Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 166: I am the Center of the World – 8

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While the golem did not notice Yu IlHan in concealment and roared, Liera asked him in a defeated voice.

[IlHan, that looks like it’s no small fry what are you going to do?] (Liera)

“I’m also thinking about it.”

Although it was currently only roaring and doing nothing else, it would start acting soon; and by ‘acting’, it was highly probable that it would aim for the illegal trespassers, Irma An Ill’ta as well as the mages she had brought here before.

‘Meaning, that it will rampage till it reaches the imperial capital where the 4th class mages are residing in.’

At this rate, there would be a blood party. Trying to enter a ruin would destroy an entire empire.

There should be a better line of defense than that of Ferata’s, but he couldn’t just watch it as it walked over there and destroyed everything. Yu IlHan took out a pile bunker first, and checked with the angels.

“It’s the first time I’m facing a golem, but how do I go about it? In fantasy novels, there are things like cores, that will stop the golem once destroyed or removed. Also, I’ve seen cases where people made a new golem out of it.”

[Well, the Metal Hearts you’ve hunted before indeed had a nucleus. However…..] (Erta)

[Golems are magic life forms. Moreover, that thing is an ‘artificial’ life form at the peak of magic engineering technology to bring out the power containing within an object to the best efficiency. Think about it like this – if you made it, would you make a weak point for others to destroy?] (Liera)


[You just need to smash it. What are you hesitating for?] (Spiera)

Pushing Erta and Liera, who were talking in a roundabout way, aside, Spiera gave him the answer. Yu IlHan ended up laughing.

“So, I need to ‘smash in pieces’, that… thing that’s over 100 meters tall and made of silver metal that even I, blessed by the god of smithing, cannot recognize?”

[Yes, just split it in half or something.] (Spiera)

“Now that sounds sooo interesting!”

Yu IlHan’s vision became dark thinking that he now had no choice but to take the suffering route. If there was anything good, it was that he was still in concealment and was able to attack the golem in surprise and inflict additional damage.

However, just as when he was preparing the pile bunker, he thought of something.

“Wait, does that thing count as ‘life’?”

[If artificial life forms counted as life, then the creator would be God, not man, duh.] (Liera)

Damn, the advantage he had as a Deathgod in battle had disappeared! Like this, Na YuNa’s buff just ended up filling that gap.

Well, it wasn’t so bad, since it said his attacks would contain the power of the goddess of beauty…… Yu IlHan grumbled as he checked the information on the pile bunker in his hands.

“It’s fortunate that the option I applied to help out in the fight with the perverted vibration demon is of help.”

[David’s Stone Thrower]

[Rank – Epic]

[Attack Power –

1st stage : 2,100

2nd stage : 3,200

3rd stage : 4,500

4th stage : 5,800

6th stage : 9,800(Consumes 1,000 maximum durability)

7th stage : 12,500(Consumes 10,000 maximum durability)

[Durability – 15,780/15,780]1

[Options –

1. 40% increase in power when facing an enemy twice as large as the user. 50% decrease in power when enemy is less than that size.

2. Additional 30% increase in power when facing an enemy 10 times as large as the user.

3. Additional 50% increase in power when facing an enemy 100 times as large as the user.

4. 50% increase in fire attribute damage of the projectile.

5. Possible to recover the maximum durability by consuming magic stones.]

[A masterwork made by the best smith, designed with a flash of insight and meticulous construction, using two kinds of driving force. It contains the pure wish of the crafter to make those taller than him, kneel before him, and will grow the more gigantic enemies are defeated.

A masterpiece made with recovering durability in mind, from the previous experience of single-time use strong weapons. However, the drawback is that it is very hard to load, and may fail to load properly even after drawing strength from the user’s time as a baby, sucking on the mother’s breasts, from the previous life.]

He didn’t know that he would have to show his trump card here. And, this was against a monster that was worse than the perverted vibration demon!


[IlHan, it looks like it’s about to move! It’s trembling!] (Liera)

Now, he had to attack. If he didn’t start by dealing a massive damage, they would lose any chances of defeating it here.

However, Yu IlHan was conflicted. That was because the pile bunker was currently loaded to the 6th stage. Well, he thought that the 6th stage would be enough against the perverted vibration demon, and recovering 10,000 max durability would make him consume well over 100 3rd class magic stones.

“No matter how I think about it, 6th stage doesn’t seem enough……”

He wished that since it was big, it was sky-scraping big. But unfortunately, its height was around 120 meters.

Although that was plenty jaw-slackingly big…… the 3rd option attached on the pile bunker, ‘100 times as large’ only referred to height!

“I wish that I was a 120cm midget!”

[Even dwarves are bigger than that, so calm down, Yu IlHan!] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan came to a judgement quickly. He had to inflict a big strike with a surprise attack, but 6th stage power was not enough. Even though the magic stones to recover the durability was a little wasteful, he now had to be bold and go with a 7th stage attack.


On the other hand, the titan started moving slowly after roaring once more. The group with the imperial princess, who had formed a defensive line and started chanting offensive magic, seemed to be scared stiff by the moving titan that exceeded the realm of their imaginations.

“On that day, mankind received a grim reminder……. Uuuuugh! Mommy!”

[I… wanted to say that too!] (Liera)

“Uuuuuuugh! Grandma!”

Yu IlHan was speaking nonsense with his mouth, but his two hands were busy loading the pile bunker to the 7th stage.

He had to deploy Superhuman strength, and twist the bone ammo with all his power! By 7th stage, the structure of the giant’s rubber band enveloping the ammo had also turned complex, so he not only needed strength, but technique as well. That made it even more shitty.

“Ughuuughuk! Great grandmaaaaaaaa!”

[Don’t make strange moans!] (Erta)

[He’s at great grandma already……] (Liera)


“Whoa, that’s big!”

“Your Highness, this happened because of you, not him.”

“Although I don’t have any intentions on denying my responsibility, but do you really have to say that now when it looks like we’d all die!? You sure care for your hubby!”

When the golem’s advance speed became faster, the group fell into panic.

Yu IlHan did his best to load before it was too late. He deployed Superhuman strength to beyond its limits, and kicked it off by another notch by regenerating the horribly ripping muscles that couldn’t endure the load, with Transcendent regeneration!

[The skill, Superhuman strength, has become level 75!]

[The skill, Transcendent regeneration, has become level 61!]

Now, he didn’t even have any spare piece of mind to read the skill level up notifications. Yu IlHan focused all of his attention on the bone ammo that was gradually pushed to the inside while spinning ever so slightly.

“Huuuuuuuuup, great-great-great-great-grandpaaaaaaaa!”

And at one moment, the 7th stage was loaded with a clack! The moment he noticed that he had succeeded in loading, he deployed Ruin Calling to launch shockwaves behind his back and rush forward. The other people were in a mess right now.

“The titan’s coming! The titaaaaan!”

“Leaving aside succeeding technology, this ancestor wants to destroy the empire instead! Gigantic Thunder!”

“Oh, we’re doomed. The empire is doomed!”

Even Kang MiRae’s most powerful attack while being buffed by Na YuNa, only ended up taking a single toe. In fact, that was already a shocking power, but the enemy was too strong this time.


The titan turned stiff for a moment, before raising its leg to step forward…..

“Uoooooooh!” (This is MC)

……unsuccessfully, that is, because Yu IlHan had flown on top of its head and struck with the pile bunker, right on top of its head!

At that moment, the Eternal Flame stimulated the stored magic gunpowder inside the ammo to cause a giant explosion, and at the same time the ammo was shot out, covered in fire, the 7th stage Giant’s Rubber Band loosened in an instant to add another layer of driving force!


[Critical Hit!]

Without exaggeration, it sounded like the skies were collapsing. Just the sound from the explosion from the Eternal Flame was already so overwhelming, but the snapping of the rubber band as well as the noise at the moment of collision with its head was even more booming!

The vibration from the shockwave at that moment was also enormous, causing everyone in that area to lose their balance momentarily.

“It’s dad!”

“Whoa, that golem was so easily…..”

The results from depleting 10,000 of the maximum durability of the pile bunker, was, as expected, quite devastating. the golem’s head measuring 3 meters in diameter was instantly obliterated, and the projectile proceeded even further to embed itself deep in the body!

What’s more was that the tip of the projectile was still burning, so the golem was constantly taking damage.

[Kuwooooooooh! Kuhaaaaah!]

The golem roared without being able to come to itself. Did it feel pain despite being an artificial life form? Even if it didn’t, it was definite that it reacted sensitively to the loss of its body parts.

“Phew…… Kergh!?”

The moment Yu IlHan put the pile bunker, which did its job splendidly, into his inventory, the scraps of metal that were scattered around after the explosion, all rushed up into the skies, before shooting towards the shoulder of the golem, i.e. where he was standing right now.

He immediately equipped Ruin Calling on his front to shoot shockwaves to knock them down, and his face turned stiff.

“Don’t tell me it’s trying to stitch itself back on!?”

[Although that’s quite a frightening imagination, but yeah. It looks like you’re on the mark.] (Liera)

[Cheers to Yu IlHan’s amazing perception.] (Erta)

[I don’t know who it is, but it looks like this person had learned magic engineering properly. Rejoice, Yu IlHan. It looks like the materials you will get to see will be quite amazing!] (Spiera)

“That makes me tearfully happy dammit!”

These damned angels always got along each other at times like this! Yu IlHan, who wanted to cry, shouted.


“Uh, yeah!”

“Scatter these damned fragments!”

“Got it!”

Yumir, who had initially been unable to act in front of the gigantic golem, finally found his job. After receiving a buff from Na YuNa, he used wind magic to blow away the fragments that tried to fly back into the golem’s body.

Kang MiRae also found her role. Although it was scary to approach the gigantic golem, compared to Yu IlHan on top of its body, she had it easy.

Her eyes glistening, she wrapped her two arms in lightning. She would thoroughly melt and burn the fragments to prevent the golem from recovering!


“Hey, let’s do that too! We can do at least that, right?”

“But if the golem takes a single step forward, we…….”



An order from the imperial princess was heavier than their lives! The mages all started chanting, and the knights charged forward. Unless they destroyed every single golem fragment, or died, they would never regain peace of mind again.

“Fuuu, now that’s less interference.”

Yu IlHan noticed that the number of golem fragments flying towards him had decreased thanks to the others’ actions, and heaved a sigh of relief.

He could now finally proceed to the next stage!

“Death Driverrrrrr!”

[That’s quite a naming sense.] (Erta)

When Yu IlHan took out another weapon from the inventory, Erta interjected blandly. However, this wasn’t named by Yu IlHan but by the Akashic Record, so there was no helping it. He snorted with a hmph and equipped it.

That was a weapon, comprised of two parts, with a thick and long handle, and had two blades intersecting as if a cross shaped driver, which made it look a little funny.

[Powerful and Bright Wind Death Driver]

[Rank – Legend]

[Attack Power – 5,200]

[Durability – 9,700/9,700]


1. Possible to spin the blade rapidly by consuming mana and durability. attack power and piercing power increases by 40% when doing so.

2. 40% increase in fire attribute attack power.

3. 60% increase in spinning power.]

[A weapon that generates an absurd amount of rotational force by using mana and the Giant’s Rubber Band. It consumes durability rapidly, but can generate a proportional amount of attack power. However, in fact, this is merely a tool to use other weapons in a stronger way.]

If someone saw this, they would ask if it wasn’t just a massive electric cross shaped driver. And Yu IlHan would not deny it.

And coincidentally, there was a conveniently placed ‘screw’ embedded here as well. Yu IlHan’s gaze looked downwards.

There, embedded in the body of the golem, was a bone screw that conveniently had a cross etched on it, and looked very convenient to spin with a driver.

[You’re a genius.] (Liera)

“No, I’m not a genius.”

Yu IlHan stabbed with the Death Driver, down with all his might – Clack! With such a sound, the bone screw inside the golem’s body, and the Death Driver was perfectly combined.

[G, Guwoooooooh!]

Perhaps it instinctively felt crisis dooming upon it, as it started rampaging while roaring like mad. However, Yu IlHan had long since mastered the art of standing still on top of a rampaging monster!

“I’M ME!! Yu IlHan the Digger!” 2

[You’re no digger!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan, who ignored minor remarks, firmly gripped on the handle of the Death Driver, and poured mana into it – all of it, including the portion that had grown with him eating a magic stuffed cookie!

[Ku, Kuuoooooooh!]

When the Death Driver started spinning with a resounding sound, the bone screw connected to it naturally started spinning as well. As Yu IlHan had made spirals blades on the bone screw like an actual screw, in the process of making the pile bunker, once it started to move, the golem’s body started being ground apart.


The golem’s body was harder than any of the bones of creatures he had faced off against until now, but right now, not only was the bone screw deeply embedded, it was weakening the surroundings by emitting fire. The bone screw that emitted fire while spinning at insane speeds, pierced through the golem at a faster rate over time.


“My drill, is one that will pierce the heavens!”

Yu IlHan thought while grinding the body of a golem that was over level 250.

That it was worth it to create this item, just to say that line.

Author’s notes

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder – the lines said by humans when seeing a titan of enormous size. It’s splendid, with despair and a sense of defeat contained in those words. (Attack on Titan reference)

My drill is one that will pierce the heavens! – A line from the main character, Simon, 4of the passion animation, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

It’s the giant electric driver!

Translator’s notes

4/6 chapters! These two were sponsored by Fullmetalj4cket! Big thanks to him! Two more coming up later!

1. So using 7th stage once would make the durability go to X/5,780

2. Gurren Lagann ref.