Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 187: The Path I Walk – 4

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Yu IlHan and Na YuNa, who ended up killing a higher existence while trying to kill their schemes, immediately left for another world after minimum preparation on Earth. They just left a single note on the mansion.

The news of the death of a fallen angel would probably reach their main HQ soon. At that time, they will shrink back in fear, and their scope of action would drastically decrease. Not only that, they would refrain from showing themselves on Earth and any other worlds connected to it. Yu IlHan’s actions were actually so drastically effective.

The reason he tried to kill a fallen angel was due to that as well, but now that he knew that not only were they a good source of experience, he had acquired the body and the magic stone, so he ended up thinking that he couldn’t miss them while they were still in the dark.

What made his actions more confident was the title ‘Untouchable’ that he had just acquired. Those with higher ‘league’ than him, in other words, against all 4th class beings or higher, his abilities would increase by 20%, so there was nothing to hesitate on now.

“Usually, one would rejoice that it became easier to hunt 4th class, and not think about killing higher existences with it~.”

[You should know that IlHan isn’t considered ordinary anymore.]

Naturally, those higher existences didn’t just go to any world. The reason Yu IlHan could meet a fallen angel, was also because information was passed over to them through a traitor angel.

He didn’t know what they were planning to do by coming in contact with him, but that guy was definitely waiting for Yu IlHan. What were they trying to do? Check his level of power? Tell him something? Scheme? Warn him?

In any case, he couldn’t care less. Yu IlHan only wanted to beat them all up.

The time Yu IlHan met the second fallen angel was after they had been to 4 more worlds.

“Found one.”

“I can’t see~.”

[If they could be found by you, they wouldn’t be higher existences.]

The fallen angel didn’t seem to be notified of his colleague’s death (and in fact, wouldn’t even believe even if he was told), and was waiting for Yu IlHan around the gate, but as soon as Yu IlHan noticed him, he didn’t go destroy the magic formation, but hunt around 100 monsters before ambushing him.

[I definitely felt some……..Kergh!?]

“You are already dead!”

[Critical Hit!]

9 simultaneous hits ended with several criticals. They were the messages Yu IlHan liked the most.

[Kak!? How, can this…..!]

“Hey, hey. Stop there. Your friend already used that line before.”

It was an opponent he could kill with a ‘single’ strike even without any critical hits, but there were critical hits stacked on top as well, so what would have happened? The area around the heart was completely perforated, and the shoulder blades were likewise shattered to pieces.

[You…… noticed me!]

“You were just weak.”

He tried to kill Yu IlHan with the final bits of his power, but there was no way Yu IlHan would have attacked in the first place if he thought that he may be counterattacked and die.

[Kurgh, you bastard…..!]

“Leave the rest to me. I’ll send others for you to meet up on the way.”

[Before that, I’ll kill…..KILLLLLL!]

His attack effected himself precisely and fatally and twisted all the mana. Even if higher existences had the power to overturn the skies and move the earth, they were useless once their magic organ was destroyed. No matter how much he tried to gather power to the leaking body, it only leaked out as black aura.

[However, you’re late…… you’re too late!]

Just as Yu IlHan was about to deal the final strike, the fallen angel said a line which made him really bothered. The contents were similar to the time when the first one died, but it had much more content, and had a desperate nuance to it.

Even while knowing that nothing would come from asking a dying enemy, he ended up asking.

“Just what is too……”


Justas he was about to reply, he died with a final vomiting of pitch black blood. However, despite the fact that he had a successful hunt, Yu IlHan’s expression was not that bright.

[You have earned experience.]

[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 86.]

[The skill, Deathgod, has become level 90.]

[Killing 5th class 1/1]

“Shit, I got done in.”

Collecting the body, Yu IlHan muttered in a frustrated voice.

“This one had quite the ability to throw baits unlike the first one. I’m surprised.”

“I’m more surprised about your reaction.”

“From the fact that it made me unable to prepare anything even while giving me concrete information, I can give about 79 points.”

Since Yu IlHan’s expression was so stern as he said that, Na YuNa wanted to ask where the 21 points were deducted, but decided to hold it. Yu IlHan only licked his lips after checking that there was no magic stone after he cracked open the brain and the heart.

“So my luck isn’t that good after all, eh? I wanted to evolve Language skill too……”

[You must be the only 3rd class who needs so many 5th class magic stones.]

“Well, then. Let’s quickly go over to another world! They will probably notice soon, so it will be a fight for time from now.”

“Ah, we need to destroy the magic formation though~!”

[To think he made that woman make a comeback… IlHan sure is amazing……!]

Yu IlHan and Na YuNa took 25 minutes to enter a world and destroy a magic formation, then clean up, thanks to the combination of Ruin Calling and Leap. The fastest time people took before he came back to Earth was 4 days, so by simple calculations, he was 180 times faster.

However, this was an AVERAGE of 25 minutes we were talking about, so there was no meaning to comparisons. His speed was so overwhelming that it made others wonder what they did for the past 2 years.

Even while flying at insane speeds in Yu IlHan’s arms, Na YuNa created a shield with all her power and asked.

“How did you make such an artifact? Flying that fast must require insane amounts of mana, but you don’t look like you’re consuming much.”

“It’s inefficient to consume mana when you’re just flying. Instead, this requires ability on the user. Hm, mastering Physical combat and Leap would do, I guess.”

“Heh~, so that’s it.”

Na YuNa decided to ask no further. Of course it was like this. Using an artifact that has tremendous efficiency and little mana consumption would require like 2 mastered skill at the basics…… Even though she hadn’t mastered a single skill in the 10 years she was away from Earth!

Of course, it was also thanks to her innately acquiring higher class skills, which were very difficult to train in, but even considering that, Yu IlHan’s state was abnormal.

No matter how strong or capable a person was, it should be impossible to break through the limits of time, right? Her eyes looking at Yu IlHan narrowed slightly.

“You still have something you didn’t tell me, don’t you?”

“I have nothing to tell you though.”

“Aren’t you tight guarded.”

[That’s my IlHan.]

“He’s not yours, ahjumma!”

[Ahjumma!?] (Means ‘old lady’, equivalent of ‘oba-san’ of JP)

Yu IlHan was nervous about when the Army of Brilliant Light would notice that he had killed two higher existences, but in fact, even after he had cleared the tenth world, it had only been 4 hours since he killed the first one.

The fallen angels belonging to the Army of Brilliant Light only met at periodic meetings, which wasn’t held once in just one or two days. As every member was a higher existences, they judged that most things would be solved by their independent actions.

Just who in their right mind would predict that one of them was killed by a lower existence in an ambush in a lower world? It wasn’t that the Army of Brilliant Light was lax, but that Yu IlHan’s refinement in the spear was beyond their imagination.

However, only Yu IlHan alone was in a hurry, and was clearing world in an average of 25 minutes.

“Are we really not found yet?”

[We’re really, really not found out yet. There’s no way those fallen angels would move so diligently.]

“But why don’t I see any fallen angels! Even though I want to meet them so much!”

[Like how Heaven’s Army is busy without actually seeming like doing anything, the Army of Brilliant Light is similar. Well, no, all higher existence factions are like that.]

“So you do acknowledge that……?”

Destroying the magic formation in the seventeenth world he was in in an instant, Yu IlHan looked at the surroundings. He couldn’t find the presence of any fallen angels. He was annoyed and he muttered while looking at the remains of the destroyed magic formation.

“I still don’t get what they’re trying to do with this formation. No matter what I do, I can’t feel any danger from them.”

“It’s because you insta-killed it. If not, it would emit strange smoke and shoot mana and cause all sorts of mess. Even we would have had a hard time if not for Mir during the past two years~.”

“They have so many additional functions?”

Yu IlHan’s eyes glistened. A magic formation created to activate a magic that will affect something of Earth’s scale, had so many protective aspects? And one that higher existences couldn’t even make by themselves due to the restriction?

“…….Is it really an additional function though?”

“Mr. IlHan?’

However, it was natural for him to question that.

“A magic formation with so many attack capabilities. Would it really have another hidden function? In the end, they were created from humans or the like.”

“But the Army of Brilliant Light and the Destruction Demon Army helped~. In fact, it’s not like I haven’t thought of that either.”

Yes, of course. There was no way the witty Na YuNa would not have doubted the true function of the magic formations.

“However, things would become meaningless that way. It only released mana to counterattack against the attackers. If it’s just that, there is no way that could damage Earth in any way~.”

“But what if their intention in the first place was to make us notice them? What if their intention was to make the people of Earth ‘move’ in some way?”

“That’s even more meaningless. The only thing I can think of is preventing us from being on Earth, but it’s not like there’s another expert that destroys all common sense like you on Earth, nor would Earth just meet its apocalypse just because it lost some experts. Not only are there a lot of ability users on Earth right now, there are also plenty of support from other worlds.”


Yu IlHan sighed due to the unreachable conclusion. He could just destroy them with ease if he knew that this magic formation was made by some almighty being and would put Earth into danger, but now that he started doubting, he couldn’t help but think about them in another way.

Moreover, what weighed on his mind the most was the fact that both the fallen angels he had killed mentioned that ‘it was too late’. Late? What is? It was impossible to prevent their schemes even though he was destroying so many formations? Or was the magic formations merely distractions, and there was a hidden plan instead?

It was very improbable that the words of the fallen angels were wrong. That was because their words did not encourage others to act, but only declared about a situation that was already over.

For comparison, checkmates in chess was similar. Whatever the opponent did, the situation would not change. Only when at an absolute advantage could they say such words. The ones listening would feel really bad but that couldn’t be helped. Like how Yu IlHan was right now.

“Gosh, this is annoying me so much.”

“That won’t do, want me to kiss you?”

“Don’t say the same thing as Liera.”

“Ugh, sorry.”

[Do you both really want a smack?]

Pondering ended here. What he could do right now was only to do his best. Yu IlHan sighed and unfolded Ruin Calling. When he extended both of his arms forward, Na YuNa hopped into his arms while blushing.

“That makes my heart pound.”

“I have no ulterior motives so don’t worry.”

“That’s even worse!”

Yu IlHan was about to Leap with her in his arms, when something tugged on his mind and he asked.

“I’m really curious but what perfume are you using?”

“Oh, my.”

Na YuNa, who was feeling down when she heard that he had no ulterior motives, suddenly made a blooming smile when she heard that.

“I don’t use any perfume. Do I smell good?”

“Hmph, lies.”

Yu IlHan snorted and turned his head around. Na YuNa found that more funny. How could both the father and son be so cute in praising others. Clinging onto Yu IlHan’s arms, she leaned her body. Yu IlHan grumbled.

“Get off.”

“I’ll die if I get off. I’m going to stay like this.”

Liera, who was watching this entire time, spoke in a very creepy voice.

[Na YuNa, I wish you’d become a higher existence quickly. Yes, as fast as possible….. before the boiling blood in my veins cools down.]

Yu IlHan didn’t particularly like Na YuNa, but decided to protect her from Liera’s hands when she did become a higher existence.

Author’s notes

Na YuNa and Liera’s fierce psychological warfare