Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 185: The Path I Walk – 2

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Like the God Zeus in the Greek mythology, Yu IlHan freely flew in the air and struck lightning on the ground. Continuously, without rest.

To the monsters who would be killed by the spears, it was a disaster, but he was also like Zeus in the way that he had a beauty in his hands.

“Sniff, sniff.”

“Hey, you’re no dog.”

“You won’t let me approach you so while I have the chance.”

[I should really just…….]

Though, there weren’t just one or two wrong things with the ‘beauty’, but he couldn’t just let her go here so he decided to hold it in. Well, if you asked him if he didn’t like it, it wasn’t quite like that either.

No, in fact, Yu IlHan was worried about when Liera would explode.

[Can I hit her on the forehead?]

“Please hold it. It will be a disaster if our concealment wears off right now.”

To be exact, the fallen angel that was flying around aimlessly would notice Yu IlHan’s location, and perhaps may realize what Yu IlHan was planning. He wanted to avoid that at all costs.

[But IlHan, didn’t you say you can’t touch a higher existence yet?]

“I did”

Replied Yu IlHan, but still took out seventeen spears and activated the absolute accuracy skill.


The spear that fell from several kilometers high in the ground, fell at a strange angle to kill exactly seventeen monsters and before returning back to Yu IlHan’s inventory along with the dead monster, but due to Yu IlHan’s concealment skill, both the trajectory of his spear as well as the death of the monsters were concealed.

[Ugh, he shouldn’t have gone far……!]

This was too OP, but the fallen angel was still flying around aimlessly without noticing a thing. But from the fact that he was heading towards the gate connecting to Earth, he seemed to think that Yu IlHan was heading that way as well. Well, he just found Yu IlHan, there was no way he could report that he lost him due to concealment!

[I thought you said you won’t touch a higher existence. Then what are you doing right now?]

“Didn’t I say before? That I don’t even dare with just 30% increase.”

[That meant that you weren’t giving up but to increase the percentage!? With the Deathgod skill!]


The Deathgod skill raised attack power when killing a monster while concealed (in other words, instakill), and now that it had reached level 88, he could raise his attack power all the way up to 80%. The activation conditions were so absurd, that it was only possible for Yu IlHan to do it in this entire universe!

“Is there really a fallen angel there~?”



Na YuNa, who was almost kidnapped thanks to the scheme of the ones colluding with the fallen angels, shivered at Yu IlHan’s acknowledgement. It was a rare weak side of her. No, wait. Yu IlHan felt quite weird since he saw what he couldn’t see of her before since the time he came back.

An ordinary man would confidently say “You can trust me!” or just silently increase the strength in his grip, but Yu IlHan was no ordinary man. He threw another twenty seven spears on the ground and replied.

“He won’t find us anyway.”

“Wao, how dependable…..”

He only told the truth! Here was a true capable man of this era.

[You have killed 104 monsters while you were concealed. All abilities increase by 78.45% due to the skill, Deathgod.]

“I guess this should do…..”

“Huh, I think that the mana inside Mr. IlHan is increasing.”

[That skill is so OP. It’s the top skill among all the higher skills.]

“I also think that.”

Before, only his attack power increased by 0.1% with a single kill, but now that he had raised the skill level, he could max out the ability with just over a 100 kills.

Yu IlHan took a deep breath while feeling the boiling power in his body. Since Na YuNa’s blessing was still in effect, there was nothing to hesitate now. No, he didn’t eat the magic stuffed cookie yet, so he ate one as well.

[Magic increases by 100 during the 2 hours that the effect of the cookie is in effect]

It was a clean 100. The effects of magic cooking increased as he had not been slacking on the cooking skill in the dungeon. Feeling his magic increasing, Yu IlHan finally took out Aegis to shield himself, and left one of them to hold Na YuNa.

“Please stay still.”

“Mr. IlHan~. Weren’t we just going to ditch him?”

“It’s a chance in a lifetime so I can’t help it.”

[Are you really going to kill him? Even though you didn’t kill the boss of that dungeon?]

“At that time, I couldn’t use the Deathgod skill. It was impossible to insta-kill each and every one of those monsters.”

[I guess that’s true……]

In fact, Yu IlHan’s power was quite restricted in that hellish dungeon.

He didn’t have any weapons that made him advantageous over the demons, nor did he have a priestess besides him like Na YuNa to buff him, and even the weakest mobs there were over level 250, so he couldn’t use his Deathgod skill, which could be said to be his main source of strength, at all.

He held out two years in that dungeon just with Angel’s support, magic engineering, and his physical body. Thinking about that, it was quite natural that he was trying to kill a higher existence right now. By simple calculations, Yu IlHan was at least more than 50% stronger than that time!

“I’m so scared. Can’t we just go back to Earth?”

“No harm will go your way, Miss YuNa. In a lower world like this, they can only use their powers for self-defense. It will only endanger me since he will be using his powers directly on me. Liera, is this right?”

[Yes. It is, but that means, that you’re more than just ‘in danger’!]

“It’s also you I’m worried about!”

Did Yu IlHan make another mistake? Even though Na YuNa and Liera were fighting all this time, they were in sync in condemning him this time.

He was thankful that more people cared about him, but Yu IlHan realized that there were more obstacles in his way precisely because of that.

“But I have to do this.”

Despite that, he did not step back. Rather than confidence in his ability, he had the conviction that he had to do this right now.

[IlHan, do you really have to kill that guy here?]


Nodded Yu IlHan.

“They rampaged too much. But if I kill one here, a lot of things would change.”

“Wao, such a villain! So cool!”


The reason why those damned fallen angels proudly strolled around lower worlds despite the fact that they couldn’t use their powers, was because there was nothing that could harm them in lower worlds. Lower existence were weak, and higher existences were restricted from action just like themselves.

However, what if a lower existence killed a higher one in an ambush? If that was known, then what would they think? Would they swarm to Earth in order to exact revenge on Yu IlHan?

[They will hide in fear. Their scope of action will be reduced in an instant.]

“At least they won’t come to Earth in the future…….”

“That’s it.’

Yu IlHan explained no more and turned around. His target was right in front of his nose. Flapping the pitch black wings, and trying to find any traces of mana ripples, a fallen angel was creasing his face.

[In fact, the Army of Brilliant Light are those that ran from Heaven, so they are the weakest among the higher existence factions.]

“That makes me unnecessarily relieved so don’t say it.’

No matter how weak the enemy was, he didn’t forget that the enemy was still a higher existence. What happened when he met the dragon-born higher existence belonging to the Destruction Demon Army? That guy just became a higher existence, but he overwhelmed Yu IlHan with just his presence alone, didn’t he?

Although Yu IlHan had become significantly stronger since that time, he was sure that he would taste defeat of that time if he lost his sense of that feeling. Wasn’t that why he was sharpening himself right now to do a one-turn kill?

[One turn kill!?]

“Tch, I would have been 100% sure if I learned the Great Cosmos-severing spear.”

He was getting a grasp over it, but was failing every time. If so, did he have to try an extreme fight with a higher existence and hope for a spark of insight? Unfortunately, Yu IlHan didn’t like to gamble.


He checked that his Deathgod skill was still in effect, and activated the Superhuman strength skill. The level 99 Superhuman strength transcended beyond the limits of his physical body and enhanced it. Transcendent regeneration was also deployed to support the Superhuman strength.

He made the Aegis Na YuNa was on, fly far away, and then postured himself with the spear. The attack most suited to charging in the air was a pierce! Orochi’s voice of satisfaction came from the Eight-tailed dragon spear that was in resonance with his heart.

[Truly a hunt I like. You’re a master worth following.]

“I’m going to end this in one hit. I believe in you.”

[So you mean one hit.]

A 3rd class would never be able to approach a 5th class normally. However, Yu IlHan had too many elements of attack, and his attack preparation was like building up a castle.

Individually, the bricks, the windows, the roofs, the walls, they were all meaningless, but together, they made a sturdy castle.

Now, there were only three stages left. First is the white flames from the combination of purple flames, Eternal Flame, and Blaze. Since he had used that so many times over these two years, he could make it naturally as if it was breathing.

Next was Dragonic blood. The violent power belonging to Yumir, who was connecting to Yu IlHan; the origin of dragons transferred over to him and boiled. However, Yu IlHan left that alone for the moment What he was trying to enhance was not Blaze. With just that, he could not defeat that angel.

[……Fine. Go, IlHan. If it comes down to it, I will……]

“Your turn will not arrive. Just tell me if there’s any weakness on him.”

[The body of angels are based on the race they were prior to becoming an angel. If he’s an ordinary angel, then his brain and heart will be the weak points like all others.]

“Good, then…..”

However, Liera’s words hadn’t ended yet.

[However, fallen angels are slightly different. They are those that have completely pulled out the angel’s wings, and pulled out a new pair of black ones. So, any fallen angel has an unerasable scar on their backs. You should know if I say this much right? In fact, this information is also classified……]

“It’s more than enough.”

Replied Yu IlHan before placing even Liera on Aegis.

Then, he turned around and unfolded Ruin Calling without hesitation, and shot a shockwave at maximum power to deploy 6 consecutive leaps to shoot forward!


So higher existence weren’t called that for nothing. The moment Yu IlHan neared him, the fallen angel seemed to sense a ripple in mana. However, Yu IlHan’s concealment wouldn’t be detected with just that!

“Fuu…… I can do it!”

The moment the tip of the spear flashed while aiming for his neck, Yu IlHan poured the power of the Dragonic blood into the essence of his thousand years of training, the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory!



The moment he was attacked, he recognized Yu IlHan’s presence, and the moment the conditions to activate his own powers were fulfilled, he cast the strongest shield magic and recovery magic right and there. It was an overwhelming control over mana only possible to higher existences!

[Khuuu……. This is absurd, how dare a lower existence……! You’ve made a big mistake!]

However, Yu IlHan, who had stacked four Aegis shields on his front immediately after his attack, was only laughing while seeing him use magic.

No matter how much magic he tried to use, it only made his body worse, and did not do much.

[Kergh, why does the recovery…… my wings……!]

“So that part becomes like that.”

[Wow, looks painful.]

Yes. Everything was too late. When Yu IlHan struck out with his spear with all his power and speed ‘once’, two strikes on the neck, two strike on the head, two strikes on the heart, and finally, two strikes on the shoulder blades for a total of ‘eight’ strikes was dealt.

Normally, the limit of Untraceable Trajectory was five strikes, but the dragon blood raised his martial art to a higher level momentarily!

[This is……. how did a lower existence……! You bitch of an angel…..!]

The fallen angel, who was inflicted with an irreversible life-threatening damage, kept vomiting black blood as he shouted.

With both the shoulder blades and heart done for, the magic organ was tangling his internal energy and making them berserk. Precisely because he once had the power of an angel, the damage was enlarged when the magic organ was crippled.

[A mere lower existence……! I’m a higher…..! Guaaaaak!]

Hearing the resentful words of the fallen angel, Liera made a nonchalant smile as she spoke.

[I can’t hear you cuz you’re a weakling who gets done in by a 3rd class.]

“Fuuu……Hey, your words do splash damage on me so please hold it.”

Yu IlHan, who had poured all of his power in his body in order to deal a strike that would pierce the overwhelming defenses of a higher existence, finally regained his strength to move his body, and replied grudgingly to Liera as he put his spear away.

Despite the fact that the fallen angel had no protective armor, he had such a hard physical body that the tip of the Eight-tailed dragon spear, which wasn’t damaged in any way until now, had completely been remoulded.

He was renewed of his awareness of higher existences. He was confident that he had become a lot stronger, but as he had expected, an up front 1 vs 1 was impossible. He thought that it was truly good to not have gone against the dungeon boss.

But after all that was said and done, he won. In whatever case, Yu IlHan was the victor here!

[You…… it’s already too late……. the Earth…..!]

“Hey, hey. Don’t drop out the important keywords and speak clearly if you’re going to do that at all! It’s always because you speak such obvious lines that you die as an extra like this, get it?”

[You must not make IlHan your enemy. You see that right? His mental attacks are stronger than his physical attacks.]

“Uh, yeah…..”

[Urgh, Khaaaaaak!]

The fallen angel was literally ‘resentful to death’ thanks to Yu IlHan’s ‘final attack’. Yu IlHan put the body of the falling fallen angel into his inventory and cheered.

“Oh yeah!”

[He must be the only guy that cheers not because he won against a 5th class, but because he acquired the body…..]

“Wow… he really killed a higher existence.”

Yu IlHan cheered, and Liera was relieved and absurd simultaneously, and Na YuNa was flabbergasted due to the unbelievable achievement, when…

The Akashic Record appeared on his eyes and revealed the rewards of this achievement.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 307 Dmirel.]

[The skill, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory, has become level 85.]

[You have mastered the skill, Superhuman strength. It is possible to fuse-evolve when the skill evolution criteria are fulfilled.]

[The skill, Dragonic blood, has become level 70.]

[You have acquired the title, ‘Untouchable’. All abilities increase by 20% when facing against a higher leagued enemy, and you are able to avoid an attack that can kill you in one strike.]

[You have become level 199. 5 Strength, 3 Agility, 3 Health, 4 Magic increases.]

[You cannot become level 200 prior to acquiring 4th class. All records acquired before the class will be calculated after the class is acquired.]

[With the achievements and records you have acquired until now as the basis, the path you can walk shows itself. Select a class. A befitting trial will be bestowed upon you.]

[ 1. Spear Master]

[ 2. Burning Lord]

[ 3. Little Giant]

[ 4. Hell Bringer]

Yu IlHan, had realized that higher existences were a very good source of experience.

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