Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 184: The Path I Walk – 1

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The party comprised of Na YuNa and Yu IlHan, which made people wonder how such a combination was possible, was unexpectedly getting off quite well. The reason was simple – Na YuNa was not noisy.

“Then I’ll search now~.”

“Then please.”

Perhaps even she differentiated the time to rest easy with her allies, and the time to work hard. Well, they did repeat this process for the past 2 years, so she wouldn’t have been able to stay immature all the time.

While Yu IlHan was thinking of something slightly rude, Na YuNa raised her staff and struck on the ground. Holy power, in a scale incomparable to any, thanks to the blessing of the goddess, came into contact with the lands and read through the records.

“Lady Leytna, would you please.”

The scene of pink holy power covering Na YuNa, her staff, and the surrounding regions was very grand and beautiful. As she wasn’t being noisy like usual, she even looked ‘holy’!

Yu IlHan felt his heart thump while looking at Na YuNa concentrating with her eyes closed, before quickly denying himself. He only felt nervous because a certain someone was acting unusual!

The process ended not long after. The mana gathering towards Na YuNa seem to increase, before it all scattered at once to all directions.

Then, she opened her eyes. She made a slight smile towards Yu IlHan, before raising her staff to point towards one direction.

“The direction is around there, I guess~. We’d be able to go if we break through everything in our way.”

“So holy power could do such magic…… but are you really sure?”

“Of course! I’ve looked for them for 2 years. I have confidence in finding them now.”

[It should be different according to how much holy power she could bring out from a recorded god. Although it’s very annoying, that woman is first rate in that regard.]

“See? Fufu, aren’t I amazing?”

Na YuNa heard Liera’s words, and straightened her back while pushing out her chest, and said ‘ehem’. However, even that was much more meek than Yu IlHan had imagined. Yu IlHan tilted his head and spoke.

“You’re being strange. Miss YuNa.”

“You’re too much!”

“I don’t think you’re being your usual self.”

“Of course I’m not my usual self.”

Na YuNa replied while looking at Yu IlHan as if he was an idiot.

“I’m really excited right now.”

Excited? Leaving aside the reason, she didn’t look at all excited right now. In fact, Yu IlHan had misunderstood that she was feeling down because she was acting so meek. …….He couldn’t grasp whether she hid her feelings well or couldn’t.

“Then it’s fine.”

“Hey, sheesh. You should ask why I’m excited.”


Yu IlHan did not ask. He predicted that she would say nonsensical stuff again. Na YuNa grumbled since she didn’t like that, but still, she was much more meek compared to her usual self. And that made Yu IlHan feel strange.

‘Just what did she eat wrong?’

[Tch, I don’t like this.]

Only Liera, who saw through the situation a little, clicked her tongue. Of course, she would never tell Yu IlHan about that. She only tapped on Yu IlHan’s head in mini mode.

[You’re the bad guy.]

“Yes, yes. Everything’s my fault.”

Perhaps the reason why Na YuNa’s state was strange, the reason why Liera was not in a good mood, the reason why the 4th Great Cataclysm descended upon Dareu, as well as the reason why the 3rd Great Cataclysm was descending upon Earth was all his fault. Yu IlHan sighed again and confirmed with Na YuNa.

“Well, then. Now what do we do?”

“We need to go straight until we find the formation.”

Spoke Na YuNa in a joyful voice.

“The majority of the time is taken here! At the longest, we even took one month!”

“That’s one stupid labor.”

“But it’s fun. It’s like playing an RPG, meeting dungeons and bad guys on the way.”

“We don’t have so much free time.”

Yu IlHan sighed and approached her. When Na YuNa extended her hand with a smile, Yu IlHan grabbed it and asked.

“You can cast a shield magic on yourself, right?”

“Well, yeah, of course. But why……?”

“Then let’s fly.”

If it was close distance, even Yu IlHan would give up, but there was not much free time to enjoy the travel, when he had a much faster method.

“Then please excuse me.”

“Huh? Whah?”

While Na YuNa was absentmindedly blinking, Yu IlHan boldly lifted her body in two hands. This was the pose that husbands did a lot with their wives in weddings.

“Yay! The service is great!”

“Cast shield magic before it’s too late.”

The cheering Na YuNa felt seriousness in Yu IlHan’s voice and instinctively cast a shield on herself. And concludingly, that was a very wise decision. Yu IlHan had immediately activated leap to jump into the air!


Screamed Na Yuna. Well, anyone would be like that if they jumped 5 kilometers into the air in an instant!

She was fine only because she had acquired an enhanced body and even cast shield magic on herself. Against normal people, Yu IlHan would be bringing them to their deaths, not to their destination.

“Oh, the effects are much better now that I’ve mastered it.”

“Mastered it!?”

Yu IlHan realized that he had jumped up too high, and finally remembered that he had mastered the Leap skill.

Mastering a skill was incomparable to the previous stage. Moreover, when evolved to a higher skill, the growth of the higher skill would also enhance the effects of the original.

Yu IlHan’s Deathgod skill also enhanced the effects of concealment the more its level rose. Yu IlHan had evolved Leap to acquire Warp, so the more he used Warp, the stronger Leap would become. Of course, it would be hard for him to use it, since the materials required were insane…….

“Then we’re going quickly.”

“Huh? Wait, faster than nowwaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Yu IlHan unfolded Ruin Calling, and shot shockwaves towards his back and repeated re-leaps several times to shoot forward. He was much faster than when he came up to the sky!

“Please go more softlyyyyyyyy!”

[Tsk, you can’t even endure that.]

“How is it even posssssssssssssssssibleeeeee!”

It seems even the meeker Na YuNa couldn’t endure this, and screamed a sound that was more like it was from the mouth of a monster than from a beauty. Yu IlHan repeated re-leaps several times and accelerated even more while he said to her.

“You might bite your tongue. Just stay still until we arrive at the destination.”

“Shtupid! Ithiot!”

Looked like she bit her tongue already. Even while laughing, Yu IlHan sped up once again. With the mastered Leap and Ruin Calling, he had the confidence to not lose against any higher existence in speed!

[It’s much more than that!]

“Stop! Stoooop!”

As a result, Yu IlHan achieved a new record of reaching the place of the magic formation in 6 minutes, contrary to Na YuNa’s expectation of more than a month. This was a world that was twice as big as Earth!


“Phew, that was refreshing.”

[So you finish it off with that line. You really are badass.]

Yu IlHan recovered his injured muscles (due to the consecutive use of Leaps) with Transcendent Regeneration, and bit on a cheerpack with Breath inside it. Meanwhile, Na YuNa shouted even while panting with both of her hands on the ground.

“You idiot! Stupid!”

“Do you want me to go alone as expected?”


Yu IlHan turned his head around while laughing, after he saw that Na YuNa couldn’t use a better word than just idiot. By this time, Yu IlHan could also notice where this magic formation was.

No matter how well it was hidden, it was impossible to hide the form of the magic power. A magic formation containing pitch black magic power was slithering nearby them.

However, there was something else he was more concerned about.

“Hm, it seems like they’re at least pretending to sneak peek.”

[Are there humans nearby? Just clean them up.]

“Well, I can’t do that really.”

Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s a higher existence. This guy has one pair of pitch black of wings, so he must be a 5th class fallen angel in the Army of Brilliant Light.”

[……. Why is such a guy waiting here? Did they perhaps predict that you would come here?]

“Well, perhaps they came to check the progress on their plan since the Great Cataclysm is coming soon.”

[If it isn’t that, they might be on patrol since they heard that there was a new variable. Is this plan that much important?]

The moment Erta and Spiera went back, the other angels should have been notified that Yu IlHan had come back. Her predictions were very reasonable. However……. traitors won’t be able to do anything reckless if they announce it publicly? Bullshit, they were no different from a leaking bucket!

“They should have caught notice of something like that. Sheesh.”

[IlHan, do your best! I’m always on your side!]

“That doesn’t help at all!”

Yu IlHan felt that it would be better if the Heaven’s Army just left the three angels with him, and retracted all others. At least the three angels with him would not betray.

[But there’s nothing that he can do to you, so don’t worry. Casting off one’s shell is only possible for the Destruction Demon Army. Fallen angels were once angels so they have no shell to cast out.]

“I know that. He doesn’t even notice that we’re here in the first place.”

Obviously, they were under concealment. Although he didn’t have a party-specialized title like Yumir, he was still a master of concealment. Concealing Liera and Na YuNa with him was as easy as pie.

“But…… hm.”

Yu IlHan thought for a moment in that spot. Then, he turned around to Na YuNa, who was still vomiting.

“It looks like it will be hard without a buff. Would you please give me your strongest one?”

“Uu, fine~.”

Na YuNa obediently gave him the buff he wanted even while she was agonized due to the sky travel that started off as a princess carry, but had no romance at all. Yu IlHan felt that his power had risen by 30% in an instant, and nodded in satisfaction.

“Hm, it’s no good as expected.”

[Don’t tell me you were trying to kill a higher existence? Don’t do it yet. The wall of a higher existence is not so simple!]

“I’m not so don’t worry. I also didn’t plan to go against them with just a mere 30% increase.”

Yu IlHan denied her and charged against their original objective for coming here, the magic formation. Even the fallen angel could not notice him. Naturally, the magic formation did not notice Yu IlHan’s arrival at all, and without any interference, he arrived right in the center of the magic formation, and struck with the pile bunker he had just taken out!

[Critical Hit!]

With that single strike, the magic formation disappeared without a trace. The pile bunker was only loaded to the 6th stage too!


Na YuNa forgot about the side effects of the flight and exclaimed. They had to fight for at least three minutes with Na YuNa herself, Kang MiRae, Kim YeSeul, and Yumir, at the same time, but this person just insta-crushed it!

“Mr. IlHan are you perhaps 4th class……?”

“No, I’m still 3rd.”

“Still…..? Wait, 3rd? Then if you become 4th class……”

The high-and-mighty (mentally) Na YuNa ended up falling into confusion. Yu IlHan pulled her up with a smile.

“Well then, let’s go.”

[Where’s that fallen angel? Now that your concealment wore off, he should recognize you, right?]

“Don’t look around so much, Liera. Nothing good comes out from me telling him that I noticed him, right?”

[That’s true, but……]

The fallen angel looked very panicked due to the sudden destruction of the formation. However, he didn’t do something useless like appearing out of nowhere and start lecturing nonsense in front of Yu IlHan, and just watched over him. He still believed that he wasn’t found out!

Yu IlHan felt like things would come to this. Although he didn’t believe that this guy would follow him over to Earth, he was probably planning to see what Yu IlHan was up to by sneaking peeks on him. Then…..

“Let’s take it easy on the way back. Come here.”

“……Even if you try to make my heart pound like that, considering the flight from before, it still adds up into a minus!”

“I never planned to do that.”


Na YuNa sighed but still came over to Yu IlHan’s arms. Although she was grumbling on the surface, she had a smile on her face.

‘Don’t tell me this girl actually likes…… there’s no way that’s true.’

Yu IlHan barely came to himself just before he started a forever-loner’s sequence to deluding himself that someone liked him. Once he started misunderstanding here, everything would be over. He didn’t want any more dark history.

“Then let’s go slowly.”

“If MiRae knew we were doing this, she would try to kill me.”

[I want to kill you too right now.]

Yu IlHan lightly ignored Na YuNa and Liera’s words and flew up to the sky. He leaped lightly, and directed shockwaves to his back to rise steadily. Na YuNa became cheerful after she realized that their altitude was rising slowly.

“Yes, this is it! Finally it’s a little romantic.”

“I don’t want to shoot a romance video with you, though.”

“I know. I’m no idiot. I can’t stay unknowing when you keep staying no so much.”

Na YuNa suddenly acknowledged him. When he widened his eyes, at her acknowledgement, Na YuNa giggled and added.

“But perhaps I like you even more because of that.”


“You won’t be able to understand how I feel easily. However, I’m not lying so you can believe me. You’re much more attractive than you think you are.”

[Hey, I might as well send you on your way if you keep hitting up on him like that.]

“Send me away, lol.”

Yu IlHan had no intention to trust Na YuNa’s words, but it didn’t feel so bad. So, he decided to just pretend that he hadn’t heard it. Even in aspects like this, he was acting like a loner.

“But, Mr. IlHan.”

“I don’t bel….. why?”

“What are you doing since a while ago?”

Asked Na YuNa while looking at a spear falling on the ground. They were definitely from Yu IlHan’s inventory. And that wasn’t the only one. Not long after Yu IlHan had flown up, he was throwing spears on the ground periodically.

But although Na YuNa couldn’t see, the thrown spears were collected back into the inventory after killing monsters on the ground, on the sea, and in the air.

[So you’re training Absolute accuracy? I should have noticed when you were flying slowly. You training maniac.]

“No, training Absolute accuracy is just a side effect.”

Yu IlHan replied as if to blame Liera who still didn’t know him properly after all this time.

“I’m training the Deathgod skill.”


Liera replied.

[Since when were we under concealment?]

Yu IlHan replied with a smile. While aiming for the back of the fallen angel that had lost his target and was flying around aimlessly in the sky.

“At least, he wouldn’t know since when.”

Author’s notes

Life always changes due to unpredictable things.

What’s Na YuNa’s secret to becoming quieter when she’s excited?

Yu IlHan, he’s finally decided!

Translator’s notes

We all know what he’s doing.

Hint: Deathgod has an effect of XXXX when he does XXXX during concealment.