Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 183: Everyone Else is a Guardian – 9

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Erta didn’t want to leave when the 3rd Great Cataclysm was just around the corner, but she couldn’t let go of this chance of promotion. Moreover, wouldn’t she be of more help to Yu IlHan, if she came back as a 6th class?

“Although I don’t think you’ll help even if you become 6th class, it doesn’t help with you here anyway, so don’t worry about anything.”

[You could have sent me off nicely! Did you really have to do that?] (Erta)

Grumbled Erta, but it was true that she felt a little more relaxed now thanks to him.

[Take care while I’m not here. Liera, I’ll be back soon.] (Erta)

[Nah, you don’t have to come back. I’ll live happily ever after with IlHan, so all you need to do is prepare the gift.] (Liera)

[I’ll come back ASAP after the promotion so don’t even think about it!]

However, immediately after Erta left the place, Spiera also unfolded her wings while scratching her scarlet hair. Yu IlHan finally noticed that the ring above her head was undulating vibrations and light non-stop.

[So 2 years were too long after all…… It looks like they’re short on hands up there. Although I’m sorry when I am in a contract with you, but it looks like I’ll also have to leave.] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan ended up smiling.

“Ok, off you go then. Don’t forget to buy ice-cream on the way back.”

[Why every time…] (Liera)

[I’ll mobilize all the angels when I first go up there. I really wish we can get rid of the traitors once and for all this time……] (Spiera)

With Spiera gone as well, the already large mansion felt even bigger. Yu IlHan felt a little sad after realizing that spending two years with them made their presences natural around him. Although, there was still one left.

“And you, Liera?”

[I’m going to be by your side even if I die.] (Liera)

Then perhaps she was quite free? There was no way that was true. The ring above her head was also signalling non stop while flashing.

Although it was quite easy to forget, Liera was also a full-fledged high angel of 6th class1 . Right now, she had a higher position not just in strength, but in the Heaven’s system of authority and work.

Even if her main job was to be a guardian angel, there was no way she didn’t have work after leaving for 2 years. Well, that was supposed to be the case…

“Don’t you have to answer that?” (Kim YeSeul)


[Ei.] (Liera)

Just as when everyone’s gaze was focused on the undulating ring of light, she grabbed it and snapped it in half!

[There, no more calls now.] (Liera)

“Is that really fine!?”

[It’s the same as having turned it off.] (Liera)

“That doesn’t seem ‘off’!? You just broke it!”

Liera didn’t answer him but got closer to him instead.

[I don’t know what might happen at any time. So I’m going to stay by your side forever. I’m not leaving you. That’s my mission as a guardian angel.] (Liera)


Yu IlHan became speechless. It seemed like the incident where they were put in a place where even the Heaven’s Army could not reach, had remained has a light trauma for her.

At the time, the angels were grumbling about how they couldn’t return, but perhaps Liera was thinking about something else at the time.

In any case, their relationship had continued for more than a thousand years. Yu IlHan was not confident with his relationships with other people, but he knew that Liera was treating him as special. He was very thankful to her for it.

[Eheh, I feel sooo better with all the calls gone.] (Liera)

“…….Then do whatever you want. But do receive the calls that come from Heaven.”

[Yup! I’ve set it to away mode!] (Liera)

“Away mode!?”

She laughed it off lightly, but it shouldn’t have been an easy decision for her. Yu IlHan decided to respect her decisions. In fact, he felt better now with her by his side.

However, Yu IlHan left her hanging on him without pushing her away, when Kim YeSeul, on the other side, had shiny eyes.

“My, my.”

“…….I know what you’re thinking but it isn’t that. We’re like siblings.”

“Mother does not remember having such a beautiful daughter. Though, I’d love to have her as a daugher in law!”

“Like I said, there are no women who likes your son!”

Yu IlHan denied that, but Kim YeSeul didn’t seem to believe it. To her, anyone was a potential daugher-in-law if they were pretty and had the ability, regardless of whether they were higher existences or not!

Not only her, Kang MiRae and Na YuNa’s eyes on the two were also very wide. Yu IlHan shook his head to deny what they were thinking, but Na YuNa spoke in a small voice while pouting.


“No way.”

Perhaps another world other than Earth was running inside Na YuNa’s head. What were they called again……? – Yu IlHan thought about such useless things again, and stood up. In the first place, they were the ones who rushed into the mansion saying it was urgent.

“Since we’ve set a target, let’s go work now.”

“So dad is going to destroy formations with us too?”

“No, unfortunately, not ‘with’ you.”

Yu IlHan shook his head.

“We need to divide up the work. It won’t be efficient for all of us to be together in the same place.”

Despite having so many allies, Yu IlHan’s thought process was still that of a loner’s. Of course, it was also a reasonable decision, in consideration for efficiency.

“Then I need to be apart from dad again?”

“Don’t worry since we won’t be apart for forever. We’re going to see each other soon.”

“Even so…….”

Thinking about how they had to separate just after they met, Yumir’s eyes started tearing up. So Yu IlHan patted on the head.


“If this works out, we’ll be free for a while too. Let’s endure it for now.”

He failed. Although he thought that everything was fine since Yu IlHan himself was fine in the 2 years in the dungeon, it wasn’t like that.

He did not know that other people missed him as much as he did others. Until now, there was no such occasion in the such place.

However, it wasn’t like that now. Yu IlHan realized that. It felt quite ticklish, but at the same time, joyful.

“I promise. I won’t go anywhere by myself from now on.”


Even though he was making a promise with Yumir, the eyes of all the others had lighted up as well. Seeing them, he smiled and nodded his head.

“Yes, really. I will come back to this mansion.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you then.”

While Yu IlHan was making a promise with Yumir, Kang MiRae and Na YuNa were communicating with there eyes. That, rather than signals between friends, was more ruthless, akin to those between wanderers in the desert.

“But we do need a person to support Mr. IlHan, and it will be best if I stay by his side since I’m a mage.”

“There’s no real need for a mage to destroy magic formations. Rather than that, isn’t a priestess better?”

“Oh, I’ll just go-.”

“” NOT, alone.””

“Yes, ma’am.”

It looked like these women also had experienced a lot of things other than just those that are explicable by levels and skills. Yu IlHan felt awkward and took a step back, and remembered something he had forgotten about until now.

“What of the elves and the wolfkin?”


Kang MiRae made a difficult expression.

“They were busy there 2 years ago, but they became even busier from a while ago. Unfortunately, it will be hard to request them for help. Rather, it’s at the point that I think we should help them instead.”

“Where’s ‘there’?”

“Dareu~~. Where elves are the mainstream race.”

Added Na YuNa. While Yu IlHan was still not in understanding, Kang MiRae explained in kind.

“The 4th Great Cataclysm arrived in Dareu. The elves headed there to protect their kin, and the wolfkin are helping them.”

“Is that so…….?”

Yu IlHan absent mindedly nodded his head.

However, the moment he fully comprehended her words, he couldn’t help but shout out.

“The FOURTH Great Cataclysm!?”

[Ah, that’s it. The development speed of the elves were indeed fast, but I never thought that they would be at the point of a Great Cataclysm. Perhaps clearing out all the dragons played a role?]

The 4th Great Cataclysm was the highest stage a lower world could reach. Going beyond that will be the realm of higher worlds. If the intelligent species were unable to hold out, they would die out, and if they endured, but could not develop themselves any further, then they will forever stay at that stage.

But to think Dareu had undergone the 4th Great Cataclysm with just around a thousand people there… Yu IlHan carefully thought that perhaps Dareu was just before the 4th Great Cataclysm when he went there.

The 4th Great Cataclysm. A lot of 4th classes will be born. Although he didn’t want to think that it will be more hectic than the current Earth, perhaps…..

“God dammit.”

“Although we want to help, we have our hands full here……”

“But in fact, we don’t even need to help them~. All the wolves from Kiroa went over to Dareu. They were levelling up like mad.”

Even though the elves and the wolfkin were his subordinates, he thought that he couldn’t bare to bring them here even after hearing that they were facing off the 4th Great Cataclysm. Like what Kang MiRae had said, he rather wanted to go help them instead…….

‘Four of them. No, six of them including Ericia and Flemir. I armed them with legend rank or better items so it should be fine I guess…… Paté has an epic that can control undead, so they should be able to limit the amount of casualties.’

However, the verb ‘limit’ was a very evil word, as it meant that casualties were factored in. Yu IlHan hated himself a little for thinking like that.

When he turned his head around after a sigh, since he couldn’t think of any countermeasures, he saw the gate to Dareu in his mansion. Although there were no people around the gate, Yu IlHan had made an artifact that inserted mana into the gate by gathering them up from the mansion, so it was maintained perfectly.

“Worst case scenario, they should just push the monsters out the gate, and the mansion will handle them all.”

“They probably did that a few times already~.”

[In the monsters’ view, the gate connecting to Earth may as well be their path to hell.]

“Just what is the identity of this mansion……?”


Yu IlHan shook off his mother’s question, as well as his worry about the elves and the wolfkin. He decided to not mention about how this mansion will become stronger in the future, for the sake of everyone’s health.

In the end, the person that would go with Yu IlHan, was decided to be Na YuNa. The vicious rock-paper-scissors between her and Kang MiRae which had continued over 30 matches, had ended in her victory with 3 wins, 30 draws, and 2 losses.

“I won~!! Yes! It’s a date with just the two of us!”

[Fufu, wanna try saying that again?]

“Sheesh, you were with him for 2 years.”

Na YuNa nonchalantly replied to Liera’s threat, and Kang MiRae bit on her lips without showing Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan was going through an unprecedented peak popularity of his life, but unfortunately, only he wasn’t aware of that fact.

“If it’s decided, then let’s go. Wait, before that.”

Yu IlHan took out some things from his inventory and laid them out. Each and every one of these ‘things’ would cause an uproar in any world!

“What’s all this? Please introduce me to the dungeon you went to~.”

“I made these during spare time in the dungeon.”

“Such treasures……”

“In spare time…….”

The table in the living room was topped off with glowing objects everywhere. He distributed them out to the members.

“I should’ve made more mage equips if I knew you were a mage mom. But since it’s urgent, use this for the time being.”

The item Yu IlHan gave her while saying that was an epic ranked staff as well as an epic ranked robe. Kim YeSeul blinked her eyes non stop when she received those.

“Since it’s urgent, you say……?”

“It’s epic, but I really don’t like the stats…… It has an option that enhances magic other than elemental magic, but there are really no offensive magic in non-elemental magic.”

“That’s what you mean.”

However, amazingly, Kim YeSeul was a mage who could not use elemental magic. Although according to her words, it was due to her lack of talent, but in Kang MiRae’s view, as someone who had seen her interfere with space and time, she only found that absurd.

In any case, the artifacts Yu IlHan had made all found their respective owners. The weapons and armor were all epic, and the accessories were all legend.

“Although I knew my son was amazing….. to think it’s this much. With this, perhaps we may actually be able to…”

Kim YeSeul had the most inferior equipment, and had her fighting power increase by two times in an instant. And considering her level and skills, two times was an absurd number. Kang MiRae and Na YuNa were not that much different.

“No way…….”

“FIVE…… options?”

Yu IlHan made amazing equipment even before, but the items in front of the women’s eyes right now were on a completely different level. Of course, that was a part thanks to Yu IlHan’s explosive growth in magic engineering, and a part thanks to the fact that he had made them using the materials from the demons he had got from the ‘hell’ dungeon.

Exceptional ability met exceptional materials, so there was no need to talk about the result.

[And there are craftsmen who can’t even make legends with a magic stone from a higher existence…]

“With these, I think I can even hunt 4th classes alone now……”

“Oh, Miss YuNa, if you get your hands on some holy stones, embed it on that socket, and it will automatically mana craft and add an extra option.”

“Magic engineering is amazing!”

“You gave us such amazing equipment, but why is yours the same?”

Asked Kang MiRae while tilting her head. Looking at the accessories on his ears and neck, it seemed like he did indeed make them anew, but his armor looked to be the same as before. However, Yu IlHan sighed as if he had waited for her to say that.

“The armor and aegis also somehow grew to epic rank……”

“They grow!?”

“I’m not really satisfied. I’ve almost mastered magic engineering, so I think I’ll be able to make my dream armor if I get my hands on a magic stone from a higher existence, but I haven’t find suitable ones yet……”



Everyone turned silent.

Just what had happened in the 2 years he was away, they… did not want to ask.

Author’s notes

This novel writes the psychological growth of an OP loner (half serious)

In regards to Yu IlHan’s mother, Kim YeSeul, as well as Kang MiRae and Na YuNa’s levels, there are no balance problems at all. I repeat, AT ALL.

Please remember that even the foreshadow reading meister Yu IlHan cannot know the things he has not seen with his two eyes. You are free to understand novels as you wish, but if you endorse that to the author… it’s troubling.

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Translator’s notes

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1. I’ll use ‘5th=angel’ ‘6th= high angel’ and ‘7th = archangel’ from now on.