Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 192: I Create – 1

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With his wings, Yu IlHan arrived back at the mansion in exactly 1 minute 30 seconds. Although he had predicted this, no matter how many mountains sunk and lakes dried, Bittersweet Persona as well as the mansion grounds were holding out fine. It could only be considered a chaos-ranked artifact if accomplished that.

The problem was the monsters surrounding the region.

[Wow, that’s insane. Earth is completely insane!]

“I agree with you.”

During the 2nd Great Cataclysm, no 4th class monsters were born directly on Earth. All 4th class monsters were either that evolved from 3rd class to the 4th, or those that passed over the gate to Earth, or those that were born from the effects of Overflow. However, none were innately born as 4th class.

Yu IlHan was thinking that the 4th class monsters that should have been born were all taken to the hell dungeon and were turned into demons, but seeing hundreds of 4th class monsters on his mansion grounds, it didn’t seem like it was quite that.

[We need to destroy this.]

[The only remaining man made structure. We need to destroy it.]

[Make it so that he can’t step on this land again.]

[Regain peace to this land.]

However, from their words, it seemed that they came to this place not due to the attraction of the mana from Bittersweet Persona, but in knowledge that this was Yu IlHan’s house. Yu IlHan only laughed after hearing that.

“I’m thankful if all of you come.”

Yu IlHan gripped onto his Eight-tailed dragon spear and poised himself. He extended Ruin Calling as far as possible, and suddenly accelerated with a super sized shockwave!

[Critical Hit!]

[You have earned 610,395,305 experience.]

[Attack power increases by 0.85% for the next 5 minutes due to the skill, Deathgod. Duration and percentage increases if you kill more monsters within 5 minutes without concealment wearing off.]

He instantly halved a 4th class monster, that was just about to intrude by dropping down from the sky at lightning speeds. The clean hit killed the monster without any hint of resistance, and naturally, his concealment did not wear off.

“That was easy.”

[So now you can easily instakill 4th class monsters……. Even without the pile bunker or the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory! Even though you’re 3rd class!]

“Don’t get angry.”

[I’m not! I’m just slightly frustrated and annoyed!]

Now, Yu IlHan was right before his 4th class. Although he hadn’t acquired it yet, with his OP skills and titles, it became natural for him to insta-kill lower level 4th class monsters.

If the current Yu IlHan fell in the past Dareu, the dragons would have been annihilated without even using a single dragon breath landing on him.

[Here, he’s here!]

[But we cannot see him. We cannot feel him.]

[Eeeeek…… Let’s destroy this mansion! We cannot find him, but we can see this mansion!]

The monsters seemed to be surprised at Yu IlHan’s appearance, and soon took extreme actions. Of course, ‘extreme actions’ were not much different from what they usually did, and Yu IlHan only laughed at them and commenced his hunt of monsters.



If the Bittersweet Persona played music with the various traps and artifacts, Yu IlHan danced on the top with his spear, sometimes with his hammer, or axe, or greatsword, or whip. Blood scattered in all directions as the necks and hearts of monsters were perforated one by one.

Now that he was training in the Great cosmos-severing spear, he did not need to differentiate between weapons. He had the confidence to insta-kill the monsters with any sort of weapon. And in actuality, Yu IlHan’s concealment did not wear off even once during this time.

[You have earned 543,285,486 experience.]

[You have earned 491,009,315 experience.]

[You have earned 635,581,102 experience.]

[You have…….]

“But these guys. They don’t give much experience because they’re only bigger stage 4th class.”

To him, 500 to 600 million was nothing at all. However, as there was a large number of them, he felt that he could acquire around 100 billion experience after killing all of them here.

[Ugh, uh…..!]

Liera had to try her best in order to not get angry. Well, Yu IlHan did level up rapidly while killing those demons in hell, so it was natural that the amount of experience he gained here was considered insignificant for him. Yes, she had to accept it like that.


[Destroy. We need to erase the traces of this damned human…..!]

No matter how fast they moved, Bittersweet Persona did not miss them. And once the monsters were restrained, Yu IlHan would instantly fly over and kill them. Many 4th class monsters died with every passing minute.

However, that was only doable when he could see the end, but no matter how many monsters he killed with the help of Bittersweet Persona, he still felt tired after glancing at the seemingly endless waves of the monsters.

Of course, he had the confidence to continue kill monsters for hours, but he couldn’t hunt like this forever!

“This is no good.”

Yu IlHan took back his spear and struck on the ground. At that moment, hundreds of spears made of dragon bones embedded themselves in various parts of the garden. Yu IlHan then picked up the Thunderhammer, and activated the lightning storm option on the Dragonic bracelet on his hand.

The power contained inside the bracelet, which could store up to 3 times worth of these lightning storms and release them all at once, was let loose upon a tiny point at the end of the hammer, causing a resonance between all the dragon bones.

At that moment, the hundreds of dragon bones in the garden all resonated with the hammer and spat out frightening amounts of lightning to attack the nearby monsters!

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical ……]

As the monsters he had faced until now were too strong, he never had the opportunity to use this, but this was the strongest wide-area combo that Yu IlHan had prepared to fight against a large number of 4th class monsters!

At this moment, the mansion grounds was akin to a sea of lightning. An absurd level of lightning was born due to the resonance between the bone spears and the thunderhammer, and that lightning would transfer over to other bone spears and enhance their powers, while frying every monsters in its path.



Although Yu IlHan’s location was revealed as he couldn’t kill all the monsters at once, the monsters couldn’t even attack him. The lightning storm at the tip of the Thunderhammer was a result of a large enough amount of mana to cause typhoons, compressed into a single point. So it wouldn’t end anytime soon.

[Some might think you’re a mage.]

“Good, I used it. I finally used it!”

Yu IlHan joyfully moved his body. Now, it was time to finish them off himself with the Thunderhammer that had started the typhoon.

Not even 10 minutes after that, Yu IlHan succeeded in cleaning all the monsters inside the dungeon. However, the insanely increasing number of monsters due to the 3rd Great Cataclysm, were all rushing over real-time as if they were all aiming for him, so at this rate, it would only be a repetition of what happened just now.

[IlHan, now!]

“Got it!”

Yu IlHan rushed into the mansion and activated the Hourglass of Eternity, at that moment, the intruding monsters were all ejected, and the mansion and its grounds was enveloped inside the barrier of the Hourglass.


Yu IlHan checked his own state in this stopped world before sighing. Meanwhile, Liera checked on the outside world and muttered with a laugh.

[This reminds me of the time you were first left alone on Earth.]

“My miserable state is still the same as ever.”

[No, whether it’s then or now, IlHan, you’re cool.]

Liera sounded like an older sister with a large gap in age with her brother, praising him. However, it didn’t feel so bad, so Yu IlHan disarmed himself with a smile.

[Are you going to start right away?]

“Yeah. If possible, it would be good if I had a 5th class magic stone, but now I have the magic engineering knowledge, so I think I can complete it with 4th class magic stones.”

[The mansion? Then what else is there?]

“Armor and weapons. I definitely need 5th class magic stones for those. Moreover, I need to evolve the Language skill, I need it to become 4th class. Really, I would have no other wishes if I could kill 100 5th classes consecutively.

[To think my IlHan would grow so fast to say such a frightening wish right now…..]

Heading to the workshop, he immediately moved the Eternal Flame into the furnace.

He threw a single 4th class magic stone that was burning brightly as if it had finally returned to its home, and it received it gladly, and soon, a fire that could melt even dragon bones roared up. Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction.

“Then should I start?”

[You said a flying fortress, but what are you going to do?]

“10 enormous parts to levitate the mansion and the grounds, 100 slightly smaller parts to control directions. Lines to connect all of them, as well as an operations room to control all of that. I also need to make around a thousand weapons that can attack both underwater, on ground, and in the air from anywhere.”

The line up made people wonder if that was something accomplishable by humans even if they spent an entire lifetime, but Yu IlHan moved as if the blueprints were all in his head already.

His brain contained the blessing of the god of smithing, as well as all the knowledge of magic engineering that the magic engineers had acquired over their lives in Lanpas. And with the materials with infinite potential he had gained in the hellish dungeon, nothing was impossible for him!

“Good, then let’s start with this.”

Yu IlHan immediately switched into work mode and started hammering away on metals and monster bones, but Liera who was watching, didn’t know what exactly was happening. She only felt that IlHan looked cool while he was smithing.

[So in the end, Nothing changed whether it was hundreds of years ago or now. IlHan takes action, and I watch……]

Muttered Liera and she seemed to laugh before she slapped her own cheeks. Thankfully, Yu IlHan couldn’t hear her as he was absorbed in work.

[Fuu, good. Now I’m energetic]

Although their positions were similar to before, there was one fact that she must not forget. It was that the Earth was very different now compared to a thousand years ago.

At that time, there was nothing that could harm Yu IlHan. At most, it was the sperm whale he hunted.

However, things were different now. As if to prove that it was different from other worlds, hundreds of 4th class monsters appeared, and in the future, even worse things would happen.

‘A naturally-occurring 5th class too…… perhaps its possible. No, it will probably come out.’

She wanted to believe that Yu IlHan could take care of all of them, but the reason he won against the fallen angel was only because he had calculated precisely and strengthened himself accordingly. He couldn’t be in that condition every time he faced a 5th class being.

And so, if, IF, Yu IlHan was put in danger against a 5th class being…

What would Liera do then.

There was nothing much to ask. The moment she received the blessing of the goddess of love, or perhaps even before that.

‘That will be the time…… I’ll use the powers given to me by the goddess of love.’

Liera made a not-so-light resolve while looking at Yu IlHan’s figure. She would make him live through the encounter whatever she had to do. Even if she had to pay a great compensation.

On the Earth where even the 3rd Great Cataclysm had temporarily stopped, only the repetitive hammering sounds resounded clearly and loudly.

Author’s notes

Although it wasn’t so obvious due to the perverted demons, IlHan has become very strong

What would be the finished fortress be like!? Look forward to it.

Aah, lots and lots of bait in the stopped world……!