Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 208: If You See Me – 9

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[Infernal Dragon Body]

[Rank – Demigod]

[Defense – 16,500]

[Durability – 2,550,000/2,550,000]

[User restrictions – 120% or more fire attribute resistance]

[Options –

1. 120% increase in fire attribute resistance and attack power.

2. Can freely change the form of the armor at will, and using the armor to attack will convert 75% of the armor’s defense into attack power. It is possible to change it’s form into an absorbed weapon, and in that case, 20% of this armor’s defense will be added to the weapon’s ability.

3. 40% increase in effectiveness for all Physical Combat-category skills.

4. 60% increase in effectiveness for all recovery-category skills.

5. Absorbs and re-analyzes weapons and armor, before ejecting them. Currently stored weapons : 2,294,475

6. Endlessly creates fire-attribute mana and stores it. The stored mana can be ejected for offensive purposes, and when using a fire-related ability the effect will be amplified.]

[One of the miracles made by the Blacksmith that creates myths. This is a masterpiece that all that wield fire would sell their souls to acquire. It is absurd in itself, but the armor still has a lot of un-interpreted engravings. Through the process of absorbing numerous weapons, it is now able to wield the power of those weapons.]


Yu IlHan checked with Liera after he had emptied out his inventory of weapons, and showed her the completed Infernal Dragon Body.

“Is this much enough to endure a full blown strike from you?”

[A single strike, yes.]

Judged Liera. Yu IlHan heaved a sigh after hearing that.

“So I can survive one blow.”

[Surviving a second blow would be hard. Honestly, it has the second best ability out of all the armors I’ve seen in my lifetime…… but in blocking attacks filled with mana, the health and magic status of the physical body is just as important as the armor’s defense. The equipment becomes stronger as the wielder grows stronger. You should know this, right?]

“Of course, I possess the record of the god of smithing, after all.”

[To elaborate, if I wear this…..]

Liera made a cute smile while speaking nonsense.

[I think I can kill 7th class beings without a hitch.]

“What level are 7th class beings on?”

[Just below God, I guess?]

The weight of the armor in his hands suddenly became heavier! Yu IlHan extended the Infernal Dragon armor towards Liera while shaking.

“Sh, should I lend it to you once?”

[……That’s a very tempting offer, but it’s no good. My fire attribute resistance is not high enough.]

Liera replied while blushing for some reason. In fact, her heart was pounding, not because of the increase to her abilities that she would get while wearing the armor, but because she would be wearing something that Yu IlHan once wore, but Yu IlHan couldn’t possibly know that, and nodded while accepting her answer.

“Well, yeah. It’s quite demanding……”

[But without that much resistance, you’ll not be able to endure the heat that the armor emits. User restrictions aren’t there for nothing.] (Orochi)

[Boasting when it isn’t even your ability.] (Mystic)

[Shut up, building.] (Orochi)

[Building!? You called me a building!?] (Mystic) 1

There was only one restriction to equip the Infernal dragon body, the fire attribute resistance. However, the number on it was the problem. Although Firedragon body, which was before Orochi was enchanted into it, had a 100% requirement that was quite demanding, after undergoing its first growth, it had jumped up to 120%!

[It’s practically an armor made for higher existences. Even 4th class fire mages would not have such a high fire resistance.]

“I also barely make it.”

[Why don’t you realize that it’s strange that you can ‘barely make it’?]

Yu IlHan’s fire attribute resistance and attack power had a fundamentally 20% increase from his class, Blazing Reaper. Then, another 20% from the effects of the blessing of the god of smithing, and another 40% from the effects of the ‘Hero of Fire’ title!

Without counting the minor details, just the basic resistance amounted to 80%. Since his fire resistance had broken through 50% from levelling his Blaze skill to level 99, his fire attribute resistance right now, was about 130%.

[At that point, it’s the same as a newborn phoenix, born from fire.]

[So he wasn’t aiming for the blessing of the goddess of fire for nothing…] (Mystic)

While everyone was watching, Yu IlHan took off everything he was wearing and ended up nude. When he had been left alone on Earth, he had been short and had a slightly chubby stomach, leaving him with an unsightly body that he couldn’t show to others, but now, the story was different.

[Fuu~~…] (Liera)

[Huh? That angel collapsed.] (Mystic)

[She’s like that everyday so you don’t need to mind.] (Orochi)

191 cm in height, and a perfect 1:7 head to body ratio. Moreover, the battle toned muscles that covered his body were proof of the cruel times he had lived through. Because he had mastered Transcendent regeneration, there was not a single scar on his body, however the rigidity and mass that he obtained through the numerous years of training and real-life battles could not be hidden.

Then he proceeded to put on the ‘Infernal Dragon Body’. The Infernal Dragon Body was very thin, considering the exceptional abilities and defensive properties that it had. And as the word ‘body’ in its name implied, it was intended to be worn right beneath the normal layers of clothing.

Although the outer appearance was made from the Iron-armored fire dragon armor, the inside was different. In the process of mixing the perverted demon’s flesh and magic stone powder, the magic engineering was already in effect, and as a result, he could reform the shape of the armor even if it was in direct contact with his body.

The transcendent mana in his armor would also change to fit the body of the new owner if the owner ever changed. Though, something like that would likely never happen.

“Eternal Flame, you come over too.”

Eternal Flame, who had been residing in Ruin Calling all this time, moved to the Infernal dragon body, and finally the Infernal dragon body become one with Yu IlHan and almost seemed to start breathing.

After checking that there was another 10% increase in fire attribute resistance and attack power, Yu IlHan put the Ruin Calling inside the armor as well. Now, he would be able to call out the Ruin Calling in the equipped state whenever he had to, without any delays. Truly, a one-for-all armor.

“Well, then.”

[There’s still something left?]


Yu IlHan took out the Giant Bucket and filled it with pure dragon blood.

“So I only have around 3 thousand liters of dragon blood left. I should restrain from making Breath now.”

[It’s like that because you’re using them up rapidly like oil-rich countries.]

“Isn’t there some dragon-rich world somewhere……”

While muttering that, he entered the Giant Bucket. Of course, he was still wearing the Infernal dragon body.


Drenching both his body and the armor in dragon blood, Yu IlHan released white flames using the ability on the Infernal dragon body, which then made the dragon blood inside the Giant Bucket glow a little before it started boiling. The ones watching did not know what he was doing, but Yu IlHan was serious.

[Is that magic engineering too?]


Before, there existed a resonance between the Bucket, the blood within it, and Yu IlHan, but now, the Infernal Dragon Body forced its way into the mix. At first, it seemed to wander around aimlessly but eventually it resonated with the others and began emitting light. This was because Orochi, who had understood Yu IlHan’s intentions, was helping.


Every time he let out a deep breath, the dragon blood boiled even more. Every time the Infernal dragon body emitted fire along with light, the boiling blood was absorbed into the Infernal dragon body.

[Why is everything master does so flashy?]

[Shut up.]

To elaborate, this was something like tempering; the final tempering process for this armor. It was also a kind of blessing that Yu IlHan could bestow on the armor as a dragon rider.


An unknown amount of time had passed. When Yu IlHan had opened his eyes after declaring that, there was not a single drop of blood left inside the bucket now. Everything was sucked into the Infernal dragon body.

The armor was still shining in a blinding white light, but the red engraving on the armor emitted an even more mysterious aura than before. Liera asked with glistening eyes.

[God? Did it become God-ranked?]

“Uh, no? This was just a process to make this armor one with me. There should be no immediate effects.”

Yu IlHan disappointed Liera and put away the bucket into his inventory. Then, he moved his left finger and saw that it was covered by a thin, metallic gauntlet, and was finally sure that his body had synergized with the Infernal dragon body.

“Good, perfect.”

This was the second equipment he had made with all his heart in after the flying fortress. It needed to be at least this good. He had used the most precious 5th class magic stone in his possession after all! Now, he wouldn’t be able to become 4th class immediately even if he acquired the blessing of the goddess of fire. He just made himself unable to.

“That’s why, it would have been good if you gave me a magic stone, Mystic.”

[It’s still not enough to cooperate with you like this after I died!?]

“How long until I meet that guy. I do want to acquire my 4th class before I meet him……”

Yu IlHan ignored Mystic’s complaints and muttered alone, while calculating inside his head. It was unknown what kind of calculations he did, but he looked at Liera who was flapping her wings in the air. Liera blushed and panicked.

[Wh, what?]

“……I’ll make you a new armor this time.”


Liera’s expression brightened. However, Yu IlHan was very conflicted while looking at her. There was no way a higher existence like Liera would need an armor in an isolated environment like Earth! So, it was normal for her to reject this or at least be suspicious about it……

‘This is an armor that should not be used.’

However, as Liera had vaguely suspected, Yu IlHan was also deep in thought. At the moment of Yu IlHan’s danger, he knew that Liera would definitely protect him even if she had to sacrifice herself in the process. However he was unaware of what emotions would lead her to do that.

Whatever feelings she had towards him, from the moment Liera used her power as a higher existence for something other than self-defense, she would lose her qualifications as a higher existence. That didn’t mean just a drop in league. The record that composed her very existence would be sucked out of her, and would put her life in danger.

So, the armor Yu IlHan was about to make now was not to strengthen her, but to protect her. The armor that would protect her from the big crisis of having her qualifications as a higher existence stripped away! Just this showed how grand of a thought Yu IlHan was having.

However, since he had made the God-ranked Flying fortress and the Demigod ranked armor, it was just another challenge. He had no thoughts of failing. He was confident in succeeding too.


Liera was rejoiced while oblivious of the mental conflict he was facing. Yu IlHan thought about smacking her on the forehead, but seeing her smile, he was drained of energy.

“I’ll make it immediately.”

[Here, check my size.]

“I already know so I don’t have to.”

[Here! Check! My! Size!]

Liera’s voice became louder, but her smile became heavier. Yu IlHan predicted that he would be put in a bad situation if he defied her any more, and nodded with a bitter smile.

“Okay, let’s check.”


Seeing Liera liking it so much, he grew worried that she might have exhibitionist tendencies, the thought-souls that became Yu IlHan’s subordinates exchanged voices, inaudible to Liera.

[That angel’s a pervert, right?] (Mystic)

[Yes, she is.] (Orochi)

Yu IlHan checked Liera’s body size with a tape measure. From chest size, to waist to thighs, to toes, to wing bones, everything. Liera blushed in embarrassment soon after.



[Al, already? I think you didn’t measure properly.]

“I did measure properly.”

He would not repeat this process. Yu IlHan clothed the embarrassed, but still disappointed(?), perverted, pitiful angel and started working on the armor. He put his heart and blood into it, to the point that he found it a pity that he had no 5th class magic stone, and made a light pink metallic armor over 3 days.

[How did this pink color come about?]

“I mixed high-level monsters’ blood and tempered it.”

[I don’t want to wear it now!]

The form creation, the tempering, the engraving was all perfect. Yu IlHan, who used the magic stones of high-level 4th class demons immediately let Liera wear it after he finished. She tilted his head even while jumping around in joy.

[I don’t know all the specs of the armor? What’s the fifth option?]

“It’s better for you to not know it. If possible, forever.”


Equipped with pink armor, and a similar colored spear, Liera was beautiful to be called the fighting maiden Valkyrie instead of a member of God’s envoy. Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction, and Liera looked very happy.

With this, everything he could do to prepare against the hell dungeon’s master was done. However, Mystic, who didn’t know that it was her who made Yu ILHan hurry like this, was having a blast killing the monsters on Earth with the Flying fortress.

[So you guys are all trying to kill master because you’re restrained by that strange being, right? It will be happier if you escape that! There, liberation! Liberate! Liberate!]

“You sound like a psycho if you keep repeating the same word so please restrain yourself.”

He couldn’t continue smithing forever. To bring back his battle sense after spending almost a week with the hammer and magic stones, Yu IlHan also participated in the hunt.

The Flying fortress that bombarded the ground, and Yu IlHan who slashed apart the monsters, concealed, in the crowd!

Ruin Calling, which had been enhanced after it was integrated into the Infernal dragon body, helped him move at speeds comparable to higher existences at any time, and as soon as a monster appeared on Earth, he finished them within 3 minutes whether it appeared in the sky, the ground, or in the deep sea.

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]



[He’s a monster!]

[We can’t win against him…… We can’t!]

With a thought, any weapon could appear in his hand, and he could blast them out at the moment he wanted, in the quantity he wanted. It was the same with the ballista that shot giant arrows, and blasting ten pile bunkers at the same time on a giant monster was not even a problem.

And when around 2 months more passed, the second 5th class, after Mystic, had appeared.

[Ah, this aura…… Kyak!] (Mystic)


As it had appeared while Mystic was pouring beams against monsters, the flying fortress was unable to go into concealment.

Perhaps due to the failure from Mystic, it had appeared unknown to anyone in the horde of monsters, and immediately jumped into the air and broke the barrier on the flying fortress with a slam, to prevent the flying fortress from attacking it directly. It wasn’t only that.

[Kuhuu…… Kill the traitor.]

[Wh, what do I do? Shoot towards the inside!?]

Just by invading the flying fortress, it had prevented the two biggest attacks from the fortress. The physical attack from the flying fortress, and Hundred Eyes.

It wasn’t that Hundred Eyes could not attack towards the inside of the barrier, but that had more loss than gains. Shooting beams against an agile 5th class would destroy the flying fortress before it could kill it.


However, it was very naïve to think that entering the flying fortress was a good thing just because Mystic was defeated like that. Yu IlHan was not only the creator of the flying fortress, but also the being that could fight against the flying fortress by himself! Its biggest mistake was to use the surprise attack on the fortress and not on him!

From the moment of it’s initial appearance to its invasion of the flying fortress took less than one second. During that one second, Yu IlHan unfolded Ruin Calling and layered Leaps several times to return to the flying fortress, took out the Eight-tailed dragon spear, and charged against the 5th class that started destroying the flying fortress.

[Everything other than Earth, destroy!]

[Kyaaaaak!] (Mystic)

Unlike Mystic, which had a delay in its consciousness after it was born, this 5th class was immediately pervaded by its destructive tendencies and started destroying the flying fortress! It did not know of Yu IlHan’s concealment. The fight was over at this point.

Before, higher existences were beings that Yu IlHan wouldn’t be sure to win against even if he struck first with a surprise attack, but that was before he crafted the Infernal dragon body.

He made the armor by sacrificing the biggest criterion for him to advance to 4th class. High defense was obvious, and it was natural for him to acquire the same level, or even higher level of destructive power, even if he had to forgo his 4th class with this!

And the result was beyond Yu IlHan’s expectations. With Ruin Calling and the armor equipped together, he had 70% increase in physical combat powers, and 130% in fire attribute attack! And with the title ‘Untouchable’ that increased his abilities by 20% against beings with higher leagues than him…..

Afraid of 5th class? Please don’t joke. Right now, he had the confidence to win against them head on.


Eternal Flame and Blaze was focused on the tip of the Eight-tailed dragon spear, and Dragonic blood enhanced it. Which took less than an instant. Immediately after that, Yu IlHan pierced the spear onto its heart!

[Critical Hit!]


[Kak, Kuhak……]

Yu IlHan pulled the spear out of its heart. Spear of Untraceable Trajectory had made a total of 8 holes in its heart, so it gave up trying to circulate blood using the heart.

However, that didn’t mean that the battle was over. To a higher existence, a heart was just another organ. Not something that governed life.

[I…….Kill you.]

“That’ll be difficult.”

The thing is, Yu IlHan also knew that.


Unlike Mystic with the perfectly feminine body, this one had a horrifying appearance, that looked like it was half a man and half a wolf. The moment it tried to extend a foot wards Yu IlHan.

The lower body that tried to go forwards separated itself from the upper body that slid backwards and fell. The completely burnt cross section revealed that it was Yu IlHan who did that.

[The Earth shall………. you.]

It could not continue any further. At the time the upper and lower bodies were bisected, its head was also split in half. Yu IlHan had succeeded in striking a total of ten times, with a mixture of stabs and slashes.

Spear of Untraceable Trajectory really made Yu IlHan’s concealment ability heighten to the limits. Maximizing the efficiency of surprise attacks, and more.

[You have earned experience.]

[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 93.]

[You have mastered the skill, Deathgod. The skill’s duration time increases to 3 hours, and the maximum ability enhancement become 100%. It is possible to fuse-evolve once the evolution conditions are set.]


Yu IlHan muttered in a light voice, as if killing a higher existence was nothing to him now.

“Not long left until my 4th class.”

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