Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 188: The Path I Walk – 5

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2 years ago, it was faster to count how many people were over level 80 with a person’s two hands, but through the changed situation after the 2nd Great Cataclysm, as well as the interactions with the other worlds made the people of Earth rapidly stronger. And accordingly, they had opened gateways to just as many worlds.

That helped out a lot in changing the Earth in the right way, as well as bringing prosperity to Vanguard, Gangnam and Korea, but at the same time, they called for the suffering of Kang MiRae and the others who had to sort through all the worlds as some of them may potentially bring danger.

“So the people of Earth really did get stronger. I never knew that they would end up connecting more than 30 thousand worlds.”

“We felt like dying over these 2 years. They could have taken it slow~. And it’s not like we can threaten them to not open it!”

“It’s not something for you to say when you have opened a gate to Breya just to build a temple.”

Na YuNa sighed at Yu IlHan’s response.

“You should hug me warmly or pat me on the head if I look so tired!”

“No matter how tired you are, I’m the most tired in the world. I cannot let anyone take that away from me.”


Yu IlHan was sure that the Army of Brilliant Light had something else they were scheming, but that didn’t mean that he could do anything about it, so he only focused on destroying the magic formations with Na YuNa. As a result, it was possible for them to destroy over 150 magic formations within just 3 days.

The magic formation contained a record, and since he could acquire little bits of them every time he destroyed them, Yu IlHan could interpret more and more of the magic formation as time went on.

Although he could only currently interpret the magic to defeat attackers, and the materials and time used to construct the formation, compared to Kang MiRae and the others who had no progress over these 2 years, it was a big difference. He thought that his knowledge of magic engineering may have played role in this.

“These aren’t things that people can set up in one or two days. Even if there are people who are still cooperating with the fallen angels, they would not be able to restore it in a short amount of time.”

“That’s fortunate~.”

[If it was the usual IlHan, he would only rest easy after beating up all the related personnel. He’s enduring quite a lot.]

Yu IlHan only snorted at her words and replied.

“I was only leaving them alone because I’m short on time. I’ll have to beat them up after some investigation if I have time later.”

“That’s good, you finish things off properly.”

[Looks like graveyards are gonna be full.]

1 week had passed since the first victory against the fallen angel. Since then, Yu IlHan succeeded in killing two other fallen angels while roaming around in other worlds.

Of course, he could not acquire magic stones from them, but he was plenty satisfied with just acquiring their bodies. With this, he could make the ‘foundations’ of the all-purpose weapon he had dreamed of.

“But they look human without wings. What are you going to do about them?”

“What do you mean what. I’ll just dismantle their wings, skin, flesh, muscles and blood, and look into their uses.”

“Even though they look like humans……?”

“And what difference does that make?”

“…….Nothing~. I’m sorry~.”

However, Yu IlHan couldn’t enjoy his easy and fun higher existence hunting forever. He went around the worlds rapidly, but could not find any fallen angels after all. Well, four of their members died so if they still didn’t know, there was a problem with their group.

After that, everything went as Yu IlHan had predicted. They did not show themselves worried that they would be ambushed by Yu IlHan. Everything went as Yu IlHan wished to, but of course, the person in question wasn’t satisfied.

“It would have been better if they were a little more fearless.”

[You will get it if you keep being like that?]

“Mr. IlHan. Stop looking for a fallen angel and let’s go to the next world~.”

With the expectations to encountering a fallen angel, gone, the destruction process of the magic formations became really boring. Na YuNa had also become used to Yu IlHan’s flight speed, and grew to be able to leisurely cheer when Yu IlHan was accelerating to his limits.

“Yay, run, oppa, run!”

“Do you want me to go faster?”

“Hiiik, faster than even now~?”

Of course, she was far from catching up to Yu IlHan.


Time passed by in a flash. Yu IlHan, along with Na YuNa, went to new worlds, searched for possible higher existences while flying around, and destroyed the magic formations. This process repeated for nearly one month now.

It was only the first week that he thought that a great change would occur once he hunted the fallen angels, after the Army of Brilliant Light and the Destruction Demon Army found out that higher existences could die under Yu IlHan’s hands, they stopped their actions altogether as if they had given up on Earth.

Also, they could meet with worlds that had no magic formations at all. Perhaps the people working under the fallen angels had lost their leaders and stopped their schemes, or perhaps they stopped trying since Yu IlHan kept destroying them all. They didn’t know which, but it was sure that work was speeding up.

‘I do need to use the hourglass once in a while.’

He still had four corpses belonging to fallen angels in his inventory. He wasn’t even sure if he could use their bodies to make something, but just thinking about it made his heart pound. Yu IlHan was an innate pervert.

“Mr. IlHan~.”

Na YuNa’s sweet voice drummed on Yu IlHan’s ears. After safely destroying the magic formation in who-knows-what-number-this-is world, they were going back to Earth through the flight that did not consider the passenger’s safety and feelings at all.

“We’ll be there soon, so endure it a little more.”

“No, it’s not that.”

The place Na YuNa pointed towards was the gate that they were going to. What of the gate? Yu IlHan tilted his head, and realized that the gate was shrinking.

“I don’t think we’ll reach.”


There should have been a person that was inserting mana from the other side! No, wait, even if the gate was not supplied with mana due to some weird reason like all the people of Earth dying, the gate shouldn’t have closed yet since Yu IlHan had finished things so quickly!

Of course, he could still instantly return to Earth through the effects of the ‘Frog that leaped out of the well’ title, but wasn’t it cooler to goal in just like that?

Yu IlHan disabled all the limiters, and brought his speed up to the maximum with another shockwave + leaps. Na YuNa had expected this and immediately put up a shield, but even then she couldn’t be clear headed due to the overwhelming pressure.



The speed was so fast that their eyes couldn’t follow! However, Yu IlHan amazingly charged towards the center of the gate, and could splendidly enter it before the gate was closed.

Although there was a danger of crashing on the ground right after that, he could succeed in deccelerating and stopping by calling out a super comfy large cushion in his front.


Getting his face off the cushion, Yu IlHan looked at the surroundings. It was definitely a scene belonging to that of Earth. He shouted in relief.


“It’s out!”

Na YuNa, who had experienced momentary death along with Yu IlHan, shouted.

However, he was not even listening to her right now. He was feeling off while looking at the surroundings.

“Just, what… is happening…….?”

“Hey, your shift in topics is too lam……. huh?”

Na YuNa, who was about to bargain for some skinship, also realized that something was strange. There was no people around at all.

Did this mean that they all died due to some battle? No, it just looked like the element known as humans were erased from this world.

“I have a deja vu……”

[No way. It shouldn’t be…… The time flow on Earth is still normal.]

Yu IlHan remembered back to the time when he was dropped alone on Earth. The stopped Earth, the disappeared people. His weak self that had to feel fear alone in that situation……

It was a matter of a thousand years ago, but he still clearly remembered that moment. Yu IlHan ended up hugging Na YuNa more tightly in his arms. Na YuNa cheered.

“You can hug me tighter.”


The normal Yu IlHan would be busy coming up with excuses, but for now, he was relieved thanks to her answer. At that moment, Liera felt something and shouted in a bright voice.

[I get it. From the ripples of the atmosphere and mana of the Earth, it looks like the 3rd Great Cataclysm of Earth. Perhaps the people around this area went off to other worlds in order to not get caught up. Perhaps the reason why the gates are disappearing is also because of the 3rd Great Cataclysm!]

Yu IlHan immediately raised his senses when he heard that. Though, there was no need for him to. He couldn’t feel it because the drastic change in the surroundings, but currently, the mana in the atmosphere was at its highest concentration, crystallizing, melting, exploding and gathering. Low level people would be harmed just due to the sheer amount of mana!

[How the hell is this a 3rd Great Cataclysm. It looks worse than a 4th……. Though, it’s not at the level of a 5th. Sheesh, Earth is insane!]

“Looks like the Great Cataclysm is actually happening. Really, it’s happening already…… but wait. The gates are closing because of the 3rd Great Cataclysm?”

Yu IlHan tilted his head.

Closing? The gates? The gates connecting to worlds that had the magic formations that the fallen angels had set up?

“Then what else can they do with those formations in those worlds?”




Silence pervaded the area. Yes, nothing. What damage could they do when the connections are severed? Go through the dimensional wall and do something?

“…….Just for what did they make those magic formations for?”

[Perhaps they never thought that the gates would close?]

Yu IlHan and Liera both tilted their heads at the same time while looking at each other. However, one voice called for them.

“Mr. IlHan.”

It wasn’t that another person had appeared on the scene, but it was Na YuNa, who was still in Yu IlHan’s arms.

“It seems like your words are right after all.”

“What is? Huh……!”

Yu IlHan became shocked after he gave a glance at her.

Her body was faintly disappearing.

As if she was going to disappear altogether.

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