Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 197: I Create – 6

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Ground battles had a lot of limitations, no matter how wide of a plain the battleground is, there are a lot of monsters that cannot come due to obstacles like mountains, seas and cliffs.

Moreover, there were not many monsters that drilled through the ground, so all that he could fight were monsters with their feet on the ground. There was no need for Hundred Eyes to even act.

The air is different. Although the only monsters that can fight aerial battles were limited to those that could fly, any and every monster that felt the mana wave emitted by the fortress would try to come and join the fight. Their attacking directions weren’t limited to just front, back, left and right, but up and down as well, so the battle area would expand by several fold!

Monsters were everywhere. Perhaps all the monsters that could fly were gathering in this area, as the sun was nearly blotted out. There were just that many monsters gathering towards a single target, the flying fortress.

[Though, usually, one would be in despa…….kyaaaaaak!]

“We’ll go even faster from now on.”

Usually, it would consume a lot of mana to move an artifact this big, very fast. This was also why Yu IlHan had put his heart into making the engines to levitate and drive the flying fortress.

However, the 4th option enabled for sudden acceleration, sudden rise, and sudden lowering, and did not place a lot of pressure on the engine. The amazing fact about this option was that it did not take a lot of mana to do so!

“Sudden acceleration!”

When Yu IlHan willed it, the barrier enveloping the entire flying fortress activated again and vibrated. Like that, the fortress itself practically became a giant bullet and charged against all the monsters up front!

It was quite strange, whether it was seeing Yu IlHan ordering the flying fortress as if ordering Pok*mon to body slam, or whether it was seeing the flying fortress actually obeying his orders.

[The scale is way too big!]




[Something, is coming!]

The enormous size, weight, vibrations, on top of its speed, made it impossible for even the flying monsters to dodge.

Moreover, leaving aside whether they could dodge if the flying fortress was only just charging forward, it also emitted mana waves, as well as physical vibration waves, to make the movements of the monsters dull!

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

The moment the large swarm of aerial monsters and the flying fortress collided, countless ‘critical hit’s etched on Yu IlHan’s eyes. However, he ignored all of them and ordered another sudden acceleration, and the majority of the monsters charging towards the fortress were smashed apart like bowling pins.

[……How many just died?]

To Liera who asked with a pale face, Yu IlHan replied nonchalantly.

“Around 30,000 in the two accelerations.”

[Thirty thousand……]

If there was a disadvantage to physical attacks, it was that the range was limited unlike magic that could burn an entire region. No matter how large Pok*mons body-slammed, they couldn’t attack more than several Pok*mons at once.

However, Yu IlHan ended up enlarging the body of the attacker to overcome those limits. The overwhelming surface area of the XXXXXXXL-sized cannonball had become a splendid weapon!

Liera thought that Yu IlHan perhaps made the flying fortress precisely in order to slam against everything.

[How long would it take until the monsters on Earth are wiped out……?]

The sudden acceleration didn’t just end with twice. The continuous charge attacks got rid of most of the mobs, and after that, Yu IlHan activated Hundred Eyes to take care of the 4th class monsters that didn’t die so easily.

“Activate Hundred Eyes!”

[Is there some kind of magic that amplifies their function if you shout it out loud?]

“No, but I feel better.”

[How honest.]

Hundred Eyes, which were recharging mana obediently after their usage on the ground, received Yu IlHan’s will and started moving again. However, their directions were different from last time. Their orbit was bigger, and they were also a lot further from each other.

[Huh? The orbit changed.]

“This should be the norm. The destruction mirrors do not need protection from the fortress. No, to be exact, it must not receive protection from the fortress.”

Yu IlHan’s original idea had two orbits for the Hundred Eyes. First was a small ellipse within the fortress, with the mansion as the center. This was the ground-battle mode.

This made it possible to protect the mansion, but made it difficult to attack outside the fortress.

And the second, was to orbit on the surface of the barrier that protected the fortress.

Destruction mirrors had the splendid ability to shoot mana stored in it, but their core abilities was to suck enemies’ mana and reflect it back. However, inside the fortress, it was difficult to bring that ability out to its fullest. These things must grow outside while getting beaten up!

[Now that is really like a flying fortress.]

“It was like a flying fortress from the beginning though.”

The scene of hundred gigantic mirrors orbiting around the fortress as though satellites around a planet, gave them a feeling like no other. Liera became slightly proud as this was something she couldn’t see often even in Heaven.

However, would she able to hold on to those thoughts after seeing what happened next?

[He is there.]

[He’s the one that mercilessly massacred our kin.]

The monsters that were able to dodge the charge with ease, and those that had high mana resistance, tried to invade the fortress after it became quiet, but the destruction mirrors on the surface of the barrier blocked their paths.

Naturally, the speed of these destruction mirrors weren’t possible without support. The vibrating barrier was supporting their movements.


[Erase and destroy.]

These enraged-for-who-knows-what-reason monsters tried to destroy everything in their path. But that didn’t mean that they didn’t know of the dangers of the destruction mirrors, it was just that they wished to break whatever that blocked their paths and proceed forwards!


However, disaster struck them. The destruction mirrors sucked their health and mana in the moment of contact, and amplified it before reflecting it back as an energy beam. This time, the scale of this attack was a lot larger than when the fortress was on the ground!

“Go! Kill them all!”


Energy beams that resulted from the power focus of the destruction mirrors extend out from the sky to the ground and pierced everything in its path. A hundred such battles were occurring simultaneously so it seemed as if it was raining light from the sky.

It was a spectacular, but rather sad scene.

“How is it, a much better picture than on the ground, no?”

[How beautiful…… Though, the results wouldn’t be so…]

Muttered Liera. And she was correct indeed.

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]


[I cannot see in front of me!]

[My eyes, my eyes!]


Even the monsters in the hell dungeon he had been to wouldn’t come out unscathed after being struck by these beams. There was no way these beginner-level 4th class monsters would be able to be intact after the beams even if they managed to dodge the charge of the flying fortress.

Screaming in pain was the same whether one was human or monster. In this wide stage known as the sky, a symphony of monster screams resounded.


[Higuh, Hguoooooooh!]

Blood, flesh and bones scattered everywhere. The lucky ones died instantly, but the unlucky ones had to roll around in pain after having lost the majority of their bodies. Although he’d have an easier time killing them off if this was on the ground, since the fortress was in the air, he couldn’t do much about the falling monsters.

Fortunately, Hundred Eyes would stay active until the monster was killed or it ran out of mana, so it did not care about whether the monsters fell to the ground or shot up into the sky and just chased them until they met their end with its beams. To the monsters, this was no different from hell.

Though not as fast the charge of the fortress, an absurd amount of monsters were dying at an absurd rate. This was even more amazing considering that the majority of them were late-stage 3rd class, or beginner stage 4th class.

“Good, even the fastest aerial monsters cannot dodge so I can conclude that this will be useful against all lower existences.”

[I think this will work against 5th classes too…….?]

“I’m not so sure. It won’t be that easy, but perhaps it’s possible if they’re tied down somehow.”

However, it was true that this was at the level of apocalypse right in this place. There weren’t a lot of opportunities to fight 5th class, and the growth of the flying fortress had not ended so it was well worth looking forward to.

Yu IlHan had checked enough that the Hundred Eyes were working properly, so he also unfolded Ruin Calling and flew up.

[You’re going to move too?]

“The sky is different from the ground. Just the quantity of monsters are different. I should decrease them to save on mana consumption.”

Of course, his objective was not only that. It was true that Yu IlHan had indeed made the fortress to take care of Earth alone, but if he left everything to the fortress, then he himself wouldn’t have any growth.

If he did not have any growth, his skills would not develop, and his skills did not develop, then it would be impossible to acquire 4th class.

He was gaining so much experience through this massacre, but if he lost the chance for all of that experience to be applied to him, then how frustrating would that be! He had to train his skills against these weak ones before the stronger ones popped out.


When he leaped beyond the barrier of the flying fortress, the monsters that were being tossed around by Hundred Eyes all looked at him. This guy just left his safe haven! – they thought that this was their opportunity to kill Yu IlHan.

And that, was the worst possible decision they could make.

[It’s him!]

[Foolish human giving up his own life!]

[Kill him! We will gain freedom once we kill him!]

They ran towards Yu IlHan faster than high schoolers coming out for physical education class.

Of course, many of them dropped out in the process due to Hundred Eyes, but despite that, their numbers were so overwhelming that even Hundred Eyes couldn’t shoot all of them down. Really, it seemed like all of the aerial monsters on Earth were gathering in the sky above Korea.


Yu IlHan leaped once more to go higher and laughed after seeing various monsters that charged towards him. Their incomprehensible hatred, as well as the strange and fast development of Earth, was all a blessing for him right now.

“Very well. Come on at once! I’ll master these skills in a flash!”

[How about the blessing of the goddess of fire?]

“That makes me awkward so don’t ask.”

[Yes, sir.]

Yu IlHan shut Liera up instantly and gripped onto his Eight-tailed dragon spear. Although he thought about taking out Aegis, he found it too wasteful to use his sidekick…..Aegis, against that level of monsters.

Although others wouldn’t believe this even if they saw, Earth was only in the initial stages of the 3rd Great Cataclysm. More drastic changes would arrive soon, and the number of 4th class monsters would increase as well. It would be fine if he took out Aegis at that time. Right now, it was time for him to train the skills with his own body.

“Well then.”

He wrapped his body in Eternal Flame and created Blaze on top of it. Finally, he enhanced the mixed flames with Dragonic Blood, which he could use even now when he was far away from Yumir, then which a bright flame brighter than the sun covered his body.


Liera, who thought that Yu IlHan was using many flames at once to receive the blessing of the goddess of fire, but voiced her doubt regarding another matter.

[Why can’t the monsters find you all of a sudden?]


Yu IlHan smiled; his body still enwrapped in brilliant flames that even 4th class beings could not look directly upon.

“Being brighter than anyone else, and concealing oneself in front of everyone else. That, can be called the realm of concealment meisters.”

[Ah, uh, yeah…… okay. So there was such a realm…..?]

Since no monsters couldn’t see him directly, his concealment skill automatically activated! The truth was always simple.

Liera thought that Yu IlHan’s eyes were glistening unusually, but did not ask about it since she was a kind person.

“I’m going! You’re all dead!”

The loner charged in the air while concealed, drawing a trail of bright fire. No monsters could find his figure, and that continued until all the monsters met their deaths in the air.

Truly a sad occurrence.

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