Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 212: I, Too – 4

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[Kuu, Kuhaaaaaah!]

Liera faced it with something like a shout or a groan. Throughout its lifespan, the records and the collection of consciousness that it had gathered was not small in the least] but Liera was someone that had trained for much, much longer than that! It was natural that her spear would overwhelmed her opponent’s.


[I won’t let you kill….. IlHan!]

There were already countless holes on its abdomen. A fluid shadow – one that made people wonder if it was even possible to injure such a body, was pierced by a high-density mana that caused irreversible scars!

Not only that, even now, endless new injuries were constantly being inflicted. Seeing as Liera didn’t allow a single hit on herself, it was clear who held the advantage here.

[Foolish…… being!]

[Foolish? Don’t kid with me!]

However, Liera had a problem, in that her belief that she was moving in order to protect Yu IlHan was poisoning her very existence.

As her feathers were seemingly pulled out, the blood of a higher existence within her flowed in reverse, her bones began cracking, her flesh crumpled and rotted, muscles began dying, and her skin dried out. Her brilliant beauty that made people question who would be able to win against her, was now melting down at frightening speeds, giving her an unsightly appearance.

[Why…….for that kind of thing? There’s no one like him that acts only for himself!]

[That’s why you monsters are no good. What you’re imitating is only IlHan’s outer appearance. That’s why you’re so…… weak!]

Liera’s spear finally blew away the shadow’s spear. Of course, that was merely a portion of the shadow, so it would soon regenerate from the body, but what Liera was aiming for was the moment the spear was regenerating!


She retracted her spear as soon as she swung it and pierced it forward. She was trying to subjugate it somehow before her power as a higher existence came to an end!

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]


The violent tip of her spear exploded inside its body. As unerasable, irrecoverable, permanent injuries were being inflicted on its body, the shadow realized.

[You are not trying to kill me. You……]


And that moment of realization, Liera was able to take advantage of that, which allowed for another attack that dealt significant damage due to its confusion. Despite that, it still managed to say the rest of the words.

[You’re trying to let him kill me…..?]

[What good would come out of me killing you?]

I will lose all my powers and die soon – Liera swallowed those words. Yu IlHan would get angry if he heard those words.

But really, there was no meaning for her to gain the records and experience from a 6th class being when she was going to die soon. She was planning to subjugate it using all her powers, and let Yu IlHan decorate its final moments after he was done with the skill evolution.

Truly sacrificial, but that was the final gift that Liera could leave behind for Yu IlHan. It would make Yu IlHan’s soul grow, and make him stronger. It would help him survive in the cruel environment in the future!

[Humans…….I cannot understand them.]

[I never expected you to!]

It swung the recreated spear. It was extremely difficult for Liera to dodge its attacks now that she had begun to lose her powers as a 6th class. She did not dodge the spears, and chose to inflict deeper wounds on the shadow while receiving wounds herself in exchange.

[Critical HIt!]


Its spear broke apart the helmet Yu IlHan made as if it was nothing, and ripped apart her facial skin that was stiff like wood, and made Liera’s face more unsightly to look at. However, Liera did not stop and pierced another big hole on its shoulder.

[I need to! Kill that human!]

[I said I won’t…….let youuuuuuuu!]

The power of waves Liera possessed burst out. This was a power solely acquired by her efforts and talent! The endless power of waves gathered, amplified, and exploded inside the shadow. The physical body of a faraway 6th class realm was collapsing by the moment.

Liera was considered very strong being even amongst the level of 6th class. More so than her trainer, Spiera, and more so than anyone than Heaven’s Army, Destruction Demon Army or anyone!


However, that was her limit. Liera had to kneel one step short of completely subjugating it. No, it could be said she was already extremely courageous to have held out until now.

[Foolish…… woman!]

Her face had already been crumpled to the point that her facial features, other than her glistening red eyes, couldn’t be differentiated any more. The blessing of the god of love tried to cling onto her life, but it did not allow her to move.

Take a step forward, and her heart would stop beating. Her legs would be pulled out, arms severed, and her brain would burst. Despite that, she wanted to take that step, but the blessing that judged that she had to cling onto her life in order to fulfill that love, did not allow her.

[You failed.]

The shadow that was in a bad state not that far from herself, laughed at her for burning everything that she had.

[I will survive. I will kill him. Your puny will, lost to that of Earth.]

[Shut, up…..!]

Its body was becoming fainter. How many holes did it have on its body? How about the insides that were thoroughly destroyed? It also had a hard time moving. It would die while trying to kill Yu IlHan.

So, it would retreat. It still had plenty of time. Recovering while waiting for Liera to slowly die, and ambush Yu IlHan again.

He, could not surpass it. The execution of justified rage will definitely be carried out. The superhuman will polished over many years, just for that alone, made it endure and retreat.


Correction, it could not retreat.

“Who says you can run away?”

A voice neither loud, nor low, resounded in that space. It, focused on the battle with Liera, finally managed to lift its head up after the voice, and finally noticed the changes in its surroundings.

[This, is…….?]

Fire was burning around it. A half-translucent, half-white flame that should not exist. That, which enveloped this giant space, burned while giving off a frightening curse and poison to prevent anyone from escaping.


“Your concealment is already undone.”

Yu IlHan laughed with his eyes viciously open. His eyes were now burning in a red color deeper than that of Liera’s. The traces of the blessing of the goddess of fire; a proof that he had taken a leap forward as a being.

“And you thought you can conceal yourself again in front of me?”

Yu IlHan’s whole body, wearing the Infernal dragon body, twitched with puffed muscles as if his body was about to burst. It was a temporary phenomenon while the mastered Superhuman strength was being evolved into a unique skill by being fused with another.


“Don’t you think I took too long for a skill evolution?”

[But even so, in such a short time…..!]

“Yes. I became 4th class. Thanks for the lukewarm reaction. How can you be so same from appearance to ‘retirement’? Even fallen angels do better than you.”

Yu IlHan’s laugh was extremely dark and thick. It was a smile of the leisurely victor, and at the same time, one that belonged to an extremely enraged person.

Having watched him from before, it knew what his smile implied. It tried to move its body, but it couldn’t. The world did not allow it to.


“This space solely belongs to me right now.”

Yu IlHan picked up his spear. The translucent white flame that formed the area swirled around his spear to enhance and enlarge it. The overwhelming fire attribute attack and the mastered power of Blaze, and finally, the blessing of the goddess of fire had stacked to create a power that was beyond reason.

Was this a power that was allowed to a lower existence? This was nothing new. Yu IlHan no longer put himself in such a set cast.



A chain of white flames sprouted from the ground with metallic sounds and bound it. At full power, it would be able to run away while resisting it, but when it was currently injured by Liera, and was having a hard time moving, it was impossible.

[Kugh, Kehagh! Kuuuuuuuuuugh!]

“There may be an entrance to hell, but there’s no exit.”

While it twisted its body to resist and attempt to escape, Yu IlHan charged towards it with his spear covered in white flames. The more he neared him, the stronger the flames became. His face containing his solid rage spoke of his will.

“If there is one exit, then it’s that.”

It finally felt death nearing for the first time, that was buried deeply in its mind.

[I, will…….!]

Yu IlHan had no intentions to hear its last words. He had to go and see Liera after finishing it off real quick. It was his most important person. So important, irreplaceable by anyone.

His spear struck, pierced, and decimated the very space in which the shadow had existed. The will that it boasted about so much was incinerated as a whole.

“You just need to die.”

It could not reply anymore. To a being that was completely decimated, no excuses were allowed.


Yu IlHan retracted his spear. The hell that descended upon the land also disappeared without a trace.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 403 Chaos Will.]

On his retina, numerous lines of text appeared, including level ups, but Yu IlHan did not mind them and turned around. He was sure of the death of his enemy.


[Il, Han…….]

He ran while shouting the name of the angel that he loved. Collapsed on the ground, she was twitching, but hadn’t died yet. And he, was thankful for that fact more than anything.

[I……. answer……]

“I’ll give you the answer you want so much so wait a moment first.”

Yu IlHan, who knelt down by Liera’s side smiled brightly as if the frightening expression he had until just now was from a different person. Although his eyes were full of tears, Liera wouldn’t know that so it was fine.

[But, now……]

“You really learned the wrong stuff from dramas. Sheesh, TV ruins everyone alright.”

He cut his wrist to let out blood. When he let the blood drip onto the armor Liera was wearing, the armor emitted bright light and started melting down. Liera also felt that.


Liera’s voice turned a little clear. Facing her, Yu IlHan clicked his tongue.

“Nowadays, you only get to eat hate comments and death threat emails by the bucket if you retire a character like that.”

The only man who takes records and goes against the world – he, spoke something so foolish as if proud of it.

“I’m going to proceed while taking everything. I’m not letting go of anything.”


“So get ready for it. For your whole life.”

Hearing that, Liera’s two eyes abruptly opened. She could see Yu IlHan’s face covered in tears, but decided to shut her mouth in order to protect his pride as a man.

The rebirth began.

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