeah, I group them according to attributes and divide them according to class!”

Yu IlHan patted his son who worked so well. After that, he grouped them like how he did, and placed them in front of each attraction.


“I think I know! I saw something like this looooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago with mommy and daddy!”

“What’s a mommy?”

He didn’t install just simple merry-go-rounds, spinning cups, or roller coasters. He even made stages where they could role play (PR: NOT THAT KIND, more of playing house or chef etc), and ones where they could only advance to the next stage if they indirectly learned about culture or the like, in order to hammer in minimum common sense into them.

“I placed them in the middle of each course. They wouldn’t do this if I only put the boring ones in it.”

“And your head always spins in stuff like these.”

Since he had made all the attractions and set the kids on each course, the only thing left was to play around freely! The children all went onto rides as soon as Yu IlHan and Yumir gave the permission.

“Mir, you go and play too.”

“I want to say with dad.”

“You can go play, I won’t go anywhere.”

“I still want to stay here.”

Looking at Yumir who didn’t want to be apart from him even while being really curious about the attractions, Yu IlHan made a bitter smile.

Even though he was a dragon, Yumir was still a child. At the time where he had to be with his parents the most, he couldn’t be there with him. He was worried about the emotional deficiency of the children, but in fact, the one he had to worry about the most was none other than his son, Yumir.

“Okay, then stay with dad.”



“Fast! High! So high!”

The attractions that Yu IlHan made while utilizing dragon tongue, ancient elf language, angel, and fallen angel magic language, as well as the best of magic engineering, were all more thrilling than any other rides on Earth, and it did not take a lot of time until the children were absorbed into the Flying fortress theme park. full of dreams and hopes.


“Amazing, I’m flying faster than when I was kicked by a monster!”

If there was a drawback in the Flying fortress theme park, it was that all the rides were made for children over level 100, so an ordinary person may die of a heart attack if they rode on it.

Those without a good dynamic vision wouldn’t even know what the children were doing now, but Yu IlHan could even see the cheering kid furthest away from him.

“Good, there are no problems.”

Yu IlHan checked that all 119 attractions were completely flawless in their activity, and nodded his head. Finally, he lightly touched the rails of a roller coaster nearby, when numerous text filled his vision.

[The Flying fortress analyzes and records the information of the ones here.]

“Good, this side is perfect too.”

Hearing Yu IlHan’s mutters, Liera lightly laughed. She could imagine what other functions the attractions had other than just being attractions and as a weapon. She took Yumir from Yu IlHan’s arms softly and covered his two eyes.

“Mir, close your eyes for around an hour.”

“Un, okay.”

“No! I said no! Collecting information is also attached to other basic utilities of the Flying fortress! I didn’t add anything new, and it was already there before.”

And with Yu IlHan’s Record skill, that had blossomed beautifully. He was only trying to make equipment for the 9,300 children by from the information on abilities, physical body, and records collected from the attractions while they enjoyed them!

“You really are doing a lot of things at once.”

“It’s to prevent the annoying stuff from popping up later. Well, then. Let’s wait until I collect all their information…..

Yu IlHan turned back, and his eyes glistened while looking at Liera and Yumir.

“Let’s make your equipments first.”

The start was Yumir. Of course, he had made epic-ranked equipment for him before. And no matter what kind of battle he had went through in such a harsh environment, that equipment was still as sturdy and strong as ever.

However, the Yu IlHan of that time and the Yu IlHan of now was different! He always advanced forward!

“Mostly in regards to offensive strength, though. That’s why, the materials need to change.”

“Ah, sheesh.”

However, her words were right. Yu IlHan was planning to make an armor for Yumir using the remains of Chaos Will, which was mostly hunted by Liera alone!

“Of course, I need to use it for my armor as well so I’ll use only half of it.”

“Wow, I can’t even touch it even though I can see it! Dad is amazing for killing something like this!”

“I killed it with Liera.”

However, when he looked at Liera after saying that to Yumir, Liera was pouting for some reason. She asked with a pouty voice.


“Yeah, I need to use at least half to make a gear that can help Mir.”

“But IlHan and I killed it, if you invest half of it to Mir, then you can only make yours with the other half.”

“…….You didn’t want something with a couple-look with this guy’s remains, right?”

Liera did not reply. Although she didn’t look like she was moving, she had nodded very minutely, and he wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t watch her closely.

“It was a monumental incident…..”

“I don’t think I want to celebrate something like that though…..?”

Perhaps girls were all special like this, or perhaps Liera was just like that. He sighed and took out something he had hidden inside one corner of his inventory.

“In fact, I’ve prepared something else to make your equipment. Here, these are it.”

The things Yu IlHan had pulled out so proudly, was a box containing hundreds of thousands of blinding-white feathers, tens of flasks containing white blood, as well as some dead skin and crust that were emitting a strong aura.


Liera looked down at those items and became silent for a moment, before asking with a bright smile.

“When did you pick all these up?”

“In truth, the 5th option on your armor also had this in it as well…… So [emailxa0protected]#$^&*@!^!#!”

“So I have to close my eyes for one hour, right?”

Yumir, who was good at learning, closed his two eyes and turned around, while Liera’s vicious assault on Yu IlHan began!

Yu IlHan struggled and squirmed like a fish out of water, but she did not let go no matter what he did. After all, it was her who taught Yu IlHan his martial arts back then!

It really did take one full hour before Yu IlHan could start working and Yumir and Liera’s equipment.

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